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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Apology Nation:

Today's Tids Issue 4,112
For letting it roll:

I was going to bring a new feature to the Tids starting this morning. I was thinking of leading off each venerable issue with my opinions of the main news story of the day. Unfortunately, today’s most impactful story was the fact that the first time in four years the US Treasury yields had reached 3%. Analyzing treasury yields has always made my head hurt. So, it appears that I have to cop out before I begin. I can only tell you one thing. – it’s bad in the eyes of big investors. You know, when investors need a reason to sell when times should be great, they cry inflation. It’s all part of that scenario.

Every once in a while, out of nowhere, you remember a life changing moment in life. Just popping into my head was the magical day I discovered Captain Crunch.

Here’s something to think about. Will we need historians in the future to analyze this year and eras to come if everything is recorded as it happens by satellite or selfie?

The Question:
Why are John Fogarty, Tom Fogarty, Stu Cook and Doug Clifford grouped together?

The Headlines:
--Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Headed To China To Talk Trade.
--Consumer Confidence Index Rebounds; Stocks Struggling For Direction After Mixed Reviews On Generally Good Earnings reports.
--Toronto Van Killer Charged With 10 Counts murder, 13 Counts Attempted Murder.
--Rand Paul to Force Senate Vote Of Budget Control Bill.
--Trump Racing To Fill 9th Circuit Court Openings Before Potential Dem Takeover Of Congress.
--Trump Rants On Iran Deal As Macron Looks On With Slightly Slacken Jaw.

While shopping for hard goods now-a-days, I’m finding that a 10-year warranty is just about right.

Finally, welcome to Spring: “Detour.” “Construction ahead”. “Merge two left lanes into Right lane”. “Bridge Closed”.

I know we have a lot of experienced world travelers reading this thing called Tids. Tell me what you have found to be a favorite new food after first thinking you would never like it, and certainly not eat it.

The Voice is taking shape, and while Blake’s team doesn’t look like his typical good ole’ country boy group, they dominated the scene last night. Two female singers, Spensha Baker and Kyla Jade were excellent and rated extremely high by singer critics. His third, Pryor Baird, was also rated very high with them, but I find him a bit tedious. Kyla on the other hand, just stops the show dead in its tracks. Also, up there and perhaps my favorite, is 15 yo Brynn Cartelli. Incredible poise and crazy range. I also like country boy Caleb Lee, and he would be my personal #2 fave.  Rashun LaMarr was very entertaining to me, as was Britton Buchanan. I thought Jackie Foster was the worst of the night, but she may make it. Nobody stood out as being really, really bad. In the past there has always been one noticeable cuttable singer. I think that DR King, who didn’t live up to billing, or Jackie Foster might go. One poll I saw, had the one going as DR.

As you know, People can buy The Voice performances on ITunes. Last night there were no Top Ten honors. The Singers who made it into the top hundred were Pryor Baird (28), Kyla Jade (35), Britton Buchanan (36), Brynn Cartelli (37), Sensha Baker (42), Caleb Lee (57) and Christiana Danielle (78). ITunes have been a good indicator of where htings might be gong.

Like storms following calms, the anti-gun people are out their in mases all over again after Waffle House. I am not waffling when I said we need more mental health control.

Public Relations: The science of creating new normals; organized publicity to create illusions of mass acceptance.

Our Senator Whitehouse is a quite a Public relations guy. Consider that he works hard to generate enthusiasm for mass acceptance of everything about man made global climate destruction. Why would he do this? Well, perhaps it’s because his wife is a well-paid Phd in Marine Biology who just happens to have a new job as consultant and chief science officer for AltaSea, an ocean-research campus on the Port of Los Angeles. Grow the pie bigger and wider through national exposure. Create more opportunities for consultants. Now I’m not saying this is true, I’m just wondering.

“Beware of lumberjacks bearing dull tools because they usually have an axe to grind.”

I know that lots of people think scenes of the desserts are beautiful. I don’t. I just can’t see the beauty of a cactus surrounded by brown tumbleweed and scrub grass versus, say, a sculpted maple tree upon a grassy knoll or a majestic pine in a forest deep.

The Answer:
Those four are the original members of the band “Creedence Clearwater Revival”

Note to everybody out there named Mary: Be proud!

See you all tomorrow.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Symphony of beings.

Today's Tids Issue 4,111
For sweet violins:

Could it be that Spring has come? That the birds and the bees and frisky deer can stow away their fleece, for another year. That finally flowers in the ground and buds bursting on limbs can come out to radiantly smile and blush, without fear of being painted with Jack Frost’s brush. That a warm morning will not deteriorate to a winter’s bitter insult. Hey, wait a minute. I like Winter! All spring means to me is that the tourists are soon to be swarming, littering, crowding.

Why does “auto-correct” think it is smarter than us? Rise up! Unite, against AI tyranny, arrogance. Bring back human error. AI error is significantly more embarrassing.

Why is it when I read reviews of new bills introduced in the RI Legislature I come away thinking that every single one of them is in support of benefitting some bloated government agency or other union dominated area of employment. I couldn’t be becoming cynical, could I?

I found the root canal unnerving.

In case you are noticing something suspiciously odd outside, it may be the result of the end of the world. Yes, numerologist David Meade says this is the day; the absolute end day. Catch up on all of the Netflix series you have been neglecting. Buy enough milk and bread to last five months, which is about the amount of time it will take to vanquish human life from the earth. It could be ax bad day.

The Question:
Name the male partners, husbands of these female comedians. Elaine May. Anne Meara, Gracie Allen, Harriet Hilliard, Lucille Ball, Manan Jordan, Alice Faye and Imogene Coca.

The Headlines:
--Wall Street Gurus Eagle Eyes Clearly Focused On Biggest Week Of Earnings Reports; One Third Of The S&P Reports This Week – Alphabet, Facebook, Microsoft, Coca Cola United Technology, Travelers, Verizon, Caterpillar, Boeing And More.
--World Stocks Down As Us Treasury Yields Approach 3%.
--IS Suicide Bomber Attack Kills 57 In Kabul; Saudi Planes Bomb Yemen Wedding Kills 20, Mangles Many More.
--Alibaba Punishing Companies That Refuse To Sign Exclusivity Agreements.
--NFL Fanatics Looking Forward To This Week’s Draft.
--Kate Middleton, Princess William Happy New Parents Of Baby Boy
--Nashville Killer Armed And Still Dangerous; Suspect Had Been Arrested Outside Of White House.
--Out Of Control, Anti-Barbara Bush Fresno State Professor Calls Farmers Stupid.
--President Trump And French Prez Macron Seem To Have Chance To Work Productively Together.
--Westworld returns With More Plot, Less Philosophy.

Wells-Fargo is out $1,000,000,000 after a government fine. But none of the executives who condoned ripping off customers and general all-around cheating and stealing are in jail like other thieves would surely be. So, one billion means that the government treasury got richer, but the people without moral values are still basically in place.

Candace Owens is looking like one of those reasonable voices in America. Her biggest problem going forward could be her adoption by a conservative power base.

From the “Zits” comic this morning I found my mantra: “Last minute panic is my muse.” Creativity springs from desperation.

I’m inspired today to talk of classical music. There are so many choices, so many moods that can be created, from the haunting violins in Paganini’s caprices to the rich full orchestral sounds of a magnificent symphony or melodic tone poem. An orchestra is a wonderful amalgam, a functioning whole made of disparate yet unified parts.

I began to wonder, why the focus is on the first violinist in the first violin section. Why call them first and second, when their contributions are equal in many ways. Why not call the two, “Melody and Texture? What exactly is the difference between a first and second violin. While they look the same and are both played by skillful musicians, often where the technical demands on the “2nd” are much harsher, even treacherous. The 2nd supports he highest line melody of the 1st harmonically and rhythmically. The 2nd will often move from their undercurrent to blend with the first in a definitive statement of the theme. And what is not often said in the public square that the 1st is fully respectful of the skills of the 2nd. Yes, an orchestra is a fine blend of many human talents, each comfortable in their own capability yet reliant upon each other. A perfect society.

Actually, most of the new bills introduced are generally designed to correct other ill-conceived laws.

A dog with an attitude is a cocky spaniel.

How often have you heard somebody say, “He or she must be right because he or she is so smart. Look at their degrees. Of course, right is not always right no matter how eloquently righteousness is argued.

Think of all of the smart people who are not so…like, how about the guy who was smart enough to build a rocket ship and then proceed to launch himself into space…to confirm his theory -- that the earth was flat.

The media thinks it is one of the smartest groups in society. And they may be right up there if they weren’t so selfishly human, narrowminded.

Ketogenic is the hot new diet term. It’s about cooking with less carbs. Basically though, it is the new name for diets that have been in existence for years. These are diets that are focused on keeping people just above ketosis. In other words, just a contemporary tech description of a Low carb diet.

Social networking is simply the latest iteration of tabloid journalism.

Forced Necessity: The misconception that you constantly need to up date gadgets regardless of whether or not you need it.

Back in the day when Americans thought about each other, the media would be focused on the progress made in North Korea, and not on what could go wrong.

The Answer:
I’m sure you got all of these correct. It was Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller, who along with Elaine May and Mike Nichols, were two of the funniest duos ever. Of course, Gracie Allen took George Burns’ straight-lines and made everybody roll on the floor laughing. And Alice Faye and Phil Harris often joined B&A for non-stop yucks. Harriet Hilliard and Lucille Ball were funny mates with band leaders Ozzie Nelson and Desi Arnez. Manan Jordan and her husband Jim Jordan were Molly and Fibber McGee. And, “The Show of Shows” starred Imogene Coca and Sid Caesar. Think back and laugh.

The liquor store advertises: “We De-liver”.

The strings soared, the brass blared the woodwinds cooed. The percussion pounded gently. The heart warmed.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Too much airtime, not enough news.

Today's Tids Issue 4,110
For when there's nothing better to do:

I’m getting a case of the blues
Because I just entirely refuse
To take gossip as daily news,
Or lauding all those that lose.
Journalists without clues.
It’s all become a giant snooze.
Hell, I may return to booze.
The last thing I should choose!

The Loons are back, Department:
To be “fair”, a town his forbidding the use of the phrase “Best Friend” in pre-schools. This is obviously opt help self-esteem of tots who can’t find best friends. You cannot regulate equality.

I was really happy to see the pardon of Scooter Libby. His conviction was a pollical travesty.

Is QE II preparing to step down? Could she move aside after the wedding of Harry, and let Charles sit in the throne? Lot’s of innuendo out there.

The Question:
USA Today has annual poll called SOS – Save are Shows, which asks readers to vote on which TV “Bubble” shows they would like to see saved. What shows do you think were the top three shows?

The Headlines:
--Markets Expected To be Sluggish
--Kim Agrees That US Troops Can Stay In SK, A Major Step As Meeting Negotiations Continue.
--Two More Police Officers Murdered In Cold Blood Diring Ambush.
--Killer Grandmother Captured After Nationwide Search.
--Lack of Trust Eroding World Trade Agreements.
--Trump Comey Continue Sniping.

Chefs obviously like the sound of “Brioche” because that is the only reason anybody would serve anything on that typically crumbly, mealy tasteless bun.

Headline Juxtaposition: A doctor advice column headlined, “Starvation diets are not good for you” was situated just above the ad headline, “Iggy’s (Fried) Doughboys”. Hmmm – Foodless or rich gooey fried dough.

Just in case you are thinking of going on Jeopardy you should know that this morning King Mswati III of Swaziland has changed the name of his country to eSwatini! Swaziland has become a web site. Maybe that’s so international foreign aid checks can get their sooner.

And the I found your basic RI Standing headline: 2 RI Senators Against (Fill in the blank) This time it was Pompeo. The puppets strike again.

Social media makes one brainless, acidic remark by a disgruntled Fresno State professor national news.

Ideological politics are sucking the life out of the USA.

Scariest Headline:
“Home intruder found nude in bathtub eating Cheetos.” Uh-Oh, there goes another pastime.

The Boston Red Sox are playing out of this world right now.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--I Feel Pretty is another of those message movies but doesn’t make it, as Amy Schumer and pals try to battle low self-esteem in a comedy with few laughs. Maybe she doesn’t have any “Best Friends”.
--The second loser of the weekend Super Troopers 2, which is even a less funny comedy than Schumer’s. This one is outrageous , crass and annoying and not worth the dough

The Answer:
Kiefer Sutherland’s Designated Survivor is #1. Personally it had a chance to be much better but was to ideologically driven, and Kiefer, as far as I was concerned was a wimp. Next is Timeless followed by the long-term “Black List”. Others include one of my favorites “Fresh Off the Boat” (Always sit there smiling), Scorpion and Brooklyn Ninety-Nine. Shows on the bottom failing to get fan support are Great News, Living Biblically and Campions.

Have a great weekend, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Say no to enabling.

Today's Tids Issue 4,109
For elegance past; where have you gone

I like what GHW Bush said about Barbara’s passing. “We know she is happy in heaven. Life will go on, Cross the Bush’s off your worry list.”

That’s one of the reasons I have always liked GHW. He could put hysteria into proper perspective.

If I were Repub leadership I would temper boasting about big admin accomplishments and let them speak for themselves. The more you shout your achievements, the greater the chance the opposition will spin them away. And unfortunately, spin is often what lasts in the minds of populations.

Where has all of the elegance gone?

Politicians at all levels have written many of our laws to protect citizens from themselves. So, it isn’t surprising at all that the Repubs want to protect Mueller to protect the President from an emotional decision.

The Question:
Who is Lani Hall?

The Headlines:
--Stock Markets Confused; Markets Looking For Direction After Yesterday’s takedown By IBM; Increased Metals Costs Hurting Manufacturers; Dallas Fed Says Debt Path Is Unsustainable.
--Amazon Announces They Have 100 Million “Prime” Subscribers.
--President Trump Hedging On Kim Talks.
--Earthquake Rattles Iran’s Only Nuke facility.
--Hillary Popularity Rating Sinks To New Low Of 27%.
--P&G Buys Merck’s Consumer Business For $4.21 Billion; Bed, Bath & Beyond Bonds Approaching Junk Status.
--Cuban Communism To Be Left Untouched By New President.

Nobody should mess with Nicki Haley and that is a good thing. In fact, to me, Haley has been one of the brightest players for the USA on the world stage. But, the second act just got tougher. How can you not like the UN Ambassador who after being described as “confused” by Larry Kudlow (In an attempt to quell Trump ire over her TV appearance about Russia sanctions). She replied yesterday to Dana Perino: “With all due respect, I don’t get confused.”

How long will it be until the axe falls at the UN? Sad, really sad, as he executioner would say.

I can see it coming – the American promotion machine will overdo the Markle/Harry wedding turning it into a glitzy, socially political, loud super Bowl half time show.

There is nothing as beautiful as nature in the wild. Really? Just ask the mouse in the jaws of a cat.

For most families, the sex of an unborn is a hidden agender.

I was looking at the news of the new Cuban communist President Miguel Diaz-Canel elected without opposition, and I could only think of Rhode Island – a state that has made it tough on capitalism with the only thing remaining is a selling of its soul for tourists.

It used to be strong competition and poor sales results that drove away executives of apparently successful companies. But now-a-days it is “inappropriate workplace behavior” that has execs leaving in droves – like the past month at Nike where six big wigs left. “Hi honey. I’m home and I think I’m getting a promotion. My boss made a sexual reference to our secretary. Have recording phone, will travel.

Either Tom Bradly is acting like a prima donna, or news people are looking for trash stories to bridge the gap between Super Bowl and Opening day.

There is no truth to the rumor that Hillary is planning crying jag at the Barbara Bush funeral to get her crashing ratings backup in polls. Or, is there?

Instagram giveth and Instagram taketh away. There must be something within the Instagram app that zaps the intelligence of humans. A woman known as the Instagram Bikini Babe (IBB) used the forum open to all including law enforcement to gain fame talking about how successful she ahs been smuggling cocaine, all while sexily romping on a Mexican beach. Now she will be wearing orange coveralls in prison for 98 years.  Of course, this implies I was conferring intelligence on a woman who thinks smuggling cocaine is an excellent career path.

But on an even more serious note of social media miss use: It appears local 14 yo teens from a so-called good community have been texting compromising nude, perhaps sexually oriented pictures of themselves to each other. But because of the young age, the police are not looking at this transmission of phots as the somewhat legal Sexting, but as transfer of child pornography. This means these naïve children will bee marked as sex offender with all of the adult ramifications for the rest of their lives if convicted. Th is sad what high technology hath wrought.

To deem the entire Starbucks company as racist for the misinformed antics of one employee is just plain silly to me.

Have you sent away for your NFL Mock draft kit yet?

Now when college kids look for companies to join after graduation, they will be seeking new information other than job description, salary and benefits: What is Percentage of execs forced to leave due to inappropriate behavior. Aha! A clear road to the top, when perkiness becomes perks.

The Answer:
Lani Hall is another of those celebs with greying hair making the rounds of clubs and casinos. She is the wife of Herb Alpert who is  still tooting in many ways. She gained her fame as lead singer for Sergio Mendes. But some say she is best known for her singing of the theme song for the James Bond film, “Never say never again”.

 Silence is golden.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Just Think!

Today's Tids Issue 4,108
For the sake of grey matter:

One thing that the Tids have taught me: The true meaning of a blank sheet of paper.

I think Google search is losing its edge. It just isn’t as smart as it was, certainly not nearly as accurate and satisfying. I’m pretty sure it’s because its mind has been clouded by far too many advertiser demands.

I found relief from the strains of gloom
Through the lilting drone of an old bassoon.
Though in fact, it was a sax at that time,
But the word saxophone didn’t rhyme.

It’s tough to perform inventories in Afghanistan because of the tally ban.

The Question:
The world of baseball spent a lot of time earlier this week remembering Jackie Robinson. But, I want to see if you know who was the first black coach in the NBA? Bonus: What is the definition of a Pun? Extra Points: Why do people “Groan” when they hear a Pun?

The Headlines:
--Pompeo Successfully meets With Kim To Prepare For Trump Kim Meeting.
--Markets Opening Strong As Earnings Reports Top Expectations; WS Happy About Korean Talks.
--Barbara Bush, Wife and Mother of Presidents Dies At Age Of 92; Prez GW Calls It End Of “Beautiful Life”.
--Southwest Plane Forced To Land after Bird Strike One Day Following Horrendous Mid-Air Engine Explosion; Ex-Navy Female Pilot Tammy Jo Shults Lauded For Coolly Bringing Down Crippled Plane Safely.
--McConnell Kills Mueller Protection Bill; Insiders Say President Sought To Fire Mueller In December.

Albert Einstein: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

More and more American oldsters are getting replacement knees. I think I know why, in addition to the fact that it seems free. When people retire, they slow down, lean back and put their feet up on the nearest ottoman. But, the effect of legs bridging the gap between sofa and ottoman is the exertion of tremendous downward pressure on aging joints. Hence, declining knee facility. Yes, it seems most of us are the innocent victims of Ottoman’s Knee.

I can see why Miranda Lambert won best female vocalist at the ACM Awards Sunday. She still sounds like the great country singers that made country what it is …good.

I performed taste test yesterday – a turkey sandwich on rye versus a lobster sandwich on rye. The lobster sandwich own hands down. No contest. Now if I could only afford it more often.

I believe that as time wore on Mozart, Hayden and Telemann were running out of tunes. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait too long until Beethoven, Brahms and Saint Sans came along.

Dunkin’ Donuts just replaced its ad agency, Boston’s Hill-Holliday, with Leo Burnet.  The old agency was responsible for the slogan “America runs on Dunkin’.” I always thought it should have been, “America waddles on Dunkin.”

Issues of morality shouldn’t be political footballs.

I can see Tammy Jo Shults becoming the next national hero.

Do you know what bothers me? It’s the horror of what a woman thought as she was sucked half way out of an airplane window 31,000 feet above the earth.

There was a recent story here saying that RI leads the nation in evictions. It was written as any good liberal journalist might write  to infer that we have meaner landlords. My guess is that the state has too many free programs that lure too many people who can‘t produce enough to pay rent.

I know for sure that if I started eating nutritionist’s favorite health foods and snacks that I would surely lose a lot of weight. I’d only be eating the absolute minimum to survive as opposed to diving in for taste and enjoyment. I think that’s why those new diets seem to work.

I believe one our biggest current national concerns, threats, is the possibility of an Iran-Israel war.

Bill Gates: “Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”

There is no question that WalMart will never allow Amazon to dominate retail sales.

The Answer:
The first black coach in the NBA was the Boston Celtic’s Bill Russell. Bonus: In Italian, “Puntiglio” means “a fine point”, hence a verbal quibble, and is probably the likely source of the English word “Punctilious”. Webster says it is the “Humorous use of a word, or of words which are formed or sounded alike that have different meanings, in such a way to play on two or more of the possible applications; a play on words.” Extra Points: A pun is considered obvious humor which children laugh at without considered reservations. Adults on the other hand are more likely to have a bit of envy, “Why didn’t I think of that,” causing a subconscious groan.

There is always enough time to think, but sometimes we are just lazy. Well, at least I am.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Can you keep a secret?

Today's Tids Issue 4,107
For Keeping it to yourself:

In case you may be wondering where this mess is going today, I just learned that I was born around the time that Daffy Duck was introduced to the American public. In fact, the name of that dastardly duck’s first cartoon was “Porky’s Duck Hunt” -- which might easily have been a typo for Dick Hunt. So with quirkiness in my blood I’m hoping this is a day of a delightfully daffy descent into discussions on deranged demagogues, dueling dictators, demonstrative do-nothings, demonic democrats, disingenuous debaters, dramatic dreamers, delicate decisions, delicious desserts, delectable dotage, deft drollery and definitely dutiful dissertations with docile differences over dangerous dogma.

Maybe as Americans look around and are seeing the bigger picture of significant, diverse world events, they are tiring of the salacious nit picking among politicians and their aids.

Emotion is receding and reality is rising on Wall Street as new earnings reports support ongoing strength of the economy. When superficial panic becomes deafening, it’s always nice to see the power of facts as the voice shining though.

I think that Pop music has run out of songs.

Before there were pre-schools, there was the infantry.

There is no such thing as keeping secrets in today’s world. The only solution is to listen rather than talk.

The Question:
“Humpty Dumpty had a great fall”. What was the origin of the name Humpty Dumpty?

The Headlines:
--Markets Are Rising On Strong Earning’s.
--The US And UK Are Preparing For Increased Cyber Attacks From Russia.
--California Cities Telling State They are Not Fooling Around In Their Condemnation Of State Illegal Immigrant Support.
--Trump And Japan’s Abe To Meet.
--France Wants To Reform Islam To Help Stop Terror Attacks.
--San Antonio Spurs NBA Team Losing Fans Support As Coach Popovic Demeans President.
--Comey Book Reinforces Idea Of Bias Against Trump In FBI.
--China To Allow Full Foreign Ownership Of Their Car Makers In Five Years.
--Tesla halts Model 3 Production.
--Trump Supports Taxation On Internet Sales; SC Too Rule On State Cases.

A guy had spent so much money with his podiatrist that he called his feet the Golden Arches. – Thanks to Brookins and McNelly.

Yesterday was a bit hectic as I was called away from the Tids-Typing without having that most import second look time to flesh out some opinions and information. In addition, as I madly dashed, I forgot to press send on one of the email lists. So, one group has already received an early Tids this morning (Yesterday’s), before this one. Is everybody adequately confused?

Bell ringing in church is appealing.

I went to the doctor’s office for a headache. He told me to take two aspirin and to stop watching Genius Junior.

Speaking of Humpty Dumpty, from my perch it looks like the DoJ is spending a lot of time getting its eggs in order. And, I’m not yoking!

The modern day hoarder is loaded with Apps not used that he or she may just need some day in the future.

Just in case you’re interested, the average worker salary at Facebook is more than $240,000. The average American worker gest about $44,564. No wonder cheerleaders are giving up football players for people with all “A’s”

The Voice had very cool night last night. We got to see 24 singers in a row without those deadly dull heart wrenching back stories, and often too long rehearsal interruptions. I have to tell you that the of four singers voted to move on, one for each coach, 3 were also all my favorite #1 picks.  Of all the performances, I was truly impressed with Kyla Jade singing beautifully softly and with controlled gusto – “How great thou Art”. I also think Pryor Baird on Blake’s team will do very well, although he is a bit of a Johnny-One-Note. The biggest disappointment on Alicia’s team was Johnny Bliss who was actually quite average. But I’ll tell you who I think he is really talented and can only grow – Britton Buchanan. Watch out for him. I love Brynn Cartelli on Kelly’s team, who was only fair last night. And Adam is making it no with Country – Mia Boostrom and Jackie Verna. Right now, from polls I’ve seen, the favorites are Britton Buchanan, Kyla Jade, Pryor Baird, Sharane Callister, Brynn Cartelli, Terrance Cunningham, Wilkes and Jackie Foster. I liked last night’s uninterrupted performances except for one thing. Most  of the songs sounded the same.

The Comey ratings were quite low compared to Stormy. Maybe I miss -judged the higher intelligence of America when I announced last week that Comey-Stephanopolis ratings would be gigantic. The American Country Music awards trounced that interview, which serious experts on both sides said revealed little to nothing new or important.

If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees –Khalil Gibran

I was listening radio talk show yesterday. The host, a local guy not right or left, had as a theme -- Trump accomplishments. One segment said a lot about the national arguments. A Trump supporter called and listed many achievements. Directly after, an obvious anti-Trump guy called into to lambaste his predecessor, saying he had just spouted the Conservative Kool-Aid. He then proceeded to back up his opinions by reiterating the Left side Kool-Aid.

I rarely dream, but last night I had a bit of a nightmare as I learned that both Tom Brady and Gronk had opted out of Pats-Land for a shot at leading the NY Jets out of their four-decade coma. To offset Brady, Belichick immediately lured 57-year-old Jets fan Boomer Esiason out of retirement. I’m surprised I was able to start writing this thing this morning.

Newspapers seem to be cheapening their delivery services – treating it as a necessary evil. The management thinks they’re doing a good job each day because the see beautiful words and creative photos on white paper. But the fact is, they don’t have a ‘Product” until it is in the hands of the readers.

It’s really easy to make a sexist, or racist remark these days. There are just too many people focused on other people’s lives.

The Answer:
The origin of “Humpty Dumpty” has been a discussion of literary experts for eons of generations. HD is officially defined as something that has ben damaged that can not be repaired or restored. It has much lore. First of all, the original nursery rhyme did not mention in words or show an egg in pictures. The first definition of Humpty Dumpty in the 17th century was: “Brandy boiled with ale”. That could make you fall! In the early 1700’s the phrase referred to a short clumsy person. And also to one who imbibed too much. It is historical: In the Fall of Colchester battle in England, H-D was the nickname of Jack Thompson’s cannon atop a castle wall that was destroying the attacking enemy, until it fell to ground and could not be fixed. Another popular use of the term was to describe King Richard III (A supposed Hunchback – now considered much exaggerated by Shakespeare). At the 1485 Battle of Bosworth, Richard was said to have fallen off his horse named “Wall”. Or, in another version, fallen out of favor with his vast army named “The Wall”. He was hacked into pieces unable to be put back together. You see, over the ages there were plenty of old Tidsters with time on their hands to create stories and legends based only upon the seeds in a daffy mind.

I tell you a lot but I don’t tell my secrets or yours.

So that’s it, another deadly daily dose of drama from your disenchanted dinosaur.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Gossip: Anticlimactic to Reality.

Today's Tids Issue 4,106
For greater depth:

The military performed to perfection, while the politicians stood in line to speak of superficial flaws. Most reasonable people, though, felt the US attack on Syria deadly gas installations gave people hope.

One thing I am learning after so many years is that you never can tell how somebody is suffering inside from their brave smiles on the outside.

But, does it taste good, Department:
Wandering through the grocery store we see labels like no gluten less salt, low in fat, more vitamins. But whatever happened to qualifiers like Scrumptious! Delicious! Tastes Great! Yum! I mean what could be better for you than Yum!

Muffins come and muffins go, but as far as I’m concerned, Thomas English are still always as good as it gets.

I think the most significant aspect of the Syria strike is that Russia did not launch defensive missiles.

I watched the incredible pain on the face of the CNN anchor as former CIA Director James Woolsey praised without reservation the attack on Syria. Biased question after biased question was answered with the truth, and the woman just could not understand it.

The Question:
Who did Albert Einstein say was the “Father of Modern Science”?

The Headlines:
--Markets Look To Open higher After Syria Bombing.
--7 Dead, 17 Injured In South Carolina Prison Riot.
--Dem Lead Slipping.
--In Book Promoting Gossip Laden Interview, Comey says Trump Morally Unfit, Bit Should Not Be Impeached. Uses Phrase “Possibly, I Don’t Know” Repeatedly.
--Pelosi Falsely Implies Mueller Was “Fired In Fundraising Plea.

Don’t be lax,
One more day
In which to pay,
Your GD tax.

I read where AI enthusiasts are seeing auto driven cars as great for the Blind. My immediate thought was ow uncomfortable would a blind person be, thinking nobody is actually driving this thing. But then, I remembered that how uncomfortable they must they feel knowing a human with frailties is in charge.

Did you notice that real estate listing website, Zillow, is going into the home flipping business? They have earmarked $75-250 Million to buy and flip houses in 90 days in Arizona and Las Vegas. My problem is, will they build to neighborhood standards or Zillow standards.

If I typed slower, I could actually get out the Tids faster. I spend close to half of my Tids prep time correcting typos. Often “Stream of Conscious” creative writing has its limitations.

Legal experts are saying Comey’s book could be a problem for Mueller. In other words, it will certainly increase the arsenal if all-around Trump haters while possible letting him off the Russia hook. Be careful of what you pray for.

As loud as Tchaikovsky is to some, it is hard to argue against the fact that some of his melodies are among the most beautiful ever written.

Yesterday the MLB teams played tribute to Jackie Robinson. I remember his first days well. My friends and I thought he was a great, exciting baseball player. Nothing more, nothing less.

Some things are inevitable and almost often is the result of over steamed fads. Craft beer is losing its appeal and sales are waning. As one person said, “When new beer producers try to get on the train with bad beer, everybody loses.”

The Answer:
Einstein though very highly of Galileo.

My favorite pizza place, Bertucci’s, is going bankrupt. I hate to start the week with bad news.

Have to run, Sorry. Something just came up. More tomorrow.