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Quiet solitude
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What really is being taught about America.

Today's Tids Issue 3,307
Opening Stuff:
Whether it’s 80 degrees or 30, it is a truly beautiful morning. Whether the sun is warming your skin, or being filtered through a couple of layers, it is still a perfect day to get up and breathe in crisp cool air or warm sodden air, and love the world you are in. Thank God for being alive, and living in America. As I listen though, I hear intelligent people saying they love America and it will be perfect with a little tweaking, like a strong central Government; being more like Europe. The sun in the morning sky treats everybody equally. And I always thought that what shown upon the USA was to treat all people the same. Why doesn’t everybody understand the strengths of the true America? Why can’t they see it.
Brookins and MacNelley are saying that a shotgun wedding is a case of wife or death.
A guy born in Aleppo Syria I know said that after leaving his home country for a number of reasons, he was surprised then first arriving in Lebanon that people on the street would bump into him. Then he remembered that when walking with his father, a well known doctor in town, people would step aside and say “Good Morning Doctor.”
The Question:
What are considered the Ten Best TV Cooking Shows of all time?
The Headlines:
--“Germmanwings” Airliner With 48 Aboard Crashes Into Alps.
--Feds Examining Isis “Kill List”, ISIS, al-Qaida, Boco Training Together In Africa; SIS Skimming 10’s Of Millions Per Month Off Of Salaries For Iraqi Troops In Mosul.
--Eurozone Economic Recovery gained Momentum In March.
--UN Says That In 15 Years World Will Have 40% Less Water Than  It needs.
--Taxi Drivers In Brussels Attack And Block Uber Drivers.
--US Counterterror Plan In Yemen Collapses; “O” Slows Troop Withdrawal In Afghan..
---Coast Guard Rescues Two Fisherman Off Newport.
--Jolie Loses Ovaries In Precaution Against Cancer; “24” Actress Alberta Watson Dies From Cancer At Age Of 60.
The Voice is still in the paring down process, but maybe it’s time to get a handle on some of the potential finalists. Personally I like the kid Sawyer, a young voice that just simply takes over the arena without the usual theatrics. He hasn’t missed yet. I’m also fascinated by another youngster Koryn Hawthorne who also seems to have that ability to own a stage with a powerful voice. Not far behind on my list are Mia Z, RI’s Sarah Potenza, and Meghan Linsey. Nathan Hermida showed me some potential, but most of the other guys, while often quite talented, were just the same ole’, same ole’. There will be 6 more contestants tonight facing off in three rounds. There’s several good candidates here too.
Hey, I was surprised last night when I saw that “The Following” was back for another year with a two hour premiere. I have enjoyed the grizzly, bloody show where you never know who’s good and who’s a serial killer. It helps me grow out of my choirboy past.
Two kids looking a land line phone in the living room: “That’s an instrument you use to find your smart phone.” Thanks to Hillary Price.
The average value of imported auto parts per car is $12,500. So while the American industry is being heralded for a banner year, the US worker is seeing the formerly great paying manufacturing jobs going to Mexico, China and India, among others. This is just the nature of the Global economy. What it was, ain’t. So beware of Pols who say they will bring back manufacturing.
“Operation Choke Point” is one of those cute little rascally endeavors you would expect to see in say..Russia or Venezuela, not America. Apparently Congress is investigaing the operation where the “O” Admin through the DoJ , FDIC and other agencies would systematically squeeze legal company’s finances objectionable to some moralists. Bankers allegedly were told that they would face increased audits and scrutiny if they kept accounts for businesses selling cigarettes, guns, short term loans and gambling among many others. Could fast Food companies be next? It’s scary to see this and even more so to realize that we have people in our government who think KGB tactics are just fine.
The UnAmerican School Administrators are coming, Department:
On the other side of the aisle we have a bunch of HS students in Lexington Mass, where the revolutionary War began, who wanted to reinforce American Patriotism with an American Pride Dance Yes, you did hear that correctly, Massachusetts, the communist state where the kids seem to get it. But of course, it wasn’t really that simple, as School “Officials” thought it needed to be more inclusive. There’s that word again. The students said the school Mahoofs were against their “Red, White and Blue Dance” because it “excluded other nationalities”. The School Board pronouncement was the second “Shot heard round the world”. The town went Bonkers. Students said, don’t school officials understand the great American concept – “The Melting Pot?” Guess what” The Kids won. The American Pride Dance is on Target.
A guy named Bullard, a supposed Wall Street Guru, “Fears Violent reaction to rate hike.” Now, I had made notes to write today about the supposed June increase and predicted that it will be a day of panic on Wall Street. So how come after discounting the future rate for two to three years now each time somebody at the Fed blinked, we still have fears f the actual day? Gadzooks. And I suspect somebody has been playing the rate increase game for the past two weeks too, simply because it’s just that WS doesn’t make the sense it used to. An excuse for playing is the new mantra.
The Answer:
Number one is Julia Childs “The French Chef”. After that we have Alton Brown “Good Eats”, Iron Chef, Molto Mario, East Meets West with Ming Tsai, Top Chef. PBS America’s Test Kitchen, “Chopped”, Two Fat Ladies and Number 10 – The Naked Chef – Jamie Oliver. Some famous chefs ranked lower like Guy’s (Fieri) Big Bite at 12, Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen at 17, Emeril at 18, Barefoot Contessa at 19, Bobby Flay at 21 and Cake Boss at 23.
O say why can’t you see,
This nation that set people free.
This country under God that put people first.
Saved by those under flags, bombs that burst.
Who do many less fully understand,
What’s been so great about this land?
Yet in my heart, I and many good folks do believe
The soul that was America, we can again retrieve.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sometimes the body betrays the goodness in the heart.

Today's Tids Issue 3,306
Opening Stuff:

I was in a Wal-Mart in a seamier side of town when a sinister looking white guy walked towards me, eyes shifting right and left. I avoided eye contact and looked for an escape aisle. Suddenly he stopped, turned quickly and opened the door to the ice cream freezer! How bad can he be?

Did you see where Starbucks would like you to discus race with a barista over your $8.00 coffee. First I don’t buy $8.00 coffee. Second I like peace and quiet. Count me out.

Yemen could become ISIS Nation.

He should change his name to Schlock. How shocking!

This has been a great year for “Frosty the Snowman”!

I think Ted Cruz will be a great candidate. He makes Libs really, really mad, but he also is very quick on his feet and the Princeton, Harvard Law educated Pol is much smarter than the academic Dems want to admit. Carveille calls the Cuban/ Irish American “fearless”, and very smart.

The Question:
What was the name of Iran before 1935? Bonus: What was the name of the Elizabeth Taylor husband killed in a 1958 plane crash?

The Headlines:
--Ted Cruz First To Toss Hat Into Presidential Battlefield; Right Wing Radio Hosts Blasting The Jebster Ala The Job On Dear Old dad.
--Yemen In Chaotic State; Last Of US Military Outta There.
--Feb Home Sales Up But Below Expectations.
--Hiker Family Ignores Warning And Are Buried In Alaska Cliff Collapse.
--Starbucks Ends Inane Race Discussion Campaign.
--SC  To Weigh In On The rebel Flag And Free Speech.
--NCAA Surprises: Wichita State Ousts Kansas; Mich State Eliminates Virginia

It looks like the conservative radio crowd is ganging up on Jeb just as they did with Dad. I n that one, the talkers drained Repubs away from GHW Bush enabling the Clinton crowd to sneak in with less than 50% of the vote. Let’s hope that history doesn’t repeat itself!

When I was a kid exploring classical music, I bought 33 rpm featuring on side one Auturo Toscanini conducting Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliette overture. It was good, but when I went to side B I found Berlioz Romeo et Juliette. I thought at that time it was the most amazing thing I had ever heard. And, I attributed it to the known genius of Toscanini. Now today, CD companies seem to be reviving original Toscanini efforts and I might have been tempted to buy except that now I have learned that Berlioz was also quite the genius – even when drunk or in drug induced states.

Europeans are moving their money out of the Eurozone and into better market opportunities, including the USA. This could bout the US markets along a bit longer upon the erratic seas.

It seems that the home phone is well on its way to becoming what the US Mail has become – a vehicle for “Junk” delivery.

NCAA Notes, Department:
Never bet against Tom Izzo. – The Tids, ina poor performance this year, has nine of the Sweet Sixteen; 3 of its Final Four. –I always root for West Virginia and happy to see they are still moving along. –The Big East flopped big, and the ACC has finally lived up to its billing.

Three of the top small cap stock performers are Life sciences company Repligen, shoe maker Sketchers and Calgro Growers , a company that grows and delivers fresh produce. Maybe the idea here is to pay attention to all of these cultural and fashion trends whether or not you like them. Think about the above three. Calgro is making it big with the popular push towards vegetables, and Repligen is the world largest producer of Protein A, which every vegetarian needs badly. And Sketchers focuses on the non-couch potato, another vegetable. Seriously, what the young of the world are grabbing is where the stocks are and will be going, whether or not his old curmudgeon likes it.

BTW, that commercial where the personal trainer bonks the healthy looking guy for not eating veggies every day is really, really annoying to me. She, then trainer, represents a new kind of world I don’t want to be any more.

Bumper sticker: “Make Chelsea Ambassador To Libya. What difference does it make?”

There’s a big article in the paper this morning about raising chickens in the city. I wrote a short story a year or so ago about the subject from the perspective of two chickens wondering where their rural peace and quiet, among other things, had gone. Yes Sheila and Lucas found the foul air, screaming neighbors, police sirens and the blinking KFC sign across the street very annoying.

There’s no truth to the rumor that British PM David Cameron has asked Obama to work for his opponent in the next election. He is expecting a tough race and needs an edge.

I’m thinking this is a year when the Red Sox will have to average 10 runs a game at least if they want to win anything. The starting pitching is average with several reclamation projects, and the bullpen deosn’t look up to saving them if they are coming in during the fifth inning most of the time.

I was reading the WST Friday and was perplexed a little when after reading the Front Page  headiness about ISIS becoming stronger, changes in European binds et. al.,  I came across one that read “Do dinosaurs have lips?” Say what? The government is spending money to find out!

The shelves of discounters like TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and deep discounters like Job Lot have shelves loaded with designer coffees in really, really cool looking bags. I’m tempted and buy, not just because of the cool graphics, but also reasonable price. So far: Graphic designers - 10; Coffee roasters – 0.

The Answer:
Before 1935 Iran was the great country of history – Persia. Bonus: Mike Todd, Liz’s so-called finest love, died in the crash.

When I was a kid, toughness was personified by Chuck Bednarik who died at 89 Saturday. This Philly Eagles All Pro and UPenn All American was named an all star at both Offensive Center and Linebacker. Kind of make s you blush considering the current wussification of football, and even more generic areas of society. Bednariks want to blame concussions but living pretty well til 89 tells me that didn’t do that bad. But the relatives fascination with the “Lottery” opportunity doesn’t take away from tis man’s almost superhuman at times greatness. The Pats Malcolm Butler’s game saving interception this year reminded me if watching Chuck’s open field tackle of the Packer’s great Jim Taylor on the 9 yard line, and then keeping him on the ground until the clock ran out for the Eagle 1960 NFL Championship!.

At a local performance Jay Leno said. “I f you think Health Care is expensive now, wait until it’s Free!”. He also said to the providence mayor delivering a Key to the City, “The last mayor gave me Pasta Sauce!”

It was 17 degrees when I woke this morning, and Frosty was still standing tall! There must be some magic in that old silk hat.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Puns keep you honest.

Today's Tids Issue 3,305
Opening Stuff:

The robins are nestled in their nests, ear muffs snugly fit to their heads. The squirrels in tree huts and flowers under the frosty ground were snuggled together as the freezing day even had the worms burrowing further below towards the core’s boiling magma. Then a little light, as the sun blipped above the horizon in the east, and filtered through the bare limbed trees, slowly enveloping in the soft mornings glow the nests and dens and flower below the ground. Slowly the robins twittered and stood upon their nests, and the Squirrels stretched and frittered away to the brown beneath the trees. A crocus shoved and shoved and finally broke just barely into the sun.  And if my magic they all looked up at the humans at windows mouths agape as snowflakes gently fell, and shouted, “Happy Spring, everybody!
It was nice to see that Chicago politics doesn’t work in Israel.
The rubber band pistol was banned from algebra class because it was a weapon of math disruption.
In a Conn I95 service area I noticed all of the upfront parking spaces carried signs, “For Low emission Cars”. I hate that. I thought we lived in a classless society. And, how about Brown Versus Board of Education that wiped out the idea of separate but equal, although in this case it is separate but inferior. I think it is unconstitutional. The environmentalists have lost their minds and the government is their safe haven.
The Question:
Put on your thinking caps: What was the goal of the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root canal?
The Headlines:
--Stock Markets On Better Footing As Fed Removes Mystery From Interest Rate Target Date; Market up 153 At Mid Morning..
--Iran Negotiations Hit Possible Irreconcilable Snag Over Timeline For Removal Of Sanctions; Democrats Join Repubs As 360 In Congress Remind Obama/White House Of Congress Authority; New law About Sanctions For Iran Must Be Debated In And Written By Congress First.
--Two Shiite Mosques In Yemen Bombed; 46 Dead.
--Nigeria Army beating Down Boco.
--Federal Judge Andrew Hanen Says He Was Duped By DoJ’s Kathleen Hartnet On Immigration Reprieves Program; Asks Hartnet: “Can I Trust the President?”.
--Latest Eclipse A real Thriller.
--Clinton’s Stopped Publishing Foundation Donor List In  2010.
--Union Leader Who Worked One day As Teacher Suing For $30K/Year Pension.
President Obama wants a law the forces every citizen to vote. In a free society an abstention from voting is often a protest against the viability of the candidates. Forcing people, especially the many people who don’t what they are voting for, to vote for bad candidates is the way of dictatorships, and the first step mediocrity.
In case you are trying to keep score in the Middle East, despite what the we hear form diplomats and world leaders, it’s still all about Sunnis versus Shia or Shiites where ISIS is concerned; the ISIS are Sunnis. That’s the whole story and it is really that simple. They have been fighting for over 12 hundred years and UN pronouncements are entirely meaningless.
In a debate about the war against capitalism, the woman on the pro-Big Gov side cited among other things  that the government provides the infrastructure, roads and ports and waterways. There isn’t thinking capitalist who doesn’t agree with that because – That’s why we pay taxes, and allow the Government of the USA to exist! Capitalism drives the economy and when the government intrudes in the business side, capitalism is diluted and doesn’t work as it should. If the Gov, for instance, hadn’t bailed out Wall Street companies, we would only have lost some entities that had lost their right to exist in a true capitalist society because of the mess they had created for themselves, which is exactly how true Capitalism behaves. Capitalism used to be like the forces of nature than cleanse the forests and seas.
I see where the FAA has approved testing of Amazon drones. It isn’t hard for me to believe that local and state governments will authorize cutting of trees so amazons drones can land on everybody’s street. And, towns and states will require a landing fee.
I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan Island, but it was an optical Aleutian.
I am noticing that more and more of those so called-get-away places are getting more and more crowded. I always thought the idea of a vacation was to get away from the hubbub and bumper to Bumper commuting traffic. There used to be many small pieces of perfection, now intruded upon by fast food signs, far many more shopping malls than necessary and cluttered roads. I’m not just talking about well known southern Florida snowbird Mecca’s, I’m talking up and down the coasts of the USA. Developers got to develop and builders got to build, and I think it is a crying shame.  
In an argument around here about the raising of the minimum wage for those restaurant workers who are highly paid by tips, one very youngish (Everybody looks very youngish to me) bartender woman says “we should not be paid by the consumers.” Say what? All people in Biz are paid by consumers! If the restaurants are forced to raise the min they pay these tip dependent workers, they will necessarily raise the cost of menu items. Typically, less people will come as menu items increase, and tips will decline. But the new socialist mentality just doesn’t get the free enterprise idea at all.
Reading Between the Lines Movie reviews:
--Insurgent, part of the young Divergent series is a muddled mess according to one, bad according to another and better than expected for yet one more. Beatrice battles her inner demons and fights against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart. Shailene Woodley is more interesting than the character she plays and it’s easy to lose interest.
--Sean Penn get’s off his soap box long enough to play an assassin who deftly kills the Minister of Mines In The Congo. This forces him into hiding, but years later he returns only to find himself the target of a hit team. It’s slow moving, and the a little over the top, losing the reality for what could have been a pretty good thriller.
--In Do You believe? A pastor is shaken by the faith of a street preacher. It reminds him that true belief always requires action. He embarks upon a journey that touches all and one that only could be orchestrated by God.
The Answer:
“Transcend dental medication.” Are you having fun yet?
Thanks for the Puns above from a good reader. Over the 3,305 issues of this morning breakfast treat I have written many great puns, and many not so hot, so I am wary of repeating myself. This reader’s list had many of the all-time super classics like, “No matter how hard you push the envelope, it will still be stationary”. Or one of my all time rib ticklers, “Time flies like and arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” And, “Atheism is a non-prophet organization.”
Have a happy and punny weekend, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Road side bombs.

Todays Tids Issue 3,304a
Opening Stuff:
When travel woes get you down, a visit to friends smoothes out the frown, There’s nothing better, ever so grand, as all those friends you’ve known across the land.
This will be a very abbreviated Tids as the traveling sched, and some hotel rooms with less than adequate wifi have interrupted the flow. I’m getting this out to let you know I’m still around. It includes a “Q”: for St. Pats Day and wishes for all of my Italian friends wearing red for Saint Joe today. Have a Zepole – it washes away the corn beef taste very nicely.
Have to get out my Final Four this morn: My brackets came out with Virginia, Gonzaga, Wisconsin and Kentucky. I’m picking Wisconsin as the big surprise winner. I’ve gorwn to like Wisonsin despite the crazy liberal in Madison.
The Question:
After Germans, Irish are the second largest most claimed ancestry I the USA. What five states have the highest percentage of Irish heritage people? Bonus: What are the five largest ethnic heritage groups in the USA.
The Headlines:
--It Looks Like June Will be Bustin' Lower Interest rates.
--“O” Moaning The Strong Win By Bebi Despite Admin Efforts To Scuttle Him.
--Tunesia Takes Aim At Extremists.
--Support For Hill Softening Among Dems.
--Putin Reappears
--New Info Shows That The Hill While senator Increased The Use Of Charter Flights Apparently In Prep for Her 2008 Prez Campaign.
If Irish say you’re full of the blarney, what do Italians say?
I listened to the haughty Prez of Lyft, a competitor of Uber, extolling his mission to save the world with cars driven by somebody else. It sounds like a taxi cab service with an app to me. But then some of the youth have entirely missed the world as created by their elders. But then, he go many billions for his re-definition of taxi cabs.
And then we have the reports from spring break locations where we see resting academics doing stupid things.
A lot of what we see as terrible in the world has been going on forever. It’s is just now that we can see it readily, and some of the horrible stuff goes on because perpetrators know others will see it. Thanks, YouTube.
News People seem to think that because a person of race is an all “A” student that they don’t drink and act stupid that require calls for police. And, it is ludicrous for police to arrest them. Arrest the reporters!
People who protested in the 60’s are still the grey hairs marching with signs in parades today. It’s what they do regardless of the validity of the cause.
Having breakfast with some friends in SC, my friend introduced us to the very southern waitress as a couple of “Yankees”> She looked at him and said, “I call them ‘Bread and butter’.”
The Answer:
In all of America, Massachusetts is number 1 at 21.2%. Next is NH at 20.5 (Mostly people from Mass and RI running away from high taxes), Maine and VT tied at 18%, Rhode Island 17.9% (Italians out number Irish by a percentage point.) and Delaware at 16.7%  Bonus: According to the census, the highest Ancestry numbers after Germans and Irish, #’s 1 and 2, are Mexican, English, Italian and Polish. Africans as a whole had been number 2 in previous census, but have been reclassified as a racial group, although the individual African states are still counted. Another sizable group, “Americans”, was slotted between English and Italians, but I excluded it. It’s a nice political description, but it doesn’t help us understand the origins of American people.
Sorry for the Quickie everybody. But, sometimes they are satisfying.
Full bodied Tids will return tomorrow! Hooray!

Hoops and Blarney.

Today's Tids Issue 3,303
Opening Stuff:

Well, this is the big Office Pool week. My friend from Kentucky U will be out there rooting for the Scholar-Athletes at University who are so smart they graduate into big money jobs in only one year. Wow! The #1 seeds are Kentucky, Duke, Wisconsin and mighty Villanova. Wisconsin has looked real strong throughout the year, and got stronger towards the end. The big 12 led the way with 7 teams. Leagues with 6 were the Big 10, Big East and ACC. The SEC had Five, But could be six as Kentucky Counts for two. . So the soaps stop playing and Ellen and Judge Judy step aside come this Thursday, and at least for three weeks a some given time, everybody will have at least the slightest inkling about basketball.
Get ready for the next 3 or 4 Tids, which will definitely be on the fly. The mind will be nourished though with corn beef for St, Pat and Zepole for Saint Joe. And, of ourse some Kentucy Hot Brown for Saint cal. Oh how are saints have changed! (“Kentucky Hot Brown” is an open faced  sandwich originating form Louisville’s Brown Hotel in 1926. This Kty tradition consists of turkey and bacon topped with a cheddar-infused b├ęchamel sauce. Count me in.)
For my money, the best slow dancing tune of all time could be the Righteous Brothers, Unchained Melody. “I need your love…”
The Question:
1. How many women are now in Congress? Who is the longest serving woman in Congress? 2. Who was Walter Cornet? 3. What well known woman was named Thelma Catherine Patricia Ryan before she was married?
The Headlines:
--US State Department Curtails Saudi Embassy Operations; Warns US Citizens Thee To Keep Low Profile.
--Russia Puts 40,000 Troops On Full Alert.
--Syria’s Assad Seems Dismissive Of Kerry’s Remarks About Sitting And Talking Out Peace Deal.
--Northeast, Midwest Could be In For Cold Blast Over Next Weekend.
--Investors Waiting To See If Fed Saves “Patient” This Week; Most Seem To Think Interest Rates Will Rise In June.
--Putin Resurfaces After Heath Lovechid Rumors; Admits To Readying Nukes During Crimea Crisis;
--Oil Decline A growing Concern On Wall Street.
On Saturday I watched a car in front of me swerve left before making a right turn. Sure enough, the license plate read, Massachusetts. I saw my first Massachusetts right turn when I was about 8 or 9 out on Cape Cod. My dad pointed out the maneuver in front of us. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching this action over and over again. So here’s the moral of this story. Massachusetts turned left several decades ago, but now we know that it’s just a prelude to turning right at some time. We can only hope. The Kennedy’s are dwindling, and America can get Massachusetts back.
URI would have been real happy making the NCAA, but getting the #3 seed in the NIT is a huge step forward for a program that has come a long way under Danny Hurley. Interestingly, Dan’s Brother Bobby, who was the great Duke star and good NBA player before his auto accident, made the Dance as coach of Buffalo. Bobby learned the coaching trade as an assistant to Danny, and of course the brothers made it big in the B world because of their Amazing high school coaching dad. And Hurley’s a nice Irish name for the week.
Yesterday I read about somebody up  in New England rhapsodizing about the “Smell of Spring in the air”. The forecast was for snow and more freezing temps.
The digital era produces many wondrous things, and also cost for the consumer.  Refrigerators used last forever, but now the “Motherboard” goes. Try to bring your digitalized car to the local mechanic, and many will send you to the dealer because they have the computer programming, And there, $1K is the average starting price.
Every once in a while when driving it’s good to practice backing up using your eyes and feel instead of relying on the rearview camera. In other words it’s good to saty human.
Of the many things I don’t like about Hillary running for Prez, one I’m tired of already is the mouth of James Carville. He is one of those who gives seeking the truth a bad name.
The Answer:
1. There are Twenty women in Congress, with Barbara Mulkowsy the longest reigning being there since 1967 – when there were 2 women. 2. Walter Cornet was the first host of CBS “The Morning Show” which was developed in 1954 to compete with The Today Show. Obviously, Cornet didn’t become a household name, probably because of J Fred Muggs. 3. Thelma is Pat Nixon!.
It is a lovely day today. And I thought I’d give you a little bounce in your step with this refreshing tune by the Association, one of the better singing groups of the mid 60’s who cgave us Windy, Along comes Mary, Never My love, Cherish, Everyhing that touches You,

10,000 dead from Ebola.

Today's Tids Issue 3,301
Opening Stuff:
Sometimes it’s just good to pause and bow your head and say a little prayer for somebody you don’t know.
I’d like to say something funny to kick off this morning’s mess, since the nest two Tidletss are mini rants. I really hate ranting but sometimes the truth just has to be told OK, Funny. “When I was young I wanted to study Archaeology, but my dad thought it was nothing more than a lot of skullduggery.”
A new report says that only 46% of Americans work; According to US Labor Stats, 92,000,000 non-institutionalized adults were now out of the labor force. This is up from 79 Million idlers* just 7 years ago. What this new data says is that the Americans who work are sharing their paycheck with a lot who have no intention of contributing, and the slackers love it. Can you say decline and fall….  (*Note, these numbers can be manipulated in many ways and certainly include a lot of substantial contributors like moms, but the fact remains that it is getting worse. And it has been since Lyndon, and who knows even FDR, started giving away the store)
Weird Sheldon Whitehouse has jumped into the Hillary email fray blaming the media for fanning the flames. Whitehouse, a narrow minded embarrassment to beautiful RI, said exactly, “(The story is ) Ridiculous”. He went on, “I’m not indulging in this bizarre fetish (Is he a 50 Shades guy?) He completed his rage against the media with “You guys have lost your minds on this”. So there you have it folks, the latest Clinton defense starategy. Take it from the RI Leftie – Hillary did nothing. It was only created by the media. “What difference does it make anyhow”.
The Question:
1. Name 5 of songwriter and singer Neil Sedaka songs. 2. Name five of William H. Macy movies.
The Headlines:
--Consumer Confidence Slides Again In March; Stock markets Sucking Again;
--Putin Shows Up On Russia TV; Spokes People Say He Is Healthy.
--US Securities Agencies Concerened That Summer Tourism Season may bring ISIS Types To USA.
--Fake IRS Scam Has Targeted 365,000 People.
--Sheldon Whitehouse Says Media Responsible For Hillary Email Outrage.
--“O” Minimizes Ferguson Shooting remarks As he Hops On AF1 For Costly Jaunt To West Coast Kimmel Appearance.
Have some fun and hum all day long the song that was Number 1 on the day you were born. Mine was Sing, Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman! http://playback.fm/birthday-song
None of the songs on last night’s American Idol battle of the top twelve will be hummed by me today. I thought there were several just plain bad singers on the stage. Could it be that the Voice talent is that much better; that the once almighty AI is seemingly reduced to amateurism. I think they are trying to move to the youth as the screeching in the audience was louder and the songs mainly unfamiliar to this aging ear. First I tought that Jax, Daniel and Qaasim were downright awful singers – and especially Qaasim who seems to have a giant misconception of his talent, On the especially good side I liked Joey Cook, Adana Daru and to degree Tyanna Jones. I expected more from Maddie Walker. I could get used to Clark Beckham (If I continued to watch AI) and Nick Fradiani wasn’t too bad. I thought that sing for your life Sariuna-Joi Crowe was better than many who stayed. The rest –Ravon Owen, Quenton Alexander -- were average to boring.
In the meantime, The Voice continues with some of the best entertainment ever in the Knockout Rounds duets.
Governor Raimondo’s new budget proposes a significant property tax on rich people’s vacation homes. That will be good for the only successful RI business, tourism. Is our financial world Gov just another of the let the rich pay genre.
How come Holder and Obama didn’t call the Ferguson cop shootings a racist act. Because that surely was as opposed to the shooting of a criminal evading the law in the more hysterical case.
I’m going to a St. Patrick’s Parade tomorrow. That always brings out my Irish.
I think at times as people get older they tend to create fictitious end dates for things they are still quite capable of doing well.
Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--I think that the new Branagh version of Cinderella is a winner with an excellent cast, including the great Cate Blanchette as the evil stepmother. You all know the story, and this movie treats everything about it extremely well, and is done beautifully. The final scene will have you leaving the theater with a warm heart.
--Liam Neeson is once again his same great self, this time as an alcoholic retired hitman in Run All Night. His mentor and pal, also an ex-assassin is played by another great, Ed Harris. Neeson’s kid sees Harris’s son doing something really evil and Neeson kills the Harris boy to protect his own son. Thus the title Run All Night as Nesson and son have to evade the unleashed forces of Harris, and they have no place to hide. A pretty exciting day in the theater.
The Answer:
1. Neil Sedaka wrote 344 songs! His top ten are considered Laughter in the Rain, Breaking up is Hard to Do, Oh, Carol!, Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen, Calendar Girls, Next Door to an Angel, Bad Blood, Stairway to Heaven, Should’ve Never let You Go and Love will Keep us Together. Humming yet? 2. Macy first came to my attenmtion in Fargo, where he was great. It is also atop the critics Macy Top ten List: The rest in order are Magnolia, Pleasantville, Jurassic Park III, Homicide, The Surrogate, Seabiscuit, Cellular, Spartan and Welcome to Collinwood.
One of the small joys in the life of today is going into some web site and actually accomplishing what you set out to achieve. It makes you feel smart, for a moment or two.
They figure that 155,000 people the world over die each day. About 6,446131,390 people absolutely don’t notice. But think about how immense the tragedy is for the small group that does. I think there’s a good message in there somewhere.
Have a great weekend E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y.