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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

“Too big to jail”

Today's Tids Issue 3,713
For Soldiers:

At the opening of her speeches Hillary is fond of saying, “This is the most consequential election of your lifetime." I couldn’t agree more. If Hillary is elected, we’re dead.

Has there ever been a bigger travesty than the government asking soldiers who fought for us to return bonuses agreed to in a contract signed by the US government. President Obama should step in without hesitation and stop the insanity before the pleas of heroes disappear in the muddle of bureaucracy. And it appears that some of the weasels in the Pentagon want it to go through channels which will do nothing but injure the soldiers more. This is a no question situation. Contracts were signed and soldiers fulfilled their promise, often with loss of life and limb. The Commander and Chief can solve the problem in an instant.

Everybody complains about the heat and then the cold. I view it as a PsychoPhysics problem. Everything is relative, and your body generally measures the differences in atmosphere against the 98.6 degrees of the body. Now if psychologically you for instance just plain hate cold, then the body will tend to mentally raise the temp to say 105, apparently increasing the cold effect and thus enabling your brain reaction to send impulses to your complaint mechanism. But let’s say you see the beauty of cooling days and the vigor you feel as the temp drops into deeper chills, your brain will read a declining body temp sending impulses to the edges of your lips turning them up in a giant, contented smile. It is never really cold or hot, it’s just the way you think about it. That’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it.

The Question:
What do you think are the most Anti-Abortion nations in the world?

The Headlines:
--Cubs Journey To Cleveland For Start Of World Series; Good Games, Lots Of Drama Expected.
--Respect For Police Rising In America; New Poll Has Respect For Police Up 12 Points In A Year; Only 7% Of USA Have “Hardly Any Respect,” And They Are All Marching In The Streets.
--Consumer Confidence Declines; GM Doubles Profits; Markets Down.
--ObamaCare Premiums To Rise 25%.
--Apple Lawsuit Says 90% Of Apple Accessories Sold On Amazon Are fake.
--Hill/Trump In Fla Which Is Long Way From Here; Tid’s Editor Manages To Escape Manchester NH Before Arrival Of Hillary, Eliz Warren.

Biz Trends of interest:
Various surveys predict doom or gloom depending on the objective of the survey underwriter. But, what may be the best predictor is the activity by big construction equipment producers like Caterpillar. And Caterpillar is down, badly, below flat. Caterpillar results tend to reflect the global economy like no other company. –Short Sellers are taking aim at Fad Clothier Under Armor, crushing its stock. Right now it seems like a good idea to keep an eye on a;; trendy stocks, many of which are probably loaded with emotional overvaluations. –One of the noticeable pull backs is the retail brick and mortar business. The Internet is no longer the retail stepchild. It is a major factor, and more and more people are sitting at home buying. This has been a problem for Mall Operators for a while now, but now it is getting serious as cyber buying approaches critical mass. Take a closer look at your Retail Mall REITs.  

The acceptance of secularism is slithering through our culture, and that is the biggest threat to the soul of America. That is the main reason why America needs to be made great again.

I stepped before a “Make-your-own-Trail-Mix station in a large supermarket. As I looked at all of the selections carefully and found my mix would only be M&M’s, Chocolate chunks and dried peanuts. Yippee yi yo kayah, it’s a long and winding trail, but I’ll survive.

In a brand new rather comprehensive survey on dishonesty that just crossed my computer, it says that little lies grow into bigger lies, and that success from being dishonest will tend to escalate. The entire survey report is very long, quite complex and filled with charts and graphs, and brain scans, but, in essence, that I what it says.

President Obama snidely asked an audience to elect a democrat congress explaining that if he hadn’t come aboard nearly 8 years ago with a congress under the wonderful leadership of Nancy Pelosi he wouldn’t have been able to pass such terrific laws.  Is that like, ObamaCare. Has any democrat ever read the bill yet? I’d say that’s the best reason ever why not to elect a Dem congress.

Nixon erased 30 seconds of tape. Hillary erased four servers and 30,000 emails, just in case you are looking for another example of media balance.

If Hillary wins, I expect she will spend her early days putting out economic fires from the 0-Man Economy that really never was as good as heralded. This is just reality speaking now, not me the biased observer of Hillary and her frailties.

The Answer:
Number 10 is Northern Ireland (NI tends not to adhere to all of the laws of Mother UK). 9 is Poland followed by Mexico at 8, North Korea at 7 and Chile at 6. Starting at 5, the top five are El Salvador, Malta, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and at #1 – Vatican City! Yikes. So, why again are all of the Hispanics voting for Hillary?

Sorry for all of the Politics lately. It will be over soon, and I just have to get it all out of my system so I can in good conscience support without reservation whoever is elected as our next President.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Can we start this mess over again?

Today's Tids Issue 3,712
For Slowing Down and Taking it Easy:

Cities Bustle, and suburbs hustle, but give me a small town to relax my brain muscle. Give me a greying barn on a family farm and old guys on a porch telling a yarn. I like an old plaid shirt, stuff growing in dirt, and general store clerk who willing to flirt. Yes, I love uncomplicated, a town PG rated, the beauty of nature that keeps me sedated.

What‘s going on in sports? Golfers totaled 30 Million in 2005 was down 20% to 24.1 million last year. They are anxious at the NFL Golden Place HQ as they watch TV ratings tumble by 11% so far this year. They want to blame it on anything they can except perhaps the real truth. New generations look at the world differently. New High School sports are growing at the expense of good old standby’s. Do new generations want to get the ball in the hole on a screen instead of a green? Things change. Always have. If the real truth for the decline is generational lack of interest, then the problem is big. Real big.

That Internet shutdown last week was particularly scary considering how that vulnerability could make us easy prey for something seriously damaging from any enemy we have in the world.

If you missed Friday’s 10/11 Tids, there’s a lively version of Orange Blossom Special at the end which will get your sprits soaring for the week. No, the Orange Blossom Special isn’t a fruit smoothie. It is just the greatest fiddler’s tune of all time.

If you are really tired of Presidential bickering, watch the real contests of importence, the Senate “toss-up” races in New Hampshire, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. The feeling is that Dems will take back seats in Illinois and Wisconsin, and then have to hold their seat in Nevada. If they do that, then they only need 2 of those five toss-up states, which many at this time think is a sure thing. But, politics is weird. Stay tuned.

The Question:
Before the Film success, Robert Redford made it real big on Broadway in what Neil Simon play? Who was his costar in that play? What was the name of his first movie? His first Golden Globe winning role? What movie made him a huge box office star?

The Headlines:
--Markets Look To Open Week On Healthy Note: Banks Beginning To Close Hundreds OfRetail Branches.
--Politicians And Competitors Rising Up Against AT&T, Time-Warner Merger; AT&T Says Content Will Be Open To All Distributors.
--13 killed As Tour Bus Returning From Casino In Cal Rams Back End Of Semi; 5 Dead In Wrong Way Crash On I495 In Middleboro Mass.
--Las Vegas Review-Journal First Major Newspaper To Endorse Trump: Says US Economy And Supreme Court Are At Stake; Could Alter Nevada Senate Race..
--Fonda-Ex And Anti War Activist Tom Hayden Dead At 76.
--TD Ameritrade, Toronto Dominion Buy Scottrade For $4 Billion.
--Iraq-US-Kurd Forces Within 5 Miles Of Mosul; Kurds take Key Town Bashiqa; ISIS Attacks Small Town North Of Mosul In Another Diversionary Move; Iraqi Leader Resists US Push For Turkey Role In MosulFight..
--EU-Canada Trade Deal In Jeopardy As Belgium Wallons Reject Deadline.
--White House Skeptical Of Sending heavier Weapons To CIA Backed rebels In Syria.

The people are truly tired of politics and want it all to end, and I have to believe in particular the people of New Hampshire are saying “not soon enough.” I was sitting in the Manchester NH 99 Restaurant enjoying my $9.99 special as the end of the Patriot’s game faded away to the 60 Minutes report on the Ohio Race. Immediately, I heard rumbles of “Turn of the sound, I can’t take it anymore. Sure enough, within seconds a good old folk song was drifting my way. The management of eateries up hear know their people, and they know their people have had it.

How great is the Cubs-Indians series from a Boston Red Sox viewpoint. The president of the Cubs, Theo Epstein and the manager of the Indians Terry Francona were the GM/Manager team that broke the “curse of the Bambino” in 2004 which bought the Sox their first title since 1912. Now Epstein has put together a team to do the same for Chicago wo hasn’t seen the trophy since 1908. But Cleveland under Franconia is equally as hungry though not quite as dramatically. And there are lots of some of my favorite old Sox players on both sides.

So tell me again, exactly why did we (The Sox) trade away John Lester?

Liberals have smothered socialism with so much tempting fluffy whipped cream that millennials don’t appear to have any idea of what it really means. How close it is to communism, that pleasing sounding Marxist theory that has buried every society in which it has been practiced. A new survey says that a full 48% of this very smart younger generation would elect a socialist. Could it be that the NEA in combo with the USA Department of Education is teaching the wrong thing or avoiding the reality upon which the greatness of America is based? A very definite possibility. Another question on the survey asks, “Who killed more people, George W. Bush or Joseph Stalin? They answered Bush, obviously never having learned that Joseph Stalin was as evil and murderous as Hitler, killing an estimated 34 to 49 Million, deaths directly related to the Man. Name the first person killed by Bush? See how the politics of hatred can change history. See how kids never learning history will become confused, not be able to discern the fabrications, question the lies and misconceptions.

Liberal democrats love to tout their cradle to grave government care. They just make it hard to get to the cradle. --Anonymous

I loved playing football from the first time I spied an old set of my uncle’s shoulder pads in my parent’s upstairs closet. I put them on that day, overwhelming my slight 8 year old shoulders, and rarely took them off until I was in my twenties. I loved football, the dirt on the face, fighting through the pain, the hitting, the diving catch. But now, even I think there is way too much on the tube. I just can’t watch it all. It has become a blur. (And, not because I was hit in the head to many times.)

One of the reasons college graduate millennials are having problems finding jobs meeting their visions of glory is that there are more kids than ever going to colleges and not enough jobs that require college degrees. That may be the reason why some in the new generation are thinking capitalism sucks.

On a similar note, IPO’s are down. Analysts say one of the main reasons is that investors on Wall Street are very cautious about overpaying, and young entrepreneurs eyeing previous success stories think they are worth way more than they are worth. It’s part of the “I wanna” syndrome. It is nice, though, to know that Wall Street isn’t being entirely sucked into dreams as they have been in the past.

I watched the special on “Hamilton” last night and got tired of it. I think “blather” is a good word for the presentation. This, the most capitalistic of all plays, prides itself on diversity and equal opportunity degrading of America’s heroes. Hamilton is a “nationwide sensation” that only .001% of the nation has ever witnessed. As one reviewer of the reviewers says, “The New Yorker writes in praise of books that nobody wants to read, but at least you can buy Them.” The same reviewer of the reviewers concludes, “The endless swirl of online Hamilton buzz shows the comical extreme of cultural insularity in the New York and D.C. media. The ‘cultural event if our time’ is totally unknown to nearly all who live in our time.”

After last night, I started looking into the Hamilton phenomena because the members of the cast and creators of the play that only billionaires can afford said they were most pleased that they exposed all of the flaws of the founding fathers and made them equal to everybody else. I detested that philosophy because it totally misrepresents the courage of people who stood up for all in the face of adversity where others cringed in the corner. In looking for more, I found what I wrote about above, and I saw it as an excellent example how powerful media influences can be. How people are at the mercy of the opinions of the self-appointed cultural elite, whether it be politics, entertainment, religion or personal lifestyles. Think for yourself. And, don’t take away our heroes. America needs them more than ever.

The Answer:
Redford opened eyes wide in “Barefoot in the Park” as husband to Elizabeth Ashley. His first movie was War Hunt, he won the GG for Inside Daisy Glover and the movie that real made him was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Like him or not, he made some great movies. Personally I liked “3 days of the Condor.”

There are too many dreams being promised. People become conflicted when they see what they see opposing what the they know they feel. The dreams are within selves, along with an extraordinary beings capable of surpassing them.

I really like to look at an old fashioned paper map before turning on the car Navigation system. There is just is something about a disconnected voice telling me where to go without having a sense of know it myself that bothers me.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Talk to happy people. Tap your toes. Feel good.

Today's Tids Issue 3,712
For Happy, Tappin' Feet.

If you are a Repub and are feeling a little down, pick up the phone and call somebody from Cleveland. Anybody. Cause I guarantee that anybody who answers the phone in that beautiful city on the lake will be upbeat and very happy, only thinking about who will show up as their World Series opponent. Get positive, go to Cleveland. It’s like walking on the sunny side of the street. Or should I say, Rockin’ and rollin’ where the sun is shinin’.

Hey, if you are Dem and realize you have to vote for Hillary, you too can call somebody in Cleveland and feel better about the world.

The Dems feel pretty certain they have the Oval won. You can bet that now all efforts are being directed at electing a Dem senate. That is what the next three weeks are all about, the Senate. The Repubs need it, but America needs it to be Repub, more.

Tis a sad day indeed. Met Life has fired Snoopy! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

Asparagus tastes better with rich creamy chicken gravy atop it. Hmm, now I’m happy again.

The Question:
What was the real name of the historic US Navy Ship known as “Old Ironsides”.

The Headlines:
--GE And Honeywell beat 3Q Profit Forecasts As WS Continues To See Strong Q3 Earnings; Brokers Await Earnings From Mickie D And Talk From Fed’s SF Prez John Williams.
--New Emails A Show HRC Aide Abedin Concerned About Hillary Idea And Aggressive Pursuit Of $12 Mil From King To Talk In Morocco.
--Trump Has Trouble Growing Up And Acting Reasonable At The Al Smith Dinner.
--ISIS Attacks Iraqi City Of Kirkuk As Mosul Attacks Intensify; ISIS Has Tapped 550 Mosul Families For Shields.
--Cubs Move Out To 3-2 Advantage In Battle For NL Top Prize.
--Louisville U Shows How Low Sports Can Go With Issue Of Report On Coach’s Prostitution Ring.
--Video Shows Police Officer Saving Child’s Life. Say what?

I gotta think that no sports team in history has been under more pressure to win it all than the Chicago Cubs.

After yesterday’s Tids I received a note from an intuitive woman: “Last night we saw the beginning of the end of America as we know it.”

Yet, last night on CBS of all places I watched one of their young reporters interview a CBS panel of 7 women about the debate. The Panel consisted of equal parts Hillary and Donald and one undecided. One of the Hill people was black and one was Hispanic. At the end, after some pretty intense questions, he asked if the Debate had changed any minds. The supporter groups said no, but the undecided said she would now go for Trump. One of the Hillary-ites said she had developed concerns about the credibility of Hillary in the White House. Is that the real America?

Cool days are coming back, and that is making me real happy.

IBM says that they are moving to Mac’s over PC’s because while the Mac costs more initially, the PC costs up to $543 more than Macs after four years. BTW, the venerable old computer company is the largest mac customer, and growing.

I haven’t picked my Halloween party costume yet, but I’m thinking of going as Chris Wallace who scares the hell out of shady, shallow politicians.

CNN Business estimates that Donald Trump has creates annually 32,000 to 67,000 jobs, including 24,000 permanent jobs within his corporation that produces about $10 Billion a year. That doesn’t include the thousands employed for his construction projects. Why doesn’t he say that in response to a Hillary quip like, “He’s just a reality show celebrity?”

BTW, the black Hillary supporter on the CBS panel above said that she would vote for Hillary even if Jesus Christ came down and said Hillary was a crook. And she added with a gigantic smile, “And I love Jesus”.

One of the reasons I’m emerging happy face from the pile of crap called Presidential politics is because I’m feeling a contented Wall Street for the first time in a while. At least until short sellers can conjure up something negative again.

A local leftie columnist had a good joke slogan this morning for you know who: “Grope and Change.”

I’m happy. But I wouldn’t be if I knew I could live long enough to feel the brunt of Hillaryism.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--I expect that Jack Reacher: Never Go Back will do real well in the Theaters. I’d certainly go to see loner Jack fighting to save his former military pal and now base commander Susan, now arrested for espionage by a less than desirable faction of the US Military. Lots of action and a pretty good plot The critics pretty much hate it. I guess it’s a matter of how low your standards are.
--Keeping up with The Jones doesn’t sound to me as dumb as it sounds to critics who rank it even lower than Reacher. Audiences abide this tale of unruly neighbors. Good plot premise and cast in a comedy about perfect neighbors who’s mysterious lives lure innocent neighbors into an international espionage plot.
--Believe it or not, the best rated movie of the week is Ouija: Origin of Evil. This is a scary sucker and good follow-up to the original Ouija that has the evil game once again drawing you into supernatural activity just in time for Halloween. Your heart will be fluttering.

The Answer:
Old Ironsides was commissioned as the USS Constitution. Let’s hope our Constitution cans stay above water like the old warship continues to do up in water. Let’s hope.

One Happy musical moment: Roy Clarke and the Orange Blossom Special.

Smilin’ yet? Toe still tappin’?

Have a happy weekend, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!