I can only wish.

I can only wish.
Hunt for the best!

Monday, October 13, 2014

I would sail upon the magnificent sea; feel the vastness of another world beneath.

Today's Tids Issue 3,198
Opening Stuff:

Happy Indigenous People Day, Everybody! Are the cultural elite trying to tell me it’s “HIP”. Yes, this is that  time a year again when the historical revisionists cry out in agony against The great Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus; theorizing in their academic bastions of comfort; impugning the bravery of a man who stepped beyond the myths of his generation to open a lagging world to modernization. But, then,  maybe happy indigenous peoples day has some meaning after all. Think of all of those indigenous to some tourist town who must endure one more time before the cold, the traffic, the crowds and the lack of room at restaurants. Yes, today, I am Indigenous.
Alert: An observant reader warns of a new debilitating disease which may over take America – Disengagedchocolatitis. Yes, The Ivory Coast which, abuts Ebola ridden Iberia and Guinea, is the largest producer of cacao beans. The chocolate industry may have to go into hiatus unless they can replace bean pickers from the quarantined countries. How about Pace Corps moving down there? There can be no peace without chocolate!
Sometimes the stock market looks like one gigantic corn stalk maze. With brokers skittering here and yon looking for the safe exit.
Charitable giving is down in total. The wealthier are still giving to the Arts and culture and many community activities. But, at the social services level it is way off. Of course social services was once people helping people through people. But, the government has usurped that tradition, building a give-away industry that feeds upon itself with ever increasing demands for more. It appears that the growing thought among potential donors is, “Am I really helping a person, or am I adding to the enabling a life of complete reliance upon society – am I contributing to an entangled web of no hope.”
When lawyers try to determine boundaries for a coastal wetland, it is Title Search based on Tidal Surge.
The Question:
I thought I’d get a little nautical with today’s “Q”. Maybe something to dream about over the winter. Which boats does Yachting Magazine consider the best new “Trawlers and Pocket Cruisers”  
The Headlines:
--USA Not So Invulnerable To Spread Of Ebola As Dallas Nurse Is Stricken.
--News Of Better Chinese News Has Stocks Inching Higher; EuroStocks Also Take Breather From Recent Negative Days; New Warnings Filtering Out On WS.
--Kurdich Forces Hold Back IS At Kobane; Turkey Adds Muscle For First Time.
--Taliban Kill 2 In new Attacks On Afghan Military Convoy.
--Democrats Gaining On Republican “Sure Thing” Races.
--Gen. Dempsey, Chair JCS, Says ISIS Changing Strategies To Meet The Threats Of US And Other’s Counterattacks.
--Chink In CDC Superiority Message Has America Folks Concerned.
--Fiat Chrysler Begins Trading On NY Stock Exchange.
When you call somebody an African-American, is that racial profiling?
There are wars in Ukraine, Syria and even on The Ohio State football field. But there is no “War” on woman. That is just politics at its slimiest…another myth of our power hungry, disingenuous leaders.
A friend of mine, who like many loves his EZ-Pass, suggests that all taxes be fun too,  like those made easier for payment for road and bridge travel. (Yes, tolls are taxes.) How happy are people traveling freely through tollgates while the government silently sucks money from their wallet. How simple would it be to alter EZ-Pass to distribute your wealth, say, every time you pass a homeless person. Or visit a friend in a hospital, or stand in an ocean rising from global warming, or go to a PTA meeting. Think about how good people would feel without having to write checks or fill out forty pages of tax forms to lose the same money. Just wire me up, Lois Learner, and take it.
So far, Hillary “not running” is the first big lie of her well orchestrated non-campaign.
You can’t go wrong with Prokofiev’s Symphony #1 in D (“The Classical”).
The more Aaron Hernandez lawyers argue to have evidence thrown out on legal technicalities, the more I’m sure he is guilty as hell. Want me on the jury?
Isn’t it great growing up as an Islamic teen: You have two choices -- strap a bomb to your chest, or contract Ebola and take a plane trip America for a shopping spree in NYC’s Macy’s.
You have to wonder how much time is spent in the decorator related corporations of America coming up with names for colors. For instance in just one three color chip that goes through three stages of blue-green grey, from lighter to darker, we have “Homestead Green”, “Mountain Laurel” and “Silver Pine”. That is just one three color strip among thousands. Hey, I’ve got one – Silver Prune.
The same people who hate the idea of Columbus initiating the era when Europeans began coming to the new continents, are more than likely to applaud Latin Americans illegally sneaking across the borders.
I will always be a customer of any restaurant that serves fresh broiled bluefish.
The Answer:
Here’s some pretty cool looking stinkpots on this list (See-um here: http://www.yachtingmagazine.com/yachts/express-and-flybridge-cruisers/2014/09/best-new-trawlers-and-pocket-cruisers?src=related&con=outbrain&obref=obnetwork } First, the Back Cove 30 has that trusty ole’ Lobster Boat look. I like the looks fo the Camano 31 but not so much the Cutwater 30. The Fleming 55 has possibilities. The Grand Banks 43 Heritage would be on my  list, but not the Greenline 33. The Hinkley T37 MKIII and Hunt Surfhunter 9 are Ok. I don’t like the Jeanneau NC11, but could live with the Legacy 32 and not the Marlow Mainship 32. MJM 20z has a good feel, but I like a lot the Nordhavn 56MS. The Nordic Tug 26cr would be on my shortlist as would the Nordic Tug 34 Pilothouse (Guess I’m just a working stiff without a skiff.) and the Ranger Tugs 31. The Rosborough RF-246 has possibilities, as does Sabre 422 Salon Express. I almost like the Sargo 8 and maybe the Swift Trawler 34. While I made comments above, they are certainly more guttural than knowledgeable. For instance, I would not have known that the High Dead-Rise, Deep-V Hull in the Hunt Surfhunter offers unique comfort at high speeds in rough water. In reality though, I would never have named a Hunt yacht “Surfhunter” – much too much “Hunt”  - Maybe Surfdog!
Lots of people were entranced by the beauty of the Dying Swan performance that closed Friday’s Tids – just in case you missed it.
The ship is ailing well this Monday morning.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Irrationality Hits the Street.

Today's Tids Issue 3,197
Opening Stuff:
Is the stock market saying October wipe-out or necessary temporary 10% correction? Why is my heart in my throat? For years in this morning mess I labeled Wall Street as “Clueless Lane” because it always appeared that the average investor was at the mercy of “experts” who had no idea what was happening to the market next. It does seem that the singular truth in the market is “I don’t know”. Maybe they could Google it.
Or are the big players just shuffling around money to themselves in a market that has reached super high plateau?
Turkey, whose borders are surrounded by ISIS victories, has decided to “Sit this war out”. Go figure.
I really like the KC-Baltimore series. It is great for baseball in my estimation, bringing to the fore two cities with great fans and storied pasts. The Networks always want the big towns, but this is America in its purest form…and baseball is supposed to be America’s pastime.
The Question:
What are considered the top ten all time ballet’s.
The Headlines:
--Early Stock Rally Fizzles; Nasdaq Getting Clobbered, Led by Assault On Semiconductors.
--UN Fears Massacre In Kobanl; Urges Turkey To Intervene.
--Nobel Peace Prize Goes To Brave Pakistan Teen Malala Yousafai and India Children’s Rights Activist Kailish Satyarthi.
--Asian Stocks Sink After US Tumble.
--Where is Kim Jong?; Mysterious Absence Of NK Leader Fuels Speculation About Health or Coup.
--Once Secure South Dakota Senate Race Seat for Repubs Sours As Third Candidate, Former Mr. “Good” Republican Senator, Now Turned Liberal, Larry Pressler Enters Race.
What’s with this fashion movement towards clothing that shows the inner stitching outside. Is this another in the cultural trend towards enabling stupidity, normalizing those who don’t even think while getting dressed?
The latest in Mod-Speak is “Throw Shade” which according to the Urban dictionary means to talk trash about a friend or acquaintance or publicly denounce or disrespect. He thrower of “Shade” is considered the uncool one. Just want you feel in the new world of foreign language.
In yet another fundraiser while the world burns, a gushing hostess Gwyneth “I can’t take my eyes off of Mr. O’s Face” Paltrow said, that she was proud to be a “working mother”. Say what? Does having $19 Million in the bank make you stupid, or just condescending?
Can you tell me again why Americans are so in love with celebrity?
I take it back, NFL’s Adrian Peterson is not an intellectual. Yesterday he told urine testers he smoked a little weed, which is a strict violation of the court order associate with his alleged child abuse, and could send him immediately to jail without passing Go.
The calling of the ticky-tack defensive touches in the NFL is really beginning to irritate me.
I can see how a Children’s Rights activists in place like India would be an important and quite notable achievement. In the US, though, a parents rights activist might be more appropriate.
Women like watching NASCAR Most, followed by NFL football. Blacks overwhelmingly like basketball. White men like any sport that provides background noise to drinking beer.
Maybe financial industry billionaires could each adopt 100 USA retirees.
Reading between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, very bad Day is an amusing little film about an awful day in the lives a  family used to smiling all the time, starring Steve Caril and Jennifer Garner. Dad out of work for years has an interview with all help breaks out among the kids an the mom who’s work demands 24/7 perfection. It’s not overdone and will be entertaining.
--The Judge could have been decent if they didn’t higher actors with egos who overplayed their big moments. When a film gets lost in celebrity a fair plot about a cocky lawyer son too good for his small town roots comes home to help out estranged dear old dad a judge accused of murder. Along the way he meets old girlfriend (With gorgeous in the way flirtatious daughter) and rekindles the love of his family.  
--The movie that intrigues me is thriller Two faces of January, starring Vigge Mortenson, Kirtsen Dunst and Oscar Isaac is tale about tow tourists and their guide in Greece that grows in complexities’ and entanglements. The apparent normal couple undergoes a transformation as the dominoes fall and they are on the run to the point where they need fake passports.
The Answer:
This is another of those consensus answers as there are many experts with several lists. Tchaikivsky’s Swan Lake tops them all and is generally followed by Mr. T’s Sleeping Beauty. Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet (I like Berlios) is another strong contender as is Gizelle by Adolphe Adam. Of course The Nutcracker, a third from Petyr T is always on top during Christmas. Some other notables are Don Quixote by Ludwig Minkus, A Midsummer Night’s Dream By Felix Mendelssohn, Le Sacre du Printemps by Igor Stravinsky, The Firebird by the same prolific composer, Coppelia from Leo Delibes. La Sylphide by Jean-Madeleine Schneitzhoeffer, Ludwig Minkus again for La Bayader and Cinderella by Prokofiev.
Since Swan Lake is considered #1 in ballet land by several experts, how about tip-toeing into the weekend with its most mesmerizing scene:
You have to wonder how great she felt when she finally got off her toes.
Have a great weekend, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!!


Today's Tids Issue 3,196
Opening Stuff:

What happens to frogs who park illegally? They get towed.
While eyes were refocused on ISIS and Ebola, 3,400 in the Ukraine have been killed in fighting – during the “Cease Fire”! Just because “news-ertainment” stops reporting, it doesn’t mean nothing is happening. I guess ratings were down for the Ukraine stuff – the first case of a war between nations “jumping the shark”. What a great world in which we live.
Pat on the Local Back, Department:
In case you missed it, Travel + Leisure mag has named Providence RI as the favorite city fro Travelers. Zowie! The rest of the top 5 were Houston, Kansas City, Minneapolis and LA. The capital of the most beautiful little state with the biggest joke of a General Assembly was considered best for dining, architecture, the arts, theater, history, bakeries, dinners and youthful exuberance. A tip-o-The-Tids Cap. To ya.
The Question:
Name all of the Judges on The Voice since it first debuted.
The Headlines:
--US Ups Airport Screening For Ebola.
--Fed News About Global Concerns And Rising Dollar that will keep Interest Rates Lower Spurs Stock Market to Biggest Day Of The Year.
--New Police Shooting Of Youth In Ferguson Leads To New Riots; Teen Had Opened Fire During Chase.
--Senate Races In Key States Trending Republican.
--Russia Parliament Votes To Provide Assistance To Country’s Elite Harmed By Sanctions.
--Hezbollah Accuses Israel Of Supporting Al-Nusra Jihadists.
Rejuvenation! A good 13-2 Pick-em week has us back up to 43-32 (57.3%), approaching credibility, but far below Tids SD standards. Keeping the Mo going isn’t going to be easy as I see only four so-called easier picks – Denver over J-e-t-s, San Diego over Oakland, SF over St. Louis and if they have a QB – Arizona over Washington.  So tonight begins the new week with a real pick-em match up between the 3 and 2 leaders of AFC Notth Indy and Houston. Luck has been playing great, but there are some holes in Indy, so I’m picking home team Houston. You keep waiting for Jax to spring an upset, but I like Tenn. In the battle of the question marks, it’s Det over Minn. TB looks better but Balt should win. Carolina played tough last week, but Cinn should rebound at home. I have lived in Pittsburgh and in Cleveland and I know that those two cities see this game as a war – It’s the Browns for me. Miami is due and GB is has been iffy, but the Pack should win in the heat. Romo will miss the count and make a key mistake in the Seattle noise. Which Falcons or Bears team will show? I’m picking the home team Atlanta. Another traditional war is Giants and Eagles. The G-men have been improving weekly, but I’ll go again with the home team. And that leaves the Pats with just one good game for the year under there shoulder pads. Buff “D” is powerful and they are at home. I’m going with my heart, which could be a bad idea this week.
Every once in a while everybody needs a good dangling proposition.
Next week The Voice goes into the Knockout rounds which are always exciting. There are so many now, 48, that it’s tough to put a finger on many, although I remember enjoying a few  like Matt McAndrew, Damian, Fernanda Bosch and Luke Wade. At least I think I remember enjoying that foursome. Next week we get down to the action. Stay tuned, your Tids Entertainment editor will be there.
Glen Beck wove some interesting conspiracies over the years. They always had a ring of truth to them to me, but he was lambasted by another set of extremists, the USA left. Among his well documented tales I remember him detailing the growth of extreme Jihadist groups and their quest for an Islamic state. You have to wonder if the US Intelligence agencies are going back into old Beck programs to see what else he may have uncovered through rational objectivity. Maybe Obama should be tuning in.
The nation’s leading ambulance chaser, Jesssie Jackson, ran down to Dallas to make sure that Ebola patient Duncan was receiving good medical care. Let’s see, weeks ago Duncan was in Liberia and now he was in one of the best hospitals in the nation with the best medical care…! Why again is JJ news at all?
Buddy Cianci running for Mayor of Providence has been promising to restore the city to its past glory days. Oops. See above – Providence named Favorite American City. His new campaign – “I made Prov what it is today.”
The Answer:
Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are the stalwarts. The rest are Christine Aguilera, CeeLo Green, Shakira, Usher, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams. The only one I found disagreeable was Christina Aguilaera.
So that’s it.
Oh, Cartoons produced by the Japanese government are animes of the state!
Look it up.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The stupid outdoing the stupid; the amoral exhalting the immoral.

Today's Tids Issue 3,195
Opening Stuff:

I plunged into the ocean yesterday, and one reader responded to expand about the incongruities I inferred from the depths, the conflicting rationalities.  Enough!, resounded in her words. She rails against News-ertainment and the saturation of TV and Social Media that can provide an apparent imprimatur for outright stupidity and general all around wackiness. A society that elevates to sainthood a drug dealing science teacher. An entertainment industry that normalizes behavior that should be corrected, not enabled. It is often in this land of tidsville that readers are my heroes. They enflame the embers that would become the light.  
It seems to me that more of the many of the new successful products are designed to overcome inefficiencies, inefficiencies brought about by the growth of the service sectors. The eighties business school grads forecast our growth in the service sector, mainly because they could see that the cost of participation being far less than modernizing a then complacent manufacturing industry; much to expensive for the go-investors of the era. Now we have a heavy service sector, which has little economic leverage, and new global needs for  inefficiency requires eliminating more and more people. I believe we are looking at a new period of economic adjustment. Society once again will pause as innovation is implemented.
A germ here, a germ there, and before you know it you have an epidemic on your hands. Maybe it isn’t a bad idea to cease flights from Ebola stricken areas. Or, would that be considered profiling?
The Question:
What are the ten top grossing movies of all time?
The Headlines:
--Air Strikes Said To Be Ineffective As USIS Continues To Hold And Regain New Territory; Iraq “Army” Continues To Crumble At Advance Of Jihad Fighters.
--China Passes USA As Largest Economy; Reports Say Hong Kong Bankers Winning Big At Baccarat Games.
--An Unsettled European Economy Beginning To make Wavesz On Wall Street; Early Earnings Beating Estimates May Stem negativity.
--Ebola Stricken Health Services People In Spain Climbs To Three.
--Clinton Pal Warren Buffet Comes Out Big For the Hillster; “She’s going To Win In 2016,” He Says.
--New Book By Former Prosecutor Fiske Brings “White Water” Back to Front Pages; Fiske Says There Were Serious Crimes That Became Moot When He Was Mysteriously Replaced By Three Judge Panel.
--US Frustrated Over Turkey Inaction Against ISIS.
Elizabeth Warren isn’t just a rumor for 2016. She already has a devoted constituency, a strong focused group determined to see her candidacy rise and derail the Hillary express. The loyalty to her appears so strong at this point that she could well win the Dem nomination. And, she will be Eugene McCarthy all over again. Elizabeth for President is exactly what the Republicans need.
Kelly Blue Book Rates The Top Ten Midsized SUV’s as #1 Toyota Highlander then Nissan Pathfinder, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Honda Pilot, Chevy Traverse, Ford explorer, Dodge Durango, Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento and Ford Flex.
An Industry that will be looking hard at new automation will be the health care monster. The ObamaCare bamboozle is becoming very expensive, and you don’t have to look further than the new Wal-Mart policy that removes 30,000 from ACA rolls, and probably into Medicaid. Some analysts are saying that this is just the beginning of the new paradigm, an ever increasing part-time work force --  unless what is becoming one of the biggest costs of doing business, health care, finds a way to sanity.
If housing development for space colonization were to grow a rapid pace, it wouldn’t be long before there was a full moon.
Dens and Repubs take shots at each  other, many much too far below the belt for a civilized society. But, in my humble opinion the outrageousness of the world around us is drawing the more rational of both parties together. Just a sense, that perhaps more people can see things working out better through unity than disparity; a better chance than it appears in  a media controlled world..
I’ve been sleeping a pretty steady 7 hours a night since I can remember. Now science says I as a man should be getting 7.8 hours of sleep. So, if the Tids are late, it’s just that I’m trying to catch up on the 22,484 hours I missed. I’m going to stop reading all medical reports. (Note: Women only need 7.6 hours – That gives woman 12 minutes each morning to prepare chore lists before the sun reaches the man’s eyes.)
The NFL this year has been a little more like the NCAA Final Four where early round upsets are more the rule than exception.
I don’t know about you, but all of these increasingly inane afternoon talk shows just seem to get in the way of each other, digging deeper and deeper to produce less and less of significance.
All of a sudden the U Rhode Island basketball team has one of the bright young stars in the country in E.C. Matthews.
The Answer:
Avatar remains the #1 All Time Box Office winner at $2,782,271,17. Next is Titanic and then Marvel’s the Avengers, Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kings, Skyfall, the Dark Knight Rises, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and Toy Story. However, when  adjusted for inflation #1 with $6,729,000,000 is the one about the Pretty  little Princess and her pals Doc, Happy, Sleep, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful and Dopey Yes, Snow  White beat them all and is followed by Gone with the Wind, Bambi, Titanic, Avatar, Star Wars, Sound of Music, Exhocist, Jaws and Jurassic Park.
In looking for Tids Stuff this morning I found that the all time most popular pop duet was “Stop Draggin’ My heart Around”, with my gal Stevie and Tom Petty: Check it out.


Today's Tids 3,194
Opening Stuff:
Have you ever watched the rolling ocean, unrelenting, never ceasing even as wind subsides; there is an apparent calm, only masking the energy below. The waves that trickle out around your toes seem so gentle compared to the enormity of the forces that circle the globe, to its wrath from stormy skies.  Yet, I see it endlessly before me and it seems to be saying as it rolls, “I don’t understand humans at all.”
Some readers are telling me that they find Tids occasionally in “Spam”. So check your spam if you have been missing your favorite morning mess. Hey! Wait a minute, if Tids is missing and in spam, then you can’t be reading this. Rats!
In case you are feeling a little blue, despite the rumor mill the Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert marriage is just fine.
The Question:
Tim Rice is a Broadway icon. Name all of the shows of which he has been a main creator.
The Headlines:
--US Stocks Drifting Lower in Advance Of Earning Reports; EuroStocks Down After German Negative Factory Production News – recession?
--Europe Beefing Up Drone Presence in Ukraine To Save Crumbling Truce.
--Spain In ebola Shutdown Mode After Nurse Brings Home Disease.
--White House Lashes Out At Netanyahu.
--Syria-Turkey Border Town of Kobani Falls To ISIS.
If you ask me, it should be called Anti-social networking.
One of the scarier, and possibly plausible rumors going around is that “O” will accept SCJ Ginsburg’s resignation from the Supreme Court before the elections may seat a Republican a majority Senate. He would appoint Eric Holder to replace her, and the nomination should pass through due to Harry Reid’s new rules for voting. What this scenario does not have going for it is the character of Holder himself. The hearings would necessarily delve into a Holder past that may not sit well with most honest Americans. Dem Senators may find it difficult to go along with the truths their constituents cannot comprehend.
A new and keen eyed reader suggests that the list of the most important fashion designers listed in the Tids last week should also include Oscar de La Renta, Jason Wu and Michael Kors. See, in addition to being very intelligent, Tids readers are well dressed too.
“Duh” comment of the Week:
Soda stream Chief Exec Birnbaum blames company slump and reduced profits on lower consumer demand.
How industries disappear, Department:
A young college dropout named Elizabeth Holmes spent 8 years developing a new blood-testing technology. Instead of the vials of blood and an expensive laboratory, her company Theranos only needs a finger pin prick provide the same results in a couple of hours. She already has a contract with Walgreens and several drug stores. Elizabeth is worth now about $4.8 Billion after using her Stanford U tuition money to start the company! Forever, as in the old idea “that nothing lasts forever” is getting shorter and shorter. Think about the testing complex in position now and that it would be dismantled, just like that.
Following the news of the Chinese by the Historic USA Icon, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, it has been rumored that the Russian Oil Oligarchy has put in a bid for the building at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue. It is been heard that the President likes the idea because it reaffirms is goal of nations without borders.
According to 4/7 wall Street, the Ten best “Quality of Life States” based on 9 factors – education, jobs, income, safety, health, environment, civic engagement, accessibility to services and Housing, 310 Wisconsin and then down to #1 – Washington, Maine, Massachusetts, Colorado, Nort Dakota, Iowa, Vermont, Minnesota and best place of all, New Hampshire.
It looks like our National Plagiarist Laureate, Joe Biden, has gone one step too far with his comments about some Coalition Allies. The White House and former supporters in democrat strongholds are saying, “Enough, Joe, button it.” Or maybe it’s just some of those clever Clinton operatives working behind the scenes trying to diminish Rogaine boy as a viable candidate for 2016.
The Answer:
Tim Rice is one of the great lyricists of our times. Often linked with Andrew Lloyd Weber, Rice joined with him to write Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita as his earliest successes. Also with ALW, he wrte The Wizard of Oz, Cricket and The Likes of Us. Some of his other big hits were Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Heathcliff, King David, Tycoon and the new From Here to Eternity. He write the movie Alladin and even a song for Elvis Presley.
I feel like that rolling ocean, wanting to be oblivious to all of the conflicting rationalities that are more pervasive than ever. But, then I know that I would have to crash upon the shore, recede and start all over again. Do you have any idea about what I just said?

Get me outta this box.

Today's Tids Issue 3,192
Opening Stuff:
One of the great things about the Internet is that it lets innovators, often muffled in the past, escape from the clutches of the self anointed controllers of culture.
Too often writers are compared to other writers, when it would be best for the reading public if they were to be accepted for what they are themselves.
The NHL* Season is starting this week. Don’t worry if you miss a few openers because they don’t start playing for real until May. Yikes!   *That’s Hockey.
The Social Security admin came out over the weekend saying that “the retirement financial woes are vastly overstated” This is easily believed since the initiators of the hysteria seem to be those trying to sell financial packages to retirees and savers for retirement. Lack of savings isn’t the biggest problem for the retirement system; it’s the mistakes and risk taking by over-zealous wizards of Wall Street that kill savings in portfolios.
Just in case you are interested, Ben Bernanke was just refused mortgage refinancing by his bank. He guesses that perhaps his new credit restrictions were a little too harsh.
The Question:
I’m finding that many people I know have fond memories of learning to play instruments as kids like the trumpet or clarinet. Name the ten all-time masters of those two instruments.
The Headlines:
--Texas Ebola Case Deteriorating; Authorities Have Close Eye On People Who Were In Contact.
--Netanyahu Praises “O” For Airstrikes; Says US Prez Is Dead Wrong About Settlements.
--Hong Kong Prodemocracy Protests Dwindling.
--Germany Factory Production Down 5.7%.
--US VP Apologizes To Saudi Prince For Confusing Bidenisms.
--South Korea Sees Positive Step In Surprise Visit From Small Group From NK.
--Pro Latvia Group Holds Power Over Pro Putin Forces.
--Three US Airmen Washed Out To See In Japan Typhoon.
--Jaguar Introduces New Car To Go Directly At BMW 3 Series Market.
--Hewlett-Packard To Split Into two Companies; PC/Printer Business Will be One; Corporate Hardware And Services to be Second Entity.
--Hitmen Say they Killed 16 Of 23 Missing Mexican students; 28 Mutilated Corpse Found In Shallow, Mass Grave..
--In Alacante Spain US Volvo Racing Boat Avimedica Under Guidance Of Local Sailor Charles Enright Wins First In-Port Race Prior to Race Around The World Start Next Week.
The Doc told me I needed an operation. But, I couldn’t afford it so I told him to Photoshop the XRays.
The Market went up over 200 points on Friday after the jobs additions and dropped unemployment numbers report. You have to wonder if they’re holding in reserve to support a profit taking sell-off today the associated report about the 315K rise in people dropping out of the job seeking markets which equaled the drop in unemployment.
Rhode Island is the perfect Thanksgiving state. We grow the largest Pumpkins in the country, and have the most turkeys in the general assembly -- gobbling up tax payer dollars for the benefit of cronies and relatives.
I think that many football reporters are looking for the downfall of Bill Belichick. Mainly it those who think the game is about them, while the most successful NE coach thinks it’s more about team. So when he doesn’t answer their Questions nicely, they pound him. But when you think about it, any knowledge that gives another team an edge, ever so slight, is bad knowledge to put out in the press.
NE Pats wake up Sunday night.
Let’s see, we have ISIS, Ebola, Putin, Wall Street Bears, Hong Kong protests, Baseball playoffs, savage murders in Mexico, senseless US crime in the streets, Beheadings --- and I’m having trouble thinking of something to say. Maybe it’s news saturation sogging my brain.
The Answer:
For Trumpeters, I looked ast several lists and those on all of them were Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Maurice Andre, and Miles Davis. Chet Baker and Wynton Marsalis were on a couple as were Phil Smith and Maynard Ferguson. Some other top ten were Adolph Herseth, Harry James, Rafael Mendez, Herbert Clarke, Clifford Brown, Wayne Bergeron and Paolo Fresu. The standouts in clarinet are Benny Goodman, Woody Herman and Artie Shaw. One of the hot new players is Julian Bloiss who studied under another acknowledged star Sabine Meyer. Kenny G is also popular. Other noted greats are Richard Stoltzman, Eddie Daniels and Bernard Izen.
A good friend put me on to the old recoding below of Sugar Blues by trumpet player Clyde McCoy. Clyde came in somewhere around 50 on the All Time list, but htis recording was a favorite of mine and many in the mid 40’s. Get the old toes tapping for the week an=head.
Ebola sounds like the name of a small country in a movie starring Peter Sellers.
I think my mind went into hibernations over the weekend with the bears and the raccoons.

Friday, October 3, 2014

He who hesitates will need a very good publicist.

Today's Tids Issue 3,192
Opening Stuff:  
We have always had strict laws banning bringing fruit into the USA. So, why shouldn’t we be equally as strict about banning people with the potential of carrying Ebola into the USA?
There is nothing better than being challenged, and then meeting it well.
The Big college conferences keep on making noise about squeezing out the little guys, especially in the Basketball, Final Four Tourney. It’s typical of giants who don’t get it -- Don’t get that the people like the “can do efforts” of the smaller colleges, the upsets, the mighty Cinderella that goes all the way; By doing what…playing great team basketball, with smart passing and hustle. That is what made the NCCA so exciting in the first place. Everybody has to find somebody to root for, and the little guy is everyman for many.
The Question:
This is for women, but men might like it so they don’t feel so out of it when women talk about fashion. Or, are there fashionable men too? Who are considered the top designers of today?
The Headlines:
--Global Ebola Watch Heightened.
--48K New Jobs Added In US; Unemployment Rate falls To New Low Of 5.9%; Number Of Those dropping Out Of Labor market Rose By 315,000; Civilian Labor Force Participation Down To New Low Of 62.7%; Average Wages Down Slightly.
--US Markets up Strong After Employment Data.
--Federal Appeals Court Upholds Texas Strict Restrictions On Abortions.
--9 UN Peacekeepers Ambushed And Killed In Mali; al-Qaida Jihadist Group MUJAO Suspected.
--Boko Harem Joins List Of Jihadist Groups Videotaping Beheadings; Group Also Said To Have Developed Capacity To Shoot down Aircraft..
--Warren Buffet Buying More Stocks As Prices Fall; Schwab Drops Pimco Flagship; Record Oil Imports Shifts Trade Gap Into Negative territory; Hong Kong Stocks Snap Losing Streak.
--Hack Of 76 Million JP Mogan Chase Customers Largest in History; Company Says Key Personal Data (i.e. SS #’s) Still Safe.
--Former Pentagon Head Panetta Denounces Obama For Failure To Keep Troops In Iraq.
--US Syrian Bombing Of His Enemies Has Assad Back On the Offensive.
My entire life changed when I learned that you could use “Undo” in Free Cell.
We have several new good people entering the friendly confines of Tidsville. If they ask, tell them you like it.
Don’t you think “Khorason Group” sounds like a management Consulting Firm?
I don’t like the sing-songy whimpy-ness of RI Gov candidate Gina Raimondo’s voice in commercials. Frankly, I don’t like the timber of Alan Fung’s Voice either. I’m a pretty shallow guy easily swayed by visceral emotions. Maybe I’ll vote for Indy candidate Kate Fletcher. She’s better looking than Gina and Alan, and says, “It’s not the government’s job to fix everything that’s wrong with our state, it’s our job.” The really good news is that she is a nutritionist and vows to bring healthy eating habits to our newly energized state which will be buoyed by her new economy based on Green jobs. How great is that – Oranges and Oranges, Carrots instead of Cheeto’s. When you get off the mainline, you can find a healthy alternative.
The new Fox Mini-Series Grace Point looks like a winner, to me. A young boy is found dead on a beautiful beach, and the ensuing investigation and media frenzy turns the lives of towns-people inside out. Good acting and feels more real than most. Check it out.
The good news is that Gold dipped below $1,200.00. This tends to tell us that the average investor is confident enough not to be concerned with the TV fear mongering from gold hawkers.
Meanwhile back in Russia, the big country next to Sara Palin’s house has been upgrading their Nuclear arsenal and now, according to START Treaty documents, have passed the USA in totals for the first time 1,643-1,642. Two years ago, the US had 1,722 while the Big Red Machine had only 1,499. The Russians have used the “Peace” and disarmament treaty well. Are you looking over your shoulder yet? Duck and cover!
As far as I’m concerned, rice is the must accompaniment with fish. They just work well together.
The folks making TV commercials for those manufactured formed chicken nuggets, should avoid the aesthetic visuals of the nuggets in slow motion bouncing off a plate. We don’t want to be reminded that they taste like rubber.
In a scientific national poll asking which states should be kicked out of the Union, only eight received 5 or more votes. The runaway winner was California with 53. New York with 25 and Texas wuth 20 were two and there. Florida was the last of the double digit states with 11.  Washington had 7, Mass had 6 and Conn, Ill and NJ had 5. Just so you know there were 40% Dems, 39% Repubs and 18% Indy’s. You have to figure the Dems voted to oust Texas, and The Repubs wanted Cal and NY to go.
Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--Gone Girl looks like a good one. It’s a darned good murder yarn that unravels another mystery along the way – marriage. The acting and tension is good in this dark intelligent thriller about a wife found dead and a husband – and marriage -- under a microscope. The people love it.
--On the other hand we have Annabelle, a “Chuckie” for girls, that borrows from every horror movie ever made. No new plot line, just lots of demons in the basement an bumps in the night. You will not be surprised or scared
--The Good Lie would be a contender if it didn’t go “Hollywood” for an ending. Its still good, about “The Lost Boys”, 3600 boys orphaned by the Sudan Civil War who traveled a thousand miles to safety. It’s about the humanitarian effort to give the children a life, to bring the boys, and girls, to America – a triumph to survival and life.
The Answer:
There is a lot of room for dispute here. Here’s a list fro 2014 that has as #1 Karl Lagerfield. There sin order going to 10 are Valentino Garavani, Giorgio Armani, Coco Chanel, Ralph Lauren, John Paul Gaultier, Tom Ford, Kate Spade, Betsey Johnson and at #10 Marc Jacob, tattoos and all. Another Top ten list pretty much affirms the slit above but adds, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein and Christina Dior. Wear your tags outside with pride. Hope you can find it all at TJ Maxx.
Time to put on my Garvani and go out and bring beauty to the world!
Have a great weekend, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!!