Like a quiet harbor

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Oceans don’t seem as wide as they used to.

Today's Tids Issue 3,439
Opening Stuff:

There are signs on Wall Street that Optimism, or at least rational thinking may be returning to buffer the market. There is more evidence to the contrary of several warning signs from bears. Two main revelations are that the S&P is not over valued and that some of the danger signs like those regarding the dollar and energy are overstated. Part of the problem is people have become used to volatility and look for declines even midst strength. Of course the world economy, in particular a China malaise will be scare some investors into exaggerated reactions. Nothing is in isolation any more.

Have you noticed while reading news bulletins and stories that the world appears to have been smothered by extraneous Instagram clutter?

My guess is that we will be seeing stories from the NY times, Washington Post about all of the good people living positive lives after being wrongfully imprisoned for drug use. Anecdotal evidence is key for ideologues especially when there is little supporting evidence for an agenda from general population statistics, in this case 6,000 released prisoners.

I started off a little groggy this morning after last night’s Ya, Ya, Ya (WYKWIM)…Ya, Ya elimination celebration party. EeeeeHa! Ok, so I’m small.

The Question:
Double “Q” Day! 1. What was the name of the man who kidnapped the Lindbergh baby? 2. What do you think are rated as the Top Ten greatest rock songs of the 70’s?

The Headlines:
--Massive Oil Reserves Discovered In Israel.
--New Players Discovered In Clinton Email Scandal; Hillary Email Saw Hack Attempts By Korea, China, Germany.
--China Markets Recover After “Holiday”; Germany Growth Newest Concern.
--Oil Prices Rising After Russia Attacks.
--Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei Bans All negotiations With The USA.
--Some Of Prisoners In Obama’s Mass Early Release Porgram Have Long Rap Sheets That Include Violence, Robbery and Drug selling And Smuggling.
--Putin Popularity “Sky High” In Shiite Iraq.

A new Quinipiac Poll has the USA saying the most trusted news network is Fox News at 29%. CNN is next with 22%. CBS and NBC are at 10% while ABC is 8% and MSNBC is on the bottom at 7%. But these numbers also indicate that news trust has fallen mightily since the days of Edward R., Huntley/Brinkley and kindly old Walter C. Unfortunately too many people believe Facebook, Instgram and Twitter. And Jon Stuart.

Every day I erase The Tids I wrote the day before. It’s an odd sensation about basically nothing. I always feel I’m losing something of myself, even though it is all there somewhere. Humans are weird.

Draft Kings is not using the Tids Pickum’s to plot their results. Not too bad ast week at 10-5, although there were a couple I had regrets about after I clicked “Send”. This brings the year to 39/24 or 62%. Creeping up. There are a lot of teasers out there this week. Indy isn’t that good except in the eyes of ESPN. Houston has disappointed too. I go Houston tonight. Other tough matchups are St. Lou/GB, A less than expected Buff against a better than expected Tenn, Struggling Seattle and undefeated undefined Cinncy, underlings Jax at TB, Stumbling Balt at surprising Cleve, The Pats at injured Dallas and two underperformers from the coasts –SF and the Jints. Have to pick GB at home, An increasingly questionable Seattle team to muffle Dalton, Buff to get to Mariota, TB at home, Cleveland in the upset of the week, The Pats in hopefully not the upset of the week and the mistake prone Giants over the similarly mistake prone Niners. The rest of the picks are KC over Chi, Atlanta over Skins, Iggles over Saints, Cards over Lions, Denver “D” holding back a better Raider team and SD at home over Pitt. I’ll be wrong on some picks cause that’s the way NFL football goes, but the big question mark in my mind is not picking Cinncy.

“Fresh Off The Boat” is a pretty funny new Sitcom.

I knew I had seen the TV show “Limitless” before. It was in a not too awful movie starring Bradley Cooper and Robert DiNero. Same basic plot. I liked the movie and I didn’t mind the TV show so far…even though I know I’ve seen it.

It will be interesting to see what is really happening within these Fantasy league “non-gambling” ventures. It appears that it is near impossible to get insider information based on the way the system works – at least according to a rebuttal from industry exaecs. So this furor may be a case of jealousy after one employee of Draft Kings won $365K. Maybe the kid knew what he was doing. Maybe he was really good at the game. Regardless, the Companies will have to show strong signs of self-regulation, or find Congress clinging to their backs. Now if only Wall Street would self-regulate, we’d really be making some progress.

Oil in Israel – does that mean that Putin will soon be taking the USA’s place there too?

I’ll tell you one thing about Hillary the Repubs should fear – She has programs. Her latest designed to curtail risky trading on Wall Street (Ala recent Bernanke suggestions on talk show circuit) has a broad appeal to all that have their heart in their throat watching savings disappear. She, like her husband, will probably do what wins, usurp good republican ideas as her own. She can be anybody the electorate wants her to be. Hillary the lizard – I mean chameleon!

If smart phone users can get past the hype, they may start opting for the Microsoft Lumina over IPhone. First thing to look at is price. The second thing to consider is whether or not you need all of those IPhone features.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 20 continues…
   Nancy grabbed Jared’s arm to steady herself as she sprang from the canoe. She looked at him for a beautiful second, and then ran toward her house to see Beth. He tied the canoe to a small branch, and was about to walk back when he noticed a small movement in one of the blue plastic sacks. He jumped back, but quickly oriented himself to the scene, picking up a paddle, then walking carefully towards the body. He poked it gently with the paddle, but heard nothing, no groans or sounds of pain. Maybe it was his imagination.  
   He’d wait for Nancy. She was the smart one. Jared had no ego, especially when it came to the care and handling of dead, mutilated bodies. He started to sit, when his eye caught a refection up the shoreline about 20 yards. It was a boat. Actually a nice looking boat, with plenty of room for five, including the two chubbies.
    He was breathing hard again after hauling the deadly duo up and into the boat, when he heard, “I see you found my toy”. He turned to see Nancy smiling, standing in front of a somewhat rejuvenated Beth. Jared immediately ran over and hugged Beth.

The Answer:
1. This was just a little refresher course on old history. I’m sure you all had Bruno Hauptman tucked away in the back of your minds. 2. Ok, time to rock. #1 is Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to heaven. The rest are Hotel California (Eagles), Imagine (Lennon), What’s Gong On (Gaye), Brn to Run (Bruce), Superstition Wonder), Layla (Derek, Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), Bridge Over Troubled Waters ( S&G) and Let’s Stay together (Green). Of those I only liked Layla and Bohemian. Check out the Top 250 – I’m sure you’ll find many-a-favorite:

I always enjoyed #23 – More Than A feeling by Boston.

Add a little life to your day.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What scares you most: Global Warming; ISIS with “The Bomb”

Today's Tids Issue 3,438
Opening Stuff:

This is the time the blossoms come, but not for our dear lazy mum. It strains and grunts, and pushes hard, But nothing pops to brighten the yard. Alas we have but lumps of green. No red and yellows to grace our scene. It seems that nothing this Fall will get finah. I fear our plants were made in China.

Remember in the old days when we the USA said we were not guilty of any wrong doing, and everybody in the world believed us. I think we have lost our advantage, or else old time PR people were better.

Seriously, the Kardashians are providing a great service to the USA. They remind us of what’s wrong with American and about how fast it can decay into mediocrity and irrelevancy.

The biggest single racket in America is class action lawsuits. Period.

Instant Global Warming: ISIS with the Bomb

The Question:
--What are considered the top ten luxury SUV’s?

The Headlines:
--All Eyes Focused On Profit Reporting Season; Investors Prepare For Bumpy October Ride; Markets Hanging In There Through Noon Hour..
--Russian Ships Add Cruise Missiles To Syria Bombardment; 22 Fired This Morning To Support Ground Movement; Russian Fighter Jets Follow US Predator Drones Over Syria..
--FBI Investigation Of Hillary Email Chicanery Deepens.
--Mexican Targets Trump For Assassination. Trump Continues To Insult People; Campaign Becoming Tedious.
--Eastern European Smugglers From Moldovia Found Attempting To Sell Radio Active Nuke Materials For Dirty Bombs To ISIS And Other Terror Groups; Ties Seem To Link Back To Former Russia KGB Organization Operatives; ISIS Spokespeople Say They Want to Wipe Out 100 Million Infidels.
--Kentucky Man Saved From Being Strangled By 125 Pound Python.

Doncha just love a good War, Department:
Google brought Apple back to earth and it looks like we live in a GoogApp world. But mighty Microsoft, the long term (In digital years) traditional consumer computing giant that has suffered most in the battle of the youngsters, is not going to go away easy. It is announcing it’s first homemade laptop, Surface Book, as a competitor to, and which is 50% faster than Apple’s Mac Book Pro. It is beefing up some of it’s phone options with newly energized Lumia Smartphones. It has awakened to the mobile computing world and it is reacting. The new Windows 10 has signed on 110 Million users since July. You gotta figure there are still a few smart people up their in the Seattle area.

Patrick Kennedy seems to be trying to turn his drinking dad into some kind of victim. But my guess is that Chappaquiddick weighed heavily upon him.

There is nothing more beautiful to see than a US Navy ship cruising through the local waters. It just seems to meld with the sea like few other vessels.

Every once in a while I just have find and play an old Vangelis recording.

Maybe, just maybe, the dinosaurs were eradicated during the last ice age. So says this sage who is unpacking his fleece a little earlier this year.

Obama is about to release 6,000 or so “harmless” convicted felons. In essence what he is doing by aborting the punishment for illegal drug use is making drug use legal. So, these are guys and gals who like to get high. What harm can they do? Well, there is a huge problem around these united states and that is called the drug industry, where people are routinely killed and others die from usage. But the fact remains, the drug industry doesn’t exist if users don’t use. The USA tells Mexico to get their murdering drug cartels under control Mexico tells the USA to tell their people to stop buying drugs. The Mexican cartels may have a newly expanded market of about 5,900.

Last night Neil Cavuto called for the jailing of misbehaving financial execs. He must be reading the Tids.

Not high on my list of things to do is walking on glass bridges over deep canyons.

Street Smarts vs. Book Smarts, Department:
In cased you missed it, up in Napanoch NY at the Eastern New York Correctional Facility, a debating team of inmates took down the national championship Harvard team. Yes the Crimson from Cambridge couldn’t out argue the inmate’s defense of a public school’s right to turn away students of parents who came to the USA illegally. This is a nice story at several levels. There’s no truth to the rumor that the judge’s families were being held hostage.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 20.
    Twenty Five minutes after Jared had called her, Nancy was seen paddling hard towards the small handing area at the rear of her compound. Jared had washed Beth’s face and given her some Tylenol. She was under five blankets and finally had stopped shivering. He tried to cheer her up, but she wasn’t in  a laughing mood.
   The two lugs were his big problem. After checking for signs of life he figured they were both dead. They looked it to him, but what did he really know. He found some old blue plastic drop clothes in that little shed. He wrapped them up and dragged them over towards the lakeside, taking time to rest several times. Resting had become important to Jared.
   Getting them away from this property was key. But, he figured that no matter where they were when and ifdiscovered, Nancy would be the prime suspect. And of course he and Beth wouldn’t be far behind, if the happy Town Manager was still in the evil doer’s pocket. We got rid of two and may be facing an army.
   He was just sitting there on a big rock, looking cool and in control, mesmerized by the grace and strength of Nancy pushing the canoe towards him. As she grew closer, he thought he saw a smile, like maybe she too was tickled, well perhaps mildly pleased, to see him waiting patiently on the shore. He stood, just as she drove one last stroke, expecting to catch the bow and bring a quiet docking. But, just at the last minute she drove the paddle into the water and spun the craft neatly into a small landing spot. He just shook his head in admiration. But, knew that what looked good was only a small part of the world he had chosen to enter.
The Answer:
#10 is the Buick Enclave. Then we have the Volvo XC 60, BMW X5, Infinity QX 80, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q5, Lexus RX, Mercedes GL, Acura MDX and at #1 – Land Rover Range Rover.

I’m having trouble singing a happy tune with thoughts of ISIS getting their hands on a nuke. Maybe it’s just me. I worry too much.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Honesty is quite cleansing.

Today's Tids Issue 3,437
Opening Stuff:

There is little reason to believe anything other than that Putin is in Syria to save Assad and eventually control the Middle East with Iraq and Iran. This is an incredible quandary for the US..and the allies in the region. It is probably too late to do much about it, aside from starting a World War. Putin is probably counting on the US to do little other than talk and go through diplomatic channels. It is a little like the Cuban missile crisis, except the decisions should have been made 3 years ago.

So what if I don’t know what apocalypse means? It isn’t like it’s the end of the world.

I see where part of the ISIS growth and stabilization strategy is pushing for pregnancies among their people. They expect that will assure a growing Caliphate with a secure future of more bloodthirsty citizens. So, maybe we could send over Planned Parenthood to thwart their efforts. See, there’s a reason for everything.

Men with thinning hair have a new marching song: “We shall overcomb.”

The Question:
What do you think was the national average cost of a Wedding last year?

The Headlines:
--Beau Biden While Dyng Said To Have Urged Dad To Run For President: “America Needs Biden Values,” He Was Said To Have Told The VP.
--South Carolina Still Facing Danger From Swollen Rivers and Damn Bursting; 4 Damns Already Have Caved.
--Pepsico Hits Profit Number (Less Venezuelan Accounting Adjustment) Ahead Of Bell; Market Opens In Positive Territory.
--House Leadership Vote Set For October 29; Chaffetz Getting Feisty.
--Nato Warns Russia On Violating Member Nation Airspace.
--Hillary Offers Gun Plan Where She Would Necessarily Have To Circumvent Congress.

I see where Goodell’s officials took the air out of the game last night when they clearly missed a huge and critical call with a minute or so to go. It was obvious to all except the official who didn’t seem to understand the “batted” ball rule. People who are concerned with the “integrity of the game” should be looking into the commissioner’s office first.

The Voice finished its blind rounds and all of the teams look pretty formidable. I think Adam did quite well as did Blake. But, Pharrell and Gwen added a couple of Country singers which is seems is always a good idea on this program. After all, Pharrell won last year with a folk singer. Maybe I’ve seen too many singers, but I had trouble remembering my last night’s winners and losers this morning. The only two firmly in my mind were Dustin Christianson and Shelby Brown. Even though not firmly affixed, I did like quite a bit Sydney Rhame. And, I think Summer Schappell will be pleasant if she lingers. Dustin Monk was not high on the viewer charts but I think he has potential. Everybody including Critics liked Amy Vachal, and I will say she had a nice voice, but something didn’t grab me. Blaine Mitchell’s voice was good to me, but he had trouble making eye contact. Chase Kirby was dreamy, and emotional, but, will he survive when the going gets raucous.

I’m thinking I like the entry of Jason Chaffetz into the Speaker race. He seems to make sense, and may be what is needed to get the House off dead center. He could win if he makes the case that McCarthy is just Boehner 2.

ISIS is forgetting one thing. Succeeding generations tend to rebel against their elders. “But Mom, all the other kids don’t like cutting off the heads of Christians.”

Some days you get good news and as a result it tends to reflect a brighter mind. That is of course, if with the Tids, you can find something bright to say.

I wasn’t originally going to get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind.

I see that Ben Bernanke is making the rounds of the talk shows, probably in advance of a book or something. He seems to be advocating for more intense investigations of people in big banking institutions rather than just the institution itself. He says, as many observers I have read and know say, that we will never end bad behavior among financial whiz bangs if the only punishment is large fines against the companies. People need to go to jail, Bernanke urges --  even, the sheltered bigs, who oversee an environment of indulgence?

I guess Patrick Kennedy is delusional after all. Over the weekend he said that his father Ted “was the greatest Senator in the history of America”.

What’s with this new trend by Presidents of getting around the USA system. First you let lawbreaking immigrants stay, and then the leader of the country, and leaders to be, espouse avoiding the checks and balances to satisfy their personal agenda’s. Somebiodis always tryingto lowr the bar of resposobiity, which genrallyleas to

It was a humorous juxtaposition last night on Wheel of Fortune where one female contestant, a young lawyer who’s goal was to scour the country looking for great hotdogs, stood next to another female contestant, a nutritionist! The hot dog eater looked quite fit and healthy.

Did you know that Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian Political refugee who came to New York seeking freedom from tyrannical aggression? I wonder what he would think of Presidents going around Congress.

It appears that a lot of Syrian refugees are Christians. You know what happens to Christians when ISIS walks in.

There are just too many new TV programs around right now, and that makes it tough to get into a good routine. Let’s see, I’m having agita over TV program clutter and Syrian refugees are sleeping in mud.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 18 continues…
   Te two men looked relieved, especially Joseph who had been concerned that he might be faced with fighting, and even killing his friend. The two went back to their table where Richard brought out a stack of papers from his deerskin carrying bag placed them on te table between them down. They sat and began discussing the papers, many of which looked like crudely drawn maps.
  Elisabeth reached over and drew her fingers along the forearm of Jeremiah. The sudden touch raised the hair on his arms. He turned his head to see his smiling, beautiful friend. He clasped her hand and she moved her thigh next to his. “Maybe we should get fresh air,” she whispered. She nodded towards the two men who seemed deep into their more serious discussion.
   There was not a sound as the two moved effortlessly to the shoreline disappearing into a small copse of birch trees. “I hated seeing you so quiet, so stern. I didn’t know what to do.”
  Elizabeth put her finger to his lips to stop his talking. She stood up on her skin clad tiptoes and kissed him gently. “I was scared for you.”
  Jeremiah felt as though his heart had jumped into his throat, He could barely breathe. He now leaned forward and kissed her, but harder more urgently. He put his arms around her, into the small of his back. She reached up and held him behind his shoulders. Their bodies melted into each other. This had always been the promise. Now it was the feeling.

The Answer:
The down payment for a median-priced USA home is $34,305. Last year the average cost to get hitched was $31,213 – up from $29,858 in 2013 and $26,984 in 2010.. But, brides love it and feel it is money well spent. The most expensive place to marry is NYC with an average cost of $76,328, which is 6 times more than the lowest average cost location: Utah at $15,257. Mormon Tabernacle Choir anybody?

Ok, name one good reason to get married? Maybe, here’s the answer: