Quiet solitude

Quiet solitude
The glassy winter's ocean

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Knock on wood.

Today's Tids Issue 3,271
Opening Stuff:
This morning I put out my official Tom Brady Bobble Head Doll! Bring on the damn Seahawks! And all of those Patriot naysayers.
Because you are seeing this, it means I am happily living in a world with power.  I went out to sweep snow that had blown in through big doors at the front of this old church in which I live. While sweeping I was concerned that the snow could ruin the floor below. Then I thought that this church was first built by Congregationalists in 1735 and remodeled by Baptists in 1862. It seems to have met the test of time very nicely. Isn’t it odd how we humans can focus on the ills of the moment while forgetting all of the accomplishments of the past. But maybe the past has been brought into the future because thousands before have focused on their own task at hand. Just one of those thoughts while sweeping.
According to all reports, Scott Walker, my personal favorite, seems to have done the best job of all in last weekend’s Republican Iowa affair. He is a guy who gets things done, and has the ability to bring along enough rational thinkers from both sides to make himself electable. I worry about the union leadership ganging up on him in a Presidential election. But, the enlightened membership of these times have an ability to see the truth, even if it hurts.

If the World goes completely to plastic, how will we ever knock on wood again?

The Question:
This is one of those questions asked mainly to keep the memories of courageous people alive. Who were the other two astronauts who were killed in a flash fire aboard a space capsule along with Gus Grissom 48 years ago today? Bonus: What was the first name of the always affable Gus?
The Headlines:
--Big Northeast Blizzard Misses Out On History; Wind Velocity Lives Up to Predictions; Philly, NYC Spared; New England Gets Up To 30 Inches In Some Regions; Severe Cold Settles In.
--Wall Street Awaiting Apple Report; Street needs “Wow” Factor Or It Could Gut Tech Sector; New IPhone Catching Up to Samsung.
--Wall Street Leery: A String Of Bad Earnings Reports From Dow Components Increasing Worry Factor; Other Bad News: Durable Goods Orders Drop 3.8%; Home Prices Lower; Stocks Expected to be Affected By New Repots Today On Consumer Confidence Index, New Home Sales, Richmond Fed Manufacturing Survey; Check Your Parachutes.
--Kurds Force ISIS Out Of Kobani.
--Army expected To file Charges Against Bergdahl.
--Medical Experts Advising Women As Young As 16 To Get Pap Smear Test; New Sexuality Puts More At Risk; According To British Authorities, Cervical cancer Up 33% In Past 10 Years.
--Libyan Gunman Invade Luxury Hotel Killing 8, Taking Hostages.
--Drone Found Inside White House Fence Flown By Hobbyist; Incident Raises More Questions About Future Protection Of Presidents
Are your ready for The Americans, which lifts the iron curtain on another season of intrigue and angst, tomorrow at 10:00PM on Fx. Yikes!

No wonder I can’t get the distance out of Wilson golf balls. They’re deflate.

US Air power has still got it. I think the ISIS retreat from Kobani is additional proof that if you let the generals take charge, magic happens. Did anybody really think that Islamists in pick-up trucks, no matter how organized they are said to be, are any match for serious US airpower, and new tech target identification capability? If you let the military what it does best, the US will win.
The snow seems to have let up early in NYC which enable the financial market to get in the trenches and wrestle with today’s slew of expected reports. We may not like the blizzard that follows! Get your shovels ready.
While I have been knocking on wood all morning, I’m still rushing to get this Tids out just in case there is a chance of a power outage. Knock on wood.
I always thought of my car as a little haven away from the madding crowd. But, Eric Holder thinks my car, and millions of others, are just a terrific way to keep track on citizens habits. Yes, the US Government’s Justice Department is building a national data base to track in real time the movement of vehicles around the country. This growing collection system uses a license plate reader program. Isn’t technology grand?
Oh yeah, and there are indications that some of the new offerings recommended to Docs by Medicare are basically designed to reduced costs at the expense of superior care; where costly procedures are eliminated in favor of tests that may or may not provide a proper diagnosis of current and future problems.
It is still snowing here quite heavily with gusts in the 30-40 range. Knock on wood.
You may have missed it, but the newest focus of the NFL deflation investigators seems to be on how long it takes a Patriot bellboy to perform #1 or #2 in the men’s room. Yup, the guy toting two bags of footballs stopped in the tiny room for 90 seconds on his way to the playing field. Looks like a Pissing match between Goodell and Kraft.
More and more journalists are asking the question, “Are we crazy?” The football fiasco focused their attention on how easy it is to sucked in to news trivialization. And one I read even went so far to criticize the manic attention to Charlie Hedbo while Boco Haram were killing thousands in Nigeria. You know the Tids editorial board has talked about this for years, and I know you have responded with your opinions of disgust for a misdirected news media. Maybe this football thing has some value after all.
The Answer:
Grissom’s buddies also killed were Edward R. White and Roger B. Chaffee. Good men who should never be forgotten. Bonus: Gus Grissom’s real name was Virgil.
While I like a lot of the rock music of the 70’s, Jason Mraz seems to be getting  into a lot of attentive ears lately.
I leave you with that Jason ditty while I trudge through the blizzard to buy my Stevie Nicks tix.
Snuggle in and enjoy. And if you’re on a beach somewhere with sun broiling your back, just know that it is beautiful here, quiet and uncluttered.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The energetic yet soothing beauty of a winter’s storm.

Today's Tids Issue 3,270
Opening Stuff:

If you think that your head will explode if the deflated ball talk continues, wait ‘til they start tomorrow on ”The Snow Storm”. I’ll wait and see, but I know one thing for sure – the Governor Gina Jobs parade and economy revival won’t mean a thing unless she dons a plaid shirt and puts on jeans and workboats, messes up her hair and assures us in continuing broadcasts that we are safe. Governorships are made and broken on big storms. The only issue that gives me angst about the storm is getting out the Tids without power. Having all those ideas clogging my head, typos and all, without letting them pour free upon a screen could result in a nuclear blast of seismic proportions. Duck and cover – The Tids are coming.

As you might have noticed over the years, I abhor elitist silliness. Now, there is this acclaimed movie out called Ida, which I expect 99.9 44/100th’s of people pronounce “Ida, as sweet as apple cidah…” But, nooooo, the Hollywood critics insist that it is Eda – as in “She’s too big to feedah…”. Spare me.  I not only say “Too-may-tow”, I spell it with a “e” at the end. Horrors!

There’s only 32 days left til Baseball spring training. And there are just about 75 days left before serious pot hole season. Reserve your realignment appointment now.

Hot news for Gourmet dinner parties: The Frito-Lay Corporation has just announced a sugar/cinnamon version of Cheeto’s – Sweeto’s. This makes planning for friend and family gatherings easier for people on the move because with just two bags you have your Hors devours and dessert. Watch them dive in and come up smiling! Zowie! Who says America isn’t what it used to be.

Marshon Lynch could be the difference.

The Question:
That did Charlie Brown’s father do for a living? Bonus: Where, when and what was the name of the first beer sold in cans?

The Headlines:
--Northeast Awaits Projected “Biggest Storm Since ’78. New England Governors Breaking Out Plaid Shirts.
--Markets Regaining Positive Mo After Early Losses.
--Leftist Anti Austerity Party Stuns Greece With Surprising Victory; Moving fast To Form Coalition Government, And Demand Less Severe Terms For Bailout Money; Greece Could Be Forced Out Of EU If gimmie Government Grasps Too Much Power; Merkel Warns Greece To Stock To Current Program.:
--Russia Warns West: Do Not Blackmai L=Us Over Ukraine.
--Malaysia Air Site Hacked By ISIS; US Flights Cancelled.
--American Sniper Surges Through January Movie  Sales Records With $217 Million  Take After Ten Days.
--“K” Gets 1,000.
--Mattel Reports Weak Results; CEO Resigns; Disinterest In Barbie The Cause.
--Anglican Church Consecrates First Woman Bishop.
--Device, Possible Unmanned Aerial Drone, Found On White House Lawn.

Ernie Banks was one of my all time favorites. I was never a recipient of his sunshine like smile, but those who knew it said he lit up a room with positive energy like no other human being. And he hit 512 homers to boot. I think everybody would like to see the Cubs win a ring for the Bankster.

It is said that a guy named Wilson Bently took 5,000 pictures of different snowflakes I the late 1800’s Think about what a guy like that would do with YouTube!

If you think about it, the new Greece leftist group is not acting much differently than Wall Street who after getting billions wants some of the harsher new rules eased. I promise you, if the gov bailed out my losses, I would fulfill my promises.

If you see an inordinate amount of oddly placed “N’s” and “V’s” in the Tids, it generally means I’m missing the space bar. And “M’s” represent mishit commas. Bill Belichick told me that was a good explanation for typos.

If you think Brady/Belichick have problems with soft footballs, how about that explanation dilemma for Cristina Fernandez, the President of Argentina! Exactly one hour before Prosecutor Alberto Nisman was to announce “Explosive Allegations against her and her regime”, Alberto was found dead with a bullet in his head. At first Fernandez said she was sad for his suicide. Now she is deflating her first explanation saying, “we will do everything possible to bring his murderer to justice”. At least Rhode Island doesn’t have dead bodies, at least that have been reported.

If you ever see me going into a “Vaping” center, shoot me.

For decades the Repubs have been arguing that because of resultant increased spending, lower taxes for all would indeed create more revenue for the government with new and better jobs. So what have we seen with the lower gas prices? We have enjoyed record tax collections, and surprisingly better profits for gas stations. Economics works if the Government steps aside.

The best golfer today that nobody talks about is Bill Haas.

In an effort to get sales back on track, Mattel is offering a new Barbie fashion package for today’s predicament: It’s a complete wardrobe and suicide note kit for stockbroker Barbie and Ken jump off a Wall Street Tower dolls. They are made to splat, but easily regain their shapes for repeated jumps in new outfits. It also includes outfits for the inevitable reality show that follows.

The Answer:
Charlie Brown used to love going to his Dad’s barber shop and listening to the discussions -- and then walking home with his father. Bonus: The first canned beer was sold by the Richmond Virginia brewery “Gottfried Krueger”  in 1935. Just in case you run out of trivia at the corner pub.

One of the Tids most incredible readers just sent the Tids staff a complete Super Bowl Patriots Survival package filled with every kind of Cheeto’s imaginable. You can always tell when a Tidster throws a deflated football by the orange fingerprints on the side. Yes Mr. Goodell, I’m guilty – and I’m lovi’ it! The Tids is at loss of words on how to say thank you!! Zowie!

Snuggle in! This storm is going to be a magnificent beast.

Friday, January 23, 2015

There are just too many news people and not enough news.

Today's Tids Issue 3,269
Opening Stuff:

Bad Times can be good  //  Good times can be bad //  But, if you keep on smiling  //  You'll never be sad!
Many artists are good at art. The artists you remember capture the human moment.
In a 60 Minutes interview scheduled for this Sunday, Boehner and McConnell take the air out Obama’s proposals faster than the Pats can deflate a football. And, that is a real story worth the time – America still works and Emperors will be quashed.
8 of the 10 most expensive wines in the world are Burgundy’s.
The ECB Trillion dollar bond buyback program is both stimulating and confusing at the same time. Euro Bonds are soaring and the Euro is falling like the Patriot’s image. The US markets still haven’t determined whether or not it is good or bad. Take a Tums, and wait ’til February.
The Question:
Trader Joes is a grocery shopping phenomenon. What do you think are the five top reasons that people shop there.

The Headlines:
--Euro Stocks Up 2% As QE Keeps Bonds Above Water; China Stocks Strong..
--Saudi King Abdullah Death Could Bring New Uncertainty To Already Tense US Relationship; Changes At Top In Yemen Moves Former US Ally Closer To Iran; Iraq And US Advisor Generals Say They Are Close To Moving Against ISIS In Mosul.
--GE A Big Earnings Winner.
--US Airstrikes Muting ISIS Advances; Killing Leaders.
--Brady, Belichick Know Nothin’; Deflated Balls Diluting Significance Of Real News.
--GOP Base Pressuring Congress To Target ObamaCare.
When the three big Network nightly news programs begin their programs with soft footballs, you know that the USA has totally lost its collective mind. Obama continually skirts the laws of the land in behalf of his agenda, and you hear nary a word. It’s downright weird.
The Media seems to be finally turned off by Sharpton’s antics. There are some indications that they not running to his press conferences.
There are only 336 shopping days ‘til Christmas. Black Friday has been rescheduled for the 28th day of the month that does nothing, August. “Get your Back to School and Christmas shopping all done in one day!”
It is really hard to find a place to buy a good radio.
The reason the Tom Brady news conference about nothing went so long, is because the National Press (CBS, ABC, NBC) have to ask questions twice. Once with camera on them and the second time with the camera in the interviewee. The world isn’t as spontaneous as it appears.
A scenic landscape is a human moment, because that’s what people see.
An NHL player trying to sneak a curved stick into the fray is considered a minor infraction.
Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--Everybody thinks Jennifer Aniston should have received at least a mention for Best Actress for her role as a Pill popping, physically and emotionally scarred woman in Cake. It supposed to be a comedy but the humor is very hard to find, except for an occasionally funny one liner from Jennifer. It’s about trying to get a woman out of her funk after her own physical trauma and the suicide death of a friend. That doesn’t seem funny
--In the scary thriller The Boy Next store, Jennifer Lopez makes the ultimate bad date choice when she hooks up with the new neighbor who is a Norman Bates style psycho. Not bad.
--Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltro go very British in this comedy-action movie which is kind of a silly romp with some awful humor and a waste of good talent. Depp plays an art dealer and Gwyneth his wife, who together travel the world with man servant Jock (Last name Stropp – get it, bad humor) with the major problem being Depp’s ogling eyes. It sounds like it sucks.
The Answer:
Personally, I’m not huge devotee of this popular place. I have had some mediocre stuff, but prices are good as is some of their stuff – even meat. I was observing the clientele and their apparent intense love for shopping there. They were not just shopping, they were at Sunday church services. The reasons people hop there: 5. Cultural awareness never tasted so good – Ethnic foods well displayed “So that even ‘backwater hicks’…(Hey wait a minute, the Hicks family is one of my major genealogical lines! Arrogant bastards’ some of these elitist writers.) But I digress. Number 4. Customers are treated like Rock Stars ; all personnel seem extraordinarily friendly and knowledgeable. 3. “Foodie” Virgins are comfortable in a new world of specialty foods that could be intimidating. Everything is well labeled and clearly explained. 2. The food is cheap. While appearing to be a gourmet delight, you won’t need a body guard to protect your wallet here. The prices are really good for a lot of stuff, although coffee is no great deal; or are some cheeses. 1. Two Buck Chuck ($3 Bucks on East Coast) is the best wine buy anywhere. The wines are very good and any you will never find a better price for better than acceptable quality. If you are embarrassed looking smart by saving money, Just pour Chuck into an old Domain Leroy Musigny Grand Cru Bottle…that is, if you can afford the $4,490 bottle in the first place.

The one big thing I miss from the good ole' recession days are the lower priced hotel rooms.
I hope you have a special weekend that is entirely inflated, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!

Let’s get back to the game.

Today's Tids Issue 3,268
Opening Stuff:

It seemed a sea of molten glass, this becalmed winter’s day. A long swell rose, out far upon a reef, like a glistening mercury pool. The silver waters infected me as a soothing narcotic.
The latest rumor going around the NFL Headquarters is that Giselle Bundchen paid the ball boys handsomely to let the air out of the footballs. She didn’t want Tom’s newly painted fingernails to chip.
The Question:
Melvin Gordon died. In case you didn’t know, he was the Tootsie Roll king. During his year reign of 50 years as Chairman, CEO of the company his wife inherited from her father, Gordon brought many other well known candy brands into the tasty company. Name them.
The Headlines:
--DoJ Expected To Clear Furguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.
--ECB Bond Buying Strategy Has Little effect On Market.
--Massive Fire In Luxury Edgewater NJ Apartment Complex Forces Hundreds To Chilly Streets.
--At Press Conference This Morning, Bill  Belichick Says He is “Shocked” By Deflated Ball Allegations.
--Jeb And Mitt Meet In Utah To Talk Presidential Politics.
--Japan Scrambling To Save ISIS Held Hostages.
--Powerful NY State Official, Sheldon Silver, Arrested On Coruption Charges.
I’m liking the new fashion trend which is promoting minimal makeup. The cosmetic people seem to be refocusing towards good looking skin without excessive color intrusions. I love a natural woman. Where the eyes reflect the beauty of the soul, and the smile that radiates is from the heart.
The Dems were hootin’ and hollerin’ at SOTU over his wise ass slam against Repubs from 0-Man about him winning both elections. There are many across he this great land who thought that was incredibly unpresidential, maybe the worst ever for a speech before both houses of Congress, The Supreme Court, the Military and “Honored Guests. Is the president going to jive his way through the next two years?
Cialis has a new commercial featuring remedies for deflated balls.
By the way, have you noticed all of the snickering over the phrase “Soft balls” on the morning talk shows, like they invented humor. It was originated behind the Catholic school by 12 year boys.
I haven’t done it in a while, so here is then latest average age of deceased from this morning’s obits. There were 25 entries, one being a husband and wife who died within weeks of each other. Ah love. The average age this morning is 82.56. One of the deaths was a24 year old man. If I take that out, the average increases to 85.  It must be ObamaCare that’s keeping us going so long.
There have been 8 deaths already this year from drug overdose.  This is a sad situation.
Microsoft continues to make intelligent U-Turns in a very competitive world. While older super tech giants IBM and HP see traditional revenue streams fading, Microsoft is becoming quicker at recognizing threats, especially losing their operating software dominance in new style devices to Apple and Google. Microsoft has just announced that it is willing to lose $500Mil and give away to existing MSoft software owners free software  for tablets and mobile devises. The new CEO is looking like a pretty savvy guy and Bill Gates is applauding his innovative moves. They have the talent, and now the motivator to move quickly onto new courses. And, with about $89 Billion in revenue, what’s $500 m if gets them in the race to control the future.
Isn’t it about time for the sportswriters to get off the sanctimonious soap box and start talking about match-ups and X’s and O’s?  It‘s going to be a helluva game. And you have two coaches more alike than not; two coaches who aren’t whiners and sore losers like Harbaugh, who  many say started this deflated ball thing though his old pal Pagano.
Also, there is an increasing chorus arising from the NFL knowledgeable singing, “Hey, they beat them 45-7, and 28-0 in the second half with fully inflated balls.”   
There is little chance of the Repubs wanting to work with the President. They know no matter what they do, he will take to the stage and issue snide, demeaning remarks – and take full credit for anything that appears to be non-partisan. It’s really sad.
The Answer:
Tootsie was a pretty secretive private company but were always looking for sweet additions which included Charms Blow Pops, Sugar Babies caramels, Junior Mints and DOTS. Personally, I awys loked a good grape Tootsie-Pop.
Well, off to find another special quiet place, where nature deflates the cacophony of an intrusive culture.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I think I hear Paul Revere.

Today's Tids Issue 3,267
Opening Stuff:
(Stretching) “Oh man, that felt great. Aaaah! Hey, wait a minute, is that speech over yet? I must have fallen asleep. Rats, I missed it again. Did he say anything about the middle class? Of course, he must have sine that is the new Dem campaign for 2016. I imagine also that he must have said he would work with the Repubs, which would be really new since he has tap-danced around that since is first days on Pennsylvania Ave in  2009; And odd, since he announced two more irrevocable vetoes before the speech. Or am I dreaming still. Maybe he set course for a new America that we can all enjoy, that mitigates disharmony, and plants seeds for a unified love-in we haven’t seen since 1776. But I doubt it. He’s much too narrow a thinker. Well, I’m sorry I missed it again, but SOTU’s have just become a big meaningless bore, no matter which Prez is in  charge.” It’s good to feel rested.
I have been out several times this morning walking in that amazing 28 degree, crystal clear weather. There is really nothing better than that. The political cobwebs suddenly disappear and you see and meet good people all around you. The good people -- that’s the only state of the nation I need.
Speaking of murky minds, that deflated ball thing is getting serious. It’s too bad too, because blocking, tackling, never-say-die running and consistent intensity won the game; the inflation of the ball doesn’t mean a thing there. Seattle though should be worried, The Pats players get mad when no sports scribe writes about how well they played the game last Sunday, and only focuses on tearing apart a team that played extremely well in favor of a more sensationalized story. Do they hate the Pats because Belichick doesn’t kiss their feet at press conferences? Let’s hope the Pats get there punishment soon, so we can get back to talking aout football.
Actually, there is some wiggle room between Repubs and 0-Man – Trade Agreements, tax reform and a little bit of Cuban Diplomatic relations. Of course those are broad subjects. It will be in the nitty-gritty where the grimaces of sarcasm emerge.
The Question:
I was thinking g of the great Maureen Connelly, a courageous and great tennis player whose life was cut short by ovarian cancer. Her accomplishments were awesome. Why was she nicknamed “Little Mo”. Bonus: Quick, what kind of lizard appears in the Geico commercials?
The Headlines:
--President Sets His own Agenda In SOTU Last Night.
--Bulletin: European Central Bank (ECB) Proposes About $50 Billion In Bond buys/Month.
--Chinese Stocks Soar to best Gains In 5 Years.
--Gold Bugs Seeing Some Light As Stocks Stutter.
--$200 Million Ransom Demand May Indicate ISIS Financial Desperation.
--Rebels Hold Yemeni President Captive At his House.
--Palestinian Stabs 11 Israeli’s On tel Aviv Bus; Iran Revolutionary Guard Vows Punishment for Israel After Killing Of Genal In Syria; Senate And Prez To Butt Heads Over Iran Sanctions.
One of the bright spots for stock investing, if you have the stamina to weather the rolling seas, is that the stock dividend yields are above Treasuries, which is considered quite bullish. This is only the 4th time in 50 years when that has occurred. It will appear painful for a month or so as earnings are digested and a calmer picture of the global economy emerges, but this underlying yield advantage should carry stocks into a new positive buying period. Then, the only real annoyance will be the gloating hawkers of Gold.
Why do so many people clean their house to get ready for their cleaning lady?
Where have you gone, Little Mo Connelly, Department:
I just read all of the names of the women who played in the first round of the Australian Open. Other than the Williams Sisters and Carol Wozniak I was pretty much lost. For your edification, the US losing players were Shelby Rogers, Taylor Townsend and Sloane Stevens. The US winners were Serena and Venus, Varbara Lepchnko, Lauren Davis, Madison Keys, Anna Tatishvili, Madison Brengle, Nicole Gibbs, Irena Falconi and Coco Vanderweghe. Wait a minute, did I say Coco Vanderweghe? Yikes, does that send me rapidly back in time. First she is the niece of basketball player Kiki (What’s with those Vanderweghe’s) and the granddaughter of Coleen Kay Hutchins (Miss America 1952). Hutchins married  her bother Mel’s New York Knick teammate Ernie Vanderweghe. Ernie was a terrific, hustling player, but he became an all-star with miss America by his side.
One of the bigger twitter wars of the moment is between a former White House operative named Bill Burton, United Airlines and Conservative travelers. Apparently UA uses as its default news station “Newsmax TV”. Burton went berserk on the plane and immediate tweeted the WH and UA. UA came up with PC statement and caved. The Conservative travelers in a rage sent out tweets which indicted the former finest airline in the nation as weenies, gutless and not worthy of their patronage. Newsmax TV is quite conservative, but is also becoming one of the fastest growing news services for business like the Airlines.
In response to Russ Wilson’s tears of joy, Aaron Rogers says that “God doesn’t really care about the outcome of football games”
It is rare the day I eat a ¼ pounder from Mac’s place, but, when I I do, I always wonder why I don’t do it more often. Once you get rid of the pickle, it’s pretty great eating.
You have to wonder how many people these days have ever heard of Taffy.
If I was buying art, I might be looking for the emergence of some good Latina artists. A massive population shift changes everything.
Did you read where the ObamaCare system is sharing personal data with marketing companies?  That’s painful. I never use cookies or take any other internet marketer suggestions telling me it is good for me to give away all of my most cherished secrets because it makes it easier for me to buy things. I’ll take privacy.
Duh, Department:
Surprise: “RI Delegation Applauds Obama Speech.” Hell, you could barely see the puppeteers strings move.
The Answer:
Maureen was dubbed Little Mo because her firepower even at 16 was compared to “Big Mo”, the Battleship USS Missouri. Maureen was the first women to complete the Grand Slam in One year. Before she was done in by a horse riding accident at teenage of 20, she had won 9 Grand slam tournaments. Bonus: The Geico commercial lizard is a Gecko! Just wanted to see if you were awake.
Have a sensational Wednesday. You can’t help loving a day like today, that is, if you are in RI walking amidst he chilled breezes blown off the sea.
Today is Wednesday, isn’t it? Or did I sleep an extra day? Te SOTU is one powerful sedative.

I can’t get the kite to fly, but I’m having fun trying.

Today's Tids Issue 3,266
Opening stuff:

It’s really hard to determine exactly where the State of the Union lies today. It is just so hard to believe the Politicians, and our watchdog media spend most of their efforts chasing their own agendas. The dreams I had don’t seem to be there anymore. Lines of truth are continually blurred, and I can’t leave my screen door open, blowing in the winds. Everybody knows too much about everybody else, and the government has too many people with nothing to do but tell the rest of us how to run our lives. Maybe I just want to be a kid again, walking on a dusty ball field, kicking a pebble or too. Yelling, “Hey batta, batta.” Playing with the kids in the neighborhood on teams we built ourselves.  Maybe though, I just want to be in that world we had. Where people built ways to help each other, where almost everybody worked to get ahead, yet the truly needy were taken care of.  When almost everybody went to church on Sunday, the day when almost everybody got to stay home and enjoy family. The State of the Union has really become a meaningless hour to me. Because, nothing is really going to change for the good of all people. Maybe it’s because too many have forgotten what good really is.
We never really grow up; we only learn how to act in public
If Obama is really serious about what he is going to say tonight about more taxes et. al., he would have said it back when he had Democrat congressional majorities who could pass it. This is just the latest example of how he manipulates the poor and yearning.
I‘m thinking that we could save the coal industry with “Coal Fired Pizza” restaurants. There seems to be a little trend for coal induced heat growing here, and maybe with further penetration onto college campuses, a good pizza could break down the barriers and gather in a little love from global waming naysayers. I’ll have a broccoli pizza, please.
The movie, American Sniper, shattered the January weekend sales record established by Oscar winner Avatar -- $90.2 Million vs. $68 Million. The left side of Hollywood will probably get back at the conservative side by filming the story about a murderous member of al-Qaida who was mistreated at Gitmo. It will have tender flash backs of the terrorist musing about the days when he strapped bombs on his kids.
The Question:
Coach “K”. Mike Krzyzewski of Duke , won his 999th game last night. Who do you think are the top all time winning college basketball coaches? Bonus: The Byrds hit it big in 1965 with Mr. Tambourine Man. Who wrote, composed and sang it first? Double Bonus Extra: Who do you think are the Top Ten all Time American Idol money earners?
The Headlines:
--The President Delivers SOTU Tonight Between NCIS and Justified.
--European Stocks Zooming To Near Highs; Morgan Stanley Earnings Disappoint; Bellwether Bank Joins Others On Downside; Dow Opens Lower..
--Islamic Militants In Video Threaten To Kill Japanese Hostages.
--Colorado Holmes Theater Massacre Trial Joins Hernandez and In Jury selection Derbies.
--Pope Planning September Trip To Philly And White House.
--Ohio Overpass Collapses Killing One.
--Research Evidence For NY State ban On Fracking Considered Questionable At best;  Was Developed And Delivered By Pro Ban Groups. 
This deflation of footballs story is a classic example of how the intense bias of journalists misses the real stories.
Does a wandering mind count as exercise?
By the way, the media and the TV celebs, including several weenies on “The Five”, are rapidly climbing upon the Seattle bandwagon. I guess things would be different if Bill Belichick was a cute and lovable as Pete Carroll…or if Tom Brady cried as tenderly as Russ Wilson. Bob Kraft could tip the emotional scales his way if he permitted pot smoking at Gillette Stadium.
Grady Judd is my new hero.
Speaking of justice the old fashioned way before PC, the great TV show “Justified begins its final season tonight at 10:00 on Fx. If you have never watched Justified, you have missed a lot. My only problem tonight is what to watch between  NCIS at 8:00 and Raylan Givens scheming against Boyd Crowder at 10:00. Maybe I’ll read a book.
Maybe anti-Fracking people have also gotten the term banned in Spell-Check because fracking doesn’t show up there as an acceptable word! The Cuomo’s will do anything to get their way..
Is there a tougher name to spell and pronounce that K-r-z-y-z-e-w-s-k-i?  I got the “Ski part right.
The Answer:
The top five winningest Div1 College Basketball coaches are Mike Krzyzewski (999), Jim Boeheim (963), Bob Knight (899), Dean Smith (879) and Jim Calhoun (877). Some of the others are Adolph Rupp, Jim Phelan (St. Mary’s), Eddie Sutton, Lefty Dreisel, Lute Olsen, Lew Henson, Henry Iba, Ed Diddle, Phog Allen, John Chaney, Jerry Tarkanian, Norm Stewart, Ray Meyer, Don Haskins and Denny Crum. Bonus: Mr. Tambourine man was first heard through the nasal sounds of the great Bob Dylan. Double Bonus: Number one is Kelly Clarkson! The rest are Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, David Cook, Jennifer Hudson, Jordan Sparks, David Archuleta, Clay Aiken and Kris Allen.
So, Mr. Tambourine Man will hop on the big stage of the US Capital tonight to do a little tap dance while strumming the tune of wealth redistributions. Of course, it is a masquerade, because he is always out of tune with America.
Frankly I love that song,. Here are the Byrds and Bob Dylan. Pick your favorite:

Monday, January 19, 2015

Everybody isn’t like me.

Today's Tids Issue 3,265
Opening Stuff:
Many a tear will flow again today as the words of Martin Luther King and his “I have a dream” masterpiece are echoed across America’s exalted valley’s and mountain sides laid low. Across every Snow capped peak, mountain  side, hill and mole hill, “Let freedom ring.”
On 148 acres of Philippine parkland and boulevards, 6 million of that island nation  stood in awe with love bursting from their hearts as Pope Francis told them to help their children avoid sin, to love and help their fellow man. 6 Million People. Think about that.
Single minded global warmers remind me of vegetarians who try to convince me that broccoli tastes better that steak. Such arguments just lose credibility if you can’t put it in contest of another person’s knowledge. If you want your views to penetrate the minds of others you have to understand at what pace the other minds are willing to accept your ideas.
It looks like a part of Jeb Bush’s presidential run  strategy can be foun d in the phrase, “I don’t like George W. Bush Either.” Yup, a release appeared this morning saying, probably intended for the “Bush Haters” segment of the voter popualtion, that “he is not close his brother and that they rarely talk”. In fact a GWB Operative is saying the two brothers are not like each other at all. Sounds like a strategy to me.
The Question:
Who are considered the most important back leaders?
The Headlines:
--0-Man Expected To Push Tax And Spend Program As SoU Centerpiece, Despite Clear Signal from November Voters; Package Would Include $300 Billion In new Taxes; Repubs Say No Way.
--NYPD May be Asked To Step Away From Muslim Mosque Surveillance Because Of Political Correctness.
--Icy Road Conditions Kill 5, Cause Numerous Accidents On Eastern Roads.
--Seattle Seahawks To Meet new England Patriots In super Bowl.
--Fat Load Michael Moore Tweets That Sniper Chris Kyle Is A Coward.
--US Stock And Bond Markets Closed; British Stock Market up For Third Consecutive Day; China Stocks Plunge Most In 6 Years After Authorities Imposes Crackdown On Margin Trading; US Waiting For Morgan Stanley Earnings.
--Air Force releases UFO Files To Internet.
--Martin Luther Is Remembered Across The Country.
Let’s see, some in the small-minded sports writing community is raising a question of the NE Pats cheating by letting the air out of the footballs, which were used by both Brady and Luck. The Pats won,  not because of squishy balls, but because of testicular fortitude; because their O and D lines smashed into the Colts line and won the day where it counts; because the pats runner Blount ran with powerful determination, ad reckless abandon; because The Pats receivers ran past the colts defenders and got open for catches; because the Pats D-Backs stuck with Colts receivers like glue so Andrew Luck was forced to make ill conceived choices. The Pats won the game 45-7 because they played their best game of the year. Jealousy is a black heart. Oh, the report about the so-called deflated ball was uncovered by an Indianapolis reporter.
BTW, the Pats also did nothing illegal with the formations. Harbaugh just wasn’t smart enough to understand it.  Interestingly, in ten Colds game the PA announced the eligibility of personnel, but in the case of Tackle Solder, the Colts D-Back ignored him.
And…Seattle proved that you just can’t be too far ahead. What an amazing comeback, that was! GB had it and all they needed was for one guy to squeeze the ball a little tighter. But, you have to take your hat off to Russ Wilson and Marchon Lynch for making the opportunity work. But then, maybe Green Bay was so stunned by then chain of events that they couldn’t see clearly any more.
Somebody ths morning suggested that Elizabeth Warren could be the first Native American President. God save us from the “First” syndrome.
The Wisdom of citizens vs. then foolishness of elected officials, Department
In an informal survey among Rhode Islanders about the best way to improve et economy here, the top three suggestions as voted by every day people were: 1. Reduce taxes (33.7%)  2. Create financial incentives for businesses to locate here (31.4%   3. Reduce Regulation and red tape (17.4%). The top political leaders have listed as their major focus -- Education (7%) and Infrastructure (3.6%) -- which also just happen to be the favorites of the unions who have over the years run the state into the ground. We have plenty of well educated people in this state. They are just leaving because there are few good places for a good career. I think I may have to stop beating my head against our immovable wall.
Two overused pharses which make me crazy are “Student Athlete” and “Broken Immigration System”. I guess the NCAA powers that be think if you say student often enough, people will belie the athletes actually attend classes. And of course, the immigration system isn’t broken at all. It’s just the people who are supposed to make laws inexistence work (the admin and friends) who have lost their way. All tose who turned their backs and closed their minds while the unlawful snuck across the border to work for people who disregarded laws..
If you faithfully read news paper’s “Letters to the Editor” you realize pretty quickly that there is a lot of convoluted thinking out there in the wilderness.
There are 32 Conferences in the NCAA. Five of them are now allowed to vote separately, and from what I have seen, the intent of the Five is to make the other 27  non-competitive for the better athletes. College sports were better when it was students who could play sports versus students who could play sports.
The Answer:
#25 is Langston Hughes. Then we have in descending order Charles Hamilton Houston, Harry Belafonte, Nat Turner, Carter Woodson, Mary McLoed Bethune, John Johnson (Ebony mag), Jesse Jackson (#19), Marcus Garvey, Fannie Lou Hamer, A. Phillip Randolph, Paul Robeson, Dred Scott, James Baldwin, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Booker T. Wshingtin, Ella Baer, Ida B’ Wells-Bennett, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas a.. he top 5 --  Malcom X,  Thurgood Marshall, WEB DuBois, Barack Obama(?) and Martin Luther King Jr.
I’ve got to get this mess out earlier.