Foggy island morning

Foggy island morning
Foggy island morning

Friday, July 22, 2016

Rich, creamy and delicious.

Today's Tids Issue 3,646
For tastebuds:

At some point early in the Trump speech my mind turned to a delicious diversion as better way to enter an uplifting weekend, Chocolate. How many beautiful ways can you savor the ultimate food of the gods. I barely knew where to start. I first thought of some wonderful little homemade chocolate truffle balls and then dove immediately into chocolate cream pie. Which led me to the agonizing choice between milk and dark chocolate. Of course the possibilites for this amazing brown nectar are all made even more intriguing with the infusion of butterscotch or caramel. Or super rich cake with half inch creamy icing layered over raspberry. Then within seconds I was biting off the ears of a giant, solid chocolate rabbit. And, how about that old fashioned ice box cake which I learned to make as a kid, and practically inhaled when ready to eat.  I tried to rate all of the packaged candy treats, with Reese’s coming out on top, and M&M Dark chocolate  a close second. And, I haven’t even gotten to ice cream yet! I was really hungry when I woke up this morning.

It appeared to me that the newspapers (I read three this morn) took out their sharpest swords to slash Trump’s speech with any negatives they could find, and spent next to no time looking for positives, and issues supported strongly by many Americans. At least, that’s what I saw as a read headline after headline pointing out not the reality of what he said but how it didn’t conform to their own ideological view of the world. Actually, I fell asleep after ten or so minutes of the speech.

The Question:
Who was the man from Wisconsin whose name has become synonymous with the phrase “Serial Killer.”

The Headlines:
--Trump Accepts; Speech Titillates Faithful; Daughter Ivanka Continues Stretch Of Strong Sibling Speeches; Gay Billionaire Thiel Has Crowd Cheering In Approval.
--Hillary VP Shortlist Down To Tom Kaine, Tom Vilsack, Cory Booker; Kaine Deemed Favorite.
--Markets Open Slightly Lower: Reports Negative Over Future For Airlines Stocks.
--NBA Takes All Star Game From Charlotte Because Of State’s LGBT Law; JJ Watts Out Due To Back Problems.
--Reports Reveal That Russia Bombed Syria Airbase Used By US And Britain; Russia Trying To Force Hand Of US For Deal Over Syria Bombing’s Control; US Bending.

Most reporters last night must have settled in for the Trump-a-palooza because there was a devoid of stories from US and European agencies.

Fox News is going to miss Roger Ailes, its founder. But that is only half the problem as the giant ratings leader net work finds its audience aging. Not only do they have to find a new CEO, but he or she must be one who can alter the network for younger appeal without alienating the old pople. That, is a task that is as difficult as it gets in media.

Budweiser is by far the leading beer in the country. “Gimmie a Bud” is a favorite expression heard in bar after bar across the country. As you may know it is now owned by a European brewer, and for some inconceivable reason they will change the iconic name of this brew to “America”. Actually, it is a summer promotion wrapped around the flag. But, when you think about, isn’t Budweiser reflective of America, already speaking to generations of happy Americans.

Caramel is the new butterscotch.

We’ve seen the news media overreact and rush to judgment much too often. They do it all of the time in dangerous police situations. They jumped on Cruz for not supporting Trump, even tough Trump had made up a story about his father conspiring to kill Kennedy and after Trump implied his wife ugly. And last week they tended to describe Gretchen Carlson’s Ailes’ accusations as sour groups. And now, Carlson is being portrayed as courageous as more women stepped up to denounce the Fox CEO, and he eventually steps down. It is dangerous to your health to get wrapped up in early news reports.

It looks like the Turkish Parliament has just created the world’s newest dictator by granting Erdogan extensive powers.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--The critics absolutely adore Don’t Think Twice, but audiences are so-so about it. When a member of a NYC comic improv  group makes it into a prime TV sitcom role, the rest of the members begin to realize that they all won’t make it. This one is loaded with comedians as the actors and the critics say it is laugh till your sides  split funny. But too often these days, what critics think as funny is beyond me
--The Ice Age series has been funny and entertaining, but don’t count on the same for Ice Age: Collision Course – it is a wreck.
--Lights Out is a horror movie and pretty good, A supernatural being lurks in the shadows and a woman must protect herself a brother -- and learn what is lurking in her family’s past.
--Star Trek Beyond will keep the Trekkies smiling, as the crew abandoned after their space ship is demolished, must face alien warriors. Very tense.

The Answer:
Today is the anniversary of Jeffery Dahmer’s arrest. He killed 17 men and boys.

Have a great weekend, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Is your refrigerator running?

Today's Tids Issue 3,645
For the USA:

Here’s the way I look at it: Hillary Clinton seems to have promised to continue Obamaism and has acquiesced to the socialist proposals of Sanders. The concept of America that has drawn millions to its shores, and has provided opportunities for success unheard of in history, would not have survived under a future as espoused by Hillary and the intolerant left; it cannot in withstand her message and remain what it should be for the future. While Hillary is unlikeable and disingenuous, the real issue is what she would do to change the basic precepts of a free society, and force everything to come through a bloated central government. If you’re voting against Trump because he is an outrageous embarrassment, you’re getting a Hillary who along with her supporters has the potential to destroy who we are.

I wanted Scott Walker for president right at the beginning of this mess, and after listening to him last night, I think I was right. He is an establishment guy who has already done what all of these non-establishment candidates think they can do.  It’s a shame he got buried in the cacophony of the debate system.

A woman named Stephanie Synclair in a new book outlines five types of people who won’t succeed: The Dreamer. The Lurker. The Envious. The Pessimist. The Judgmental. I tink I have been all fo those at one time or another. Yikes.

The Question:
How much would the Olympic Gold medal cost if it were really made of gold. How much does it actually cost and what is it made of? Bonus: Who was Meredith McIver?

The Headlines:
--Repub Convention Has Triumphant Night Leading To Grand Finale On Thursday; Cruz Booed After Strong Presentation Against Continued Obama Policies.
--JP Morgan Looks Strong In All Areas; Southwest Airlines Has 35% Gain In profit; Cramer Says Global Expansion Imminent; Consumers Back To Buying Cars And Appliances As Jobs Opportunities Increase.
--Russia Track And Field Athletes Banned From Olympics.
--Queen’s Brian May Says Trump Should Not be Using Their Song “We Are The Champions”.
--Sydney Australia Police Stifle Terror Attack On Police Station.

The Trump son Eric gave a very good speech, and so did VP candidate Pence. But some say that the Repub evening got off to its best start of the convention when Laura Ingraham stepped up to the podium to open the night.

My internet service keeps on shutting down. Some say it may be effect of Version paying less attention to their Copper network in favor of a fiber network…which Verizon tells me will likely never arrive in our town. That’s called a rock and a hard place.

Somehow the summer time CBS show Zoo has me succumbing to its lure. Frankly, I hate all of the characters and the storyline irks me, but I keep coming back. Weird.

“Did you hear about the guy who invested in citrus futures? He said it was difficult to predict – you had to read between the limes!” Thanks to Shoe…or was that Meredith McIver

I thought there was a lot of good stuff in the Ted Cruz speech, but many political observers say it showed him as definitely a weasel and proved why he is so disliked in Washington. I think being disliked in Washington is a good thing.

The Answer:
If the Olympic Gold medal were in fact made of Gold each would cost $23,500. The medal is made of silver and then gold plated for a a manageable sum of $600 per medal. Bonus: Meredith is a ballerina who stepped up to say she wrote the Melania Speech.

I remember as a kid sitting with my pals making phone calls randomly, asking the question to the answerer, “Is your refrigerator running?.” And after a yes reply, “You’d better go out and catch it.” Uproarious laughter for a couple of 12 year olds’ would follow after hangng up. But, I’m hearing that many people asked that question today are saying, I’m voting for it. And, it is no laughing matter.

Meyer 2%, Johnson 9%, Hillary 24%, Trump 25%, refrigerator 40%. Oh well…maybe it will help with global warming

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

People are exactly the same, even though entirely different.

Today's Tids Issue 3,644
For people being people:

There’s something extra relaxing about sitting in a country grove amidst rolling farmlands with sturdy stone walls, listening to a casual music group remembering the 60’s and 70’s. The evening is perfectly clear and the temps are down to around a humidity free 70; the breezes feel cool against the skin. Kids are dancing and people are laughing. There is no anger or hate. It’s the great alternative to this confounding world and certainly a release from political speeches.

Why do I have the feeling we will see a lot of stories like this: “Driver playing Pokemon Go smashes into Police car!” Yes that is a true incident as seen on a Policeman body camera and reported last night from Baltimore. Beware of cars moving weirdly.

CNN has way too many commentators on the endless convention panel. Fox News has way too many interruptions by its personalities.

The Question:
What is your choice for worst trump political blunder? Bonus: We hear a lot about current Blunders, but what do Scholars think are the 10 worst presidential blunders in history?

The Headlines:
--Repubs Say Bring Back Glass-Steagall; Could Cause Short Term Disruption, But Long Term Comfort For Average Person.
--8 Fishermen At Mexico Resort Mowed Down By Gunman; Authorities Say Shootings Typically Rare In Vicinity Of Puerto Escondido.
--Trump Junior Shines At Repub Convention; Mike Pence In Star Slot Tonight.
--KC Police Captain Shot While Responding To 911 Call.
--China To Close Off Part Of South China Sea For Military Exercises.
--Halliburton Thinks US Oil Market Has Turned Upward.
--Wall Street runnig Out Of Jobs To Cut; Pay Cuts Next as Big Money Seeks Ways To Trim Expenses.
--Tiger Woods Drops Out Of PGA Tournament.

Bob Dole says Trump must mend his relations with McCain and Martinez, and also “sincerely” reach out to a broader spectrum of people.

If thieves want to rob your home, they will find a way.

I hear that one of the main reasons why the Republican leadership base is ignoring the Trump candidacy is because they see it as a threat to their own establishment superiority. Regardless of their postures, the Repub and Dem “Ins” alike love their power base. I’m not saying that a lot of decent Repub pols are not embarrassed by the way he acts and is running the campaign, but it is retention of business as usual that is the driver.,

Kids never change, until some adult changes them.

With the growth of body camera use in Baltimore, the words of Francis Scott Key penned there have never been so relevant: O say can you see…”

One of the great memories of my youth is dancing around a bandstand on a summer’s night. It’s good to see that kids still feel exactly the same.

The world goes around. Rains and snow, heat and cold come and go. Life has successes and failures, elations and heartbreaks. People are demographied, analyzed, neutralized, prejudiced subsidized and finally -- eulogized. But, people never cease being people no matter the language or the skin or the heritage. The media report but the tips of the icebergs, but nary the contented masses below.      

The Answer:
Personally, I feel Trump’s ego driven shunning of the smart, popular, female, Hispanic, conservative NM Governor, Susana Martinez, ranks high on the stupid list.  Bonus: 1. James Buchanan’s inadequate efforts in opposing the Southern states secession. 2. Andrew Johnson’s decision to side with Southern whites after the CW and do nothing for blacks. 3. Lyndon Johnson allowing the Viet Nam war to intensify (I had him for throwing us deeply into the welfare quagmire) 4. Woodrow Wilson’s refusal to compromise on Treaty of Versailles. 5. Nixon’s Watergate. 6. James Madison’s failure to keep US out of War of 1812. 7. Thomas Jefferson’s Embargo Act of 1807. 8. JFK’s Bay of Pigs. 9. Ronald Reagan’s Iran Contra, 10. Clinton and Monica.

I met some people from Samoa
Who were like those from Iowa
They laughed at their jokes
And worked hard to their hopes
It’s the same in a hut in Congo
Or a cold igloo north of Juneau.

We are we. How great is that.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I wanna girl just like the girl who married Barack Obama

Today's Tids Issue 3,643
For incomprehension:

One of the things I have always enjoyed was trying to bring back to life a plant or tree that seemed near death.

Since plagiarism is in after last night’s fiasco, I’ve decided to just copy Al Sharpton’s blog. What was that all about? What kind of a field day will the media have matching Melania’s words next to Michelle’s. Trump put his best foot forward and it went squarely into his mouth. They could have at least copied the words of Margaret Thatcher.

If you don’t think things change, consider that IBM has had 17 consecutive quarters of declining revenue. From apex to ordinary.

The Question:
Who are these People: Peter Barton, Bran May, and Campbell Scott? Bonus: Name the ten most dangerous American cities.

The Headlines:
--New Secret’s About Iran Deal Emerge From AP; Plan Allows Iran To Install Advanced Centrifuges Well before Announced 15 Year Deadline; Time Iran Needs To Produce A Bomb Would Be cut in Half.
--North Korea Fires Three Ballistic Missiles Into Sea Of Japan.
--Russia Facing Potential Expulsion From Olympics After New Revelations Of Doping.
--Man Wielding Axe And Carrying Crude ISIS Flag Mauls Fifteen On Germany Train.
--Western Countries Nervous Over Edogan’s Power Takeover.
--News Reports Have Mudochs Ousting Roger Ailes At Fox.
China: Disregard UN Ruling On China Sea.
--26 Tourists Killed In Taiwan Bus Inferno.

What is actually driving this stock market? It should be earnings right now, but earnings aren’t great. So, the “P” is up and The “E” is down or standing still, meaning that the P/E ratio is exploding. The only explanation seems to be that people want the market higher; they feel goodness in their hearts. And you know what comes right after the emotional highs -- sad losses. Wait til September when rational thinking returns. Some analysts are calling this animal behavior, which is heading towards frenzy. Then they eat each other.

The RNC payed tribute to the Veterans last night. They did a nice job, too. But who was watching other than red meat Repubs already in the bag and Hillary opposition researchers. The media will certainly not overly extol the goodness in the hearts of Republicans.

Al Sharpton is asking Trump and Hillary to defund police departments named by him as unsatisfactory. Would they be police departments investigating him?

I’ve been told by many people that the worst thing that can happen to comfortable condo living is having too many retired execs move in with too much free time on their hands.

I have always strived to not write the same thing twice, and to avoid predictable clich├ęs. Maybe that’s why I was never very good in corporate life.

There’s something quite thrilling about running a perennial garden. You begin to see a hint of color come to brown and tan cutback plants  in the early spring, and then buds. Finally you are awash in lush plants that bloom like clockwork throughout the growing season, offering varied colors and shapes for different times. It doesn’t get any better than that.

So, what is worse -- Melania mimicking Michelle or Obama withholding the real deal with Iran?

I think this is the time to be wary of sudden exposes about political candidates.

The Answer:
Peter Barton was seen oftenin teen horror pics, but is best known for The Powers of Mathew Starr. Brian May has becpme one of the greats as lead guitarist for Queen. He wrote many hit songs including “We will Rock You”. You have seen Campbell Scott as Richard Parker in Spiderman, Joseph Tobin in danages and most famously as Boris Kuester von Jergans Ratenicz in Royal Pains. Bonus: the ten most dangerous cities are Detroit, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Camden NJ, Chester Pa, Springfield Ma, New Haven Ct, Dallas, New Orleans and Worcester Ma. The cities on this list come and go.

If The Tids is anything, it is original…except when I steal your good ideas!

Thanks for listening.