Transition of Power

Transition of Power
Peaceful transition of power --Fought for by many for all

Friday, February 17, 2017

PT Barnum Lives.

Today's Tids Issue 3,800! Yikes!
For Coherence:

Oh no, not the Thimble for Crissake! If the Trump press conference yesterday didn’t make you believe you were on another planet, then the demise of that iconic Monopoly token voted off the stage yesterday, surely must. Yes, the future is now about virtual living at the expense of developing small daily talents like threading needles. The thimble is irrelevant in a world where thumbs are now relegated to keyboards. Yes, sometimes in this new world of incoherent bombast, real paradigm changes are lost in the barrage of tweets. The Thimble is gone. What would my grandmother say?

Actually, the media loved yesterday because it gave them new fodder for negative headlines. So basically, all of those who missed the press conference will only know what they read or hear from the main stream media. And, mostly that will be ridicule. But, for Trump believers, and there are way more than the tone of the news would have us believe, it was an out and out victory over the questionable journalistic society. The so-called elite on the coasts will dine together and guffaw, but in the pockets of Trumpland across the country, the shouts will be “Go get em’ Trumperino”. That’s just the way it is, this February 17, two thousand and seventeen in these United Sates of America.

“If your heart lies to you, go with your gut. It never lies.

The Question:
What are Three of Rene Russo’s best known movies? Bonus: As of today, Smart Car has sold 714 cars this year and is the lowest of all manufacturers.  What are the five top selling brands of autos so far in 2017?

The Headlines:
--Trump Appointee CIA Director Pompeo Denied Allegations That The Agency Was Hiding Info From the Boss – “Dead Wrong”.
--Dow Looking To make It 7 In A Row; Fannie Mae To Pay Treasury $5.5 Billion After Doubling Profit.
--Trump Press Conference Has The Country Talking From Both Sides Of Its Mouth; Media Enumerates Falsehoods; Trump Supporters Cheer.
--Vice Admiral Robert Harward Turns Down Trump Offer For NSA Post (Note—Yesterday Tids News Prematurely Reported That Harward Had Replaced Fellow Acquidneck Islander Flynn.
--Kraft-Heinz Proposed Takeover of Lever Brothers May Still Move Forward Despite Early Setback.
--Mike Dubke, Founder Of Crossroads Media, Expected To Take Over As White House Communication Director From Jason Miller. Dubke Would Ease Burden On Spicer And Repair On-Going Problem Of Conflicting “Official Messages”.
--Baghdad Car Bomb Kills 24.
--Russian TV Told To Stop “Gushing” Over Trump.
--Spanish Court Acquits Kings Sister Princess Cortina of Tax Fraud.

Did you know that today is the birthday for both Newsweek and The New Yorker Magazines, both being about 93 or so years old? I imagine they are lighting lots of candles in the news room today. If you get my drift.

I have a feeling that the new Broadway A Coppella musical “In Transit”, already gaining solid audiences, is going to be a winner, a classic for all ages, and the kind of uplifting look at life that everybody should enjoy. And the music is hummable, as it should be coming for the producers, directors and writers and composers involved in “Frozen and “Pitch Perfect”.

Actually, Trump is the great unifier. He’s unifying the press against him. He’s bring together everybody who doesn’t trust the press. He’s unified women in the streets, celebrities with tweets and policemen on beats. And that doesn’t even include all that he has done for Democrats and anarchists. No president has unified so much in so little time.

As of this second, there have been 587,181 Fords and Chevies sold in 2017. There have been 78,172 Subaru’s sold. Ford and Chevy with huge truck sales are more likely to be Trump supporters than Subaru owners who are generally considered more to the left, and readers of the NY Times and other assorted elite news media.  So, the net time the media seems to imply the lack of support for Trump, check out the Fords and Chevies in your neighborhood, just to gain a more balanced perspective.

“Well-oiled machine?”

Instead of being rewarded for his invention, Dr. Guillotine was charged with neckless endangerment.

Actually, I have noticed some Hillary voters who are beginning to sort out the facts and take honest positons based on reality over the hysteria of the past months. While not giving up their dismay over this person in the White House, they are admitting that he is on the right track in many instances. Things will sort themselves out over time, if the cavalier in the Oval office doesn’t naively take a sword to the ribs in his next joust.

Here’s all I would like at least once from the media someday. When sitting with an immigrant leader for a P/R planned anecdotal interview designed to produce emotion in an effort to gain empathy, I’d like to hear the question: You must know that most Americans appreciate immigrants and their contribution to the country. So why are you creating a false impression though these disingenuous protests that imply that the US is against all immigrants when all that US citizens are saying is that they have a problem with any people breaking any laws, and in this case those who gain entry into a country illegally. Why don’t you come out against people who are unlawful? Or, don’t you believe in the laws of your Adopted country?

Whenever there is an earthquake, the geologist are always quick to find fault.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 79.
    Martha Prescott sat at the long wooden table in the big barn at the Prescott family farms. The people in the audience were all pretty friendly to each other, so they took the opportunity to talk quietly with the neighbors they don’t see as often as they should.
   Martha finally stood and the soft rumble in the room became silent. She felt hesitant, but somehow the words came out of her mouth, stronger than she thought they could. It didn’t take long for her to get into her little speech, telling the people that she was here mainly to assume the role of leadership for the Hicks family. She paused and nodded to her dad who was looking up at her with pride, and seeing her as being so much like her mother, his beautiful Musatta.
   Martha reiterated the terms of the agreement as a good thing for everybody. Heads nodded. She emphasized the importance of maintaining relationships with the Wampanoag’s, whose lands were often eyed by abutters. Several of the farmers looked at each other and then up at Martha a descendent of the Indians.
  Generally the farmers liked the Hicks and Martha was considered a special person in the community. She closed by saying that they must remember that they were on Hicks lands and that it would was to be that way for their succeeding generations. That sat stone faced, knowing the truth that sometimes felt confining. And she ended lightly, “Who knows, maybe some generous member of my family will find a ways to make it all to yours too,
   With that, they began to clap and whistle, until heads turned to a commotion in the back of the room. “Don’t let the Hicks run your lives.” There stood the three sons of Thomas Howland. Hey looked ready for a fight. One turned and opened a door to reveals a large crowd of coastal people standing in the yard outside, looking angry, if not a little taken by too much alcohol. Martha tensed as Jeremiah rose ot stand next to her.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--No, The Great Wall is no apolitical drama starring you-know-who. It is about Matt Damon and William Defoe and others taking a stand on The Great Wall of China against monsters that would destroy humanity. Sound preposterous? It rally is and is not going over well with critics or audiences. And it is not exciting despite the plot.
--Cure for wellness poses an interesting mystery about curious misfortunes as the result of a Spa’s promise of Miraculous treatments. The executives as well as the  patients rush to find a cure for whatever is altering their bodies and their lives. Sounds exciting but is quite predictable.
--The trailers for Fist Fight look stupid and it turns out that e film that tries hard doesn’t make it at all. It’s about two mild mannered school teachers being sucked into a fight, It is supposed to be a raucous comedy, but it runs out of jokes and humor fast.
--XX is an all woman hoor film anthology that telsl fr9out stories allwritenby women. Critgics sortof likeit, abyut audiences seem turned off.

The Answer:
Rene Russo had a number of successful role. I remember her most for the golf film Tin Cup. She was acclaimed for her role in Nightcrawler. But she was good in many films like The Thomas Crown Affair, Lethal Weapon, Outbreak, Get Shorty, Ransom, In the Line of Fire and Yours, Mine and Ours. Bonus: The top selling auto brands are Ford 320.7K, Toyota 269.9, Chevy 267, Honda 189, Nissan 183, Jeep 119,5 and Hundai 100.3. Of the luxury brands its Mercedes 48K, Lexus 41K, BMW 39.7, Audi 26.5, Cadillac 21, Volvo 10.3, Land Rover 9.2 Porsche 7.1, Tesla 5.4 and Jaguar 3.8.

Have a great weekend E-v-r-y-b-o-d-y!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Life’s too short to worry about nuances.

Today's Tids Issue 3,799
For Living Large:

Hillary is still under Trump’s skin. When standing upon a world stage with leaders of the foreign countries, he’s just gotta stop saying things like “Fake Media”, or enumerating his electoral votes.

One thing I always hear loud and clear up here in the cool North is the crack of the bats at spring training camps everywhere. It’s amazing how that sound resounds around the country, how the hearts of baseball fans swell to that sound of leather meeting ash. Life is really good when the fans start milling back into stands and ball yards to ogle at a favorite jogging by. To be awed at the athletic magic of fielding genius. To spy a rookie making an old veteran think twice. Yup the great American pastime (Despite what Goodell says) is back. And my heart is there with it.

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, said yesterday that current activity on his rapid communications service feels like “Arab Spring” in the US. Arab spring? How did that work out for the Arabs? He fails to recognize that the USA is an orderly Democracy, not a tyrant led dictatorship despite what losing Hillaryites might argue. If he is promoting, or suggesting, “Oust by Twitter”, then we have a bigger problem here than anybody thought. Everybody on both sides of the aisle should be worried about a country declining into government by mass tweeting.

The Question:
I have a new list of 10 Hotspots where global conflict* could erupt. Name the 10. *That’s like another, kinder name for WWIII.

The Headlines:
--Rising Interest Rates Pushing Increased Activity In Housing Markets; US Jobless Claims Rise Less Than Expected; All Markets Lower At Morning’s End.
--Saudi Arabia People See New Optimism For Relations With US.
--Large Insurers Saying ObamaCare is Dying.; Government Will Need To Begin Patching Soon To Save Poorly Executed National Health Bonanza.
--Far Right French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen Leads In First Round Of Presidential Election.
--New Round Of Suicide Bombings In Pakistan
--Facebook Looking To Take On LinkedIn As Top Jobs Site.
--NSA: Petraeus, Kellogg, Harward In Running; Labor Secretary: 4 Contenders Are Peter Kirsanow, Alexander Acosta, Catherine Templeton and Joseph Guzman.
--Carolina Boeing Plant Workers Overwhelmingly Vote Down Joining Union.
--Mattis Sees No Military Collaboration With Russia.
--Verizon Close To Renegotiating Deal With Yahoo At Lower Price.
-Presidential Candidate Supports Trump Israel-Palestine Strategy; Speaking On Russian Backed TV, RI’s Lincoln Chafee Who Ran On The Bring Metric System To America Platform Says Trump Is On The Right Path To Peace.

BTW, Spell-Check still hasn’t acknowledged that there is a Trump with a capital “T”.

As a President of the USA, there always comes that time when you really need all of the media on your side.

One of the precepts of the Tids Dogma is to never repeat myself. Sometimes this leads to not expanding on a news headline that demands more than the stated facts, like yesterday’s, “Buffett Sells $900Mil Of Wal-Mart; Says Retail Is Dead.” If you have been reading closely you know that the Tids panel of economists has been watching the retail sector closely. The change from Brick and Mortar to Internet is and has been inevitable sine the 1990’s, despite excuse making in various articles touting the resiliency of American retail. For instance, Wal-Mart itself has already announced a huge commitment to the internet, aiming for Amazon. Many weak sisters will not have the resources to change and reverse the diagnosis of a terminal illness. So, that sounds brighter for those companies who can make it. But for jobs, not so much. The idea is that lost retail jobs will be replaced by big cyber jobs. Does that mean that people who enjoy retail floor activities, design and display creativity and meeting customers, will be packing boxes in giant heartless warehouses? Probably not, but there will be change and it will be culturally painful. A lot of people, will have to accept a new world, begrudgingly -- Like steel workers now working in coffee shops.

Reading signs of marchers will never give you an honest opinion of the broader prevailing truths. Organized crowds and anecdotal oneness supporting them always gets more coverage than a camera focused on a family sitting quietly on a couch in their living room, a dog at their feet, wondering why they have never met anybody with the views of those relatively few marching in the streets.

Next week the PGA moves down to Florida which means that the march to Augusta has begun!

In addition to the above TrumpTrip-Ups, he should have learned by now that taking on the Intelligent Community was a really bad idea. The latest is that agencies are withholding info from him simply because they’re worried about what may come out of his mouth.

A guy named Charlie Munger who is Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, says he has mellowed on Trump, the president he once said was not “Morally qualified”. Now he is among those who don’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater, and who are now acknowledging that the he will do some good for a lot of people. Number One, says Munger, is his firm stance about resisting any changes to Social Security and Medicare. Munger doesn’t like the idea of business boycotts, and the marchers are beginning to annoy him.  He goes on to say, “He’s not wrong on everything, and just because he’s not like us, roll with it. If there’s a little danger, what the hell, you’re not going to live forever anyway.”

“You want Two-state, I’m for two state. You want one state, I’m with you there too.” Trumps words on the never ending Israel/Palestine problem confounded many a world observer. But, this mess has been going on for decades with no real movement towards a settlement. So, maybe the only way to get there is to be a little weird.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 77 continues…
    Nancy was smiling as she walked back to her car. She hadn’t had a lot of relaxing moments lately. She needed hem more than ever to cut down on the tension that seemed to be present all of the time.
   She heard the ring of her phone as she stepped into her car, and that interrupted a much to short pleasant tome in her mind. This phone was the main weapon in the war on her nerves. Lately it only meant unwanted messages, unwanted voices and the possibility of tracking. There was no help about who it was on the screen. She clicked it and waited for a voice.
   “You playing games again?” She immediate felt her body drain and muscles relax, and a little shiver run up her back.
   “Jared, it feels we’ve been gone for like months.”
   “Well I got cold in bed after you left and had to get up and turn on the heat. Why do you always turn down the heat when you leave? To remind me who’s in control?” He laughed.
   “Nancy barely heard him as she was thinking only of the night before with him.” She looked up at the window of Beth’s house. Was she hoping that Alex wasn’t watching her talking to Jared.
   “You know I own you!, She laughed and it felt good. Any problems? I’m coming home. Any weirdo standing around outside watching? We have a lot of work to do, and it will be fun. Maybe, this will be all over soon. But, that’s what she thought when she and McGuire agreed. She clicked off the phone and looked back up at Beth’s house.

The Question:
#10 is Syria -- Where Russia and Iran are allies and IS is all over the place. The possible problem is Trump designated safe zones and “No Fly Zones”. One shoot down of a Russian plane could begin the fire. Next is Israel which has always been on the verge of over retaliating, and now against possible Nukes from a nefarious Iran. 8 would be the result of provocative maneuvers by mainly Iran in the Persian Gulf and te increased possibility of a bold response from the USA.  The Kashmir regions in northern Iindia is another pile of kindling wood. This is a mostly Muslim region that feels it should be a part of India’s biggest foe -- Nuclear Pakistan, where terroist and separatist groups are on the rise. The Korean Peninsula is only 6, but scarier than hell because of the unpredictability of you know how. The US has vowed to be there in the event of an attack on Korea and/or Japan. #5 is the South China Sea where a provoking China just continues to forge on grabbing territory that’s not theirs. Taiwan is another big issue between China and Free world allies. It could explode. Latvia doesn’t seem like the ignition point for a world war. Russia still emboldened by the Crimea move will instigate civil unrest inside Latvia, and then come into save the day. The Nato agreement demands action, which would bring along the US to fight Russia. The Suwalki Gap is a pathway from Russia to Europe that runs between Poland and Lithuania. Russian forces already surround the gap, and the Pentagon is calling for a US buildup on all sides of this narrow gap. And, # 1 is that other avenue of warfare…”Cyberspace!” Hacking can bring any country to its knees and the big countries like US, China and Russia are deeply involved in staying ahead of each other’s capabilities.

Don’t you wish it was still Valentines day and we could all just talk of love.