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RWB Freedom
May it ever wave for the brave who gave

Friday, May 26, 2017

May the flowers ever wave in gentle breezes.

Today's Tids Issue 3,874
For the Hearts of Brave Soldiers:

“The 30th of May 1868 is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in the defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village and Hamlet churchyard in the land.” –General John Logan, National Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Logan called it Decoration Day and he chose May 30th because it was not an anniversary of any particular battle. Even in this military edict written as only military edicts can be written, you can feel the tears, the heavy heart of a man who saw his soldiers die in one gruesome battle after another. He spoke for all American generations, for those on a Massachusetts village green in 1775 to an IED ripping apart a soldier in a desert back country village. Every death every eternal injury hurts all Americans who care, who understand the price of freedom and the responsibility that goes with it. And America remembers their heroes. I will stand on a corner tomorrow, and my heart will pound to the rhythm of footsteps marching by; my mind will wander to the jungles, deserts, icy hilltops and looming seaside cliffs. And I will look into the eyes of courageous warriors. I will whisper silently, You are not, ever, forgotten.

I’d like to get paid for a job where I can forecast something like, “70% chance of 11 or 17…” Yikes! Talk about escape opportunities. This by the way is the new prediction for 2017 of the National Hurricane Center, which will be changed in August. Happens every year.

The Prez is fond of saying that he will not reveal his plans because he doesn’t want to take away the element of surprise in military actions. I totally agree with that. Telling the media where to place cameras on a beachhead in advance of a military assault has always eluded me as being rational. But, now we hear that DT has told the Philippine’s enigmatic leader where two of our stealth submarines are located. Say what? Is he nuts! One of the great defense mechanisms of the USA is our secretly deployed underwater watchdogs with nuclear missiles. God help us.

We all should really worry about the demise of the big circus. It is just the latest, best example of how grand old US institutions can be brought down by a focused purposely financed small group of fanatics. Peta brought down Ringling and Barnum, pure and simple. The citizen’s representatives are bickering while the intent intensify, and nobody notices until it is too late. What’s next? Cheetos? Aaaarggggh! I don’t think our heroes fought for a world without circuses.

The Question:
How many stars were on the American flag when General Logan first gave us Decoration Day? Bonus: What was the original name for the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks?

The Headlines:
--Wall Street Expected To Be Flat On Rainy Friday After Six Day Winning Streak; Q1 Economic Growth revised Upward To 1.2%, Durable Goods Orders Down 0.7% IN April.
--Eyes On Trump Behavior As G7 Begins; Mood Down After NATO Actions; Climate And Trade Expected To Be To be Heated Discussions.
--Britain Seeking A Second Bomb.
--Christians Assaulted In Egypt: 25 dead, 26 Wounded After Gunmen Attack Bus Filled With Coptic Christians.
--China Tightening Security On NK Border.
--Pinko Record Set On The “Price Is Right”.
--4th Circuit Court Of Appeals Upholds Ban Against Ban Based On Trumps Campaign Remarks.
--Body Slammer Wins Big Over Sanders-ites In Montana.
--Rasmussen Poll Has Trump Favorables Up to 48%.

The new journalism: The headlines are always an opinion. The body is sometimes a story.

Remember when there were unique thrills where everybody stood up and paid attention? In 1953, one person Edmund Hillary and his Nepalese guides had scaled to the top of the world -- Mount Everest. Get this, in 1990 72 people made it to the top of Mpunt Everest. In 2016 641 people hit the top. As one person remarked, “it looked like an escalator at a downtown department store”. With the mass ascensions come a new danger, says one experienced mountaineer “The biggest problem on Everest is the toxic mix of inexperienced climbers and unqualified guides.” 10 people have died so far this season. It is just one more example of too much of anything taking away the thrill. Why people in this new world of too much information are so easily bored.

One of the reasons I have been so in support of MAGA is the hope that we will begin to reduce the nationwide incidents of pervasive rudeness. But, the President’s shoving aside a European diplomat for a photo op is not my idea of leading by good example.

The two big lies of the moment in American Journalism: 1. Saying that Republicans are against immigration without defining the difference between traditional, waiting your turn, non-chaotic  entry and sneaking in unlawfully. 2. Omitting the fact in the reporting of Trump’s 7 (now 6) Banned countries, that they were chosen by Obama, and just picked up by the new Admin.”

I wonder if General Logan ever said, “Ok men, get out there an sell some cars!”

In a late arriving comment from the Chief Cardinal supporter in our Bird Wars,” Cardinals would never lower themselves to dance to Elvis music.” I say, that’s unamerican!

Trump complained yesterday that there are too many German cars being sold in America. I wonder why – because they are good cars?  A lot of citizens would revolt if his actions were to take away the availability of Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche and the BMW made Mini.

The Tids has ranted against “Showrooming” as basically unethical consumer behavior. That is when consumer go to brick and mortar stores to learn about and see demonstrations of products, and then go home and order them cheaper online. Now that the stores are beginning to get hammered by online purchases they  have a new strategy to attack the real problem – procing! Yes, if the prices were equalized, showroomers would place the order while they were in the store getting basic and comparative information, formerly with no intention to buy. Stores like Target, Best Buy and Wal-Mart are guaranteeing the best Internet price for everything in the store, Clerks will bring up Amazon and others on store computers and match the price, and certainly the delivery. Now Americans can shop without a guilty conscience. MAGA!

Stalin’s Secret Police Chief Lavrentiy Berea: “Show me the man, and I’ll find a crime.” Beware of Government investigations.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--The Best of the weekend is probably Berlin Syndrome, a well-written thriller. While on vacation in Berlin, an Australian Photog Clare meets a local named Andre and instant movieland attraction occurs, After a night of passion, Clare feels certain this is her special man for life, until she realizes that he has left and locked her in the room. She thinks it is a mistake, but Andi has no intention to ever let her go.
--Personally, I got tired of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, and this new sequel ”Dead amen tell No Tales”, is just more of the same. Unfortunately, lots of people love that more of the same. The dead men is Captain Salazar who with his men have escaped from the Devils triangle with a goal of killing every pirate at sea and especially Jack. who is a little down at the moment; who parks up at the impending threat.
--Brad Pitt’s War Machine is a satirical comedy about American fighting in Afghanistan. It is based on a true story book by David Michod: “The Operation: The Wild And Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War In Afghanistan.”
--Baywatch is probably as simply terrible as it was in the original TV program, which many who love people in bathing suits watched religiously. In this one Dwayne Johnson has problems with Newbie Zach Efron until they join together to solve a massive criminal plot that could ruin the Bay.

The Answer:
There were Thirty Seven stars on the 1868 flag. Obviously, the separatist states had returned. Also in 1868, the 14th Amendment was passed, Andrew Johnson was impeached and hen acquitted, the term “Great American Novel” was first used by John William Deforest, William was by far the most popular name n  America,  the first volume of “Little Women” was published, US Grant Defeated Horatio Seymour for President and Thomas Edison filde for his fist patent – the electric vote recorder. Bonus: The BPOE was originally known as the “Jolly Corks”! Yikes.

Happy Memorial Day, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!

We remember the brave men of wars, but we never see their fear, their tears, nor the love they have in their hearts for those not there. We are only reminded of their courage, but not their souls.  


Thursday, May 25, 2017

A loverly shade of grey.

Today's Tids Issue 3,873 
For appreciation:

There many embattled points of land along the he eastern coast -- Montauk on Long Island’s end, Provincetown at the very tip of Cape Cod, Hatteras in NC – to name a few. You know those places where storms seem most fierce and at the same time incredibly beautiful. Standing on the edges of those US eastern boundaries gives you a sense of the earth’s end when storms rage, as waves grow larger and the crashes creep further into shore; as the winds whip though crevices of your building and the windows rattle. Darkened skies over sideways rain and churning surf thrill me today as stood neath seeing the grandeur through widened eyes of a young boy. I’m standing above the roiling see, and I feel the surge within me.

Well, it seems like the bird wars are on. As one of our great bright, Tid’s wits said after reading of that possibility, “The Bird Wars look like a possible Cardinal sin to me!”

After reading parts of the New CBO report, I’m seeing a lot of “What-If’s” which would provide plenty of leeway for conjecture for any conceivable opposing argument. So it will either be very successful or incredibly hurtful depending on which spin-meister shouts the loudest, and the general public will left again the darkness of a raging storm. Hopefully the sun will be brought when the clouds lift. But, I wouldn’t count on the clouds of dispute to blow away soon.

The Question:
What are the  Top Five places where we could find other life forms in the universe
The Headlines:
--Stocks Look Bright After S&P Hits New High Yesterday Following Fed Minutes; OPEC Extends Oil Production Cut Nine Months To Fight Glut
--New Fox Poll Has Trump Ratings Moving Downward Among Registered Votes; 81% Of Repubs Still For Embattled Prez, Down Form 84%; Most New Negativity Comes From Firing Of Comey.
--“Easy” Montana Repub Congressional Race Tightening; Sanders Candidate Big Gainer; Repub Candidate Greg Gianforte Body Slammed Opponent In Ugly Demonstration Of Declining Civilization.
--Newest CBO Report On Health Care II Says It Will Lower Premium Costs And Cut deficit By $119 Billion; Will Also Produce Loss Of Coverage Over A Decade for 23M; Lower Premiums Likely To Add Younger Healthier People Now Rejecting ACA.
--England Stops Sharing Manchester Bombing Info With US.
--Landslide Buries Cal Highway 1 At Big Sur.

Now without the availability of “The Voice” commentary to fill up the Tids, I may move back into recipes. And of course, I have to reboot that novel which was getting into the exciting end game. I also may employ some talented, intelligent young teens to gives us their view of the world, that  sometimes the older generations have trouble comprehending.

Realtors say that there are four things you can do to your home which can pay off big at the time for selling: Replacing doors and windows, especially front facing for curb appeal. Constructing a deck at ate rear of the home. Third, and the project that always pays off most these days is adding insulation for a tighter cooler summer, warmer winter; a more efficient home. And four, a bit more of an investment that always pays off, adding a second story addition. Sounds ambitious, but not as much as your stomach may tell you at the time.  So, those four sound pretty simple. But, I have my doubts about the author. He or she suggests with glee replacing a Wood Front Door with a Steel door. Ouch! How sacrilegious! I would replace a steel front door with a creative wooden front door. Period.

When you get a quarter pounder with cheese at Mac’s place, it is imperative that you get a small fries whether or not you want it. It’s just one of those things your do.

Adding to the “Bird Wars”, a reader reminds us that the offensive aggressive Blue Jay is a first cousin of the sissy Cardinal. Maybe we need a council meeting between the Chicadees, thrushes and friends with the backyard Cardinal to work out a strategic peace agreement that would have the Red bird bidding his cousin too stifle it for the good for backyard harmony. But does he have the guts?

Word of the day comes from a reader: Sophonsified (Soffonsified). This word is not in the Dictionary, but should be in the Canadian dictionary as it widely used and accepted there. When finished eating and a hostess asks if you had enough to eat, you say more than sufficiently Sophonsified, meaning “I’ve had more than enough, thank you.”

Britain’s PM May is irate with the NY Times. It’s about info they shouldn’t have and certainly shouldn’t have printed. Nobody knows wo was the leaker, but at least She and DT agree on one thing.

The Answer:
#1 is Ganymede, a Jupitor Moon. Next is Tabby’s Star – 15v00 Light Years away for here. 3 is LHS 1140b, a recently discovered “Super Earth”. Kepler -452b may be one of the best places to find extraterrestrial life. It may be difficult to get there, though. Number 5 is Kepler – 186f is the first earth sized planet orbiting its sun at an inhabitable distance.

So, there you have, it another Tids.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Objectivity, where have you gone?

Today's Tids Issue 3,872
For Remembrance:

You can’t get away with nothing these days.

A thoughtful reader sent along this in response to yesterday’s Tids opener:
“Listen to my bluebird laugh
She can’t tell you why.
Deep within her heart, you see,
She knows only crying,
Just crying.”
--Buffalo Springfield

Last night was the big glitzy championship finals night for DWTS and The Voice. Dancin’ served up a platter of extravagant glitter before naming NFL player Rashad Jennings and pro partner Emma Slater the recipients of the big mirror ball. Over at The Voice, the music was good, but it all would have been better as an hour and a half show. The winner in what was called the closest match ever, was Chris Blue the entertainer over the country singer with the deep voice an perfect pitch Lauren Duski. He will do well. I believe as I look back that he captured the stage like few in the past. His duet last night with Usher was excellent. Lauren may do even better in Nashville, in the duel role of songwriter/singer, where the big bucks are made. Now what? Oh yeah, House of Cards is back to take us through the summer.

The Question:
Quick, name in order the nine planets I our solar system, starting with the planet closest to the sun.. Or, is it eight?

The Headlines:
--Trump Meets With His Influential Critic Pope Francis; Prez Says, “I won’t Forget What You Said”, A Previously Grim Pope, Appeared More Relaxed After Trump Meeting.
--Moody’s Downgrades China:
--Ryan: Budget Plan Is Right On Target.
--Trump Hires Litigator Marc Kasowitz As His Lawyer To Handle Independent Council.
--Media Watch: Main Stream Media Losing Interest In Russia-Trump Ties As Their Repeated Allegations Fall Short On Evidence – T8is According To Former WAPO Media Columnist Howard Kurtz..
--Admin Observers Warn Again About NK Threat; Keeping Agressor I Chcek A must Policy For US.
--GE Signs $1 Billion Gs Trubine f=Deal Wiath Saudi-Arabia.

Yesterday I wrote that this was the time to worry about fat asparagus. Little did I know that we had an asparagus expert as a Tids reader, and did he let me have it. “In the Spring,” he begins, the first shoots most tender shoots are the thickest. When cut, the plant sends out a second skinnier shoot, and when that has been cut, a third, really, really thin shoot emerges. Successive cuttings can injure the plant and bring it to near death, or God help us, termination. Basically, the successive cutting of plants is not only dangerous to the plant’s geneology, but it eventually produces thinner spears of little or no food value. Maybe we should bring skinny asparagus loving great chefs to trial on charges of aggravated assault. They are worse than those who slaughter animals, because they do it under the guise of happy helath. Did you ever hear an asparagus plant scream. It is terrible.

Tis a sad good-bye to the Ocean State Theater which abruptly closed its doors last night. Gone, just like tha. iT was the best venjew with every production just plain wonnderful. Money is a problem for small local theaters with Broadway ambitions.

Another reader sends me this observation from Marc Andressan: “Today’s carmakers are just like Nokia before it was crushed by Apple.”

I’ve said it often and I’ll repeat it – there are just too many car accidents of the kind where somebody doesn’t seem to be paying attention.

“What, no Cardinal!” That was a response I got from a rather intelligent reader about the list of top ten birds for your garden. I responded saying that a bird authority says that cardinals are sissies, wimps who always go into hiding when danger appears leaving others like the mighty chickadee to fight their battles. He responded, “See. Cardinals are not just a pretty face, they’re smart too!” So, there you have it – the beginning of the bird wars. Well, better than politics.

Remember when the abusive priest situation got out of control? What did Cardinal Law do? He hid and washed his hands of it.

Word of the day: Objectivity – Means lack of bias, judgment or prejudice. Synonyms: Fairness, Independence, Detachment, Neutrality, Impartiality. Getting much lately? BTW, there is no such thing as quasi-objectivity. It is or it isn’t.

Observers said the Trump looked uncomfortable before his meeting with Pope Francis, like a young catholic boy might have appeared just prior to confession.

Did you know that it is illegal to drive black cars in Denver on Sundays, against the law to dry cars in carwashes with used underwear in San Francisco, and it is absolutely forbidden to drive cars in Alabama while blindfolded. Isn’t nice to know our indomitable lawmaker are a hard at work.

There is also a Turkey-Bacon expert in Tidsville who tells me that the bacon comes from the wattle. Or is that the waddle. The gobble waddle.

You can always tell when the Prez goes off script by the sound of the collective national cringe.

The Answer:
Mercury is the best place to get an instant tan. Next is Venus, then Earth, Mars, the gigantic Jupiter, Saturn with it many rings, Uranus, Neptune. And Pluto (Maybe not say some). And then there is Number Nine, which is 20 times further out than Neptune, and which scientists have never seen! Say what…science without facts! Hmmm. BTW, I couldn’t do the question.

I’m outta here. Hopefully, you’ll get aTids tomorrow. But then….