I can only wish.

I can only wish.
Hunt for the best!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The dawn brings the light, and a small prayer makes it brighter.

Today's Tids Issue 3.184
Opening Stuff:
What is perfection anyhow? A perfect day of sunshine and cool dry air sounds great, but it doesn’t change the suffering of all those fighting human battles. We never know, do we, as we thread our way through our days that look so perfect, what may be happening to a neighbor, a friend, a relative. So while the sun may beckon you to special day, a small prayer will help make it special for others.  
In my continuing quest to improve my retirement plan, I have been out and around looking for significant relatives. Last weekend I found a magnificent boat builder called Hunt Yachts. I like boats. I love the roaring seas…so I’m thinking maybe there’s some DNA connection there. But as I looked around  their display at the huge Newport Boat show a couple of days ago, saw no boats that looked like me. Check out the blog site for some pics of the popular Hunt boats. I’ll do anything to help out a possible relative. I am that petty.  http://worldviewetc.blogspot.com
The weather people gloat while forecasting these so called perfect days, forgetting that what we really need is a lot of rain. I see our happy faced forecasters preceding the dire news reports of wildfires in the west who need anything but another sunny, dry, hot day. As my sister might exclaim, as she often does with so much of the current irrationality -- “It makes me scream!”
The Question:
How many intelligence agencies are there in the US Government? Name 7.
The Headlines:
--Australia Disrupts A Large  In-Country ISIS Plot To Kidnap And Behead Australia Citizens.
--Local Newport resident mat Franco Wins A Million As AGT Top talent; Beats Out Powerful Singer Emily West, Super Kid Quintavious And The Unbelievably Amazing AcroArmy.
--Fed Keeps Rates Low; It Can’t Last Forever.
--Scotland Votes; Expected To Be Very Close.
--Another NFL Player Arrested For Spouse Abuse; Cardinal Running Back Jonathon Dwyer latest On List Of Infamy.
California Wildfires continue To accelerate, destroy Homes.
--“O” And Ukraine Prez To Meet At White House.
Have you noticed that President Obama tends to tell lies to the American people and the truth to the enemies of the American people – like “I have no strategy to fight”; “I won’t put troops on the ground to fight you”. “(Don’t waste your time and ammo fighting now) because I will pull out all troops by March.” Why do our enemies need counterintelligence when you have a president like The 0-Man.
 Maybe “Lie” is too harsh a word. Fibs, yes fibs is more dignified for a President. The fabulous fibber!
The Tids Sports Pickers, normally starting off wth one or two missies is 8-8 for the second week. But, looking around I see the schedules are tougher and tougher. For this week, who woulda thunk that Buffalo versus the team that beat Seattle last week, San Diego, would be a premiere game of the week, along with Denver-Seattle, Cleveland Balt, the surprising Houston vs. Giants, GB-Detroit or SF-Arizona. I’m picking San Diego, Seattle to bounce back and smother Peyton, Cleveland, and I’m thinking that Houston with Watts will continue against a Giants still finding their way, and SF will come back.. There are many other posers again this week, and in those I’m picking GB over Det, Chi to get 1st win over Jets, Carolina over Pitt, Philly over Wash and KC over Miami. The so-called easier winners should be the NE Pats, Atlanta, NO, Dallas and Cinn,
The National Bookies in addition to injury reports now have to look at player thuggery suspensions before final game-time odds.
Every morning I get this email, “More evidence of the big crash just around the corner. It’s like getting that “check engine” light on and hoping it is just a light bulb malfunction. I just cover it up with electrical tap and go on my was. Can you cover up a stock crash with electrical tape?
I see where Our “Commander In Chief” is micromanageing the Syria Air Efforts. Yup. It has been acknowledged that all air strikes must be personally approved by our war hardened hero in the White House. That should work. Sure.
From what I hear, the Scots for Independence want to establish a Greece style government with the people getting more “free” money for less work, eventually super high inflation to pay for it, leading to the big bail out by the countries actually contributing something to the world. The biggest part of the “Yes” vote are not real Scots but Asian and other immigrant blocs. Although, it is known that Scots do like the progressive side of politics.
The Answer:
There are 17, count em’, 17 USA intelligence agencies. I may have answered the CIA and Defense Department Intelligence and the FBI. Here’s the list: 1. Independent Agencies – CIA, ODN (Office of Director of National Intelligence).  2. US Dept of Energy – OICI (Office of Intell and Counter Intel).  3. US Dept Homeland Security – I&A (Office of Intelligence and Analysis, CGI (Coast Guard Intel).  4. US Dept of State – INR (Bureau of Intelligence and Research).  5. US Dept of Treasury – TFI (Office of terrorism and Financial Intell).  6. US Dept of Defense --  DIA (Defense Intell Agency), NSA (National Security Agency), NGA (National Geospatial Intel Agcy), NRO (National Reconnaissance Office), AFISRA (Air Force Intell, Surveillance and Recon Agency), NASIC (National Air and Space Intel center), INSCOM (US Army Intel and Security command), NGIC (National Ground Intel Center), MCIA (Marine Corps Intel Agy), ONI (Office of Naval Intel).  7. US Dept of Justice – FBI, DEA/ONSI (Drug Enforcement Admin, Office of National Security Intelligence). Did you ever think that the USA had so much intelligence? Feeling safer?
Have to run. A series of early morning events have eaten into Tids Time.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Save the USA: Get rid of political parties.

Today's Tids Issue 3,183
Opening Stuff:
I prefer to open this morning mess with a snappy, thought provoking one liner commentary on the world. But, it seems that because there are so many disturbing things going on around the world and in our own government on a regular basis, that it is becoming hard to find shock value openers. Maybe I’ll just make up outrageous happenings, and wait for them to become true…which there are good odds that they will.
If money doesn’t grow on trees, why do banks have branches?
Simple Handyman’s Guide, Department:
Ninety Percent of things that need fixing around the home are based on one simple principle – It moves and it shouldn’t; it doesn’t move and it should. The answer is having a home with ample supplies of Duct Tape and WD 40. 
A good old childhood friend who took the path into avowed liberalism writes to say that we would be better off if political differences weren’t such a big factor in decisions. But, I’m thinking reading between the lines that he means political differences would be a big deal if some Repubs gave up some of their principles. I happen to agree that too often the differences that hold back action and improvement are far more political than rational.
The Question:
Who were the members of the cast of “Facts of Life”, who learned that cancellation was one of those facts 35 years ago.
The Headlines:
--Dow In record Territory Ahead Of fed meeting.
--Benghazi Cover-up By Clinton Allies Will Be Revisited By Committee As New Evidence Arises.
--Biz Notes: Microsoft Raises Dividend By 11%; Family Dollar Rejects Dollar General Offer; FedEx Shares Rally After Earnings; General Mills’ Fall
--Quebec Separatists Watching Scotland Vote Closely.
--Obama Speech Boosts ISIS Recruiting; New al-Qaida Wing In South Asia Claims Major Attack.
--Bombs Still Flying In Eastern Ukraine; Russia Sends Troops To Crimea As NATO Holds Military Exercise In Ukraine.
--Odds Decline On Repubs Gaining Senate; Repub Joni Earnst Pulls Ahead Of Dem In Key Iowa Senate race..
--Adrian Peterson Banned Until Abuse Case Is Resolved; Giant Advertiser Budweiser Warns NFL.
I think the Fed is starting to warn us of a bumpy ride. But as one good reader wrote this morning about yesterday’s Fed “Considerable Time” comment: “A considerable time is that length of time necessary to keep the market and economy from tanking”. I’d buy that.
I once again enjoyed America’s Got Talent as the Final 6 gave us something old and something new. AcroArmy was outstanding in both of their efforts. I was waiting for an encore, they were that amazing. Local RI’er Matt Franco was even in both, and intriguing as usual. I liked both of 12 yo. Quintavious Jackson’s efforts and especially “Let It be”. I’m a big fan of Sons of Serendip, but I think I’d get bored half way through their CD. Miquel Dakota is a very nice guy, and I actually liked is finale song, singing alone on a big stage with his guitar. My senses say that Matt and Emily West were the favorites going in. I personally like Emily a lot and have very high expectations, so that I was a bit disappointed with her Chandelier. But, she made it up big with “The first Time Ever I saw Her Face”. So, I’m thinking that based on last night alone, AcroArmy should win. But, Emily is a truly unique, exceptional singer and I think she will win based on her total effort throughout the entire season 9. To me, Matt lost something last night. My personal rankings after last night are Emily, Acro, Quintavuious, Serendip, Matt and Miquel.
Research Group 24/7 Wall Street Says Newton Mass rated #1 in their project, “50 Top Cities in which to Live”. Only four other New England cities made the list – Cranston and Warwick RI, Nashua NH and Quincy Mass. Here’s the total list: http://247wallst.com/special-report/2014/09/17/americas-50-best-cities-to-live/3/
Republican Senators, including all GOP women, voted against an equality pay law. Kelley Ayotte says she is concerned that “Women with merit” would be obscured by a law enforced gender based income. Susan Collins says there are already plenty of laws on the books without this one, mainly proposed and poorly written by Harry Reid in a pre-election drive. The general consensus among Repub Senators is that the Dem law makes it too easy to sue companies for little reason. For some reason, Dems have this thing about taking merit out of pay formulas.
Back in te 60’s a lot of young women started in the job market as Playboy Bunnies because it was a good paying job for 18 year old girls, with many of the better career jobs requiring a 21 year old age.
There are carpenters working around me as I type. So, if you happen to see something like “16 ¾” interrupting a thought, it’s just my mind wandering into the surrounding chatter.
Did the earth reverse direction on its axis? It seems like all of the hurricanes this year are on the west coast.
To all of those millennial’s and younger than that entitlement generation kids who often complain that there are too many dinosaurs still running everything, I’m happy to say that I am really, really happy being a wise old dinosaur?
The Tids Envoy in China sends us this from Confucius: “Man who live in glass house should change clothes in basement..”
A publicity release on Miranda Lambert says she “Breaks Down” after singing to 7 yo. Cancer victim in Texas. Up here at a concert a week ago, some concertgoers tell me she was distant and disinterested… and late. Perception versus reality.
Don’t expect too many of your FaceBook friends to come to your funeral.
The Answer:
The cast had Kim Fields, Nancy McKeon, Lisa Welchel, Mindy Cohn and Charlotte Rae. Geri Jewel came on board later to play the first ever regular role person with a disability. Molly Ringwald was an early cast member and George Clooney found one of his first big acting jobs there for an episode.
I wonder if ISIS knows that Confucius also opined, “War does not determine who is right. War determines who is left.”
You’d think by now that we have enough history to learn that the wars only do one thing well, maim the heroic. What a God dammed waste.

I’ll never stop being a dreamer.

Today's Tids Issue 3,182
Opening Stuff:
This morning was a fleece morning. How great is that!
Harry Read wannabee, Nancy Pelosi went way down into the rabbit hole saying over the weekend that, “Civilization as we know it would be in jeopardy if the Republicans win the Senate.” Yikes, Nancy -- The Republicans are worse than ISIS! If Nancy had been watching the new PBS Ken Burns Roosevelt saga, she would have learned that it was Teddy and his Repub Congress that created all of the concepts of fairness, curbed the power of the wealthy and promoted opportunities for labor. I guess you could say that the Repubs of the turn of the century were a danger to civilization -- In the mid 1900’s the Repubs created humane programs that have become for the Dems the basis for their idiosyncrasies today.
I say ISIS. The admin says ISIL. I guess it just depends on what IS, is.
The Question:
Name the ten top cities where “Millenials” want to buy a home. Bonus: Chickens are known not to have Bucket lists. Why?
The Headlines:
--Fed To Hold Rates Steady For A “Considerable Time” After It Stops Buying Bonds In October; The Question __ What Is “Considerable” Time?
--Kurdish Troops Drive Back IS Militants From Several Syria Villages.
--1st US Air Strike Against Jihadists Near Baghdad.
--Obama Authorizes Sending 3,000 US Tropps To Fight Ebola Epidemic.
--NATO Chief Warns Putin Not to Try To Find Out What Would Happen If he Tested West.
--Ex-State Department Head of Near Eastern Affairs, Raymond Maxwll, Says He Saw Employees Destroying Benghazi Emails That May Have Been Injurious To “Seventh Floor” (Hillary Clinton).
--Trump Plaza Becomes 4th Atlantic City Casino To Close Doors.
--Wildfires That Torched 100 Homes Still Roaring.
Line dancing was started by women waiting for the ladies room.
Ken Burns new series on The Roosevelts almost seems as a justification of Obama’s disregard for the Constitution and his stealth takeover of private functions by a bloated government. But that what Teddy began over 100 years ago has gotten so way out of balance, that the Repubs of today have to move the pendulum back to sanity.
In case I forget at the time, some of the one-liners in the Tids are sent in by readers. So thanks. Just in case I missed you, and you’re feeling blue.
Speaking of “Civilization in Jeopardy”, how about a Democrat ticket of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders?
If any of you ever read one of the four Tids novels --"The Tie that Binds", "Almost Near", "Through the Same Eyes", "The Conscience" --  serialized here in the daily Tids, tell me if you found them enjoyable. Tell me what you hated. As soon as my time opens, I will start a new one.
My goal in life is to be able to afford a Rolex replica watch. I shoot low. It’s just another sign of the new economy.
A couple of days ago I offered a little sarcasm about the Government nationalizing “Eating”. But, I keep hearing reports of the growth of the take-out food and eating out industries to the point where they are saying Home Cooked meals with disappear totally.  They give as a main reason two working parents with little time to cook. It sad to sense that the economy is so inflated that it takes two salaried adults per home in order to be as comfortable as the days gone by when one income was sufficient. In fact, the two family income is could be one major cause of inflation. Of course, they say Women want to work. Fine. But some don’t, and some men don’t either. And then, curiously, a large part of salaries seem more and more going for the support of the restaurant business. So, the new economy is full of incongruities and contradictions. Frankly, I think home cooking tastes better, is cheaper and more pleasant than sitting in a restaurant where you can’t hear, looking at menus that appear more and more similar, except at newer places overrun with vegetable items.
Marriott is leading the charge to tip housekeeping employees better. Companies love ideas for their employees that consumers pay for.
The Answer:
Millenial’s home buying dream must be all about affordability and job opportunities…and maybe marijuana, because the magnificent Northeast is not represented at all. Number one is Austin Texas followed by Dallas. Next are Denver, Des Moines, Grand Rapids Mich, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Ogden Utah, Salt Lake City and Seattle. The Honorable Mentions are Madison Wisc, Nashville, Omaha, Raleigh and DC. Buddy Cianci will put Providence back on the map of hope! Bonus: Mike Peters says that chickens don’t have a bucket list because of that KFC thing.
Dreaming of what might be, what might have been, can fill hearts to bursting, inspire goals to be achieved and satisfy a loving soul. Dreams are only dashed if you don’t do anything about them. Of course, being a good rationalizer, procrastinator helps too.

Is it truth, or politics?

Today's Tids Issue 3,181
Opening Stuff:
It‘s a sad commentary these days around here when the churches make more money selling empty parking spaces to tourists than they do in collection baskets on Sunday morning.
As we start this week, Wall Street will be looking at Alibaba’s IPO, the world will be watching Ukraine and ISIS, and Americans with be waiting for the next NFL player to be indicted. And ten out of nowhere something entirely unexpected will knock our socks off.
Some Sunday mornings I just gotta have a large dose of Richard, no-relation-to-the-waltz-king, Strauss!
It used to be just death and taxes. Now, of course, there’s shipping and handling too.
If more kids stopped looking at math as a subject they love to hate, and started seeing it as a means to clearer, more rational thinking, we might have a chance to enter a new era of enlightenment. Just a thought lightly based on deductive reasoning.
The Question:
A new Harris poll (The last one was 2010) asked Americans, “Who is your favorite singer/musician/band?” Name the top ten. Hint: the answers appear to be multi generational. Bonus: Who is the father of geometry?
The Headlines:
--Nations Meeting In Paris To Formulate ISIS Strategy; British Aid Worker Beheaded By Islamic Extremists..
--US And 15 Countries Begin Military Exercises In Western Ukraine.
--The Big Play In Alibaba IPO Could be With Yahoo! Which Has Already 22% Stake In Giant New Issue.
--Pope Francis Says we Are Already In WWIII.
--Can Admin’s New Efforts Against World Thugs Change Course Of Repub Takeover Of Senate?
--Hilary Cackles Before Adoring Audience In Iowa; Continues To Play the “I’m Thinking About It” Game.
--Hurricane Oldie makes Landfall In Baja; Fires Sweep Through California; Small Quake Hits Northern Cal.
It’s really hard to get a handle on the correct thing to do in the Middle East, because pre mid-term election politics are guiding everything. Just using air strikes becomes questionable and probably inefficient considering that the so-called opposing ISIS “armies” are amorphous, and have such an ability to disperse rapidly. Yet, putting big Nato/Arab(?) armies on the ground to fight often invisible foes may be equally as fruitless for similar reasons. This is a war, but a war where battles can popup anywhere across enormous areas.
Did you hear about the kid who got an “F” because he asked the English teacher – “What is a preposition?”. The teacher said, “Never end a sentence with a preposition!”
Ex-CIA Chief Hayden says, “Airpower alone against ISIS is like casual sex”.
I have always loved Franz Liszt’s Les Preludes ever since my Lone Ranger radio days.
By the time a news event becomes a morning newspaper headline these days, it’s been analyzed, scrutinized and marginalized on 20 or more cable TV news shows and millions of tweets and blog postings.
The big loser in the RI primaries were the public employee unions.
 Every year with each new technological advance comes a new list of endangered occupations. The newest lst includes letter carriers, farmers, meter readers, flight attendants, lumberjacks, news reporters, travel agents, drill press operators, printers and tax collectors/examiners. How do you kee a middle class going? As we go from differentiated sills to homogenous skills, wages will necessarily fall.
The Answer:
Once again it’s The Beatles and Elvis on top with the lads from Liverpool edging out the original twerker. The rest are Beyonce, Led Zepplin, George Strait, Bruno Mars, Neil “Still Hangin’ in there” Diamond, Eagles, Celine Dion and Garth Brooks. Dropping off the list were U2, Tim McGraw, Lady Gaga, Rascal Flats, Alan Jackson and Frank Sinatra. The women voted Beyonce first and the men The Beatles. Repubs went Beatles/Willie Nelson; Dems – Beatles/Bruno Mars; Indies – Beatles. The East, South and West went with The Beatles while the Midwest went Bruno Mars. For age groups it was quite different: 18-37 (Millennial’s) – Beyonce; 38-49 (Gen-X) – Metallica; 50-68 (Boomers) – the Beatles; Older than dirt – Willie Nelson.  I’m sure there are many arguments on this one. Bonus: That old Greek Euclid was the Father of Geometry with an able assist in deductive reasoning from Plato and Aristotle.
I thought I’d start off the week with one of my favorite little smilin’ songs.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tids Flags at Half Mast we remember the 911 despicable, inhuman murders of 2,977.

Today's Tids Issue 3,179
Opening Stuff: 
On the eve of an anniversary one of America’s saddest days, the Prez spoke last night but didn’t say a whole lot that we didn’t expect. He seemed pretty much the same anti war Prez unwilling to commit. Overall though, his tenor was better than usual, but he blew the mood when he went into a campaign style speech, chasing public opinion for the finale, “I really do love America”. This is one of those “We’ll see” moments, where the words are well prepared but where the called for results have trouble materializing.
“It’s not a question of if, but when there will be a crash”. That’s what so-called financial gurus say a lot these days about the state of the financial markets. Of course there’s going to be a crash some day. Someday there’s going to be a republican majority in the RI General Assembly! Too many of the prognostications seem to be setting up the public to buy something. Most of the people predicting downfalls in this circumstantial, non-committal manner have a vested interest promoting crashes, either because they are selling “Safe” products like gold or hedging something for their own benefit.  It’s a really good time to be cautious, because the body snatchers have arrived in shiny suits.
There are people out there with futurist research surveys trying to promote a new life style for the decades ahead that says we won’t need stoves in homes anymore as all food will be delivered or served in restaurants. That sounds like a real expensive way to live. Oh, wait a minute, the small print says it is a new government program that nationalizes Eating, and you’ll barely feel the pinch in your $74.00/hour minimum wages!
Happy Birthday to all of you out there whose celebrations may be blurred by the national tragedy.
The Question:
Who are the final 6 on America’s Got talent? Bonus: Who should be voted off the show?
The Headlines:
--USA Remembers 911.
--President Lays Out ISIS Plans To Mixed reviews; Both Parties Concerned He Didn’t Ask Congress For Authorization.
--Pistorious Found Not Guilty Of Premeditated Murder.
--FEMA Asks 850 Victims Of Sandy To return Nearly $6 Million In Overpayments; Payments May Have Been Made Due To Outright Fraud, Inadvertent Misinterpretation Of Eligibility Rules, Bureaucratic Mistakes: Over 3,000 Additional Recipients Also Under Scrutiny.
--New Probes Into Rice Incident, Including One By FBI, May Shake Up Giant NFL Organization.
--Wal-Mart To Sell New IPhone ^ For $179.
--Government Opens Investigation Of Four Large Hedge Funds Over Insdier RtRading On news Of Helath care Changes.
The US Treasury Printing Plant becomes biggest industry in USA by 2065..
Last night the President said, “We cannot do better for the Iraqis what they can do for themselves”. Hmmm. Isn’t too bad he doesn’t have the same philosophy about big daddy Government doing too much for US citizens; holding back people with good brains and hearts through the addiction of free money. I think he’s on to somethin’…if he only knew it.
I need big Government help with my NFL picks. Last week was weak, and the 8-8 results makes this week’s games all look like posers. Almost all games could go either way. Tonight I’m picking the Home team Baltimore over the Steelers. Flaco is due. The rest are a tough -- Tenn over a bewildering Dallas, NE to squeak by a rugged Minn. Surprise, there’s an AL East key game and it doesn’t involve the Pats – Miami’s defense will stifle Buff’s strong running attack. I’m going Wash over Jax, Ariz over Jints, NO over a stalwart Browns team, Cinn at home over Atlanta, Det over Carolina in  a close one. Seattle over the media darling SD, TB over the QB-Less SL, Oakland over Houst, Denver way over KC, Green Bay over NY Green (Jets), SF looked real sharp and will bet Chicago. Monday is a true poser, but I’m going with the home team Indy over Philly (Which I think is a bit of a mystery) in this close matchup.
I had to laugh at the new campaign commercial for our Senator Jack “Puppet on a String” Reed, where he says “I never think about one party or the other”. This a man who only reads Democrat prepared statements about everything; marches in lockstep with anything the President and local unions say. A politician who has never issued a compelling statement. So I can only assume by ibis statement that he is brainless or a liar. But, in fact he’s  decent, non-descriptive bloke. His campaign should be “I don’t do anything, so you can’t blame me for anything.”
Did you read where The Prez was thinking about a Labor Day get-away to NYC, but cancelled when 3 Golf Courses after being asked to accommodate Mr. Obama – Winged Foot, Trump National and Willoway – said they wouldn’t close their courses to the members.
I’m looking at a Commissioner Goodell digging himself into a deep hole. Less and less of what he proclaims adds up to the whole truth. 6 owners say he’s toast if he I lying about the availability of the tape. The general consensus, though, is that his body of work will save him, at least for now.
The Answer:
Emily West and Mat Franco look like the leading contestants after the 6 were announced. Next is AcroArmy followed by Quintavious Jackson, Serendip and teen girl favorite Miquel Dakota. Bonus: The Judges and Nick.
See you all tomorrow:

Boat shows are for the wanderlust in everybody’s heart.

Today's Tids Issue 3,178
Opening Stuff:

One of those can’t miss events captures 13 acres of Newport waterfront this week – the 44th International Boat Show, the largest in the Northeast and one of the two or three premiere events across the country. It’s big, for boaters and all of those with a dream to sail upon the briny waters. I’ll be checking out, mainly because one of the boat builders is named Hunt. My dream has been to find a rich uncle and then tame the relentless seas.
One of the more interesting world events on the horizon is the Scottish vote to break ties with Great Britain. Yes, it’s Sean Connery (For) versus JK Rowling (Against) as these two accomplished Scots take sides in the battle for independence. Strangely, with a week to go before the voting, the reality that Scotland could go independent once dismissed, has become a distinct possibility. An independent Scotland puts itself in jeopardy retaining membership with the EU mainly because many of those countries fear separatist movements within their own countries. Scotland probably will need a new currency, but 80 % of the North Sea oil & gas reserves are within their maritime waters. But getting out the goods there has become more expensive. Scotland gets to keep many of the most notable golf courses, and England rids itself of a population that eats haggis. Britain’s growing Muslim populations hates cold and moist Caledonia. They are expecting 3.4 million voters to turn out. I’m saying it stays part of the UK.
The government of Ferguson Mo doesn’t stand a chance, especially now that the professional antagonists have rolled in to keep the havoc going. The truth can take a walk.
The Question:
Name five things people often associate with Scotland, Scottish people. Bonus: Who was the first King of Scotland? Double Bonus: Who were the last 11 Monarchs of Scotland?
The Headlines:
--Russia begins tests On Nuke Missiles.
--President Aquino III Of Overwhelmingly Catholic Philippines Will Give Muslims Lead by Moro Islamic Liberation front Authority Over Own Southern Territory; Muslims Will Form Own Parliament, Raise Own Flag; Be Guided By Sharia Law.
--“O” Huddling With US Lawmakers On Next Moves In Syria, Against ISIS; Prez to Speak to Country Tonight.
--Governor Race In RI: Raimondo Vs. Fung; Scott Brown Wins Repub Vote In New Hampshire To Take On Dem Shaheen – Brown Closing In On Shaheen Make This Race One That Could Give Repubs Bonus Seat In Congress; Cuomo Fends Off Challenger In NY Dem Governor Primary.
--Saudis Latest To Begin Anti-Christian Aggressions.
--Ebola Deaths Up To 2,296.
--Ukraine Prez Says Russia Troops Have Moved Out; Promises More Autonomy To For eastern Parts If Country.
--Goldman says Apple Exceeded Expectations: Raises Target To $115 In 12 Months.
If NFL Commish Goodell wants to make up to me for his oversight on the Ray Rice travesty, he can begin by lightening the penalties and frequency of calls against pass-rushers for incidental touches. The rush is as exciting as the pass and catch, and equally significant in the outcome of the game. (See Superbowl 2007).
America’s Got Talent last night gave me a great evening of entertainment. I enjoyed just about every act, except for Miguel Dakota who I thought was a little flat.  I wanted to love Mara Justine and I could see she was great, but some kind of echo technology confused the issue. Sons of Sarendip (Whatever that mean0 were amazing. What a voice. But when we’re talking about voices how can we not talk about Emily West first. Her Moody Blues pick was great, but I was hoping it would have gone on longer. The kid who seems like 40, Quintavious Johnson, can sing, and sing big. He had it last night all the way to the last note. Acro-Army, which deserves to be in the final 6, drew me in and had my head spinning. Good ending. I really liked Emil and Dariel’s performance, and the chorus they added, too. I would look forward to see Blue Journey again. They are truly creative dancers. I liked their performance and execution of tough moves. I appreciated Christian Stoinev, but hand standing, though dangerous, gets old to me. So what do we have left – 3, count em’, 3 magicians. Maybe it’s a big magic act and they’re really all the same person. Mat Franco of RI is the favorite, but I personally like David and Leeman. Mike Super was good too. I’m hoping for a final six of Emily, Serendip, Acro Army, David and Leeman, Emil & Dariel and Mara Justine. But, Mat Franco will beat out D&L and Quintavious will be in there too, maybe over E&D.
My NFL picks are like my golf swing – I’ve lost it.
Personally I think the new smart phones are much too heavy to carry around in pants pockets. This is especially true in old age when the buttocks and hips begin to diminish and pants start slipping. And another thing – many of these phones come with a pedometer to gage movement away from couches and healthfulness. The phones are much too heavy for long walks and other activity. It I were Tim Cook I’d be looking to make these things lighter.
In case you are looking for a new smart phone, here are five android phones that beat IPhone on at least one good feature. 1. Sony’s Xperia Z1 is completely water proof. Also beats the “I” on speed and battery but not in picture and camera. 2. Motorola’s Droid Maxx offers 48 hours of battery life. 3. Galaxy S5 can be controlled by air hand gestures and eye rolls. 4. Nokia’s Lumia 1020 (With MSFT Windows) has a 41 megapixel camera. 5. LG’s Nexus 5 Is least expensive and fast enough, but cloudier than  IP 6.
Want to smack your ego down a few notches – play Mindcraft with a grandchild.
The Answer:
Well, first there is scotch whiskey and golf. Their Thriftiness is a nice attribute to emulate. Of course plaids and kilts and the magical tunes from bagpipes make us all smile. Scotsmen invented the telephone and penicillin. The St. Andrew’s Cross makes a great flag. JK  Rowling writes, Rod Stewart Sings, Sean Connery acts and Andy Murray plays great tennis. And Nessie bewilders.  Bonus: The First King of Scotland 843/848 was Kenneth MacAlpin I, or in Gaelic -  Coinneach mac Ailpein. Double Bonus: Starting with James VI, the son of Mary I the last Stewart, he in 1567 was the first in the reign of the Stuarts  followed by  Charles I and Charles II. The Stuarts were forced to live in Exile during the Cromwell takeover between 1651 and 1660. Charles ii returned and was followed by James VII, William II (Of Orange) and Mary II ruled as a duo and Anne was the last of the Scottish monarchs. Note: the red scarfed supporters of William of Orange fled to West Virginia where they became known  as Hill-“Billy’s” and rednecks because of tier scarlet scarves. So, you have to figure a lot of Billy descendants in good ole West Virginia have an eye on this election too. Oh, Rob Roy was never King, but many wished he had been.
Sorry I’m so late. I got caught up in Scottish history.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shine on harvest moon.

Today's Tids Issue 3,177
Opening Stuff:
This Tids has chance to be better than average, since the first thing I saw this morning was the setting moon. The great moon that follows the magnificent red harvest moon of the night before. A big moon in the western sky, with a wisp of a cloud cutting through. Sending a glowing stream of light to the glistening sea below, a gleam creeping across the quite waters, illuminate a three master moored well, ripples lapping at the bow. Well, at east it opened my mind, now, to see if there’s anything in there.
I was thinking the other day, about 5 years too late, that all of that money the USA sent to bail out the giant banks who probably committed some level of negligent or belligerent fraud against the US shareholder, would actually have used that dough to make their customers whole. That would have accomplished two things – the shareholders would have gone back to spending and investing faster, and the banks would have to rethink being stupid.
I think the Electric BMW I3 is going to be one, hot selling car.
The Question:
How many billionaires are there in the world? The USA? Name the twenty most politically powerful in order?
The Headlines:
--Russian Strategic Bombers Near Canada Practice Cruise Missile Strikes Against US.
--US, Euro Intelligence Agencies Racing To Get Handle On Home Grown ISIS Fighters.
--World Sees Estonia As Putin’s Next Target.
--President Obama Condemns Ray Rice; Says Rice Actions, And Similar Actions By Men Behind Closed Against Women, Are Not Those Of Real Men, Nor A Civilized Society.
--CDC Confirms Presence Of New, Widespread, Serious Respiratory Disease Affecting Children In US.
--Trump Entertainment Enters Bankruptcy For Third Time; The Donald Lost TE The Last Time The Company Filed.
Here’s one of those headlines that makes me cringe, “Eleven colleges ban Booing At Soccer games.” In a letter that could only be written by liberal arts colleges, the coaches of the NESCAP Conference (Amherst, Bates Bowdoin, Colby, Middlebury, Williams, Tufts, Wesleyan, Trinity, Hamilton and Connecticut college) urged fans: “We would hope that all spectators refrain from antagonistic interaction between opposing fans, including verbal disputes, or holding/posting sign or other forms of material that could be considered offensive in nature.” These are all great little schools, every one of them, but neutering enthusiasm and guttural reaction is a little like the dogmatic irrationality of Sharea law.
Marketing has come a long way from my days in the trenches. Just now, while I am sitting here typing away, awaiting along with many for the big Apple announcements, I get an email from LG Electronics filling me in quickly and pleasantly succinctly on all of the benefits of their smart wristwatch. I love it!
Primary day for RI Races, Department
This is Primary Day in RI. Frankly, I’m finding it hard to tab any of the candidates as a favorite. –Dems: Travarous and Pell just don’t seem capable of understanding the concept of private sector jobs, both candidates using extensively the rich versus poor wedge. Gina had been a disappointment, mainly because she has retrenched a bit from her hard nose pension reform days. And with some of her commercials, like forty new jobs for Gansett beer which were in fact out of state – she’s appears at just another politician, misinforming the electorate. I see Gina winning that primary. –Repubs: Fung started out so poorly that few realize that he is a pretty good guy who has fought tremendous battles in Cranston for the good of “all “ people. Block looks like a winner in that race among Repubs, although I believe he’s a pretty liberal republican. --Frankly, the only office I’m really interested in is defeating Mollis for Lt. Gov -- that would represent to me the voters understanding of and desire to get rid of cancerous old fashioned hacks. –The much discussed Providence mayoral race seems to be coming into focus, especially with the release of new voter registration stats showing a huge dominance by Hispanics. It seems to tell me that Buddy’s old constituencies are drying up and the race is Jorge for the taking. Buddy may have the big picture vie what the city needs, but too many vters have trouble looking up. But this is fro the next round when he goes against today’s winner which should be Jorge. –On the Congressional side , I believe the repb east is a toss-up
You may be wondering why I spend so much time on the Dems. There are no republicans running for several state offices and barely any on tickets for assembly seats.
The Providence Journal lately reads like an Education Department Newsletter with more information than you’ll ever need to know about schools. Personally, I know they are becoming expensive and that spending more money has been proven not to correlate to improved learning. They never mention that. My guess is that with the elections upon us, the powers to be in the NEA are feeding journalists publicity releases that puts a glow on teachers and administrators programs. Snd the liberal journalists gobble them up – unquestioning. Peter Zenga just died another death.
Everybody has been waiting for today for the Big Apple wristwatch and IPhone 6. What we will probably see are improvements but not technological breakthroughs. And what we will see as we have in the past is that most of the new technology and mega financial stars make products for goofing off, sitting around doing nothing.
The Answer:
There are 429 US Billionaires controlling about $2 Trillion included in a world of 1,645 controlling about $6.5 trillion.. The most Politically Powerful are . the Koch Brothers, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, Rupert Murdoch, Bill and Melinda, John and Laura Arnold, Penny Pritzker, Warren Buffett, Peter Thiel, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff and McKenzie Bezos, Pierre ad Pamela Omidyar, Art Pope, Paul Singer, Peter Peterson, Marc Andreessen, Donald Trump and Alice Walton. They appears to be 10 Dem/Libs, 8 Repub/Conservatives and 2 Libertarians. This comes from a new book called “Billionaires: Reflections on the Upper Crust”, written by a good guy I have gotten know pretty well, Darrell West of Brookings Institution. He is a knowledgeable guy capable if seeing both sides, you might expect from the son of a a good old fashioned rock ribbed Ohio republican Mom, with a liberal education. It hits the bookstores on September 18.
Remember good, old fashioned, rock-ribbed Ohio Republicans? We used to have them in RI too.
I don’t think the moon thing is working.