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The Bridge
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Families are Fun.

Today's Tids Issue 3,776
For Reawakening:

In this week where our nation traditionally and in an orderly manner counts down every four years to what America has always done best, transitioning of one government to another, we are experiencing an unusual vibrating angst which is growing to a destructive tremor designed to delegitimize the wishes of half the nation who have sat back for 8 years witnessing a decline of constitutional USA. As the day nears, let’s hope that cooler heads will prevail; that intelligent leaders from both sides will wait to display criticism or exalt praise based on facts from something actually happening. Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock…

But hoping Washington DC will do the right thing is a hope often dashed upon the rocks of immovable ideologies.

One of the greatest things about new technology is that you are more often pleasantly surprised on a regular basis with little emails or texts, notes from kids and grandchildren.

What Obama did for gun sales, Trump is doing for illegal border crossings.

(Sorry, I’m a little late today. I decided to bite the bullet, and get back into the serialized novel, “The Parking Lot.” Unfortunately, for newcomers (and probably oldcomers to), I’m at Chapter 72 and over 55,000 words. So catching up or remembering where we were, may be difficult. But, this is nearing the end and that is always exciting…right! Tomorrow I’ ll give you a little synopsis. You have just experienced the awakening of a confused author from severe writers block. How exciting is that!)

The Question:
Name three child star actresses who once had their own dolls. “Who Are These People” Bonus: Andrea Martin, Mario Van Peebles, Chad Lowe, Regina King and Eddie Cahill.

The Headlines:
--US Abortions Drop To Lowest Level Since 1974.
--GM To Invest $1 Billion In US Factories; Wal-Mart Expected To Add 10,000 Jobs In 2017; Markets Open Lower; Dollar Dips, Sharp Rise In Sterling Surprises.
--Investors Cautious On Stocks Looking Forward To Inauguration And Earnings reports.
--In First Ever World Economics Speech, China’s Xi Defends Globalization And Free Trade; Represents New Globalists Against Trump.
--Trump Promises ACA Reform Upgrade Will Cover Everybody!
--Big Bucks NEA Set To Do Battle Trump Ed Secretary Nominee To The End; Health Secretary Candidate Price May Be In Hot Water Due To Possible Insider Trading..
--CNN/ORC Poll Says Trump Begins Presidency With Low Approval Ratings; Trump Tweets: Their Election Polls Weren’t Right Either.”
--Putin Says Those Who Leaked Unverified Anti-Trump Info Worse Than Prostitutes.
--McCain Now Leaning Towards Approving Tillerson.
--San Diego Moving Companies Refusing To Help Charger Players And Execs Relocate.

I could never be a great athlete today. The new breed spends too much time training. Actually, we didn’t really need a lot of training in ancient days. We just ran around town all of the time just to get where we wanted to go! Running was innate, not programmed.

It seems to me that most award-winning films are mainly applauded because of their message. I don’t care about messages in movies. I just watch them to be entertained. In fact, I go to simple movies to get away from messages.

In the new TV show “Kevin can Wait”, funny guy Kevin James is almost Lucy-esque as his various schemes end in blundering failure and lots of laughter. It’s nice to see again a family comedy dismissing over the top innuendo in favor of uncomplicated basic entertainment. I guess there is a message here too: Families can be fun.

It’s obvious that the Left prefers Ketchup money over oil money.

Remember when girls played with dolls and boys played with trucks? They still do. They just can’t talk about it anymore. And Psychologists won’t publish the results of tests that may make them look bad at cocktail parties. And now there are lots of tests trying to determine why this happens. What they are finding is that the answer today is what it has always been, which is simply -- because of hormones. Because men and women are different. Maybe we’ll get back to simple answers with no underlying messages again.

CNN Execs must be smacking on screen personal on their backs hailing their obviously successful effort in bringing down the Trump approval rating as just reported on their own poll.

When the big education union digs deeply into its vast treasury to fight the Trump Ed pick, then you know she, must be good for much needed reforms.

One of the worse things that could happen to the beginning of the Trump admin is for some of his followers running over to do battle with protesting marchers. Even worse would be Trump interrupting his speech, urging somebody to go over and stop the noise. DT makes people nervous.

There generally has been bad news about any cabinet appointee since the beginning of time. And the doubts connected to the most negative of adjectives always surface just before the beginning of hearings. I just wait and see until the dust settles.

I think the Trumpism that continues to anger most in opposition, is his talk with Bill Bush about female conquests. Many women young and old see that as the real him.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 72:
Chapter 72:
Jeremiah was the old man of the Hicks clans, the lord of the extensive Sakonnet lands now a robust series of highly productive farms. The relations with the Coastal Howland clans had improved remarkably, first through the efforts of his father Richard and later himself. He reflected, though, on how much more compromising that other large family had been after the death of “Big”. The elimination of that angry tyrant, a genuine bully, by his beautiful wife rid the vast community of the main adversary to general harmony in the region, and of course, the critical access to the docks for the interior farms. 
   Jeremiah felt as though he had aged faster since her death. While he had plenty of family and many friends the void from her passing had become a chasm he was having trouble grasping. The more he saw the success of the cooperative effort, the more he thought of Elizabeth, and her secret.
   He remembered the day she was carried into her tribal circle on the shoulders of six of the strongest warriors. After all, in the eyes of Joseph’s Wampanoag’s, she was still their Princess. He remembered clearly the shape of her body, now wrapped in deerskin and she being sealed within forever. The Indian ritual was watched not only by the families of the tribe, but by hundreds of coastal towns people and inland farmers who had ridden the miles it took to be there. He saw his many friends in the Howland family with whom he had grown. He shivered at the thought of the friction before the death of Big. They all worked together now. His and Elizabeth’s children had played with Howland kids. But somehow it all felt different today as he stared at the bier of his wife.
   Now his eyes shifted from the body to the Howland elders. They would never know the connection between his wife and their heritage.
    Jeremiah was praised by tribal leaders as being a good white man. A good brother to the Wampanoag’s.
   After the long ritual,, Jeremiah just stood hoping that by some miracle the deerskin would part and he would glimpse his love again.
   He rode solemnly away from the camp knowing that this was the official end of his life with Elizabeth. His thoughts were deep, and her face came alive in his mind as he listened to the slow movement of the horses hooves on the grassy trail.
   He heard several sets of hoofbeats approaching. “Jeremiah, Jeremiah.” He turned  and saw Thomas Howland and his three sons on horses, and a daughter driving a small carriage.
    “Thomas!” He felt a small tear.
    He stopped and Thomas rode closer leaned forward in his saddle and hugged his friend. “Jeremiah we have grown our families together out of one death and we will continue to grow upon the memories of your Elizabeth. You were there for us and we are here now.”
    “Thank you, Thomas, you are a good friend.” His eyes grasped Thomas’s. He then looked past his friend at the three boys whose eyes seemed to tell another story.

The Answer:
Probably the most famous and bestselling were Shirley Temple and Margaret O’Brien. A third doll of note would be Jane Withers. Mattel has created a host of starlet Barbie dolls from Audrey Hepburn to Jennifer Lawrence. And then there was “Chuckie”. Oh, wait a minute, he was never a human but a maniacal doll all of the time, a serial killer doll at that! “Who are these People” Bonus: Andrea Martin has won Tony’s for Pippin and My favorite Year but she is probably best known for SCTV. The comedian has been in many movies like Wag the Dog and the My Big Fat Greek Wedding(s); Mario Van Peebles is mainly a director known for TV work like 21 Jump Street and movies like New Jack City and Baadasssss, and as an actor in in the TV show Damages; Yes, Chad Lowe is the younger bro of Rob and won an Emmy for Life Goes On. He had a recurring role on “24”, and was in ER, Melrose Place and has had two wives, -- Hillary Swank and Kim Painter; Regina King is best known for her role as Brenda Jenkins in the NBC sitcom 227. Her Critic’s Choice Award nominations came for work in Southland and her two Emmy’s for American Crime. Currently she is recurring in The Big bang Theory; Eddie Cahill rose to fame playing USA Hockey Goalie Jim Craig in “Miracle on Ice”. You may know him as Tag Jones in “Friends” or Don Flack in CSI NY.

See you all tomorrow…early!


Monday, January 16, 2017

Me? Silent?

Today's Tids Issue 3,775
For MLK, Circuses and Depression Babies:

How sad that the music is ending. You know the music, the triumphant sounds of bands playing – oompah, oompah, barrrah, barrrah – circus performers marching in on elephants, with magnificent lions and tigers; unique performers all aglow in glittering, colorful costumes. They soar, they fly, they tumble, they stare down the beasts. Clowns do whacky things make us laugh until our sides are wracked with pleasant pain; with sad faces too, like Emmet, sometimes cry in a way that makes a heart feel really good. There’s mounds of cotton candy and crunchy hot peanuts. And big smiles on faces when the final act takes a bow, walks off silently on sawdust. The circus a sensational spectacle of marvelous artists that has entertained millions for nearly 150 years, Gone -- just like that. Leaving us with what, a 2 ½ by 5 inch screen in our hands?

I am definitely a Gary Watson fan. I stand up and cheer him every time he takes off and soars, no matter that I know how he will end in triumph, a victorious thumb pushing up through the snow drift, much to the satisfaction of mom, and the glee of friends and sisters! There is something special implied by the scene of Gary daring to be the best in that AT&T commercial, of which I never seem to tire. Maybe it’s because I wanna do it too! Maybe I like the idea of being able to accomplish anything, especially when told you can’t do it anymore.

Donald Trump has just got to start behaving like a bigger man and not like a little guy with a chip on his shoulder. Let the naysayers and his opposition dig their own graves through their own often nonsensical words and positions.

And the opposition just has to stop with the tears of spoiled children and begin listening. Maybe by listening we can all start moving towards the center. But don’t use the “Center” word with Bernie and Elizabeth Warren.

The Question:
I have found that many people, especially older people are confused by who falls into what designated generation. It may be because I don’t remember any generational differentiation until somebody decided there is something commercially exciting about the huge baby boomer surge. Now there are 6 designated generations, including going back to find names for generations before boomers that progressed along just fine without having names. What are the six? For extra points, see if you can also name the years covered by each psychobabble designation. Bonus: General William Tecumseh Sherman is best known for destroying the treasures of the great old south. But he also set aside 400,000 acres there…for what purpose?

The Headlines:
--Trump To Celebrate MLK Day With King’s Eldest Son.
-- Shooter Kills At Least Five In Mexican Night Club At Playa del Carmen Beach Resort Near Cancun; Several US Citizens Among The 15 Injured.
--Nasdaq Strong; Dow Treading Water; Trump Rally Easing As Investors Look For Real Policy Plans.
--Obama On Trump; “Don’t Underestimate the Guy.”
--Samsung Heir Facing Arrest On Charges Of Bribing SK President.
--Trump Says His “Terrific” ACA Replacement Plan Nothing Like What Is Going On In Congress.
--NFL Conference Championships Set: NE versus Pitt; GB vs. Atlanta.
--Trumps Tells Russia: Reduce Nukes, I will Eliminate Sanctions.

A headline for an ad shouted, “Wow, A computer designed especially for seniors.” Are they implying that seniors are mentally handicapped, that they are barely getting used to pushbutton landline phones, let alone trying to adapt to the cyber world? This was in the AARP mag which frankly I never read because it tends to assume the worst of incredibly experienced, intelligent, active people.

Most of the speakers I heard spouting at yesterday’s rallies to “preserve ACA”, misrepresented the facts and created true fairy tales about what is actually happening in order to remain useful in the eyes of their constituents. If they were really interested in preserving that infant system that needs help to keep on walking, they would be working to do it across the aisles in their cavernous halls. This is a classic example of politics getting in the way of progress. An intelligent leader of the loyal opposition would be first on board to remind the people that there are fatal flaws in the system and, the people will have nothing if action isn’t taken. That ACA is about ready to implode. Instead, they prey on the uninformed.

I don’t know about you but I never thought much about classifying individuals into groups based nothing more than the years in which they were born. How insane is that, how irrational, arbitrarily grouping pure, thoughtful individuals. Now, though, marketers and especially politicians love grouping people by just about anything anybody can think of, mainly it often seems to create jealousies, to turn groups of people against each other. This is definitely not good for cohesion and harmony! Now I agree that defining people by groups can be useful -- in say selling a product only useful for those with two left arms, or looking for a crook by grouping possibilities by similar characteristics like say a white guy with long hair and a red ribbon in his pony tail -- then go for it. But, let’s allow the greater population figure out who they are and who they like to associate with all by themselves. Hell some creepy adulterated old person may really like a millennial or two.

The combined wealth of the world’s 8 richest -- Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega, Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim Helu, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison and Michael Bloomberg – equals that of the world’s poorest half. This may be the reason for recent upset political victories like Brexit and Trump…business as usual sucks.

How about that Justin Thomas? He used to walk in the footsteps of his best friend Jordan Spieth, but this past weekend Jordan was there running around cheering him on.

Spell-Check has yet to learn that one spelling option for the word trump is a version with a capital “T”!  Maybe that’s what Lewis is talking about when he says he is not legitimate!

I’ll be getting to the NFL picks later in the week, but I think we have two good games for next weekend. All of the best QB’s of the day except Drew Brees and Cam Newton. Atlanta’s former Boston College star Matt Ryan was the highest rated QB for 2016 ahead of Hall of Famers, Rogers, Brady and Roethlisberger (Rated 1,2,4 by Sports Illustrated). Pittsburghers hate New England for usurping their assumed rightful position as most glorious AFC team. That one will be a war and a very tough pick. Especially due to my bleeding heart. Also very difficult, will be picking the Falcons/Packer game. I saw some good signs of a reasonable defense from Atlanta. But you just never know what to expect when the resourceful Rogers is out there flinging. It will be a very good pre-Superbowl weekend.  

In Chicago, people have been killing each other willy-nilly for years and now in the last days of the “O” Admin, the authorities in power have chosen to blame it all on the Police Department.

As Obama leaves office striving for the best of “Optics”, many people will remember him as the President who was relentless in persecuting the Little Sisters of the Poor.

The new Casino proposed for delightful, bucolic Tiverton RI looks like low income housing attached to a cinderblock strip mall.

A reader sends in this item. After observing that President Obama referred to himself 75 times in his farewell speech, George Will noted: “If narcissism were oil, This President would be Saudi Arabia.”

A local RI’er just said about Trump what many residents here have been afraid to say about our southern intruders for fear they won’t be able to sell their homes at astronomical prices: “He is just another loudmouth New Yorker!”

If Trump wears a Ya, Ya, Ya…(Well you know what I mean) cap for baseball’s opening day…I’m calling for impeachment.

Hollywood s really a lot like a third world country where the Princes and Princesses retreat to their comfortable palaces just after planting the seeds for chaos in the streets.

The Answer:
There were no names for the generations before the boomers until Tom Brokaw wrote the book The Greatest Generation which is now the name for all of those born 1927 and earlier. They could have been called the depression generation, a bleak era that had to have taken its toll. Maybe that is why so many were so great coming out of it around WWII. We never spoke about generational differences in my era, another group highly influenced by the depression. So, I’m guessing we must have been viewed as introspective and quiet because people born between 1928 and 1945 are called the “Silent Generation”. Of course, next are the boomer who grew out of the post war baby explosion 1946 to 1965. GenX’ers are next going from 1966 to 1980. The Millennials, the group that has everybody talking these days, are those born between 1981 and 1997. And now we have the young people with the next voice who will be out to outdo the millennials, the Generation Z – whatever that means. Bonus: Sherman wanted the 400,000 acres of Confederate lands to be divided into 40 acres lots and given to freed slaves. The other impeached President Andrew Johnson, nixed the law that would have made it so. 

Everybody who is 72 and up grew up in disturbing times -- mainly in the depression and through WWII. You grew up learning to look at a world differently than many might in these times. Kids received little but lots of love of parents and extended family. They grew strong upon that. Nothing came easy, toy chests were empty. Sacrifice for others became second nature and widespread. The depression was hard, but it was a great teacher. WWII was terrifying, but a great inspiration.

The only reason I would buy local organic products is to keep farmers farming and developers out. But unfortunately, I can’t afford high priced organic products.

Looks like a perfect day for a long, peaceful walk. Let’s hope there aren’t any left-over ACA alteration protesters to mar the countryside.

I always have felt something special listening to the great orator’s “I have a Dream” speech, Happy MLK Day, everybody!