The queen is loose

The queen is loose

Friday, November 28, 2014

From every single family, a foundation of truth for many.

Today's Tids Issue 3,231
Opening Hymn:

A Mighty fortress is our God,
A bulwark never failing,
Our helper he amid the flood
Of mortal ills prevailing.

We gather together in Thankfulness; united as families. In this yearly union that celebrates the power of many in one, we feel our quiet strength, reliance upon one another. The ills of the world grow incomprehensible, yet the wisdom of elders, the stability of parents and the exuberance and hope of children is one stone, every family’s contribution to a foundation large that binds goodness of all, together in strength.

And through this world, with devils filled,
Should threaten to undo us,
We will not fear, for God hath willed.
His truth to triumph through us.

We gather in hope built upon those who know and those who will learn and grow. We are different yet one in the laughter we share and love in our hearts; comforted with the knowledge that truth will live forever; that it will overcome lapses from human frailty. Today we share nature’s beast that flies the fields and the plants that wave gently in the breeze in valleys and hills. We nourish each other with the individual talents we share. Thanksgiving Day reminds us of our fortunes, and challenges us all to keep them safe, and to spread the love of one small group to many.
We are a mighty fortress. Happy Thanksgiving E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!

With thanks for words by Martin Luther, and music from Johann Sebastian Bach

Ferguson allows college kids to start long weekend early.

Today's Tids Issue 2,230
Opening Stuff:
There is nothing more exhilarating, captivating, than the pure, unadulterated, fully explosive wide eyed excitement of kids
This is the season, as Bill Murray may have said, when the weird get going. Just today we learn: --Up in Marshfield Mass, a delightful community, the school board spent valuable time passing a new order against the will of 4,000 petitioners to change “Christmas Break” to “Holiday Break”. --Down here 30-40 miles south of that home of Daniel Webster (And Arrowsmith’s Stephen Tyler), the local atheist organization has purchased advertising signs for Providence and Newport buses “Godless – We are too”.  --Up in Providence, local school teachers thought it a good idea to revise T-Day history so Hispanic kids wouldn’t feel guilty eating Tacos and pizza on the big family day. --Up in Belmont Mass, The Butler School loons cancelled a class trip to the performance of “The Nutcracker*, because…are you ready…because there was a Christmas tree on the stage! --Here’s the real problem: These are relatively small innocuous incidents, but the media coverage gives them a perception of importance.
*For the record there have been no reported instances of a child spontaneously converting to the Christian faith while attending a performance of “The Nutcracker”.
As one consistently creative reader-contributor says this morning: “Don’t forget to set you’re scales back 10 pounds this week.”
Instead of protesting bogie men, the real, rational leaders of the black community should help he people rise above the golden calf’s, to protest the black leadership holding them down; the enablers, the drug dealers, the government.
The Question:
Who was I reality the First President of the USA? What does this have to do with Thanksgiving.
The Headlines:
--Snow Disrupting Trips To Grandmas.
--US New Jobless Benefits Claims Jumps Surprisingly up To 313,000; Seasonal Temp Jobs Not Big Enough To Balance Cold Weather Construction Layoffs.
--White House working To Scuttle House Effort To Extend And Make Tax Cuts Permanent.
--Obama Plan To give Business $3,00 Per Illegal Immigrant Hire.
--Justice Ginsburg Has Surgery For Coronary Blockage.
--Russian Troops Bolstering Eastern Ukraine Rebels; NATO Says Russia Ready To Strike..
--New Poll For 2016 Shows Mitt at 45% Over The Hill’s 44%; Romney (19) Ahead Of Repubs Jeb (11), Christie and Carson (8) and Rand (6).
--16 Million Americans to Eat “Tofurky” This Holiday.
We in my family are all at a loss, not just because we’ll miss my sister’s infectious laugh, but because she always made the Cauliflower au Gratin. We have no clue of her secret recipe, but here’s one. Preheat oven til 375. Cut 3 lb head into large florets. And cook 5-6 mins in boiling slated water. Drain. In saucepan at low heat melt 2 tbs butter, and add 3 tbs flour, stirring for 2 min. Pour in 2 cps hot milk, stir to boil. Whisk and boil for Min. remove from heat and add 1 tsp salt, ½ tsp pep, ¼ tsp nutmeg, ½ cp grated gruyere (gg), ½ cp parmesan. Pout 1/3 of sauce on bottom on=f 11x2 in baking dish. Place drained Cauli on top then remaining sauce over that. Mix ¼ cp breadcrumbs w/ ¼ cp gg and sprinkle on top. Drizzle 2 tbs melted but over top. Bake 25/30 mins. Is great addition to T-day meal especially when cheese sauce runs into rich brown T-Gravy. Or Tofurky gravy, if you prefer sobbing veggies over screaming birds.
I’m sure by now we all have stories about protests rising up in our various communities. Up here, the brain dead thought it a good idea to sit down in the middle of Interstate 95 and stop traffic. I was surprised nobody was killed. One of the more disgusting TV images from that event was an interview with a well dressed female college student – Burberry scarf and all – cooly and smugly stating that it was criminal the way the police arrested her sister. Then I went to bed and didn’t lose a second of sleep over it.
I’m a day early with the Picks, but tomorrow I’ll be mainly picking my teeth after a great turkey meal. It begins tomorrow with three really good games. I’m picking Detroit over Chi and then in  close battles Dallas over Philly and in a real “pick-um”, Seattle beating the odds against SF. Houston, SL, Minn and Indy should beat Tenn, Oakland, Carolina and Washington respectively. In a nail biter I have to pick the home team Buffalo over Cleve (Could go either way). I like the ay Balt is playing now and the shouldtake SD, and even the Gianst amy pull one ff against Jax.Cinncy is out of the mid-season doldrums =and should take TB. Pitt at home should beat NO in a close war. I like Ariz over Atlanta (Keeping Atl, NO atop NFC South at 4-8?). Denver and KC will be a battle. Manning seems back and KC flopped badly last week. But. I’m picking the upset – KC. An even bigger battle will be the possible SB preview, GB and NE in the frozen tundra of Green Bay. Do I pick, with my heart or my brain. Brady-Rogers, often compared, but never before have they met. GB can score but they don’t defend like the Pats do. I’m sticking with my heart.
The media portrayed Michael Brown as this baby-faced teen innocent when in reality he was a 6’5” 289 pound behemoth, bully, felon and all around thug. If the media were ever to tell the real truth about all of the black community and not the one portrayed by the leftists and money grubbing leaders like Al and Jesse, then race relations would have a chance. Oh, wait a minute, the media is part of the left. Check out this black man’s view of the black community:
I’ve seen TV news scenes of people lining up to buy birds at free range farms and also with for less cheaper birds at check counters in supermarkets. But in the end the birds get stuffed and people eat them.
I like battlers in sports. Part of being good Red Sox fan even in bad times is having guys like Daniel Nava and Brock Holt to root for. But now free agency has reared its ugly head and celebrated, high paid newbies may force out some of my favorites. So, it’s back to rooting for the uniform instead of the players. And we still don’t have any pitching.
One of the pics of a local protest event showed a group of Hispanics burning an American Flag. What, did their US Government Check bounce?
This year the new anti meat tact among vegetarians is telling people they should be aware of the shrieks and howls of the turkey friends left behind as their family and or pals are taken to slaughter. Did you ever watch a bean sprout weep as the thresher came by with its onerous decapitating blade? It’s gut-wrenching.
Reward developers who bring back Main Street. Save us from strip malls.
There’s no truth to the rumor that Al Sharpton wants to dedicate Black Friday to Michael Brown?
The Movie reviewers are united in warning people about the dangers of paying money to see Bad Bosses 2.
I thought that the voters go it right on The Voice last night. Regan James has the ability to be a future star, but she showed recently that she isn’t quite ready for prime time. Ryan continues to be easy to  listens to, even if he misses the mark for the new genres.
The Answer:
George Washington was actually the first President of the Second US Government. The US formed an earlier Gov under the Articles of Confederation and the President was John Hanson. John was also the President” who made the Pilgrim’s holiday an annual remembrance of the courageous beginnings of the nation. Hanson, from Frederick Maryland, led the US through the critical lost decade following the Revolution when the country was teetering on debt and insecure of its future. Hanson united the colonies and created a workable government out of nothing. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklyn and others acknowledged Hanson as the man who saved the country.
The Pilgrim Song:

A night at the zoo.

Today's Tids Issue 3,229
Opening Stuff :

Just when you think we’re entering into a period of quiet thankfulness, we find ourselves saying prayers for the good people of Ferguson who are the most recent victims of uncivilized behavior. That would be the “giving” part of Thanksgiving.
What’s wrong with this picture: A split screen showing President Obama on the left and the city Ferguson on the right, Burning – all because the President’s AG Holder with the aid of overzealous journalists turned a local police matter into some kind of national issue that in the end only devastated the black owned businesses of the hard working locals, and the neighborhoods in which they slept and raised families. But what can really I add to your thoughts about this. We all know that the truth never matters in the minds of people who don’t want to listen.
The people fighting Ebola on the front lines in Africa are having trouble finding disease resistant clothing as US hospitals in rush to meet new government standards have sucked down inventories to near zero. Government regs are a disease that could kill the USA. And, perhaps the most inflationary ingredient affecting our economy.
The Question:
What are the Ten Most Educated Cities (Metro areas) in the country?
The Headlines:
--Nasdaq Up; Dow Meandering.
--Looters and Burners Disregard Rule Of Law; Rampage Destroys Businesses And Homes Of Hard Working, Honest Fergusonites.
--USA Economy Outperforming Growth Forecasts; EU Having Trouble Getting Out Of the Way Of Itself.
--“O” Awards 28 Presidential Medal of Freedom; Says He Has Eyes For Meryl Streep.
--France Suspends Warship Delivery To Russia.
--Iran Supreme Leader Says The West Will Never Defeat Iran.
The Voice had a good night. I thought Matt McAndrews opener was as good as it gets, for me. But later, as I watched Craig Wayne Boyd transform “I Walk the line” dramatically into his own, I found myself At first wondering, then seeing and finally loving where he was going. Chris Jamison’s energetic effort on the Bruno Mars tune a had everybody in the place rocking. Danika Sirey proved again that she may be the best pure singer. I also liked Luke “the Entertainer” Wade’s “Try a Little Tenderness”, although at times he seemed to be trying too hard to be unique. I felt sorry for Regan James. Her song choice was just too much and it left her gasping for breath and a little flat as it finally wound down. Taylor John Williams sang an annoying song, but he did it pretty well., and he still has the young teen girl vote. I like Anita Antoinette, but I’d like to see her move away from Reggae for a week. And then there is the sweet Ryan Sill who looked like ole’ Pat Boone trying  to sing Little Richard. Not good. I have to figure the bottom three as Anita, Regan and Ryan. Will the fans save Ryan again, or will they see that Regan has more potential than she showed last night.
Why didn’t the Ferguson Prosecutor wait til 9:00 AM to announce the findings in the case. Savages typically don’t like to loot and burn with the sun at their backs.
Dancin’, Department: Since Ferguson interrupted so much TV last night, let’s interrupt looting and burning reports with a look at Dancing With The Stars. Called a “Visualization of a Love Poem” the judges were rapturous over Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy. Second best of the night was Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson. The wide difference between the Janel/Val excellence and the mediocre performance of Bethany Mota and Derek Hough made it easy on the judges and probably the voters who will give us a final three of Janel/Val, Alf/Witney plus Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas. To this rank amateur in dance analysis, Ribeiro/Carson look like the winners.
If all of these outside agitators are really there to help the black community the last thing they should want is an uncontrolled riot which demonstrates groups of people unable to accept the truth, or even understand living in society.
Actually, those made for primetime reality TV riots with shooting and burning and looters running amok make it difficult for regular programming to get decent ratings. Here are the official cancellations for the four networks: ABC -- Selfie; CBS – Unforgettable, Reckless, The Millers; Fox – The Cleveland Show, Gang Related,  Kitchen Nightmares, Utopia, X-Factor; NBC – A to Z, Bad Judge. Want to check out the status of all the network shows --
I still don’t understand all of that TV fuss over Elian Gonzales. I must be inert.
After Obama-Speak, lots of immigrants are today openly wondering why they had to patiently wait their turn to immigrate the legal way when millions are now being rewarded for sneaking into the country illegally. It’s the same as hard working people scratching their heads over Government airheads suggesting $15/hr min wages when these toilers had to work hard to get to that point. Government sure knows how to do one thing really well – mess up the natural order of things.
In case you are having trouble finding your KFC among the growing array of vegetable shops, you should know that Bean Sprouts have just joined lettuce as another vegetation that can be dangerous to your health. Killer Listeria loves to grow inside the moist sprouts. Two in the Midwest are dead and three easterners have just come down sick. You know that when cheese turns “green”, you don’t eat it. Eat red meat with brown gravy, or perhaps a delicate balsamic reduction. Maybe with a little Stilton cheese. Over buttery, paper thin sautéed potatoes.
Do you know who I feel bad for and can’t out of my mind – Whitney Houston. To me she represents every great talent, great mind, good people who were brought down by the evil of drugs, and truly evil people who supply them. And all of those real slugs like Whitney’s demonic husband who never reach out for the hands calling for help. The ramifications of the death of the Whitney Houston’s of the world is what bothers me. I wonder how many out of control societies could be saved by the elimination of drugs that destroy in so many ways.
The Answer:
The cities are rated on % of people with bachelors degree or higher. Number 10 is Durham-Chapel Hill NC, 9 is Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk Ct; 8 is San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara Ca; 7 is Ames Ia; 6 is Iowa City Ia; 5. Is Lawrence Ks; 4 is Ithaca NY; 3. Is Corvallis Or; 2 is Ann Arbor Mi and #1 is Boulder Co.
Don’t you just hate it when the rest of the world sees the USA looking like downtown in Somalia?
This wasn’t very funny today, was it?

Black Friday is just plain nuts.

Today's Tids Issue 3,228
Opening Stuff:
This is the day that begins the week that’s all about thanks. Of course there’s the obvious thanks, for family and parents and siblings who have picked you up when you’ve tripped along the way; who have cheered your little accomplishments. An surely the love of your life who brings you to special, extraordinary, inexplicable heights, sometimes with just a smile or the simple comfort of a consoling look from beautiful eyes; the touch of a soft hand. And then there are all the little things that get you through the day – seeing the world of beauty around you; being able to hear the magnificence of music; watching people care for each other. I’m thankful knowing that there are far more good people on earth than the evil.  I’m glad I can still see things through younger eyes and revel in simplicity. There is an encyclopedia of stuff for which to be thankful – like never being enticed to watch the Kardashians; not finding ways to bend, tear or mutilate the Ten commandments, a basic rational guide to life. What a great week it is.
I’ll take team play any day over individual stardom: It is interesting to note in a recent incursion into statistics, I found that the top 4 scorers in the NBA play on teams with a combined record of 18 wins and 32 losses. Those are Labron, Kobe, Carmelo and Anthony Davis (Has yet to attain first name only status.)
I have to figure that the surprising continuing success of the Kay Jewelry really rather ugly “Open Heart’ design for necklaces etc is due to the Millennium generation’s avoidance of commitment. Keep your heart open, you never know what’s around the corner.
Uh oh, Sheldon Whitehouse. A robot sub exploring under Antarctica has discovered than not only is the ice growing there, it is considerably thicker than thought by scientists. Maybe, as the ice gets thicker and sinks lower into the sea, it is pushing the oceans up on coastal shores. Yes, say even Woods Hole scientists now thoroughly perplexed by the conflict between their scientific models and real evidence from satellites and now this underwater sub. The ice mass is growing bigger, and that white stuff you see falling isn’t snow but the dandruff from eggheads scratching their noggins.
The Question:
There are fifteen car models, many you have seen around for years, that just seem to refuse to die. Name Ten.
The Headlines:
--Hagel To Resign As Defense Honcho; Word In Pentagon Is That he Was Fired.
--Iran Nuclear talks Stumble; Postponed Til July.
--Ferguson Grand Jury Has Made Decision On Darren Wilson; May Announce Within Decade, Or After Agitators get Tired Of tent Living.
--Mittster Leads NH Presidential Poll by 19 Points.
--Sanctions Plus Falling Oil Prices Costing Russia $140 Billion.
--Russian Tightens Control Over Black Sea Region Of Georgia’s Abkhazia Province; It Is Said Putin Likes View Of Black Sea.
--Red Box Proving DVD’s Aren’t Dead.
 I read where the US is sending into Mexico military units disguised as Mexican Navy personnel to attack Drug Cartel locations. This is a good thing. But, I wonder if it isn’t a bit like the Taliban and the rolling hills of red poppies waving in the breeze – a beautiful scene producing income for thousands of people regardless of the horror it wracks on mankind. As disgusting and a inhuman the Cartels can be, lots of Mexicans are probably making their living in that enormous industry south of the US border. The point being, while we may destroy sinister drug lords, are we alienating the people – only this time closer ro our core. While we may be making ii safer for people to live in their own country, can they afford leaving there as a leg of their economy collapses? Will thy=ey build a new economy in a country now develop of murderers, or will they escape to suck off the giant Teet north of the border? Nothing is simple.
Smatter than you average bear – “Hey, Boo-Boo”!, department:
Animal conservationists attached GPS devices to western grizzlies to determine their habits, What the have learned could be quite disheartening to the great white hunter: Grizzlies track hunters for prey! Some day it may be the hunters themselves, but right now these intelligent beasts have learned that the hunter will eventually bring them elk or deer or even Uncle Yogi. And they will be in their camps stealing the carcasses while they slee.
Why don’t the insurance companies spend the money they do on what appear to be lawyer driven new plan prospective in an effort to actually try to make it clear as to what the customer is buying. After about three of a 100 or so pages of the so-called description of my new Part D program, I gave up an took a nap. What a waste of paper and ink.
Money doesn’t last forever, Department:
The Vanderbilts, Hartfords (A&P), Kluges (Metromedia), Pulitzers and Strohs (beer) all lost their enormous fortunes either through poor investments, generational waste, carousing or high debt structuring.
How long will it be until giant tobacco companies re-emerge to wrap their arms around the fledgling Marijuana but promising industry?
One of he things I like about Jennifer Garner is her straight eyebrows.
Super running back Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks was fined by the NFL $100,000 for missing  a press conference. That’s insane.
Have you seen all of those dodge Brothers commercials which seem to show a couple of carefree inventive guys whooping it up as they leave big bad Ford to go out on their own and create a better Dodge Car. It is true that Dodge in the ‘20’s was number two auto after Henry’s car. But the Dodge boys had made millions for years as a leading manufacturer of parts and engines for all of the Detroit auto makers, including Ford. When Henry decided to build a huge new factory he stopped dividends to stockholders. The Dodge Brothers had been receiving a Million/year in dividends, so they sued and Henry bought out their stick for $25,000,000. These rather stoic brothers were not living in one room walk-up’s while risking everything a on a new car.
The Republican house blockage of Obama pet projects is one of the remarkable congressional achievements of our history. If we can escape the next two years, historians may even say that Boehner’s congress saved America from itself.
The Answer:
Some cars are just well built, and more importantly, well loved by owners so that they just keep on chugging along. First is the “Dawn of man” to  1996 Volvo rear wheel cars including classic 240. Next is the 1989-2005 Buick LeSabre followed by 95-97 Jaguar XJ6, Ford Crown Vic 92-07, Chev Camaro and Pontiac Firebird 82-02, Ford Escort, Toyota Camry 92-Present, Mercedes 240D/300D/300TD from 1975 and beyond, Jeep Cherokee 87-01 (My baby), Subaru Wagons 1990 to pres, Saab 900 79-93, Volkswagon van 50-92, Geo Prism 84-10, Buick Roadmaster Estate 91-96 and the venerable Honda Accord 76 to Present
When I played football as a kid I would often emulate my heroes of the times, 1940’s stars Doak Walker, Charlie “Choo Choo” Justice, Charlie Trippe,  Johnny Lujack, Emil “Six Yard” Sitko and Leon Hart. My friends touted Blanchard and Davis of West Point. But then,  I was as narrow minded as a kid as I am now, and rejected those back-to-back Heisman winners out of hand as I was a rapid Navy Fan! Just as I don’t get excited today about Jeter – the Ya, ya, Ya…(WYKWIM). Once a meathead, always a meathead.

The bulls are pooping.

Today's Tids Issue 3,227
Opening Stuff:

The main objective of the President’s speech last night was to goad the Republicans into doing something stupid, like shutting down the Government -- anything that the unscrupulous, dishonest, malicious media consultants can get their hands around for the 2016 version of divisive, negative politics. Let’s face it, the Immigration laws are fine the way they are. You just have to stop the lawlessness of masses sneaking in fro freebies; not waiting their turn like millions have doe before; earning their way. Many of the nice sounding points made by the Prez last night have been made before by Repubs, like Senator Mark Rubio. It’s all politics. Nothing more. There is no need to reform the basics 0f immigration policy. And even if there was, and Obama really wanted reform, he could have done rather easily when The Dems controlled both houses of Congress 4 years ago. He’s a kid who has been said no to by the voters. And, he’s pouting. And, he wants to pick a fight. It is all BS.
Usually it takes me til January to get used to the cold. My bones have already adjusted and I’m ready o ski.
Do you know how they have closed captioning for the deaf? Maybe TV should provide a similar device that would offer simultaneous interpretations of the real meaning of politicians words during speeches.
Sometimes I read a Tidlet after sending and think – “That was just damned stupid”.
In  case you have living on another planet or buried inside your Smartphones, the big football game of the week will be played tomorrow, Saturday, before a sold out Yankee Stadium crowd of college diehards in NYC, when Lehigh University takes on Lafayette  in the 150th game in the longest running continuous series in  sports. (You can set a lot of records when you’re old.) Yes, real scholar/athlete schools can get excited about football too, even if just playing for tradition on a cool fall day;;with colorful mums in the labels of lovers. Go Engineers! Or, is that Mountainhawks.
The Question:
What 3 states bar the opening of non- essential retail stores on Thanksgiving day?
The Headlines:
--DOW, S&P Soar to New Heights; New China And EU Stimulus Plans Has Wall Street Smiling.
--White House Admits To Inflating ObamaCare Signups.
--Roof Collapses Growing Problem In Buffalo, Western New York; More Snow On the Way; Snow Expected to reach 8 feet..
--Police Union Official Saying Charges Against Furguson Cop Unlikely.
--Ben Carson  says Obama Like Putin.
--Deadly Stampede During religious Ceremony In Zimbabwe Kills 11, Injures Many.
--The Hill Chimes In  Saying Repubs are The immigration Problem; How Insightful Is This Woman Who Couldn’t Figure Out Cries For Help In Benghazi.
When you think about it, all of the Immigration ruckus is really about 10 - 20 million bogus voters.
It is known that sales of Victorian Secret and similar products are huge in Saudi Arabia and other countries with strict female cover up laws. The women, according to knowledgeable culturists, want husbands to know there is something exciting under the black. On the other hand, a problem exists because neighbors can’t tell if it is a wife or lover leaving a neighborhood home. And you thought the Middle East was all about camels and wars.
Here is one “Fact Checker” on the O-Speech last night:
There’s just gotta be something to say today that isn’t about Immigration. I’m thinking.
There just some stuff that you are better off avoiding buying on Black Friday. These are items that will get much cheaper in the spring or closer to the end of the buying season when retailers really panic. First – Winter gear. You will see isolated price reductions but the good stuff happens later. The rest are Tools, Cheap Tablets, Bed Linins, Christmas Decorations (Always better to buy a year in advance), Fitness Equipment, Doorbuster TV’s (The Models offered on BF are generally minus better features), Airline, Vacation, Packages,  Luxury goods, Perishable Gift Packages. What’s Left – Plaid shirts?
The President is flying over to the Gambling capital of the USA to sign an executive order on Illegal immigration leniency. Are you thinking the same thing I’m thinking?
Observers in NYC, including Democrats,  are saying that the police have become less  effective since the ascendancy of DiBlasio. Being an avowed socialist, he problem prefers police for the quieting of dissenters rather than stopping the criminals who may have had bad childhoods.
DiBlasio is in fact the poster child for all that’s wrong in USA Politics. It is said there that this Mayor of the Apple considers his primary job that as leader of the USA progressive party which includes other pols like Elizabeth Warren. How criminal is it to use voters hope to gain a step up on the political ladder. His decisions will probably be made to affect his relationship with his real constituents, the national left wing side of the USA. Sarah Palin could see Russia from Alaska. DiBlasio can see all Red Russia from NYC. And he loves it.
As You Know, Arizona passed the toughest anti-immigration law in the country – the objective, according to Jay Leno, being to force the illegals back to their home country of Los Angeles. Yup, in California they say they need illegal workers there to pick vegetables. Vegetables for Crissake. We need lawbreaking immigrants to feed vegans and vegetarians. Or, maybe to meet the demands of Michelle’s food chart. Gadzooks! We’re losing the gravy wars.
Not high in the news priorities, Department:
 Australian PM Tony Abbot was elected just recently by promising to end the carbon tax, which he did successfully. The general sense in that country now is that supposed ally Barack Obama gave Abbot the finger when he negotiated a secret climate deal in Beijing. Would you want to be Obama’s friend? When 0-Man first came into office he told the rest of the wolrd that the USA sucks, and now he’s out to prove it.
I used to be nice.
Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 is the much anticipated first half of the finale of the latest favorite movie series based on a favorite book series.. It is full of great acting and political satire that keeps the interest high. But, if you want  a lot of action, it falls short of the first two. But often, less is more. I have it on my lst.
--“A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” maybe the best movie of the week. From the title it seems like a tired concept, but the originality will satisfy you, if… you like Vampire movies set in Iran. Critics and audiences alike like it
The Answer:
In other words, What 3 states think that at least one day a year with family is a good idea. The three are Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island.
I wrote most of this before 9:30, but had to see a doc about an aching wrist. Must be all of that intense killer typing that goes into a good Tids. I suffer for you. What more can you ask of a human?
I know you will all have a great week end because you all have great hearts.

Whatever happened to “Thou shalt not steal”…

Today's Tids Issue 3,226
Opening Stuff:
Rats! The President of the USA is going on TV tonight and is expected to enable and reward lawlessness. That’s not the kind of leadership I want for this country. I want to push the standards up. I want strivers at every level of society. Instead of chipping away at the foundation of American principles, the President should be hammering on the government of Mexico. This talk, if it is as expected, will be a disgrace to a great society.
The Nina, The Pinta and the Santa Maria got a lot of miles per Galleon. (From “Shoe”)
If there was no TV, it would be just another day in Ferguson Mo.
Mike Nichols and Elaine May was one of the all time funniest comedy teams.
The Question:
What was Mike Nichols first big movie success and what super star’s career did it launch? Bonus: Who is Michael Igor Peschkowsky? Bonus 2: What is a “Tracker” in modern day politics?
The Headlines:
--Gunman Opens Fire In Florida State U. Library; 3 Students Wounded; Shooter Killed By Police.
--Markets are Sucking Early; New Jobless Claims Under 300K; Oil Under $75 As Rebound Dies;
--NK Threatens To Boost Military, Conduct Nuke Tests In Response To UN Resolution On Human Rights
--Mike Nichols Dies At 83.
--Millions Given By UN To Somalia Has Disappeared.
--Kerry In Vienna For Iran  Nuke Talks; In Effort To Claim Victory, Admin May Give Too Much Away.
--Citi Director Of Environment And Social Risk Found In Bathtub With Throat Slit; Could be Lover’s Quarrel.
--Cosby Continues To Lose Projects As Scandal Talk Escalates.
The NFL is back, and the surprises keep on coming. Actually they aren’t that big a surprise any more as the games this year seem more full of “pick-um’s than sure things. A little better week last week, so our record creeps up to 99-60. Still at only 62%, there’s lots of room for improvement. Ok, tonight we have a great old, classic AFC, bitter, intense rivalry game – but that was before this year’s edition of the Chiefs and Raiders. Gotta pick KC, a team that looks very good. GB is thriving, so mystery Minn should lose. TB shows signs of life but Chi is at home. All of a sudden at 4-6, Atlanta is in 1st place! I love Cleveland, but I’m going Falcons. Philly to bounce back over Tenn. There’s a possible game of the week scenario if the Mighty “D” of Detroit can stifle the product Offense of NE. I gotta pick the home team NE in a tough battle. Indy should get back on the winning side against Jax. If they can get rid of the snow, Buff should nip Jets in another war. SL is showing me something and SD  is fading. SF has been unsettling, but should take the Skins. I have to pick Dallas over the Giants, a team that looks shaky even at home. Another mystery team, Baltimore may scare NO, but the Saints need to keep pace with Mediocrity in their division. Miami could easily beat Denver who may be missing Saunders and J. Thomas. PM is looking fidgety lately and Miami D is fierce. Miami to upset here. And that brings us to Arizona and Seattle. This is the all the marbles game for last years SB Champ. Arizona has been resourceful, but the home noise and the desire for some degree of respectability should give the Seahawks a win…barely.
Deleting the Uber App has become a hot new trend. It isn’t only the disparaging of a female journalist or worries over tte Company’s data collection policies, but the relative safety of the overall operation. It has become apparent to observers that the management of an underinsured company is most interested in selling apps while giving total responsibility mere lip service.
Homeland is keeping me on the edge of my seat this year. Oh yeah, and you know that big new Showtime effort “The Affair” is going somewhere. It would be nice if it got there. Aside from occasional bickering among side players, the basic premise of each new episode so far is what new sex trick can we learn today, and what new location can they do it in. It is one dimensional, and it needs boost outside the bedroom, or shower or car hood.
When you think about it, property taxes could be unconstitutional since in essence they are a form of involuntary rent. They basically say you don’t really own your property because the Gov can take it away for back taxes.
Two words I cannot stand are “Eminent Domain”. They even get scarier as government continuers to move away from “Of the People”.
My spies in the Manufacturing industry publishing business tell me this is one of the best years ever.  Hot, Hot, Hot! RI and NE used to be a big part of that before Governemnt regs forced them out. And conglomerates sucked out all of the cash..
How come so-called clean cut, honest, nose to the grindstone kids are so disliked by the insecure often more popular peers who revel in bad grades and social misconduct? It must be guilt.
Rand Paul could be the candidate who cuts across the great political divide.
I am a “Jack of all trades” kind f guy. There’s too much pressure being a “master of one”.
The Libs don’t seem to accept successful blacks who speak proper English. Yet, successful white NBA players are comfortable speaking like they are from the Hood. It must be a “Render unto Caesar” thing.
Dogs who don’t get along are Cross-breeds.
Calling U. Kentucky basketball a college athletic program is a real stretch.
The Answer:
Mike Nichols often wrote or directed films and Broadway shows that poked fun at himself and people like him. Often that was adultery of which he often said he was expert, but in his first big film The Graduate, it was about an earnest young man rebelling against elder’s expectations. He said he identified with that awkward, perpetually flustered Benjamin Braddock played by Dustin Hoffman. Bonus: Peschkpwsky was Nichols real name, who when seven in 1938 escaped with his family from Nazi Germany. Bonus 2: A tracker is a new person in a campaign, generally a kid with a Smartphone who scours the Twitter word for embarrassing and awkward statements from the competition.
America still has a chance to survive because all of the noise is coming from a minority who haven’t figured why they are allowed to speak out. The real problem isn’t the agitators and the misguided leaders, but the protected fourth estate who won’t step in with the truth.
So did hear about the blond caught in fierce snowstorm, who, as suggested, spent an hour following a snowplow until she realized she was still in a Wal-Mart parking lot? I wonder what Fox newscasters think about Blond jokes?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Feel the salty spray.