The queen is loose

The queen is loose

Friday, October 31, 2014

How sweet it is.

Today's Tids Issue 3,212
Opening Stuff:

I thought you’d never ask,
About my Halloween mask
I thought I give Dems a thrill
And dress and look like The Hill
And let out scream so shrill
“What difference”, about Benghazi!
In my costume, regally snazzy.

Be a clown; make em’ laugh, Department:
In the Midwest, the big new thing in Halloween candy collecting is telling a corny joke. Yes kids not only have to look intriguing to candy givers, but now have entertain with humor like “What do you call a cow with out legs?” “Hamburger!” (Hey, they could, write for Tids!) If the adults giggle, they must drop sweet stuff into the bag. The Astronaut said the restaurant on the moon had great food but no atmosphere. I’ll take a Reece’s, please.

Scarier than any Goblin or witch is a cornered politician who is in jeopardy of losing just before election day. In Louisiana Incumbent Senator Landrieu used both the gender and race cards in a lst ditch effort to  pull her out of losing battle. A left leaning group in Colorado in a panic over Udal’s potential loss ran an ad saying that a vote for his opponent Gardner could cause a national crisis of a condom shortage. As the candidates panic, though, the media advisors and commercial makers are getting all of the candy. Meanwhile, the voters have all become zombies.

The Question:
Name 15 songs that define Boomers. Bonus: What are the three largest software companies in America and which is most profitable?

The Headlines:
--Chocolate Prices To Rise; Millions Of Americans Stunned.
-- Market Is Sweet At 11:15 – Up Over 180; Bank Of Japan Surprises With new Quantitative Easing; Gold And Oil Plumb Multi-Year Lows.
--Hagel Outlines Flaws In Obama Syria Policy In long Email to Susan Rice; Kerry Says He And Prez Condemn Use Of Words “Chicken Shit” (Worthless Coward) To Describe Netanyahu; They Prefer Stubborn Bastard.
--Elusive PA Cop Killer Finally Captured.
--Russia Central Bank Surprises With Heftier Than Anticipated Interest Rate Increase; Bank Trying To Stabilize Currency; Move fails To Halt Ruble Decline.
--Mysteries Of Laura, NCIS NO, Scorpian, Madam Secretary and Stalker Winners In Early fall TV Sweepstakes; Sluggish Secretary Benefits From Sandwich Between 60 Min and Good Wife.

I’ve been following the Around the World Volvo Sailing race. The pictures are amazing, but I was perplexed about the route that takes the eight boats along the South American coast as opposed to the African coast which seemed more apropos for a journey to Cape Town. But, what do I know.

Could Bashar al-Assad emerge as the First President of Islamic State? He certainly helped pave the way for the renegade takeover with the slaughter of 100’s of thousands of Syrians.

One of the key terms in our society going forward is “Analytics”. Think about the fact that many of the new billionaires started companies basically designed to collect data. Yes, almost all apps and places like FaceBook and Twitter only exist to collect data about masses of people. Marketing/Advertising* has evolved from its creative base to a data driven analytical industry. Analytics are the basis for portfolio management and risk analysis. Hey, even politicians use it as a foundation upon which to manipulate and disseminate misinformation. Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data through the use of mathematics and statistics; descriptive techniques and predictive models. Data is now pouring in a like and never ending flash flood. Big companies like IBM, Microsoft and Oracle will hitch their futures to it. Insurance companies have been doing it for centuries. But, now the science has exploded. You are a known factor and are being plied in the soft hands of a marketer/mathematician at this very moment. Feel good?  Oh, the word analytics was first used around 1590, but now we have computer power to make it work. Want to buy a “free” app?

(*Note: The good advertising agency since the beginning of time always based creativity on good data about people and markets and product capability. Computing has made it a new ballgame.)

My old alma mater is having a rare off year on the old gridiron, so much so that the Coach is saying this is one of those years when it is nice to have a great tradition to remember. This miserable season was to culminate in grandeur with the playing of the 150th Game in the historic series with arch rival Lafayette in Ya, ya, Ya…(WYKWIM) Stadium. It will still be a fantastic event, worthy of one of the greatest American sports rivalries, despite what the cash rich SEC says about Student athletes, with a capital “S”.

It seems as though the NCAA may have to add to the cash now approved for big time college basketball and football players, a personal lawyer on full retainer.

Think about the fact that in the not so distant future Starbucks will have more stores in China than the USA. Can you sing, “We are the world”?

Reading  Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--Before I Go To Sleep with Nicolle Kidman and Colin Firth could be one of the better mysteries of the year. It’s about a 47 yo old married writer, Kidman, who has an accident that traps her in a new existence that has her waking every day thinking she is single and has all of her life choices ahead of her. A series of meetings with a psychiatrist has her learning a truth better forgotten,. I’m seeing it.
--I always liked Michael Keaton, and they say his role in Birdman deserves an Oscar. Keaton plays a washed up actor who used to play a superhero icon beloved by all, but now must overcome his ego and family trouble to mount a comeback in a Broadway play. It is tragic humor at its best. The subtitle of the movie is, The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance”.
--Nightcrawler is another thriller that could be a winner. It’s essentially and expose’ about all of these scrounging photogs who make their living off of pics and  films of victims of crimes, murder, fires and car crashes. An out of work man, Jake Gyllenhaal gets into crime journalism only to learn it is far more dangerous world than imagined. This also stars Rene Russo as a local TV news veteran and Bill Paxton.

The Answer:
My years were formative quite a bit earlier than the boomers, but I enjoyed much of the music they brought to the scene. But, not particularly the Number 1 on the list -- Jailhouse Rock by you know who. The rest are That’ll be The Day (Buddy Holly),  At The Hop, Johnny Be Good (Chuck Berry), What’d I say One of my favorites), The Twist, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Dancing in the Street (Another fave), I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (Stones), Like A Rolling Stone (Another Favorite), Good Vibrations, R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Aretha), Light My fire (Doors), A Day in the Life (From a favorite album Sgt. Pepper) and 15 What’s Going on by Marvin Gaye. I am surprised there isn’t more rock stuff from the late 60’s early 70’s like The Who, Cream, Yes, The Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Crosby Stills Nash and Young and Steely Dan…among others. Bonus: Microsoft is biggest followed closely by IBM and Then Oracle. Oracle is most profitable.

Hey, why not end the week with a Boomer special. I’m picking What’s I Say:

The Truth comes out Department:
Back in the late fifties a couple of my fraternity brothers found this great band playing at a bar in the basement of a Brothel in a city like Reading the Middle of Pennsylvania (I don’t know why they were there and I’m not mentioning names). The band, “King something or other” was sweaty and loud and raucous. We brought them into the house for Saturday parties and they became the biggest thrill on Lehigh U hill…and the top hit that drove everybody crazy was “What’d I Say?” Today, we’d be thrown off campus, or worse.

Happy Halloween, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Simplicity works.

Today's Tids Issue 3,211
Opening Stuff: 
I have always had this unfortunate trait of trying to complicate things. I was, or am an expert in convolutionism.  There is a simpler way to do just about everything, which is often more effective and less time consuming. Actually I started writing this Tids thing to improve my ability to say a lot in shorter paragraphs; to edit better. To know when to shut up. I’m outta here.
Hey, it would be great if all the countries of the world just got along. But, that has been simply a dream over millenniums. It is a confusing globe right now, unsettling. It is becoming apparent though -- based upon the current atmosphere of aggression seemingly the result indecisiveness of US foreign policies -- that the world works better when the USA is feared. We have to increase the fear factor, which we used to employ pretty well. All of the world wants peace, except that half of the people want peace their way.
Someday I’d like to see a President speak without orchestrated, people backdrops. When a Presidential speech has to be accessorized, then you know that he (Or she) is attempting to put something over on us. Keep it simple and just tell the unadulterated truth.
The Question:
What did Henry Winkler do before “You know What”? What is “You know what?” Bonus: What is Burkina Faso?
The Headlines:
--The Fed Ends Wall Street Welfare; Hopefully the Geniuses On Clueless Lane Have Already factor In That Inevitability; GDP Climbs To Q3 3.5%;  Market Opens And Stays Strong; Analysts See Signs Of Fed Hawkishness.
--San Fran Giants Win Series; Icy Cool Bumgarner Closes Door, Wins MVP.
--Palestine Prez Abbas Says Israel Closing Of Al-Aqsa Mosque Is Declaration Of War; Both Sides On Heightened Alert After Shooting Of Jewish Hardliner.
--Netanyahu Lashes back At US after Insulting Atlantic Monthly Article.
--NATO Reports “Large Scale” Russian Air Activity In Euro Air Space; Russia Negotiating Railway For Food Deal With North Korea.
--Iran Foils Sabotage Attempt On Heavy Water Storage Tanks.
--Former Gitmo Detainees Have Joined ISIS.
--Elton John Praises Pope John – “He Should Be A Saint”; Apple CEO Says he Is Proud To Be Gay.
People are wondering why President Obama is spending two days (Tonight and tomorrow) in this little place called Rhode Island. I’m thinking that it’s because he wants, and likes to campaign and no other state’s Dem candidates want him anywhere near their borders. Here, the Dems are such a lock that not even his presence can alter their inevitable election.
In case you are interested, Carly Fiorina says “The war on women” is a lie. The former CEO of Hewlett-Packard thinks that the reason more women are gravitating towards the Republican side of the voting aisle is because the Dem propaganda about “the war” is very insulting to intelligent women.
Speaking of propaganda professionals, Harry Reid said last night as the Dems seem to be falling into panic mode and resorting to scare tactics, that the Repubs will try to remove Obama from office if they get the Senate. And, that’s a bad thing? No, Harry, we want to remove you from office!
I must be getting some satisfaction from writing about NFL picks, because I’m certainly not getting pleasure from my results. Maybe we can upgrade this week from our 71-48 shortfall record. Tonight’s game doesn’t mean much to me but could be good. I still believe Carolina is on the brink of doing something well so I’m sticking my neck out one more time. Dallas-Arizona is huge but I have to pick the Cardinals. Philly should beat Houston and KC should keep the Jets in free fall. Minn and Wash are up and down teams, but I’m picking the Skins because I like their name. TB is another of those teams I have been picking who regularly let me down, and I love Cleveland anyhow. The Browns. I’m picking Cinn over Jax, but San Diego- Miami is a small poser, depending upon which Miami shows. But SD knows heat too, so I’m picking them. Seattle will beat Oakland, but SL-SF is a different story. St. Louis can surprise up, and SF can surprise down. I’ll go with the Niners. Pitt is getting better and will beat Baltimore. I’m picking the Giants at home, The really big game around here and probably across mediaville is Brady-Manning, Pats, Broncs. Denver has scared me for years. But I think the Pats will win. Peyton doesn’t like to oppose two good corners. His feet become skitterish when his options diminish. Denver’s “D” is very good and they will be rampaging against Brady. The Pats will win in a brutal game, especially if the refs rise above wimphood and stop calling feely-touchy penalties.
Hillary the Great can be quite the buffoon at times.
Exercise works. Yesterday morning I put on a pair of pants that were a bit snug so I forsook a belt. In the afternoon I vigorously raked leaves and in about an hour and a half my pants were descending to my ankles. This is not an attractive sight on a busy city street. But then I thought, “Hey! I’m Urban”.
Maybe all of those kids with cracks showing used to rake leaves.
Super rich Nicholas Schorsch of the gigantic American Realty company was looking like the new social darling of this fair city. He bought one of the premiere estates on the ocean, and even moved his company’s “Summer Offices” here into an expensively restored, historic building (It will house part of his vast antique car collection downstairs in a museum style area), Of course a lot of people here were concerned about how he got permits so fast, got the ability to close down streets. He received no applause after ousting several fine Newport businesses from his building. Not to mention the loss of business at Katrina’s bakery while he built. It was big money pushing the little guys aside. So, you have to wonder this morning after reading in the Wall Street Journal about an SEC investigation of his company for misreporting financial numbers and then covering it up, if some people are quietly smiling and others are cancelling dinner reservations. Can you write “No Comment” five hundred times on the blackboard?
Vermont’s premiere poet (Who just died) was born in Providence and grew up in Pawtucket RI. Pawtucket, where the roots are deep and strong.
The Answer:
Of course, you all knew that “You know what” was Happy Days which was the stage for Arthur Fonzarelli. After graduating from Emerson College in 1967, before Fonz catapulted Henry to stardom, he received an MFA from Yale and played various roles in The Bob Newhart Show and Mary Tyler Moore Show. Gary Marshall snapped him up for HD after Winkler himself defined the role of The Fonz in auditions. Winkler said, “He was everybody I wasn’t.” Bonus: One thing, of which you can be sure of in this world of change, is that some country in Africa will have a new name at any given moment. Burkina Faso is a rather large African country surrounded by Male, Ghana, Niger and Ivory Coast. Yesterday, protestors burned down the Parliament building and the capital’s City Hall. “Burkina Faso” means “Land of honorable people”. It was Originally French West Africa (A couple of times) and then Upper Volta from 1966 to 1984 when it was renamed Burkina Faso. This is all news to me.
There are just few songs that never get old to me. Just a nice, simple tune I’ll be humming all day long.

“Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio”; I mean, Ted Williams.

Today's Tids Issue 3,210
Opening Stuff:
On some Fall day mornings you just have to walk outside to get warm.
Did the World Series Start yet?, Department:
All of a sudden we are looking at the 7th, winner take all game of the World Series. It will be a fun atmosphere in the enthusiastic environment of the Kansas City ball park! San Fran will throw every pitcher they have into the fray, including the remarkable Baumgartner after only two day’s rest. The KC outfield trio is exciting and as good as it gets, a threesome that can move fast, throw strikes and will make plays to keep the Cinderella team in the lead. (The home team has won the last 9 WS 7th games. SF is 0-4 in WS 7th Games.)  Hey this is the World Series, the culmination of 162, the grand finale for our  the “National Pastime” Championship. It doesn’t get any better than this…or at least it didn’t in those less frenetic days gone by.
There is little more relaxing than walking through pastures with tumbling down fences, endless stone walls, graying barns with sagging roofs; acres of tan grasses waving in the breeze before gold and red leaves framed by rich greens of sturdy pines, and nary a human to be seen. Better for the heart than a defribulator. Aaaaaaaah.
The  Question:
One of my favorite actors has been Richard Dryfus ever since he stepped before the big Hollywood camera with his marvelous wit and screen dominating presence. Name his breakthrough film and five other of his movies.
The Headlines:
--Consumer Confidence Hits 7 year High; 8.6% Average Q3 Profits From Corporations Buoy Stocks; Experts Now Saying Stocks Could Ride Out Storms For Rest of 2014..
--Supply Rocket To International Space Station Explodes Off Virginia; $3 Billion Missile Destroyed.
--White House Computers Hacked; Homeland Security Is Beefing Up Protection at Government Buildings.
---Kurds Making progress In Kobane; ISiS Takes Over Oil Field In Shaer In Central Syria, Killing 30 Regular Syrian Army..
--Villagers Fleeing Hawaii Lava Flow.
--Dem Candidates Running Away fro President Obama As Election Day Nears.
--New Brown U. Poll Has RI Gov Candidates In Statistical Dead Heat.
--State Department Memo Says Admin Wants To Bring In Non-Americans For Ebola Treatment; State Says It Won’t happen.
The Voice, Department:
Four more contestants joined the list of those who will compete live for the now premiere singing championship (Sorry, Idol). Ricky Manning did stop the show with his moving version of Wrecking Ball, but that only got him 2nd place…which fortunately led to a steal. I liked him. I also liked the singing of Taylor John Williams, even though visually I find him uncomfortable, kind of eerie. Mia a fairly routine screecher who sounds like every other young girl singer beat a woman with a very nice, unique voice, Allessandra Castronova, who unfortunately didn’t get stolen. I think Elyjuh Rene is an excellent singer but he put me to sleep last night. He will be around for another day. Alessandra should have been too.
American fads come and American fads go, but this new fascination with beheadings is one I can do without.
Nurse Kaci Hickock is becoming annoying.
Let‘s See, the first College Football Playoff Poll has been released and the SEC is 1,3 and 4  in top four. (The top four at the end of the season will be in the first ever college football playoff system for a national championship). How does an essentially SEC playoff (Southeastern University Florida State is #2) meet the needs and interest of all football fans. Wouldn’t be better to take another look at all of this recent helter-skelter league realignment and come up with four strong leagues representing four quadrants of the USA, with the champions of each playing down to the grand finale’. Interesectionality is exciting. Same  ole’, same ole’ SEC is not.
You have wonder if two time Super Bowl winner Ben Rothlisberger would be in the same conversation  with Brady, Manning, Brees and Rogers if he wasn’t such a creep, occasional amoral lowlife?
I was eating one day in a Boston restaurant when Richard Dreyfus came in and sat at the table next to me, about two feet away. I ogled covertly, but let him enjoy is spaghetti with clam sauce. As he was leaving, and me being your basic star struck American citizen, I stopped him, saying awkwardly and stupidly, “My children won’t believe I sat next to you”. He wrote a note: “Believe your father”, Richard Dryfus. I stuck on the refrigerator at home, andIt worked for a while, until they were old enough to see through my stories.
I disagree with all of those who criticized and chortled about a do-nothing Repub Congress. I say stopping Obama from going berserk is an immense achievement.
The Answer:
Richard Dryfus got in stride with his appearance in the stepping stone movie for several stars to be like Harrison ford and Ron Howard – American Graffiti. He broadened his reach into the American public’s hearts with his performance in Jaws, and solidified it with Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He won an Oscar (Youngest person ever at the time) for Goodbye Girl and was  nominated for his role in one of my favorites , Mr. Holland’s Opus. He almost blew his career with nosecandy, smashing his truck into a tree after a big night with cocaine. But he came back first with the awful (To me) movie Down and Out in Beverly Hills, followed by the funny Stakeout and then Stand by Me. He was good in the political face Moon over Parador.I really liekd him in Tin Man. He movie he was making when he sat next to mye in Boston was “Who’s Life is It Anyway?”. He has not made many films since Holland’s Opus, but spent time on the fringes of political activism including as one of those irrational Hollywood nuts against Bush. But, I still like watching him act. Always made me smile.
If I seem a little lethargic today, it’s because I’m still soaking in the beauty of a calm pasture.

Who needs Vermont when in Rhode island you have orange and red trees reflecting in the cool waters of cozy coastal inlets and calm harbors.

Today's Tids Issue 3,209
Opening Stuff:

How many choices do we make in a life time? I know I have made many and certainly there were miscues along the way. If I wasn’t such an innate contrarian I may have ridden upon a road of gold. Of course many of my most important choices were golden. But, I guess the point of this little Tidlet opener for another Tuesday morning is that the worst thing you can do is reflect upon roads not taken. Everything is richer when the energy goes to the choices made. Don’t you hate preachy people? I do, I’m a contrarian.
On Sunday there were NFL games staring at 9:30, 1:00, 4:25 and 8:30. Somewhere in there you had to work to find the World Series, once the paragon of championship sports play. And this past Sunday, practically missing in action.
Of course Vermont Is known for Granite and marble, and we are known for a general assembly of marbleheads.

I heard a guy suggest that the US should adopt the Mexican immigration policy.
The Question:
Robert Lewis Stevenson was one of the first authors I can ever remember reading…and enjoying – that weren’t Superman, Captain Marvel or Archie Andrews comic books. Name 4 of RLS novels. Bonus: Name here books of James Fennimore Cooper
The Headlines:
--Dow Pushes Back Over 1700 With 188 Point rally
--Russia Says It Will back Separatist Polls.
--Tight Political Races Beginning To Dominate News.
--States Fight With Feds Over Ebola Restrictions.
--Weather Channel Founder Blasts Climate Change Arguments.
--US Immigration Officer Blows Whistel On White House Authorized Order For MilliosnOf Blnk Permits and Green Cards.
The Voice is paring down, and last night we saw some good talent leave, but better talent stay. I personally like Damian, Jessie Pitts and DaNica Phelan. I like Luke Wade, but I thought he was monotonous last night. Sugar Jones has potential, but she stumbled at the beginning. I thought Taylor Phelan was mediocre last night, but the judges fought over him based on his initial Blind entry. “You’ve got a Friend” always puts me to sleep, but I was glad James David Taylor who sang his own version of it, stayed; he will be a contender with hopefully better songs in the future. The big loss in the minds of critics is Toia Jones, who is a belter and has a nice personality and good stage presence, But, she is like many, and I agree with the judges who didn’t react enough to steal. (Although Pharrell was probably wondering why he stole Sugar when he could have had Toia.) Personally I pick people who will entertain me with something different as the show moves along, and that is why I picked my favorites above.
Ah technology! It seems I have to get up a half hour earlier each day to plug in chargers.
If I was a polictial operative. I’d be saving for the 2016 persidential campaign Hllary’s quote last friday, “Don’t listen to people who tell you that business creates jobs”. Isn’t that what communists say?
 “With the bloated government and all of its waste, we have constipation instead of constitution.”So observed this morning by MacNelly and Brookins
The trailers for Dumb and Dumber 2 Are telling me that the USA is about to slip even lower on the intelligence scale. It looks really, really awful.
But, I am ready for Hunger Games 3.
I was thinking about how a quote out of context can conjure up interesting vicual ideas and even creative writing opportunities. Take this one by R. L. Stevenson just brought to my attention: “Home is the sailor - Home from the sea - And the hunter home from the hill”. It has a nice feel to it, even if you have no idea about what it means. Maybe it would inspire me to write the fifth in the wonderful series of Tids Novels.
Personally, I think everything in the world is about promotion. Here is beauty in every state, from Arizona to Delaware. People go to new England fro leaves in the fall, when Wisconsin or West Virginia would be equally glorious. There are smart people in all areas of the country that rival the esteemed elite of the coastal cities. In fact, a good many of the creative, entertainment and financial geniuses come from the so-called Fly-Over states. Isee local plays with local talent and always come away completely happy…at 1/3 or ore of the price.  So the next time somebody says you got to rush here or there to find greatness, check out your own back yard.
The Answer:
Stevenson gave us some of the most memorable and often told stories – The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Kidnapped, Treasure Island and A Child’s Garden of Verses. The life of RLS is very interesting. Bonus: Another of my favorites of days gone by is James Fennimore Cooper, who incidently came from Cooperstown (A town Established by his Episcopal Minister father William Cooper) who never wrote a baseball novel but gave us is most famous romantic tale, Last of the Mohicans. The Cooper family came from Stratford-on-Avon so maybe writing was inbred from the beginning. He was known for the “Leatherstocking Series” featuring Natty Bumpco, the first of which was The Pioneers followed sometime later by the Pathfinder the Deerslayer. He wrote a history of the US Navy and a scornful satire about American social Life and legal practices called The ways of the Hour. Another lesser known book was The Crator an allegory about the Rise and Fall of the Unite States. (Sound familiar?) .
No matter where you are, you are in a perfect place.

How do we get back to love?

Today's Tids Issue 3,208
Opening Stuff:
Roberto Clemente. I remember sitting in Pittsburgh’s old Forbes Field watching that amazing player, man, patrol right field; throwing darts to infielders to cut down runners who dared; his stinging smashes of the ball to places where fielders didn’t play. I get a thrill, a shiver and maybe a tear when I remember that exceptional player also pursued kindness with the same vigor that he chased down a ball. It’s nice to see a great ball player remembered year after year for what he did off the field. To see his example of compassion carried on annually by players who live up to his ideals. Thanks for the treat of seeing you play Roberto, and for the standards you set for others to follow.
Heard at a brain eating Zombie family dinner, “Junior, eat you meal…a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Thank you Mike Peters.
When writing something like this daily Tids thing, you need special inspiration to get away from the mundane repetition of angry politics, cultural madness, diminished aspirations. You just have to hitch yourself to a magic carpet and fly above the human fray. There is a beautiful world beyond man’s frailties, where you can see the good in hearts even those that may appear blackened by despair. We need power for giving and not self gratification. The love in a human heart is unrelenting, yet it often must fight through the misgivings of society to live righteously for all. To spread the warmth that innately lives within, all. Love can’t be defined by a few because it is somewhere in every person’s heart.
The US of A is governed today by the phrase, “After the elections”.
The Question:
Martha Strassman Died. I always enjoyed Martha. What was her big role, and what were her subsequent roles where she capitalized on her fame. Name two other shows where she started out before the big hit.
The Headlines:
--2nd teen In Washington Shooting Dies.
--ISIS Losing Ground In Iraq.
--New York Bows To White House Criticism Of Ebola Quarantine Rules.
--Science Guru Elon Musk Warns About Infatuation With Artificial Intelligence; Tells MIT Gtahering, “Don’t do Something Foolish; Says It Is Biggest Threat to Humans.
--Europe Turns Clocks back to Standard; US Must Wait Til November 2.
--Pro-West Candidates dominate Ukraine Elections; Elections Tell President Poroshenko To End Eastern Rebellion.
--Death Toll From Fighting In Benghazi Rises To 130.
--Presdient Frees Up $300 Million To Fund Advanced Manufacturing Centers.
The reason why antique furniture prices are dropping is because they were way over-priced during the Antiques Road Show fueled boom years leading up to the 2007 crash. They are still good value if you are buying them now. I have to figure that you can get some great looking country colonial stuff for decent prices.
The producers of Gone Girl must have gotten a special deal on blood bought in bulk.
Not only do we have ISIS messing around with Chlorine gas as a weapon, there are new reports that the Chinese intend to contend with the USA for submarine superiority. Oh yeah, and NK probably has a nuclear intercontinental missile. The lonely eyes of the watchman should never be lulled to sleep by myths of peace.
I originally thought Gina Raimondo (Candidate for RI Governor) was a refreshing new face on the RI political scene. But since her gutsy facing up to the entrenched unions who run the state, she seems to be backing down a lot into old Rhodilandism. Her bring back business campaign doesn’t at all address the real problem, the vice like control and anti business sentiment of the RI General Assembly. But, maybe she’s just playing politics. But, let’s hope her politics are better than then trio of national figures endorsing her – Michael “ I wanna take away your soda pop” Bloomberg, Countess Hillary Von Benghazi who said last week in Boston, “Don’t listen to anybody who tells you that business creates jobs, and of course our fearless leader, 0-Man. A resume of applause that will keep me away.
Flowing molton, 2000 degree lava scares me, even when I’m thousands of miles away. I cringe as I see scenes of it inching its way down the mountain towards villages and towns. Maybe it’s because in my schoolboy youth, the nuns kept on repeating over and over the tragedy of Pompeii.
Eastern sports writers are saying this is a terrible World Series, but the only thing they seem to have to support the pleas, is that their teams are not there. How small minded are these scribes
Here we go again(?), Department:
24 of 123 (20%) European banks have failed their stress test – 9 Italian, 3 Greek, 3 Cypriot. 10 have already taken steps to get inline. Oh yeah, and it has been reported globally that banker suicides are once again on the rise. Worried yet?
Massive over-exposure tends to ruin just about everything. Currently it is sports where on TV and radio, too many analysts repeat the same thing for weeks on end. Football is wall to wall starting now on Thursdays, sometimes even Wednesdays. Hey, I am a person who may have been considered a real “Gym Rat”, a guy lived for sports. I even at imes watch and wonder how I might fair against the giants of today.  Now I am numbed at the continues, sameness, the incessant talk of a sport I played and loved. Less is more. Always has been. Always will be.
The Answer:
Martha Starssman was the subtly comical wife Julie on Welcome Back Kotter. Some of the best moments of the show were she and Kaplan musing together at the end. She went on to star in “Hney I shrun the Kids” and Honey I Blew Up the Kids”, and then onto executive roles in SAG. In her earliest days she can be seen in M.A.S.H. and The Patty Duke Show.
Eva Cassidy became an inspiration to many during her intense battle with a malignant melanoma. Her music was mainly published after her death, after the song below was heard and became a national hit in Great Britain. Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Two days of mind mushing.

Today's Tids Issue 3,208
Opening Stuff: 
Well, I’m either a Tech genius or I got lucky that the computer sorted itself out.  My Computer as you could tell from the unstoppable drain mode as reported “Live” in Wednesday’s shortened Tids, went to zero. I tried a few things I found through Googling, but no instant gratification. Being an average American, I gave up. Later in the day I plugged it back in, and low and behold it started charging immediately, and now is working perfectly. And, just in the nick of time as today is the all important NFL Pick-um’ Thursday. Computer problem? Wait it out, it’s just playin’ with you.
Ebola: Why New Yorkers are nervous about doctor who upon returning from Guinea with fever decided to take a subway to the Brooklyn Alley for a couple of frames. Sorry, it was just laying out there and I had to do it.
There are General Stores in the middle of every little town in Vermont. Some are mere tourist traps which feature a high priced bakers offering luxury buns. Then there are the real ones, which have more stuff and reasonable process and you can tell the difference because more people are huddled together talking about guns and game.
The Question:
Who are the Top Ten all time Quarterbacks in passing yardage? Which receivers have caught the most passes in history? What running backs have the best career yards per carry average? Bonus: You may want to have horror movie binge for Halloween. What are the top ten horror movies since 2000?
The Headlines:
--Student Opens Fire And Wounds 6 Before Killing Self; Ambush Is At Marysville-Pilchuck HS in Washington State; School In Lockdown; Details Still To Come.
--US General Curtis Scapporotti Says North Koreas Has Nuclear Missile Capability.
--Microsoft Does Good; Old Computer Company Outshines All Techs.
--Syria Rebels To Aid Kurds In defense Of Kobane.
--Fox News Kimberly Guilfoyle Says Young Women Are Basically Airheads And Don’t Have Knowledge To Vote Properly.
Homeland Security Raids Kansas City Panty Shop; Confiscates Ladies Underwear.  
--Gunmen(?) Open Fire In Canadian Parliament, Country On High Alert; US Beefs Up security At Governement Positions.
--Stocks Slide At Shootings, But Should Rebound Today. Weekly First Time Jobless Claims Up To 283K
--Another Man Jumps Fence At White House; Security Had Been Increased After Last Month’s Incident.
--US Le Strike Kills 500 Militants In Syria.
--Burger King Pressing To Make Tim Horton Deal; Dunkin’ Sales Down, Stock Under Fire.
--KC Royals Even World Series With 7-2 Win.
--States Setting Up Own Ebola Quarantine Rules; NBC Photo-Journalist Cured, Returns Home To RI.
I think that there’s probably guilt on both sides of the Ferguson Mo, media driven shooting controversy. Darren Wilson probably shot Michael Brown in  self defense, but may have shot a few more times than  necessary. But, Michael Brown was no shy retiring teen. He was a large and intimidating and apparently a pretty mean man-boy, accord ign to what I saw in the convenience store security tapes. Michael Brown caused his own death. The problem with reporting in cases like this is that too many media people seem to think the word teen equates with innocent.
Somebody has actually written a story titled “7 Things Retirees should do with their $20 Increase for Social Security”. And somebody actually published it. We have way too many outlets for out of work writers with time on their hands.
No wonder the college scholar athletes want cash for playing even though they are getting a couple of hundred thousand bucks in scholarships.  U North Carolina has reported that over 3,500 of their athletes went to classes that were absolutely fake, where nothing was learned because no professors were there, and they still all got “A’s” an “B’s”. Yikes.  We live in a sham world.

A couple of bad choices combined with upsets gave us a mediocre 9-6 record last week. We are now at 63-41. Ugh.  We have a monster game tonight between division 5-1 rivals Denver and San Diego. Denver is clicking and at home so I’m going with them…even if my stomach says no. Note, Denver won (35-21) With so many unexpected upset wins this year, I think just about every game, even among perennial losers, is a toss-up. The Lions are better, But Atlanta is madder and at home. The Falcons. Both KC and SL played great last week, but I’m picking home team KC in this Mizzu toss-up. Tenn has let me down all year, but they will win for me this week over Houston at home. TB is playing tougher and Minn is up and down. TB, the home team. Wow, Seattle – what’s going on? I’m  picking Carolina. I like Cinn  to finally comeback over Balt. Miami will win the Florida Championship over Jax. Buff lost some good players and the Jets will win at home. I love Phil, but I like Ariz too and they are home. Ariz. Indy playing really well and Pitt is suspect. Will be real close, but Luck will find a way. GB is impressing me now and NO isn’t. GB. Dallas will beat Wash in a continuation of a series that used to be always tough. An overconfident Cleveland looked awful last week, and Oakland is awful. Browns to bounce back and war the hearts of Clevelanders. Now, the Pats and Chicago: Tougher than it looks with Chi losing regularly these days. But, the Pats are losing players rapidly. I’m going with my heart another home field advantage, But da Bears are really, really mad. A battle.
Uh-Oh, it's doing it again. I just got back to my room, and the little power/charging indicator that is normally white, is bright red, like it is telling me “Duck and Cover”. I’m turning it off. Sorry, No, Thursday Tids.
We are Back! Went to Staples where the guy analyzed and then provided a solution which was in the power cord -- he replaced mine with a used cord – all for Free. I love Staples.  Back in business for a while, depending on how used, the used cord is.
This little incident reminded me that I have procrastinated far too long backing up some of my literary efforts.
Actually, before I left I set a reminder in my calendar to let me know where I am so I wouldn’t make conflicting appointments. For the last three mornings I have been alerted, “You aren’t here. You’re in Vermont.”
By the way, the answer to the Tuesday “Q” -- Which cars have the dangerous air bags? -- omitted in the answer that almost all of the defective air bags were in areas of the country with continuous high humidity. So it wasn’t necessarily a car maker thing but and under engineering thing by the bag maker. Of course, lass action lawyers really don’t care about the actual truth, especially when it partially vindicates or even exonerates the deep pockets defenders.
Headline in the paper: “$500 Thousand Grant Will Aid Families With Low Income.” I’ll take it.
If they a raise the Minimum wage about 75% to $15, who is going to offset the resultant inflation that will affect Social Security recipients.
Speaking of stupid Government tricks, the local city selectman gang has foisted upon the denizens of Newport these giant new garbage containers, under the guise of easing our taxes because they will be so much more profitable to the Waste Management Company. How long before you see that reduction your taxes? You ‘re better off buying WMC stock! But, I digress: In their effort to make this appear pleasant to citizens now stuck with untold numbers of recycling an garbage containers (that worked just fine) they tell us that the old recycling bins will make great “Planters”! Think about how the Historical society would look upon curb side after curbside of blue recycling bin planters! Massive regurgitation! They also suggest, “Give one to a friend!” I lose enough friends already with his daily morning mess. God, don’t you just love government officials? Planters?
Amazon is losing big money underwriting the low cost of their tablets, and the new phone -- $146 Million last quarter. The sales of the new smart phone have been close to dismal primarily because of what was written =her at the time of the introduction; The phone was designed for Amazon’s benefit, and not the broader community of users. But this news is only half of their future problems. In the  not too distant future expect Alibaba, the gigantic China eCommerce company, has set its sights squarely on the Amazon space. It is expected they will be more consumer oriented with less inward company focus. Or, at least they will disguise it better. Nothing stays the same.
Reading Between the Lines, Movie Reviews:
There is one Halloween movie opening today, Ouija. I won’t go into it.
--The critics choice will be St. Vincent staring the new love of the Hollywood elite, Bill Murray, plus another contemporary favorite who won’t be shrill in this one, Melissa McCarthy. Bill as Vincent has many debts from gambling and many problems with drinking, and Naomi Watts, a sometime girlfriend who is a sometimes prostitute. In moves single mom Melissa and her precocious 11 yo son. Vincent says he’ll baby sit the kid for $11/hour while she works. You can guess that the relationship grows, and in-between saccharine moments we see some school bullies mysteriously bloodied. Critics will nominate it for something.
--John Wick also has a big name cast. John (Keenu reeves is a legendary hit man (Like perhaps bigger than a John Wayne western character) who comes out of retirement to get the characters who ruined his life, including the death of his wife (Bridget Moynihan –Tom Brady’s Ex). His sidekick is played by William Defoe and notorious female hit girl by  Adrianne Palicki. The evil genius is a Russian mob head, his former boss and now hunted enemy. It sound ordinary but it is much better than that with lots of cool slaughtering of humans.
The Answer:
The top QB’s in passing yardages are Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Drew Brees, John Elway, Tom Brady, Warren Moon, Fran Tarkington, Vinny Testaverde ,Drew Bledsoe, Dan Fouts, Kerry Collins, Joe Montana and Johnny Unitas. The top receivers in catches are Jerry Rice, Tony Gonzales, Marvin Harrison, Cris Carter, Tim Brown, Terrell Owens, Reggie Wayne, Isaac Bruce, Hines Ward, Randy Moss, Andre H=Johnson, Andre reed, Derrick Mason and Art Monk. For yards per carry runners the first two are QB’s Michel Vick and Randall Cunningham. After that the pure runners are Cleveland’s great Marion Motley, Jamaal Charles, Jim Brown, Mercury Morris, Joe Perry, Gale Sayers, Barry Sanders, Adrian Peterson, Napoleon Kaufman, Paul Lowe and Lenny Moore.  Bonus: Some of the best from 2000 to today are The Devils Backbone, the Eye, May, The Ring, Suicide Club, 28 Days Later, The Descent, Red Eye, The Orphanage, Let the Right One In, The Mist, Paranormal Activity, The Cabin in the Woods, V/H/S, The Conjuring, You’re Next and the Babadook. Ooooo-weee-ooooo!
Sorry for the fits and starts E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!
Good earnings reports pushed aside the trumped up reports of global hysteria and the market is safe…for a while.
You’d think that with all of this downtime I’d come up with something funny.
Have a terrific weekend. We’ll be flowing next week.


Today's Tids Issue 3,206
Opening Stuff:

Warning, something is drastically wrong with the battery, not mine. but the laptop. It is plugged in but still draining. Yikes. I was going to put my finger in the socket like the little Dutch boy, but that hurts. This could end dramatically at any minute.
I  think some of the Dow stocks are becoming part of a generational dichotomy where, in stocks like Coke or Micky D, the older generation want the dividends and the younger people are looking for so-called healthier food sapping the growth out of these former stalwarts. In stocks other stocks like IBM, the retirees find it hard to let go of this almighty company that is losing its way to the cloud crowd, and is facing a dilemma faced by many companies of today, you don’t need a lot pf people to sell the simple stuff easily bought on line. Again, growth opportunities are disappearing leaving portfolio reliant people formerly content with slow growth and constant dividend income seeing declining growth and lower stock prices…and a potential sinking portfolio over time.
The Question:
In what TV sow did Jeff Goldbloom first get noticed?.
The Headliness:
--Stock Market rebounds nicely.
--Ben Bradley Dies.
--Same ole. Same ole’.
A reader who is in everyday life an all consuming devourer of anything written, especially promotion form the government ,delved deep into the new 2015 Medicare prospective. He suggested we all read the bottom of page 12 where the pricing for the new policies are discussed: It states that the premium and deductible amounts were not available at the time of printing”.(?) It gives an 800-633-4227 number to call. He did. The representative said they “probably would not have those numbers until the en of the first week, possibly the second week of Nov ember>” Our reaer sleuth replied, “My, isn’t that convenient for the Obama administration to actually hold off on those figures until after the 2014 election results are in?” There was silence. Worrued yet?
Uh-Oh -- I’m faiLING RAPIDLY! This could d be it….O yeah, Goldbloom first became a name in “Tenspeed and Brownshoes”.
I feel like the little engine that could, except I’m huffing an dpuffing an can’t control my destiny.