Hope Dawns

Hope Dawns
Dawning sun: Prelude to love

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A flag hater, sexter and EU.

Today's Tids  Issue 3,672
Essentially About Nothing:

The world more and more ceases to make sense. It will continue to happen as long as government entities get too big, and insignificant occurrences get major news treatment.

If you lead your life searching for happiness you may never find it. If you lead your life doing what life demands, happiness will find you.

This is the week when children and teens seem to disappear from the face of the earth as they all begin the race to finish their summer reading lists.

Seriously, I’m giving up on politics. It has become a matter of the last quip reported by the press sticking in the empty minds of sheep. Have you noticed that when Trump slams Hill, she repeats the same slur against him, and vice versus. It is a real grammar school yard fight. And frankly I don’t care anymore. Just elect a Repub Congress. That is all that can save us now…gridlock.

The Question:
Who was Guion S, Bluford? Bonus: What was Gene Wilder’s favorite song, and who sang it?

The Headlines:
--South East Preparing For Tropical Storms And Potential Flooding.
--EU Says Apple Must Pay Ireland $14.5 Bil In Taxes!
--Kim Kills Two More NK Officials In Purge.
--Fan Favorite Movie Star Wilder Dead At 83.
--Obamacare options Across Country Disappearing Rapidly.
--Truck Carrying Takata Inflators Explodes Wiping Out Foru Homes, Killing A Woman.

This morning, the EU has come down hard on Apple for Ireland’s decision to give the US company a nice tax break. In fact, the EU says Apple must pay Ireland $14.5 Billion in taxes, calling the Irish deal “Illegal State Aid”! Ireland gave the break to Apple to create jobs there, but the EU seems to be saying it was too good and jobs that benefit one country are not necessarily good for the rest. What they are really saying is that we need the money, and Apple is richer than some of our member countries. See what happens when big anonymous governments get humongous?  It is beginning to look like Britain is better off without Nanny EU countering decisions for the good of their people or making them pay for bad economic decisions by the people of poorly run countries like Greece.

Speaking of banning things, the US agricultural department should put boundaries on the production of Zucchini! It grows like Kudzu on a highway, and chefs will be offering the proverbial “Summer Medley” well into January. Creative cooks are find more and more ways to use this promiscuous vegetable piling up in pantries. The other day I was at a lunch where the wife made dark chocolate zucchini bread which was so rich in the fine product of cacao trees that you never knew the Z-food was there.

When I think of Wilder, I think of him with Pryor saying, “We bad”.

The Kaepernick thing raises the old pervasive community question about the breakdown of the American family. While this has long been regarded as a major factor contributing to the chaos in some black communities, it is also a problem in Hispanic and white communities. This all gets back to that making American great again thing. 0-Man always says “America is great, what is the problem?”. But drug use is on the rise in all communities, and indiscriminate murder, spousal abuse, child abuse and other outrages against humanity is growing like never before. More people seem desensitized against horror, or have lost their conscience through liberalization of everything. We have been chopping away at civilized decency. Everybody looks to blame somebody or something for bad behavior instead of looking inward. Lower standards are enabled continually by country leaders and their apostles. America really does need a shot of revitalization, and that starts with looking inward. And we need leaders who encourage the country to look at the real problems regardless of political impact.

My days as a vegetarian are numbered as the corn on the cob supply begins to dwindle. But then Vegans probably don’t consider corn on the cob a vegetable because it tastes too good.

When you go out early for a meeting or appointment et. al., it is always nice to see when you arrive that the person you are to meet is already there.

Trump does it again, refusing to keep his mouth shut and trying to create a national security conspiracy over the Weiner outing.

In some ways a smart phone inhibits discovery. For instance standing at a news stand, various titles shout at you and I would often pick up one of the more obscure offerings to explore something I knew nothing about. Now the smart technology tends to observe your info habits and continually supply new iterations of stuff you already know pretty well. Just a thought.

I have the greatest respect for people who run IT departments in big companies and are constantly harassed by endless un knowledgeable contributors offering  suggestions abot what should be done about things that should be done.

The Answer;
Guion S. Bluford sounds like an Al Capp character, but he is in fact the first black astronaut to be rocketed into space. Bonus: Gene Wilder’s favorite song was Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Ella Fitzgerald. It was playing when he took his last breath. You may find yourself humming that today.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Humility makes us real.

Today's Tids  Issue 3,671
For Humility:

A jokester writing quips in cursive needs good punmanship.*

I have to be honest with you. I have an immense capability to say some extraordinary dumb things. Part of what I like about this Tids mess is writing stuff as it enters my mind as sort of the first line of defense against smothering political correctness. I have also been told by people much wiser than myself that speaking and writing though your gut instead of filtering everything through your brain is good for your mental health, and even better for the people around you. This is good because my gut knows more than my brains anyhow. I am not the smartest person in the world, but I’m pretty good at rational observations. So, I’ll just keep putting out the stuff I see, or steal, and look forward to reading what really smart people send back. Thanks for letting me evangelize about occasionally understanding humility. If, that’s what I did.

There are 67 synonyms for the word, “Smart”, in case you are interested

Ok, America is a great free place and Colin Kaepernick has the right to free speech. But his, “I’m not going to stand up and show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” is a little offsetting. Where have you been Rip Van Winkle? -- Oppresses black people! Sure, maybe black leaders do in order to preserve their racism industries, and also some politicians who play the “I’ll save you” game. No people cringe more about bodies in the street and kids with struggling or no parents, than all good regular Americans with true love in their hearts. And that is the vast majority, regardless of which side of the aisle they favor. There are many inadequacies in those neighborhoods (which many social analysts could with the absence of PC define readily), which could be best resolved by many who managed to get out and attain success. Like yourself, who could make $114 Million over six years. And many other athletes, entertainers and business and professional people. Hey, wait a minute, a lot of successful blacks, Hispanics et. al. do walk the walk and go back home to contribute to the reestablishment of a better place, with better schools and domestic tranquility. America is free and open to allow all people themselves to rise above their circumstances. Oppression? Get in there and do something, Colin. We have had plenty of empty words that enable mediocrity.

I write better listening to melodic orchestral tone poems like those of Strauss, Respighi and Sibelius. That is, if you call this writing! Now, if I could only find music that would help with spelling.

The Question:
There used to be 27 letters in the alphabet. What is missing today? Bonus: What are the names of the ships for these captains: Henry Hudson, John Paul Jones, Oliver Hazard Perry, Christopher Jones, Lord Nelson, Captain Ahab, William Bligh and Ferdinand Magellan.

Baseball players are so good at what they do in the field that most people don’t realize how great the plays they make are.

The Headlines:
--Wiener Out In Public Again; No Comments From Abedin and Hillary.
--US Banks Gearing Up For Worst Case Scenario As Euro Banks Suffer Through Brexit Woes; Some Say “Economic Nuclear Winter” Not Out Of The Question.
--Tropical Storms On Way To Southeast Coast and Gulf Of Mexico; Gulf Storm Could Bend Back Into Florida.
--US Forces Bracing For Trouble As Turkey/Syria Border Fighting Escalates.
--Oil Prices Dropping Again; Saudi Pushing Production Higher To Put Profit Pressure On Higher Cost US Fracking Production.
--Italy Says Good Bye To Earthquake Victims.
--45 Yemen Troops Killed In ISIS Suicide Attack.

Word of the day, Department:
“Kith”: Acquaintances, friends, neighbors; People living in the same general locale and forming a more or less a cohesive group. “I had neither Kith or kin in England, and was therefore as free as air – or as free as an income of eleven shillings and sixpence a day would permit a man to be.” –AC Doyle.

The “Elite Class”, Department:
“60 Minutes” proved once again last night that “Legal” is more important to lawyers than moral and ethical. In fact, it seems it is the only thing that is important to them when the promise of money dangles before them.

Hey, did you see where MacGyver is coming back on CBS. Maybe all I really needed to keep this computer going was a couple of sticks of chewing gum and a safety pin! Anyhow, the program was always mindless fun and relaxing. I hope they didn’t mess up the new version too much.

One of my all-time favorite music recordings is the live 1938 Carnegie Hall Benny Goodman band performance of the Fats Waller classic Honeysuckle Rose. In this nearly 14 minute improvisional jazz moment, Krupa lays down a pulsating beat that never stops as just four remaining members of the Goodman band are joined by Basie and Ellington band members: From Ellington we had Johnny Hodges, Cootie Williams and Harry Carney and from Basie, Basie himself along with Freddie Green, Walter Page and Buck Clayton to bring a full house crowd to its feet with remarkable solo after remarkable solo. This one grabs you.

About half of the people don’t drive well enough to negotiate narrow streets of old cities and towns. Actually, an abundance of young 20 something woman are probably good drivers, but too self-absorbed to be aware of other people on the road.

I have never been a big fan of those giant sectionals in living rooms. But then, I have never been very practical either.

Lock up you sons and daughters.. and wives, turnoff your cell phones, the Weiner is out again. Yes the irritation ex-Progressive NY worm and congressman  is sexting again, to a woman he claims is his “Fantasy Chick”. On of the more horrendous pics is one of his underwear clad crotch with his young son sleeping next to him in his bed

There’s a lot of food I like that I just don’t buy any more. I just spend hours in super markets looking at the shelves and freezers.

Yogi Berra once said: It ain’t the heat, it’s the humility.”

I have a problem with golf pros being forced to hit out of divots on the fairway. They can get relief from all kinds of lies except this man made obstruction which is not part of the course design.

The Answer:
The alphabet used to include the “&”. Yup, the ampersand, but it didn’t mean what it means now. In Roman Latin 1,500 years ago “ef” meant “and”. Over time, the letters were commonly fused together in cursive to the point where they looked like the current ampersand. But, the word ampersand didn’t arise until the 1800’s when part of the English alphabet (The 27th letter). School children would conclude their “ABC’s” with &. But it would be inappropriate to end with “And” so they made it “And per se” meaning “By itself”. “And per se” became slurred together to become “ampersand”. Aren’t you glad you made it to the end? Bonus: Henry Hudson: Halve Maen (English - Half Moon); John Paul Jones: Alfred, Providence, Ranger; Oliver Hazard Perry: In Battle of Lake Erie he began on “Lawrence” and when those guns were stilled, he swam to and took command of Niagara to defeat the British; Christopher Jones: Mayflower; Lord Nelson: Victory; Captain Ahab: Pequod; Bligh: HMS Bounty; Ferdinand Magellan: Trinidad.

Hey Colin, you going to do more than talk generically if you want some action on whatever is really b othering you. I think that more people are going to stand up straighter and sing the Star Spangled Banner more vigorously than ever.

And in another effort to oust minorities from the mainstream, mover them further afield from a unified society, BLM is going to push for all to sit out National Anthem too. 

*From the Jumble Puzzle

Friday, August 26, 2016

Progressive often goes backwards.

Today's Tids Issue 3,670
For Dinosaurs:

I will never believe any app that promises it will never change, especially those purchased by FaceBook. In this new word of pervasive technology intrusion, you have to build up a lot of barriers to avoid missteps that could activate dangerous assaults on personal information and property. Of course, one of the best fortifications is to be happy with yourself and with what you have, and not seek some other person’s idea of nirvana. What you are is generally pretty damn good.

It seems to me that much of today’s app and “smart” technology is designed basically around streaming music and related conveniences like playlists. Being your basic dinosaur, I already have all the music I need on CD’s and can find anything I want on regular radio.

Actually, I have been characterized as a dinosaur by some, but I am far from it. I have extra “long” arms with which to hug all.

I was reading a book on levitation and found that I couldn’t put it down.

The Question:
A trip to the past for a Tids Double “Q”: 1. Jean Harlow was one of those mysterious Movieland icons. How old was she when she died? What killed her. What was the name of her last movie? 2. The slasher movies of recent times have desensitized young movie goers to horror, and frankly, grizzly murders. Way back, a good horror movie was about what you didn’t see. What are your 5 favorite horror movies of the 1950’s. Bonus: Name five of James Cagney’s best movies.

The Headlines:
--Fed’s Yellen In Long Awaited Speech Says Economy Is Good; Gives Few Hints About Rates, Except That Inflation Is Low Precluding Rate Hikes; Stock Markets Up Nicely.
--French Judge Overturns Burkini Ban.
--Rio Police Formally Charge Lochte.
--Congress Goes After Epipen For Soaring Costs.
--Sears To Sell Venerable Craftsman, Kenmore Brands; Overall Business Continues To Struggle.
--Hot Stock Uber Has Lost $1.2 Billion In First Half Of 2016; Some Analysts Voicing Concern At Super High Valuation.

Correction Department:
Yesterday I left my Tidlet on Proxima b, the new earth like planet closest to Earth, to get more data. I never came back. But I left the impression it was only 25 miles from the US. In fact, the planet is 4.22 light years away from us meaning it would take about 160 thousand years to get there! And, for what. This planet with the assumed earthlike atmosphere doesn’t rotate on its axis meaning it is continuingly facing its sun on one side and dark and cold on the other. The scientists say it is a perfect place for earthlings for migration…if they don’t mid living in an underground world!  Don’t you love these scientific achievements? Makes you feel good knowing you can get away from Hillary if you want to.

BTW, I was told yesterday of a bright, Harvard Phd candidate using a grant from the Taxpayers who got his degree based on his project of examining “Cargo Shorts!” Shoot me. Phd candidates are bright at using other people’s money.

The prevailing opinion among poll observers is that the biggest vote potential for Trump lies among the “Undercover” voters, or the thousands who are embarrassed to say they will vote for the developer. See, that’s the difference between liberals and conservatives – nothing can embarrass a liberal. Even Hillary. Libs want what they want and are willing to subvert morals and conscience to get it.

The biggest continuous traffic jam in Maine is caused by people crossing Route 1 to get to the Lobster roll mecca known as “Red’s Eats”.

Listening to music is expensive and wasteful. First I had a collection of 78’s. Then it all went to 45’s, shortly to be replaced by 33 rpm’s, which was great for quite a while, even serving 8 Tracks and tapes. But when CD’s came along I had to replicate the collection I had again. And now…they want us all to down load over the internet various and sundry “hot” new services and smart devices! And now that cars and some computers have eliminated CD players, will it be long before a home CD player will be a door stop too. It is basically nuts.

“Trump battles bigotry charges.” That was the big black feature headline “Journalists” decided was apt for this morning’s Newspapers. Oh, the charges? They were from Hillary! Duh.

A lot of people seem to take Tids like that above as an example of my love for Trumperino. I use those instances as examples of my intense anger at the biased way the media reports news. A good media should report all sides of the story and let the reader decide. The only reason that my reports on media make me look like a trump buttswab is because all of the misplaced reporting’s anti Trump…or republican.

Reading Between the Liens Movie Reviews:
--I have to start today with a movie I will never see that is getting, unsurprisingly, raves from Critics. It is obviously part of the WH legacy campaign and is a story of the early dating of 0-man and Michelle in Chicago. It’s called “Southside With You”. Yikes! BTW, national audiences counter the critical raves with tepid support.
--Don’t Breathe is a tension inducing home invasion horror movie. It is a simple film that will hold you rigid scene after scene. Well done and well-acted, it is about two thoughtless thieves who break into a home of a blind man for an easy heist…they think.
--Hands Of Stone is a so-so movie about the great boxer Roberto Durand. It could also be called “No mas”.
--Mechanic Resurrection is a sequel to the original action thriller. It is only a fair film, as our hero is tricked by the seductive actions of a cunning woman to come back to his former life and assassinate the most dangerous man it the world.
--In Order of Disappearance is a Black Comedy revenge thriller. An introverted snow plow driver just named “Citizen of the Year” seeks revenge against the bigger than he expected gang that led his son to an overdose death. He uses his heavy equipment and luck as part of the one man assault with a high body count. Not too bad.

The Answer:
1.  Jean Harlow was Marilyn Monroe before MM. The Blond Hollywood icon was only 26 when she died from kidney failure. She died during the filming of her last film co-starring Clark Gable – Saratoga. 2. Here were many but the best may have been the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I still remember the “The Thing” and the Creature from the Black Lagoon kept you jumping at things in the night. Hey, how about “Them”? The Blob, with Steve McQueen was right up there as was The House of Wax, Tarantula and Godzilla. The House on Haunted Hill and I Married a Monster From Outer Space were good for backbone Chills! Bonus: I guess I would have to say that Cagney really showed us his acting, entertaining versatility in “Yankee Doddle Dandy, the story of George M. Cohan. Others are White heat with Virginias Mayo, The Public Enemy with Jean Harlow and two with Bogart – The Roaring Twenties and Angels with Dirty Faces. Others are One, Two, Three, the terrific Mr. Roberts, Each Dawn I Die, The Strawberry Blond, Fighting 69th, G men and Love me or Leave Me with my favorite Doris Day!

Have a wonderful weekend, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Why do liberals look down upon me so? I love everybody.

Today's Tids Issue 3,660
For Harmony:

I stood upon the highest point looking out at what lighthouses must see, the oceans vast, the endless horizon, awesome to sailors of the past. I saw how small that land’s end villages are to those seas beyond. That mansions grand would cower at the might of the waters that never cease. Rising above our cloisters we can see a world we may not comprehend, yet it reminds of how being one in harmony we can tame even the fiercest of raging seas.

Turkey’s Erdogan has the potential of becoming the newest most dangerous man on earth.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to have traveled though medieval towns of Central Italy. These were wonderful towns of 7-800 years ago, filled with beautiful people. To have walked the quiet streets, tasted magnificent food and to realize that it all lies now in rubble; that caskets line streets instead of bread merchants makes my heart feel sad. I don’t know you, but you are me.

The Question:

A good house can be enhanced, or misrepresented by the style of the front door. Name five typical front door style choices.

The Headlines:

--At Least 12 Killed, 36 Wounded In Attack Of American University In Kabul.

--Death Tolls In Central Italy Earthquake Near 250; Town Of Amatrice Appears To be Wiped Off Map. Larger Quake Hits Villages In Myanmar.

--Markets Treading Water Awaiting Yellen Friday Speech.

--Russia, China, Iran Step Up Strategic Moves Against US.

--Biden Met With Snubs During Peace Seeking Mission To Turkey.

--Trump Redefines Illegal Immigrant Policy To Look More Like Amnesty Program

--Hill Turns To CNN”s Anderson Cooper For Comfort As Clinton Foundation Negatives Escalate; Campaign Appears To Be In Full Defense Mode.

--Hope Solo Suspended From US Soccer For Her “Coward” remarks Against Sweden Team That Beat US.

--Iranian Navy Harassing US Ships In Strait Of Hamuz.

--Scientists Say They Have Discovered Planet 25 miles away That could be like Earth

My guess is that it would be a good idea to change the name of the “American” Schools in the Middle East and Stans.

A woman fell to her death yesterday at a Zip-Line attraction in Delaware. Doesn’t seem to you that here has been a rise in deaths at many of those walking on the edge thrill attractions, from jumping out of planes to amusement park rides. I’m all for testing yourself to the max, but in doing so you expect that the ultimate care in preparation and safety are ten top priorities of if adventure purveyors equipment manufacturers. A friend tells me that when he was jumping into jungles of Nam he had great confidence in his chute because of the Packers, a specialty operation in the service, These men and women had to routinely randomly pick one chute out of the pile and jump out of plane themselves! Maybe owners and maintenance people of thrill activities should take a ride each morning.

Speaking of adventures, maybe politicians should walk in the shoes of voters once a year.

Last weekend I met a family related to the husband of one of my daughters. They were a nice group from a small village in the vast countryside of Minnesota. They came east to meet relatives and see the area for the first time. They liked what they saw. But, it seems what was most fascinating to them occurred as they neared the coast and they observed the emergence of Dunkin’ Donut stores that seemed to increase to the point where it appeared there was one on every corner. Of course they began to think that they must sell some pretty great donuts. But, alas, upon trying them they found them ordinary and unspectacular, and asked me why I thought the stores had become so popular. I told them I only go there as a last resort, but I’d be happy to send them some form Allies.

I also told them I thought it was probably the coffee. But, they countered saying they tried that too and were unimpressed. It just shows you how promotion and me-tooism can create an unbridled success!

As the China, Iran, Russia axis seems to be taking shape, there are people in the USA pondering how we would ever fight such a potential world war. Double yikes.

There is a growing problem around the nation of panhandlers overwhelming many downtowns. It is a problem in Providence and here where I live. Now I read that Providence administrators are looking at a successful plan implemented by the mayor of Albuquerque where their needy were payed $9/Hour to perform simple cleanup chores around the city. It worked. But, I doubt it would here. The public employee unions would block it until all employees received 20% raises, panhandlers joined unions and were put on the city pension plan retroactively.

An observant reader commented on my Tid yesterday about NYC’s new law not requiring taxi drivers to speak English to get a license. She wonders, “Was that really English they were speaking up til now”!

The Answer:

One way to add curb appeal and personality to a home is to paint your door in a bold color. Door styles are Solid Panel, Arched Doors, Dutch or split doors (One of my personal favorites), Double Doors, Decorative period doors with glass inserts and frosted glass doors. Then entrance could also be enhanced by Transom or side light windows.

Hey! I learned how to spell Albuquerque today. Small steps.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cool autumn breezes drifting in.

Today's Tids Issue 3,668
The Comeback:

The stock market seems pretty great right now, but in reality there is little reason for its success unless the industry is artificially keeping it positive until after the elections. One of the hot areas of investments, those stocks producing high dividends, are increasing in their price/earnings ratio which should be a sell signal. Hedge funds are losing investors at a high rate ($25.8 Billion In July). Earnings are slowing as companies find less and less to cut. So, the solution is sell a little, buy a little, sell a little, buy a little…and keep it all stable. I guess there is a growing consensus is that this calm is looking like every other calm before a storm.

There is something pretty soothing about the stark Finnish scenes painted by the music of Juan Sibelius.

I have never understood why people like bathtubs.

Some of the stuff I’m writing about today is info I discovered before my computer mishaps. So I hope it isn’t too old. One of the more blatant media manipulation stories occurred last week when the CNN report on the Milwaukee firestorm and looting featured a black intelligent appearing woman calling for peace in their neighborhoods. They tried to create a moment of balanced and reasoned thinking coming from the black community. What they left out of her remarks was a call to bring the burning to the white suburbs. How awful is that.

“Up to” should be banned from retail advertising. It’s usually printed in one inch high type next to a four foot high 50% off”.

The Question:

What four nations met at Dumbarton Oaks to lay the groundwork for the United Nations?

The Headlines:

--Large Earthquake In Central Italy Kills At least 75; Today is 1,937th Anniversary Of Italy” Mount Vesuvius Explosion That Wiped Out Pompeii.

--Markets Down; New Home Sales Flying High.

--AP Report Says That 85 of 150 Who Got Audience With Hill At State Paid $150 Million To Clinton Charity; New York Times Forgot To Report That; Hillary Comes Out Screaming Against Media.

--Turkey Launches Military Mission Into Syria.

--NK Submarine Missile Launch Shows Country’s Program Gathering Momentum.

--New US Defense Report Says Iran Is Expanding Its Power; Reports Say Country’s Missile Arsenal Is Growing Rapidly With An Eye On Israel, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria Yemen, Bahrain.

Uber is going to start massive driverless car test in Pittsburgh using 100 Volvo XC90’s and Focus’s. In the beginning there will be two drivers in each car. Their objective long-term is to essentially get rid of drivers, about 1.3 million worldwide. I have a lot of doubts about driverless cars. In is incomprehensible to imagine that a robot car can understand every idiosyncrasy of human drivers and make the proper move. Wealthy people may like them so they can cut down on chauffeur costs. But then, where would wives find lovers? Frankly this driverless car is going to eliminate over time lots of good jobs for a lot of people, especially when they get to trucks and busses. In effect, this is just another of those technologies foisted upon us because somebody knows how to do it. It is certainly not on the radar of my Needs list!

The main thing that new home d├ęcor ideas do is make things I like and which are perfectly fine, seem old.

I’d be curious to see if there are statistics showing how many brokers work for the growth of customers’ 401 programs versus those maximizing profits for the company to generate bonuses.

The media has been trying to link Lochte to Trump. But, the only known political statements from discredited swimmer are those in strong support of Obama.

New York City taxi drivers now don’t have to speak English to get a license. That should work well. Yikes! Maybe we do need driverless cars.

The good name “Lynch” has been banned from a Pennsylvania college campus because of you know what it may refer to.

Massachusetts is tearing down their toll booths. It will all now be done electronically, with cameras taking pics of license plates for non-EZ pass users. The real travesty is that non-EZ pass car drivers will be assessed a sur-charge for not having an EZ Pass. There is something not constitutional about that – charging people for something of which they made a decision not to buy.

I am disturbed by political operatives who can look into a camera with a straight face and make up accusations and excuses with absolutely no merit. America would be better without political scientists.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time studying college football because the same handful of teams are always first in the rankings – whether or not they deserve it. It’s the old rankings for ratings game, and it is controlled by the TV networks who pay way too much for all of the games.

The Answer:

He four countries who put together the UN are Soviet Union, China, Britain and USA.

Well, the old Tids are getting back to normal. Thanks for your patience everybody.

Friday, August 19, 2016

I feel like the early morning sea. Foggy.

Today's Tids Issue 3,667
For Reality:

Some days I reach inside unable to find
Anything useful in my Capricious mind.
Yet, am sustained on love that still remains,
Meaning, your heart is better than brains.

Prima Donna, Department:
This “robbed” swimmers fiasco is bad at so many levels. Most important it drew attention away from all of the great swimmers and other athletes who accomplished so much. Second, it embarrassed a city that has put on a great Olympics. Third, it showed again how an unprofessional media can blow a false story out of proportion, just as they have done with almost all the negative stories about Rio. And fourth, I was appalled at the words of the Rio Olympics spokesperson who said, in a rather sniveling voice, to “give the boys a break. They just made a mistake. He (Lockte) is one of the great swimmers of all time. They had fun. Life goes on.” Is that what responsibility to others and society at large has come down to these days?

One of the great lies always occurs when a chain of restaurants takes over a great traditional local favorite and says, “We’re going to keep all of the good things you have enjoyed.”

So I’m thinking…if Princeton is successful in eliminating all words which contain “man” and all references to gender differences, that does that mean that if elected Hillary cannot be considered the first woman president?

The Question:
What are considered the Top Five Sunglasses? Bonus: Who do you think are the all time 10 most overrated actors (male and female – See what Princeton is making me do?)?

The Headlines:
--Concerns Over Next Weeks Fed Rate Fate Meeting Has Stocks Lower.
--Trump Apologizes For His Hurtful Remarks; Manafort Resigns; Trump Flying To Baton Rouge.
--Princeton to Wipe Out All References To “Man” And References To Gender Differences From Campus Vocabulary.
--US Swimmer Jimmy Felgen Pays $10,800 To Get Out Of Jail Free After Rio Robbery Lie; US Olympics Committee Apologizes To Rio People For Embarrassing Their City.
--Pro Brexit Economists Feel Vindicated As British Consumer Economy Catches Fire.

Remember when GW Bush was painted black by the hate filled media and intolerant democrats for not responding, in their minds, to New Orleans during the Hurricane. Well this same media manufactured anger against Bush doesn’t seem to be materializing against 0-Man as he chases the little white ball around Martha’s Vineyard while thousands in Baton Rouge face ruin and an uncertain future.  

Speaking of making America great again, how about those refugees from Somalia, Sudan Congo and Burma suing the Phoenix Pa school system because it is not good enough for them.

Restaurants that grow naturally are often much better than planned concept eateries. The “concepts” are almost always devoid of personality, which can make food and environment much less satisfying.

An observant reader reminds me that that those enterprises promoting Black Friday have come under fire from the movement, “All Fridays Matter.”

I just have no inclination to buy Harry’s razors.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--War Dogs looked good to me but doesn’t seem to be such a hot movie, at least critics. But, I will go, as the plot intrigues me and the acting is good –Jonah Hill and Miles Teller. Two young guys exploit a little known government initiative that allows small businesses to bid on military contracts. Soon the boys are living large, rolling in dough. Then they get involved in a large arms deal for Afghanistan and shady character infect their fun filled world.
--The remake of Ben Hur will not make people forget about he original. It is exciting but is missing something in the direction and editing, and it tends to focus on slavery and current cultural issues. Man is falsely accused of treason and is pushed into slavery. He returns for renege, but along the way he meets and follows Jesus to his crucifixion where he receives forgiveness. Of course, there still is a chariot race.
--Imperium has an FBI Agent (Daniel Radcliff) infiltrating a right wing terrorist group. (Yikes, who wrote this, Obama!) Young agent must stick to his own moral compass while maintaining is identity among dangerous white euphemists. Sounds a little preachy to me.

The Answer:
RayBan Is considered Number one. The rest in order are Oakley, Maui Jim, Persol, Prada, Gucci, Versace, Tom Ford, Emporio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry. Bonus: #1 is Kristen Stewart followed by Robert Pattinson, Megan Fox, Beyonce Knowles, Ashton Kucher, Adam Sandler, Myley Cyrus, Jaden Smith, Zac Efron, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Angelina Jolie.

Have a great weekend, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!!

Is the Tids over yet?