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Friday, May 27, 2016

Stop fragmenting Americans for political purposes.

Today's Tids Issue 3,604
Opening Stuff:

Despite the rhetoric of Politicians, the heroes march on. The Patriots with love of country in their hearts have no ideological bounds when on fiery battlefields defending the freedoms of the USA. They defend all Americans as one. So, for each bite of a burger or dog on this Memorial Day Weekend, I’m suggesting we try to remember a soldier, or Sailor or Airforce or Marine or Coast Guardsmen’s name. Whoever remembers the most gets a personal bag of Cheetos. No extra points for diversity.

What are the two main rules in the Army?
1. The Commanding Officer is always right. 2. If the commanding officer is not right, see #1.

Lots of people are now beginning to wonder what exactly was on those 30,000 emails that Hillary selectively deleted from her computers. Maybe it wasn’t just what she said it was. Do you think?

The Question:
Who are Jake Owen and Angela Paton? Big Money Bonus: Who was the first Prime Minister of India?

The Headlines:
--Markets Open Higher Again; US Q1 Growth Revised Upward To 0.8%.
--North Dakota Gives Trump The Delegates To Push Him Across The Finish Line.
--Bacteria Resistant Super Big Found In USA.
--US Automakers Recall 12 Million Vehicles Over Takata Air bags.
--Obama In Hiroshima Pays Tribute To “Silent Cry” Of 140,00 victims.
--NHL: Penguins To meet Sharks In For Stanley; NBA: GS Warriors Live To Play Another Day.
--Verizon Working with Investment Bannkers To Buy Key Yahoo! Assets.
--Goldman Sachs Institutes Nw Policy That Would Humanize Employees.
--Obama Dumps On US Political Candidate While Speaking On Foreign Soil.
--South Korea Fires Warning Shots As NK Ships Cross Boundary Lines.

The Clinton machine is looking embarrassingly weak in their denials after the IG report of Emails, server and hacking. I think the days are over when people blindly accept the words of Clintons at face value.

In case the big retailers still have their heads in the clouds, the only companies in the sector making good money are the deep discount sellers like Dollar Store and Odd Lots. Begrudgingly, the big department store are slowly admitting that people will only consider buying after deep price cuts. With lower margins, and more customers heading toward the Internet, will the big anchors be able to afford high Priced mall locations at all. If a developer makes a lavish proposal to your town to transform a beautiful field of rolling green and breeze driven daisies into a luxury a mall, beware more than ever that you are voting for a potential ghost town. Today, you may gain nothing while losing the character of your home.

Speaking of getting it on the cheap, beware of the forthcoming Sports Authority “Liquidation” sale. The liquidators pay a lot of games with suggested retail pricing so that the best buy may well be down the street at a Dick’s sale.

From a reader, “Separated at Birth”: Ruth Buzzy and Elizabeth Warren.

Congtrats to the Red Sox James Bradley Junior for his great 29 game hitting streak that ended last night. For me it is good that he isn’t now working to keep a streak alive and just will be swinging freely.

In case you need a conversational tidbit for a Memorial day cookout, it is now known that fruit flies are great at producing large amounts of sperm. Ain’t the Internet grand?

“Well,” snarled the tough old Navy Chief to the bewildered seaman. “I suppose after you get out of the Navy you’ll just be waiting for me to die so you can come and piss on my grave.” “Not me, Chief!” the seaman replied. “Once I get out of the navy, I’m never going to stand in line again.”  Let’s hear for the grizzled old Navy Chiefs who make men out of boys.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--As I have said, I have never been able to get through an Alice in Wonderland” or “Through the looking Glass.” Book, play or film. This visually amazing version of the old tale lacks everything else, and the characters fail to make it work at all. Definitely not on my list. Humpty-Dumpty I understand.
--A Bigger Splash with a good cast – Tilde Swenson, Ralph Fiennes and more – is a great little drame that will irritate you along the way. Tilde a former rock legend and her new hubby a super rock producer have retired delightfully to a beautiful island off Italy. They do nothing but have sex, dine eloquently and absorb beauty. Enter Tilde’s former rock star boy friend (Fiennes) and his “Daughter”. He becomes the guest from hell, disrupting their paradise. This suspenseful mystery Looks Good.
--Love and Friendship is a wonderful, delightful and quite funny Jane Austin Adaptation. The period film is about Widow Lady Susan Vernon who visits the estate of her in-laws “to wait out the rumors of her dalliances.” While there she decides to find a husband for herself and a future for her reluctant daughter. It gets complicated when she attracts the attentions of a young handsome Reginald, the rich but silly Sir James and the Handsome, but married Lord Manwaring. Critic and viewers alike “Love” it.
--X-Men: Apocalypse is but a fair movie that will probably thrill X-men lovers.

The Answer:
I’m always as surprised as perhaps you are to learn who these people are in the Tids-Q section. Jake Owen is a country singer who gained fame with his first big #1 hit Barefoot Blue Jean Night. His other number one’s were Alone with You, The One that Got Away and Anywhere with You. Angela Paton is one of those great character actors who you grew to love for her role as Mrs. Lancaster, the Innkeeper who greeted Bill Murray each new morning in Ground Hog day.  Big Money Bonus: The First Prime Minister of India was Jawaharlal Nehru. He gave America jackets that made men look bad.

The Patriots blood is the seed of Freedom’s tree.

Enjoy this weekend, and remember…E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!

Lee Greenwood and A Prayer for America:

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Today's Tids Issue 3,603
Opening Stuff:

I’ll try to be deliriously effervescent.
To make this day for you quiet pleasant.
But if I seem to go deep, and to black,
It must be because of a Hillary attack.

The city of San Fran continues to make questionable decisions that defy rationality and that fly in the face of mountains of evidence against unreasonable considerations in favor murderous felons. But, if you are a hardened Hispanic criminal, it’s the place to be.

The Mini-Cooper is a great little car.

Living in the city is much quieter in the winter. That’s mainly because the windows are closed.

The Question:
Who are these people: Doug Hutchison, Genie Francis, Margaret Colin, Jeremy Corbyn. Bonus: What is the difference between Great Britain and The United Kingdom?

The Headlines:
--Crude Hits $50, A 7 Month High; Stocks Could Benefit; Companies Continue To Miss Targets.
--Japan PM Warns Of Lehman Magnitude Crisis.
--It Is Reported That China Will Deploy Nuclear Armed Subs To patrol the Pacific Ocean.
--Tornadoes Ripping Across Mid USA.
--Eleven States Join In Suit Against Obama’s Bathroom Edict And Big Government Overreach; South Carolina Passes Bill banning Abortions At 20 Weeks..
--VA Declared Thousands Of Vets Dead, Stripping Them Of Their Benefits.
--PI Says Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Told Her Casey Was Guilty; Says Anthony Paid Lawyer With sex.

What the Inspector General audit of Hillary’s email and separate server really does is confirm that her denunciations of wrong doing basically were immense fabrications of the truth. So, what’s knew with the Clintons.

Speaking of facts, it widely known that 100% of dentists know you are lying about flossing.

Altering the Facts, Department:
Is there anything more dangerous to America than an activist journalist altering the facts? Well, cute little Katie Couric did it in an interview with a group of pro gun enthusiasts as part of a forthcoming gun documentary. She and the producers edited the interview “In an apparent attempt to embarrass the activists”. The documentary will show the Gun people sitting dumbfounded and silent for a full 9 seconds after her question about background checks to thwart felons or terrorists. The fact is that the film on the floor shows a vigorous four minute discussion by all participants on the issue. My first reaction in all big media pronouncements is disbelief. How can I think otherwise?

I often wonder what I would be like if I was young in this new era where fitness is king (Or queen). Would I be out there jogging, looking at a wristwatch for guidance? Probably not. While I was a pretty active athlete in HS and college, I always hated fitness and exercise. I hear this younger generation thinks it is fun. Yikes!

The end of Victoria Secret’s catalog will be disturbing to college dorms and assorted ogling men. But, this event is more significant than what it means to voyeurism. It signifies the possibility of the rapid decline of anther great American industry – Printing. It’s sad to see the decline of out master craftsmen, or is that crafts people? That’s the other thing.

It’s eerie time again on TV, and The Preacher and Wayward Pines will test your mettle. Te Preacher is very well done with just enough gore and weirdness. Pines was better last year when you didn’t know what was going on. The Town leaders seem a little more harsh now, but perhaps their human instincts will help them see the light of the bigger enemy.

The current political scene just got stranger. Yesterday there was semi serious talk of a Dem Ticket of Hillary and “Ellen”. God help us.

And, Last night Trump and Sanders accepted a Jimmy Kimmel invite to debate each other for charity. If this event gains momentum, it tends to preempt Hillary as part of the campaign. Maybe in his heart Bernie thinks Hillary will be indicted and he is getting ready to go. Strange as it may seem, there is the possibility that Trump and Sanders followers could support each other’s anti establishment candidacy. It is that weird out there.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 62.
   Nancy in dark glasses, a blond wig and lots of make-up – which is really out of her character – walks up the stairs to the fourth floor offices of the State Attorney General. She didn’t call ahead, because she knew what would be awaiting her.
   The little guardian of the desk looked up with the same unappealing look that matched her robotic voice. Nancy put her hands on the front of the desk and stared down at her. Finally, the woman tried to smile, which looked almost painful, “Yes, how can I help you.” She was definitely surprised at the appearance of an unknown appointment.
   “Get up and come with me into your boss’s office.”
   “ You get out of here or I will call the police.”
   Now firmly with a severe look, “Your boss wants to see me. Get up.” Suddenly, the woman remembered that voice. She started to  inch up out of her seat, probably wondering if she should reach down and push the panic button. Nancy’s face said otherwise.
  Nancy was half way around the desk, with her arm extended ready to clasp the now somewhat scared and confused woman. “Ok, Ok,” she said, “I’m coming,”
   The two walked to the big wooden closed door and Nancy knocked, politely. “Yes, Margaret, is that you?”
   “Say yes”
   “Yes” The door clicked open and Nancy followed in behind Margaret.
   Hi Mister Sheehan, remember me?”

The Answer:
You’ve seen Doug Hutchison often, and probably hated him. He is noted for playing antagonistic disturbing characters like Obie Jameson in The Chocolate Wars , Sproles in Fresh Horses and sadistic CO Percy Whetmore in the Green Mile. If you liked General Hospital, the you liked Genie Francis as Laura Spencer. Margaret Colin is another soapie star best known for As the World Turns. She has also had seem pretty good roles in films like The butcher’s Wife, Independence Day and Something Wild. Jeremy Corbyn is the head of the Labor Party in The UK. Bonus: The UK is comprised of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Great Britain is Only England, Scotland and Wales. And some people use England interchangeably with the UK and GB.

I feel effervescent, despite politics’. I could also say I feel sparkling, bubbly, bouncy and vibrant. And, I don’t need coffee.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Could you make it any bigger!

Todayls Tids Issue 3,602
Opening Stuff:

I hear a song, a lilting loving song. It feels so soft and so far away. Quiet voices and gentle footsteps. I hear the words, mine eyes have seen the glory, Bombs bursting in air, purple mountain majesties, 50,000 names upon a wall, white crosses over the fields of Coleville-Sur-Mer. I hear the chorus of voices, all of those who gave, who sacrificed, who freed the shackled. I hear the melancholy dirge of their defeats, and the glorious music of victory to which they all rise again together, from all wars in all ages. They are, these giving men and women of one nation, the music of America. In one week I will sing their praises all. Today, in my heart, I’m hearing this song of love.

I have to be honest. Alice in Wonderland has always been a bit too deep for me. Woody Woodpecker? Ok.

How about that Oregon? It could become the new capital of Bernie Sander’s USA. Day after day we as a nation see larger than life signs of the deteriorating effects of socialist behavior. Yet the most exciting politician in the country, an avowed socialist, is railing anti-free enterprise blasphemy before the largest crowds. And now Oregon follows the Sanders formula with its version of get big, rich business to keep the social programs going. And, unions in pensions. The Oregon public employee unions are rallying citizens to join them in putting a new proposal on the November ballot that would raise the taxes on large “Greedy” corporations. They are following the Sanders tactic and the perhaps most socialist leaning  state in the nation is listening, much to closely, according to observers whose see this as bad for everybody in Oregon, including the unions. But, that’s what happens when people can’t see that big picture, often wide open before them. It’s why nations have crumbled.

Maybe I should have said most socialist state in the Union.

Since more and more people are letting apps do their work, I get the feeling that it won’t be long before Siri does FreeCell for you. I will rebel.

The Question:
What is the name of the Cemetery in France that holds the remains of 10,489 American soldiers – the most of any Cemetery in Europe? Bonus: For what team was Babe Ruth playing when he hit is last three home runs – 712, 713, 714?

The Headlines:
--Markets Up And Chugging Nicely As Oil Prices Grow; Tiffany Reports Single Biggest Sales Drop In 6 Quarters; Inflation Could Rise Out Of Tight Labor Market.
--Trump Wins Washington; Dirty Advertising Begins For Both Sides; Hill Pushes Herself Further Left As She Heads Towards California.
--State Department Audit says Hillary Broke Rules On Handling Of Emails.
--Citi to Pay $25 Billion For Attempted Benchmark Manipulation: Tibor, Libor and And US Dollar ISDAFIX Among Benchmarks.
--Congress Passes Law That Would Nix Obama Rule Governing Retirement Financial Plan Advisors.
--Schumer Pshing Bill That Could Nix 911 Suits Against Saudi Arabia.
--Behind The Scenes Dems Making Noise To Remove Wasserman-Schultz As DNC Chief
--Alisan Porter Nips Adam Wakefield To Become New Voice; Hannah And Laith Fellow; Nyle Demarco Takes the Dancin’ Prize with UFC Fighter Paige VanZant and GMA Weather Girl Ginger Zee 2 and 3.

That huge Alberta fire is still roaring. More fire fighters keep on arriving to wage war against the unrelenting massive blaze, which may be softening with a little help with cooler air. This fire now covers over 2,019 square miles. Compare that to Rhode island’s 1,212 sm, and you hope somebody around here doesn’t forget to put out a campfire.

Alisan Porter was certainly a good singer, especially when she went folk. “River” woke up Voice nation and is still her best performance of the season. However, there are still thoughts lingering in the background that she was preordained by super producer Mark Burnett from day one. Come to think of it, the prior two “competitions” featuring long hair boy and chunky boy seemed like wire to wire favorites, mainly because of some emotional story. My favorite moment last night was hearing Jennifer Nettles’ singing voice. Arianna and XTina proved once again that contemporary pop music is boring. I think that Adam Wakefield will do well in Nashville.

Every once in a while I get a nice note from one of you guys, and then I know why I keep on writing this mess.

When is Memorial Day, anyhow? Remember before big government kibitzing when you always knew when a day would arrive…like July 4th used to be easy. Now, I can only tell by when Diet Coke goes on deep discounting sales.

I tried to find some good juicy gossip for this morning’s Tids, but like usual, most of the enticing headlines led to stories that were much ado about absolutely nothing. Everything is about getting clicks for advertisings dollars. Nothing more. So, you’ll have to tune into 7:30 PM TV, cause you ain’t getting any here.

BTW – some of today’s headlines were “Kelly (Osbourne) tweets Ozzy’s mistress phone number.”, “Kelly Ripa Interrogated by Kimmel.”, “Whale Vomit Beer Could Be The Next Big Thing.” All the news unfit to print.

There is no question that cheesy orange fingers makes touch screen activity sluggish.

There’s no truth to the rumor that Christina Aguilera was the first woman judge to win on The Voice because of her support from Super Delegates.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 61 continues…
   “Sit down, Fred. Relax.” The big guy shifted his considerable weight so that Fred’s old executive chair screeched from pain. “Surprised to see me here, Freddie?”
   Fred had been taking deep breaths, trying to get to a level where he didn’t look too scared. “Well, let’s just say I’m surprised to see you sitting there in my chair, but not that I‘m seeing you somewhere around now.”
   “Hey, Fred, you’re good. They tell me that you can talk your way out of anything.” Do you know what they say about me Fred?”
    Fred said softly , “No”.
   “They say I can punch my way out of anything.” He rose and Fred saw himself looking higher and higher as the giant rose to his full height. Cliff walked around and sat on the edge of the desk, his knees inches away from Fred’s. “So, here’s the deal, Fred, you can start talkin’ and I can start punching until you get it right. Or you can start talkin’ regular and I don’t start punchin’. Sound like a deal?”
   “Fred’s mouth was dry, and he thought back at that last time when he got pummeled for protecting Nancy.

The Answer:
The cemetery on the outskirts of St-Avold is the Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial. Bonus: Babe Ruth almost came back home to his beginnings for his last homeruns – almost. He was playing for the Boston Braves in 1935.

I truly enjoyed Jennifer Nettles last night. So here’s one of her hits to soothe you into the day: