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Friday, April 29, 2016

Whimsical, whacky and wonderful!

Today's Tids Issue 3,584
Opening Stuff:

Hi my friends, this delightful day. 
When I touch you next it will be May.
So whimsical, yes that’s its norm.
And just two months until its warm!

You’d think that after all of these years I could have learned not to put away my plaid flannel shirts just because there were two luscious days in early April.

Big Pre-Weekend Political Observation, Department:
Donald Trump exclaims ad nauseum that he has won millions of votes. And he has, about 10 million. All he needs now is about 50 to 60 million other USA citizens to appreciate his whimsical run and vote for him in the general elections. In other words, in this is one crazy election year it isn’t over until the fat lady sings at the inauguration. He says he is an uniter. Can he unite Tea Party types without backtracking from his excitable core? People seem to have forgotten the Tea Party, yet it still seems vibrant judging from their power as a major player in congress. American voters are currently about 45-49% Independent, 34% Democrat and about 24% Repub. So what has Trump been doing this past year? He’s been tapping into the largest party in the US – The Non-Party. At this point it appears he will definitely not get 100% of Repubs, but there is a chance he will do well with Dems who’s minds are in the independent column. My guess is that Hill will certainly do well with minority and poor Dems, but perhaps not so much with many of those old time union affiliated Dems. There are so many dynamics in this new era of America and technological communictaions, that virtually anything can happen. Prince could win with a write-in vote.

As you analyze, remember that in many states independent and cross-over party voting was not allowed. That’s why Bernie looks better than Hillary in the national polls, and why Trump may have more left in the tank when the real race starts.

The Question:
Today marks the anniversary of the opening of the counterculture musical, Hair. Name three of the songs from the show. Bonus: Name one book written by JFK’s favorite economist John Kenneth Galbraith. Extra Money Bonus: Who invented the zipper?

The Headlines:
--Flash: Supreme Court Denies Bid To Block Texas Voter ID La.
--Dow Off Triple Digits; Struggling To Hold April Gains.
--Assad Expected To Overrun Aleppo At Any Moment.
--Rhouani’s Iran Reformist Allies Ready To Gain Seats In Parliament.
--20 Zanies Arrested At California Trump Rally.
--Indiana Governor Endorses Cruz.
--ICE Under Fire For Releasing Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants With Rap Sheets
--Obama To Push For Smart Gun Restrictions Despite Genuine Concerns.
--California Shoots Down Law That Would Honor John Wayne; Basically Leftist Lawmakers Say He Was Too Consevative.
--GQ Hits Rock Bottom With Cheesy, Spiteful, Condescending Story On Mrs. Trump.

Whatever happened to Michelle Pfieffer?

Win now, or plan for the future, Department:
Everybody up here in New England is quivering at the thought of the Patriot’s first four games without Tom Brady. Frankly, I’m kinda looking forward to seeing what replacement Jimmy Garofalo can do as the main man. After all, Brady won’t be with us forever, and It is getting towards that time when we should be looking at seeing what we got in the stable.

I think my computer Grammar Check was out drinking with Spell Check last night.

No love, Department:
One of those moral dilemmas that seem to contribute the anxiety of our new twittering world of anything goes is what to do about big sports celebs who are lower than the proverbial whale excrement. Bob Hewitt was thrown out of the International Tennis Hall of Fame for molesting young girls in Australia. Jerry Sandusky is in prison for molesting boys in the Penn State athletic department. Former Speaker Hastert is on the way to prison for the same deplorable activity as a wrestling coach. Yet up in the Tennis Hall is a society icon, a chic social lion and absolutely great tennis player, the “Babe Ruth” of his sport – Bill Tilden. Yet “Big Bill”, as he was called, had gone to jail several times for molesting boys around 14 years old or so. The quandary among devotees of various sports is, do we deny the greatness of sports achievers because of their human weaknesses and uncivilized behavior in society, or put on blinders for the good of investors. This question seems easy to answer considering that Hewitt was axed from the Hall a couple of months ago having the same ugly pastime.

Actually, the Tilden decision should be easy in this new world of pro sports – he isn’t making money for anybody so dump him. Hey, I think I had a Bill Tilden tennis racket. I’d better go wash my hands.

I wonder what Roger Goodell would have done about Tilden?

Actually, punishment comes quickly in the new world of idiot twittering. Minutes before the start of the NFL draft, a college football player named Leremy Tunsil posted a video of himself “smoking through a mask equipped with a bong” (I only think I know that that means!). Many teams saw it almost immediately and his previously off filed suspect antics were instantly magnified and he tumbled down the draft list costing him millions of $$$$. Johnny Mans=ziel is barely that stupid.

If cheesy tourist trap T-Shirt stores weren’t selling so much cheesy tourist wear, we wouldn’t have so many cheesy looking tourists walking around town.

Personally I liked Michelle Pfeiffer best in Russia House, Married to the Mob and Tequila Sunrise. But, she made her most money as Batgirl in Batman. She was acknowledged for her work in Dangerous Liaisons, Fabulous Baker Boys and Love field. She is still making movies, and will be seen next in Beat-up Little Seagull with Kiefer Sutherland. So, the good news is, she lives on.

I was never a big fan Of Bobby Knight, but he was a great choice for the Trump Indiana rally, and he did come up with the line that pundits have been searching for to describe The Donald’s success: “I don’t give a crap about Republicans. And, I certainly don’t give a crap about Democrats, But Like Donald, I give a crap about Americans.” The crowd went berserk.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 57.
   Fred was laughing when his door opened and in walked Tom Howland. “You look like you’re feeling a little better today, Fred.”
   Fred momentarily felt a little stab in his heart but recovered quickly to his robust political alter ego. “Why Tom!” Fred walked over and clasped his hand, taking the lead. “Well, thanks Tom, because I do. What brings you to my humble office.?” Fred turned to walk to his seat behind the desk , “Take a seat. Want coffee? Anything?,” he said over his shoulder.
  “No, I’m good.”
  Fred sat, leaned forward, with elbows on desk, “So, your here bcause…you love me. I owe you money…’ Tom was smiling now and looked relaxed. Fred wasn’t, but he was a very good actor.
  “No, no, and no.” Tom adjusted his chair and sat back, looking very comfortable. “I want to pick your brains.”
   “At my age you’ll be lucky to find anything in there. But, shoot.”
   “Well, this casino thing is coming to a head. I’m not personally interested,” Fred wondered. “But as a pretty good real estate lawyer, I get inquiries from many types of characters.” Fred thought, I’m sure he is and he is better than pretty good. “I always classify them as characters’ until figure them out.”
   “I understand completely,” Fred nodded.
   “I have to assume that you as Town Council head guy gets queries too. Did you ever hear of an organization called Southeast Properties. I never did until yesterday. They seem interested in the old Hicks land that is up in the lake district.”
  “Well,” started Fred calmly wondering if Nancy had anything to do with this, because he had heard of some shell operation of the family. “Everybody is interested in the Hicks land,” Fred Paused, “Including you, I’m told.” Tom reddened slightly, but noticeably to Fred.
Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--Mothers Day is a pretty predictable film with big time cast – Kate Hudson, Jennifer Anniston and Julia Roberts – three generations of one family who get together for Mom’s day. Most critics said that they should have read the script before getting embroiled in such a dog. The audience gives it a slightly higher rating, and it will be lightweight entertainment for many people, but probably not me.
--Keanu is one of those new raucous comedies of today which typically don’t impress me. In this one, two funny guys – Keegan-Michael Kay and Jordan Peele --  pose as drug dealers to get back a stolen car. I think you can r]write the script, but it is considered much better than average among the films for this eek.
-- Green Room is a horror thriller that may be the best of the week. A punk band with a gig at an isolated rundown club in the back woods of Oregon witness brutal violence back stage. The depraved club owner Patrick Stewart figures they can easily get rid of this rag tag band and protect his nefarious enterprise. But, what he and his henchmen find instead is a cunning, creative and resourceful adversary. Let the chess match begin.

The Answer.
Of course, “Hair” is one of the best known songs. I also liked Good Morning Sunshine and Aquarius. Some others were Ain’t Got No, I Got Life, I’m Black, I Believe in Love and Easy to be Hard. (BTW, I was a blue suit, young exec on the rise – in my mind -- and had no interest in the counterculture, except how it could be exploited in ads,) Bonus: Galbraith was considered a leasing advocate of the new American Liberalism, Karl Marx among is many influences. His three most famous books are American Capitalism, The Affluent Society and The New Industrial State. He influenced the Presidents who gave us The New Deal, The Fair Deal and The Great Society, for which we are continuing to go into debt to pay. We might call the National Debt, the Galbraith 19 Trillion. Extra Money Bonus: If I had any money I would give you some if you guessed that the modern zipper was perfected by Gidean Sundbeck, a Swedish immigrant and engineer who married the bosses daughter to form the talon company. Actually, in 1851 sewing machine man  Elias Howe got a patent for an “Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure”. Forty years later Whitcomb Judson in Chi marketed the “Clasp Locker”, and formed the company that Sundbeck married into.

Have a great whimsical, whacky, wonderful weekend – E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Turn right into the 18th century.

Today's Tids Issue 3,583
Opening Stuff:

There is no better way to come down after a mind clouding week of political haggling and pundit guessing than taking a trip down a country road. Often just the names of the roads, places an villages are enough to ease your sodden brains back into quieter days. RI has plenty as I imagine your state. In the forests and hillsides of Exeter we have Widow Sweet’s, Parden Joslin’s and Bates School House roads. Just over the hill we come to Plain Meeting House Road, the road that ends gracefully at –you guessed it – a plain meeting house built at te end of the 18th Century – standing there alone, by the remnants of a town that left. Turn right there and you see farms from the colonial days alive with wild flowers for today. You might end up at Hopkins Hollow or the Simon Lillibridge Farm. Or Green, just a little rural village named simply Green. There is little more comforting than places named after plain old people and things that once were. Jeez, I feel better already

I consider having to put raked leaves in giant paper bags a form of government oppression.

Had an interesting discussion on journalism yesterday. The internet has created a lot of quazi-“journalists” but it definitely hasn’t helped with the truth. In fact, the nefarious ethics of many internet bloggers are being used by equally nefarious public relation opportunists who plant false stories with the assured hope that it will rise upstream to the pages and screens of the so-called legit media. This Tids editor has never repeated info flowting around in emails or from other sites (Even Legit media) until it has been thoroughly scrutinized on several fact finding sites. Some of the Tidlets may appear outrageous to some, but often the truth can seem that way, especially if it isn’t your truth.

The Question:
Name five types of Gardens that are inspired by foreign countries which you can adapt for your own yard.

The Headlines:
--Hospital Hit In Syrian Bombing; 27 Killed Including Docs And 3 Children; Russia Has No Comment in latest Assault On Aleppo.
--Judge Slams “Serial Child Sex Abuser”, Former Speaker Hastert in Sentencing; Sentence Harsher Than Prosecution Request.
--Dow Recovers After Opening Down Triple Digits Upon Bank of Japan Surprises; Investors Rattled After BOJ Offers No Stimulus; USA GDP Also Disappoints, Growing At Slowest Pace In two Years..
--Some Observers Take New, Positive Look At Trump After Rather Sane Speech On International Objectives; “America First” Will be The Theme; Cruz Picks Carley To help Him Lead The Charge Against Hillary, If He Gets There.
--Ex-Speaker Boehner Calls Cruz “Lucifer, A Miserable SoB”; Says He Would Vote For Trump.
--UN Condemns EU Migrant Curbs.

I’m a big fan of artificial additives.

If I was a political candidate, I would like to have Carley on my team in a race against Hill.

If I owned a company and needed a good #2 with a keen and intuitive mind, I wouldn’t hire Joe “Spell-Check”.

I guess one of the things that brothers me most about the new society under Obama is this overuse of the slam, “Racist”. The latest absurdity came from the editor of the British paper The Guardian. She said that “people who criticize grammar are racists”. She then must hold the position of The Guardian’s Chief Racist since as an editor she corrects grammar all day long. Basically what she is saying is that the educated and successful have to lower standards so those who don’t care won’t look so bad. And, I have listened to as many whites as blacks who haven’t a clue about grammar.

The next big racist accusation will go at people who espouse good manners. Great, we’ll have country of slobs who can’t speak, but everybody will feel good about themselves.

One of the real problems with giving the UN a global microphone is that their august pronouncements generally don’t take into consideration the needs of the people in countries they accuse.

The romance between Apple and it’s lovers will no longer be enough for it to meet investor objectives on the broader world stage. Apple lover still love their products but 80% of the world hasn’t been struck with cupid’s arrow.

I should watch more PBS so I can join in discussions with people who think they are smart.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 56 continues…
    Nancy plugged in her land line phone and dialed Fred. Fred answered quickly but his voice was questioning. “Hel-lo?”
   “Fred, it’s me, Nancy.” There as intense silence on the other end. Nancy had expected that
   “Nancy,” finally, Fred began. “Nancy, I don’t need this anymore. I am no use to you. And my body can’t take it anymore. I’m moving to North Carolina. To a mountain top, without road access.”
   Nancy was smiling as she said, “I get it Fred, and I will not include you in anything. Promise. I just want to know a couple of things. You will help us won’t you. You know ho important this is.”
   “Of course. It’s scary important.”
   “Have you talked to Tom Howland since we rescued you from that death chamber?” She wanted to remind him of her loyalty.
   “I have, but only because we have offices near each other. I said Hi Tom and he replied Hi Fred.”
  “Are you sure it wasn’t the other way around?” She laughed, loosening up Fred.
   “No!” He was smiling. She could tell, “That was pretty accurtate. One time though, he did move a little closer and asked where I had been, and why I was limping. I just told him I fell down the stairs after too much  bourbon.” Fred paused. “He looked at me in that funny way of his. You know, like he knows what’s in your head.”
   Yeah, I do know, Fred. He, like you and me, has been around this town since the beginning of time and knows everybody and everybody who talks to anybody. But thanks for now mentioning my name. When this is over I’ll come down to North Carolina a tip a glass of bourbon with you.”
  “Thanks, Nancy. Count on me as a friend.” Fred felt relaxed now, but didn’t know that Tom Howland was about knock on his office door.

The Answer:
Personally, I think first of the English Garden – quiet, colorful sweeping flowers, meandering paths amidst sculpted hedges, where you might just spy Becky Sharpe And Rawdon Crawly. For you with well shaped symmetrical minds look at the Formal French garden where you may spy a regally dressed Louis XIV snipping a rose with 14 karet gold scissors. Or you can Zonk out in a Japanese Zen garden with images of Geisha’s pouring tea, Finally we have a robust Tuscan garden alive with aromas from aromatic herbs -- rosemary, sage, flowering thyme and lavender; soft and comfortable with ornamental grasses. Perhaps surrounded by grape vines from which a glass of wine might have been drawn for sundown sipping, and a loving kiss.

Well, all’s well, Donald is looking presidential and Hillary is pivoting away from the Obama admin. I’m thinking that one of the reasons that Trump doesn’t espouse a lot of new ideas is because he doesn’t want Hillary to steal them.

OMG, I’m back mired in politics. Where’s my country road?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Biggest TV Reality Show.

Today's Tids Issue 3,582
Opening Stuff:

If you keep your feet firmly on the ground, you’ll have trouble putting on your pants.

Well, Little Old Rhode got uppity last night and sent a message to the Clintons. Frankly I think it was more a message to the immovable democrat cabal in the state from the governor to the congressional delegation to the legislature who all stood firmly behind the Shrillery as she campaigned here along with a two time visit by Hubby. But, Bernie captivated the hearts and sent Hillary down by double digits. Here’s the real info on this one. RI was the open state that allowed indie and crossover voting. That is the way it will be in the Novemebr which is hy national polls for that event have Bernie at tleast even with Hill and the more formidable threat to all GOP candidates. But, we live in a delegate controlled world which necessarily obviates the wishes of the people.

I heard one of thos stereotypical young Hillary backers in a post vote interview say, “I’m pro-woman, pro-education and pro health care.” How come we don’t hear many saying I’m pro-revenue generation so we can pay for all of the Politician promises? The debt is wll over $19 Trillion.

A pretty impressive looking Humpback whale washed up on a local beach Sunday night. Isn’t it interesting how crowds can gather to look at dead things. Smelly dead things.

I think that Cheeto is changing it’s manufacturing formula. They are shorter, have a grainier crunch and taste a little different. Maybe they’ve added fiber.

 The Question:
I was out walking up near East Greenwich Cove the other day and saw a bunch of turkey’s. I seem to be seeing a lot of turkeys every where (And not just on the Repub slate.) Why do I stand there and watch this moderately ugly bird waddle around? There is some kind of attraction to these feathered scavengers. In fact I had always enjoyed spotting new birds when my feeders were active. What do you think at are the Ten Most Wanted Birds by Birdwatchers? Bonus: To whom is the invention of the potato chip attributed?  What company made the first puffy or crunchy cheese snack?

The Headlines:
--Trump Romps In Five States; Hill Wins All But RI.
--Markets In Nowhere’sville.
--Home Remodeling Is New American Mania; Could Surpass Kale Eating.
--Nasdaq Takes Big Hit After Apple Joins Alphabet And Microsoft In Negative Territory
--Obama Admin Withholding Details Of Possible Illegal Nuke Materials Buy-Back Scheme With Iran.
--Need For Austerity Bogs Down Greek Bailout Talks, Again.

Trump actually sounded pretty good in his post election speech…until, he went on and on and on and on… You aren’t that funny or entertaining, Donald.

Are we entering the post-overbuilt stage of our latest post recession boom. Maybe. Yesterday Bob Evans, one of my absolute favorite breakfast places, announced the closing of 26 Stores. And Chipotle says it may add hamburger joints after reporting a 30% decline in sales at their one time super popular chain of Mexican eateries. I thought it was pretty ordinary, even before the germs arrived.

The Internet is probably eating away at bricks and mortar and digesting it very well. It was announced here yesterday that after looking for a replacement store for a JC Penny store that left Providencce about 15 months ago, they have decided to convert the large space to… parking places. Yikes! Is this just another sign  of the retail apocalypse? (BTw, The JCP store was replacement for a Lord & Taylor store, or a sign of the decline of near socialist RI as a player. Maxim: When you convert job producing, revenue generating properties to parking lots be prepared for something worse.

Trendy words sneak up on you. The latest that seems to have gathered increasing pervasiveness is “Outliers”. Ir is used rrepeatedly in qauazi intelligent speeches and panel forums. It is creeping into TV scripts. I’m sure it is used frequently at millennial bars. “I used to be ann outlier until I met you.” It is generally used to describe anything outside an expected norm, like a demographic incongruity or geological oddity or, more simply, someone who lives beyonfd the neighborhood; out in the country. It probably became popular with the growth of data mongers and number crunchers who with a computer could quantify just about anything, except when  an outlier skewed their data. Anyhow, I won’t use it for the same reason I don’t eat kale.

I was happy to see Mary Sarah win early on The Voice last night. But again, the pretty boy effect won out again. Nick, who most music experts seemed to think should be the singer to go, was saved at the top, while super entertainer Adam slid almost to the bottom. Owen left, and I liked Owen.

I often look at a surname and wonder at the origin. One of them is Hazard. There’s a lot of people around this state with the family name “Hazard”. I thought it as particularly curious considering the implications, so I looked up the origin. I learned it was most likely brought back from the Middle East by Crusaders as az-zahr. It is considered English with a healthy dose of French and Dutch added. It was an adjective to describe, or nickname for, the inveterate gambler, or brave or foolhardy man prepared to take risks. It was also the name of a game of chance and used metaphorically to describe uncertain enterprises. It’s a proud family here. It could be hazardous to my health to say anything else.

“A reader reminds us that there are 5 people left in the race for President…and 4 of them live off the government. The same 4 are complaining about the guy who doesn’t.” Go figure.

By the way, have you visited lately? Maybe I should develop an App.

Money is the root of all wealth.

The Answer:
California Condor, Whooping Crane, Elf Owl, Gyrfalcon, Atlantic Puffin, Spotted Owl, Kirkland’s Warbler, Ferrungenus Pygmy Owl, Green Jay and Blue Footed Booby. Whatever happened to Red Winged Blackbirds’, Cardinals and the robin od Speing, and any number of cool looking wood peckers. Send in your best bird discoveries. Bonus: A native American chef at the big Saratoga Springs resort in 853, George Crum, gave America its favorite taste treat. They were originally called “Saratoga Chips”, and became a sensation. Cheetos says their guy from the Frito company first invented the snack category in 1948. But in 1946, the Chee Wee was given to smiling snack eaters by an ex Army vet named Elmer in New Orleans. I remember them well, as I was instantly hooked, 70 years ago. That’s a lot of yums.

If tomatoes are technically a fruit, is ketchup a smoothie?