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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

With A little help from my friends.

Today's Tids Issue 3,952
For light brothers:

“Economic pessimists are out of their minds.” – Warren Buffett, yesterday.

For some odd reason, I just enjoy standing outside on a windy, stormy day.

Now, I’m not the smartest guy in the world, and that is definitely true when comes to insurance of any kind and in particular healthcare. But, it seems to me that after yesterday’s Senate intro of a new Health Care revision effort, we have boiled it down to a clear difference– Socialism versus Federalism; Single Payer Big Gov or States control. Who knows better about citizens of individual states -- Joe DC Bureaucrat or your state capital neighbor? “Individual” is the operative word.

I worry about dreamers. I worry about all those American kids struggling to be free from unfortunate home circumstances, neighborhood trauma. All those kids black, white and tan who can look out and see what America has to give, but must expend most their energy just trying to be safe in their own bedrooms, schools, neighborhoods. Regular American kids with parents who don’t care, with a society that doesn’t see. Every kid who can look out, has somewhere deep inside dreams. Yet, so many only see roadblocks, and can only live their dreams in their minds. I see too many kids caught in webs with no way out.

The Wheel of Fortune program is probably learning the problems with prerecording the new year of shows in the summer before. Lately with great fanfare, they have been giving away trips to Caribbean islands destroyed by Irma.

The Question:
Name Five Big retailers that closed store locations in 2017, so far.

The Headlines:
--Market Awaiting Directional Information From Yellen; Looking For Clues On Inflation, Economy; US CEO’s Looking For tax Reform As Key issue; 20 Big Retailers Close So far In 2017; UPS Hiring 10,000 For Christmas.
--Maria Takes Dead Aim On Southeastern Puerto Rico
--Mexico Earthquake Deaths Up To Over 200; More Children And Teachers Missing From Collapsed School.
--Trump UN Speech Receives Some Praise, Some Astonishment, And Fervid Denunciation By Iran And Venezuela; Many US Conservatives Liked No Nonsense Tone; Some World Leaders Would Prefer More Politeness; Media Trashes Speech.
--Emmy Ratings A Tenth Of A Point Off All-Time Low; Sean Spicer Will Not Be Invited Back.

Last night, America’s Got Talent had its big final contest night. The judges were maniacal over just about every act. But there were but a few that really stood out. One of course was Darci Lynn Framer who brought down the house with duel puppet singing of “With a little help from my Friends. It certainly made me smile. Darci might feel a little pressure form Angelica Hale who’s 9 yo body belted out Symphony like a pro. Evie Clair sang a beautifully Satchmo’s “What a Wonderful World” that seemed to mesmerize the entire theater. But, I didn’t know at the time of its full meaning. “Her Dad (With a capital “D”) who she loved so much, had died earlier in the week. It was perfect. I admire Kechi Okwuchi and Mandy Harvey, and love their singing, but I didn’t particularly like either of their songs, even though they sang them well. I have to say that among ten, the most talented is singer songwriter Chase Goehring. He has you looking for what is coming next and always pulls it off. It’s not geezer music he writes, but his words are poignant for today and his delivery unique. Preacher Lawson is funnier with his body movement than his jokes. He holds my interest but, doesn’t really make me laugh. The Diavolo acrobatic dance group does keep your eyes a poppin’ for sure. It is just one great perpetual motion, whirling, almost primitive experience. My head was spinning at that act that looked like Las Vegas for sure. Sara and Hero were active as always, but they had some flaws in an act that is becoming repetitious to me. Maybe Darci Lynn good get the dogs singing. Light Balance does something technologically beyond my comprehension and they did it very well last night. It was their best performance of the series last night and could inspire a lot of votes. Regardless, only Darci truly amazes and entertains me.

Spoiler Alert: A small directional poll I found and participated in, has Darci at 56% followed by and Angelica at 15 % and Light Balance at 9.08%. The rest in order at or below 5% are Mandy Harvey, Diavalo, Evie Clair, Sara and Hero, Chase Goehring, Kechi Okwuchi and Preacher Lawson.

I haven’t gotten into Ken Burns Vietnam. I was neither a protestor or a fighter.

Veggies and Depression, Department:
A large study from Bristol University in England among 10,000 people concludes that vegetarians (vegans even mores-so) are nearly twice as likely to be depressed than meat eaters. Lack of Vitamin B-12 (7% of Vegetarians and 50% of vegans) is a major issue contributing to depression. Also, a greater intake of nuts adds too much omega-6 fatty acids “which have been linked with an increased risk of mental health problems”. There are other factors including lack of enough seafood, and too much phytoestrogens form soya and vegetables. The study also shows that longer the person has been a vegan or vegetarian the higher the risk. The scientists have not ruled out “the possibility that the vegetarians’ decision to adopt their diet could have been a symptom of depression from the start.

In other words, moderation is good for just about everything.

You have to love the name of the newest dessert restaurant in Proovidence RI: “Sin”.

We live in a world of conflicting perspectives. For instance, rabbits do not consider rabbits feet lucky charms.

Think about what Anthony, Mott and Stanton could have done if they had Twitter. That’s Susan B., Lucretia and Elizabeth Cady, in case you missed the inference.

Tomorrow begins the big PGA Golf year end finish – the FedEx Championship final. It’s any body’s chance to win the final event but only about five or six have chance at the yearlong points prize of $10 Million. The odds have it as Spieth 5-1; D. Johnson 7-1; Fowler 8-1; Thomas, Rahm, Day 10-1; Rose 12-1; Casey, Matsuyama 15-1; Leishman, Kuchar, Koepca 20-1. I think it will be thrilling

Liberal Quandary: “Could we actually be wr, wr, wr, wrooong? Perish the thought from your intolerant minds say some who are among many in a big leftie split over supporting “Antifa”. “If it’s left, I’m with it,” say some. While others are thinking that perhaps they have a moral conscience beyond strict dogma, that there are other points of view after all.

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and we both wondered why we didn’t develop an interest in something specific, so we could be like Jane Goodall at 83 going around the world talking about gorillas. It’s all about the decisions you dismissed while young.

The racist thing in this country is one of our nations great shams.

A good meteor shower can rock your world.

The Answer:
Some of the closings have been more dramatic than otters, but they are all downsizing for purposes of cost cutting. Some of the more notable That means almost all or all) closings are Radio Shack, American Apparel, Bebe, Hhgregg, The Limited, Payless and Wet Seal. But, may other stores had serious reductions due to lower foot traffic an increased Internet competition (Maybe even fromthemselves): JC Penny, Macy’s, Sears/K-Mart, CVS, Michael Kors, Guess, Gymboree, BCBG, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aerosoles and Rue 24. Hope your Wi-Fi holds up.

It turns out that Jose was one of the best things that ever happened to surfers up here.

Thanks for getting me through the night.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A bump for Trump.

Today's Tids Issue 3,951
For Realism in a World of Misinformaton:

Trump is Trump, and will be Trump tomorrow, but he does have a couple of new opportunities arising, like today at the UN when he can really look like a world leader to people who count.

The big AGT finale is tonight. There are some very good acts, and it will be quite exciting, very entertaining. But I’m still loving Darci Lynn and her singing puppets best.

Climate change scientists are the only scientists who refuse to consider questioning of their findings.

Hey Kids, Santa’s helpers just went bankrupt. It must be really bad down at Toys ‘R’ Us, because they couldn’t even hold out for a possible bounce back during Christmas. Personally, I still prefer shopping in touchy-feely stores, that is when I go shopping which is actually quite infrequently. Aha! So, I am the problem!

The Question:
Who invented 😊? (That’s the standard smiley face consisting of a colon, dash and right parenthesis.) Bonus: Name five songs written by Paul Williams.

The Headlines:
--Cat 5 Maria Begins Its Caribbean Rampage With Utter Devastation Of Dominica; PR Could Take Massive Hit From Girl In te Song; Virgin Islands In Sights; Jose Still Moving North, But Not Expected To Be Damaging.
--Stock Markets Tick Up At Opening Ahead Of Next Fed Meetng.
--Immigration Activists Shout Down Lala-Pelosi.
--Tax Reform Details Expected To Emerge From Congress Next Week.
--Graham And Cassidy Bring Back Obama Care Repeal Bill.
--Mueller Gang All Over Manafort.
--Russia War Games Massive Dosplay of Technology And Power.
--Kellyanne Conway No Longer Under SS protection. Trump Jr. Wants Out Too.

What do actors do? They Act. What were actors doing at the Emmy’s. They were acting -- For each other.

It looks like the rest of the NFL have caught up with Dallas super rooks Dak and Ezekiel. But, at least Dak Prescott is still trying.

Illegal immigrants, dreamers and schemers, have no right to shout down any American citizen. Let’s see, they can’t vote (legally), yet some spokespersons for the groups say we will take you (The USA) down. That sounds a little ominous to me. They have already taken down California as those with the bullhorns continue to blur the difference between legal and illegal, and the clueless in Hollywood buy into it. I would have to say that this discussion makes me just about as mad as anything in the news. I can understand Kim, and I can even understand Madura, but I can’t fathom the logic behind overwhelming support for breaking US laws to enter the country.

I coulda bin a lotta things, but I chose my paths and I stuck with them.

While there is wild eyed speculation that the huge hurricanes are inspired by Climate Change (Formerly Global Warming), the scientists are debating 2 sides of the subject, and NOAA says the new hurricanes are probably not a result of the CC phenomena.

Many smaller Colleges have always found a way to prominence through sports, especially sports that take little investment. That’s why you see, for instance, so many Catholic Colleges doing well in basketball. It was a way to get on the national stage without having to field an expensive football team. So now we have new entry into glamour college sports(?) – eSports! Yes, even the NCAA is trying to get their meathooks into this one as it has become incredibly popular on campuses in a short period of time. Got joystick?

One of the ore troubling aspects of Hollywood loonies is how they can be all in lockstep supporting misinformation and general lack of knowledge of true facts like the Constitution. We could call that Lackstep.

The Answer:
A professor from Carnegie-Mellon, Scott Fahlmer thought one day that the little happy character would be a nice way to end his emails. It caught on! Bonus: Paul Williams was pretty prolific writing such popular songs as: Three Dog Night, An Old Fashioned Love Song, You and Me Against The World, We’ve Only Just begun and the beautiful Evergreen. Listen to your music if the skies are grey.

Under these tumultuous Jose skies, it really is going to be an exciting day. Enjoy it.

Monday, September 18, 2017

You’ve always got music.

Today's Tids Issue 3,950
For Humming:

Let’s say, you’re walking down a quiet country lane, your mind trying to recede into a pure silence only interrupted by the singing of birds and the crunching of your footsteps. Alas, the ironies, hypocrisies and illogic of world angst has muted your senses to the point where you can’t enjoy what should be so perfectly enjoyable. You can’t feel the glow of the sun, or smell the aromas of the changing fall flora. The sea has lost its sparkle and the spry of crashing waves feels more like an annoyance than a blast of exhilaration. Stop a moment and take out your phone; find the opening segment of Ceasar Franck’s “Les Chasseur Maundit”* or the finale of Britons “A children’s guide to the orchestra. I think you’ll begin to feel your heart refreshed.

The media is so focused on doing hit jobs on the President, that they have no free time or mind open enough to do a serious, unbiased analysis of the huge problem in North Korea and ramifications of the various possible solutions.

Somewhere, sometime, somebody will invent a better snack bag clip. And, the world will be a better place for it.

“Momentous Moment, 24 become US citizens.” It was a headline here Saturday, but then swearing in is something that happens continually in America; the smiles of those new citizens here light up the skies around them; bringing new light to all of us. Yet, the discussions that contribute to anger revolves around what is manufactured problem about heartless Americas; good citizens who just happen to only be disturbed about illegal entry; who can’t figure out why people who waited their turn aren’t the exalted ones.

The word is out that professional golfers are trending towards the mini fade and away from the subtle draw. Just what you needed, something else to screw with your mind.

One of the growing potentially scary development relatively unreported by the generally misfocused media is the changeover in Indonesia, the 3rd largest country in the world and by far the largest Islamic country. The moderates are seeing now what they have been concerned about for years -- the rise of the conservative Islamists with sharia law to become a national majority. Something to watch.

The Question:
Double “Q” wake-up Call: 1. James Pierpont wrote the popular tune, “Jingle Bells”. What was its original tittle and for what event was it written? 2. What was the name of the man who founded mighty General Motors (GM).

The Headlines:
--Markets Up As Street Looks Beyond Geopolitical Tensions; Oil Is Sound; FBI Investigating Equifax Stock Transactions In Light Of New Developments.
--Trump At UN; Urges Organization To Get Efficient, And Focus More On Objectives And Less On Bureaucracy; Says US Will Be With Them; UN SC Antonio Guterres Seconds Trump’s Vision To Reduce Waste, Realize Potential; Tomorrow, Trump Will Make Major Address To Full Body.
--Rapidly Intensifying Maria Taking Aim At PR And Caribbean Islands Already Devastated By Irma; Northeast Concerned About Direction Of Jose.
--Some Say Antifa Should Be Classified As A Domestic Terror Organization.
--US Diplomat’s Illness In Cuba Embassy May Force Tillerson To Close it.
--New York City Bus Accident Kills Three, Injure 16.
--Emmy’s Show: “Democrat National Convention.”
--Michael Flynn Legal Bills Piling Up.

If you have been reading regularly you may have noticed that the Tids has come down on the side of those who say that Kim is going to continue progressing on nukes to basically neutralize the advantage of world powers. Yesterday he said pretty much the same thing; that his nuke capability will deter threats of war from other countries, and give him a stronger position at negotiating tables. He is not going to fire a nuke where retaliation would send him to the place he doesn’t want to be.

Lately each day up in these parts, we’ve been hearing the words, “Where is Jose today?’ And, that ain’t ICE talkin’.

I see where Hillary’s new book has in just three days climbed to the top of the Amazon charts. I’m thinking it is mainly because of comedians looking for new material.

One of my biggest disappointments over the years was the day towns started banning burning of leaves. But today, you aren’t trendy if you don’t have a fire pit. Does that mean you can burn leaves in a firepit and be culturally acceptable, too?

I always enjoy listening to the Respighi orchestral transcription of Bach’s organ piece, Prelude and Fugue in D major.

Guess what we have in RI that you don’t – A Chief Resiliency Officer”, that’s what. Yes, in the aftermath of Irma/Harvey and in her interminable policy of emotional politics our Governor has appointed a person who will help us create resiliency against Climate change. Jeez, do I feel safer knowing that in the possibility of a storm hitting here like perhaps Jose lurking off shore, we have ready a Merlinesque type CRO will go to the rocks of Brenton point, raise his arms wide and look to the sky. Then while wiggling his fingers ritualistically in a maniacal sort of way, he will shout, “Go away Jose.” How great is that. Liberals have all the answers.

Tom Brady may be the greatest QB ever, but there is serious argument about who is the best pure passer. So, I was looking forward to that matchup yesterday between acknowledged great pure passer Brees and Brady. It turned out that Brady was also the better pure passer that day too. Yet, I still classify Brady as perhaps the best all time winner, a QB who is like Montana, Staubach, Bradshaw, Elway, Stabler and Unitas – The “Find-a-Way” leaders. I still put Brees in the pure passer category, up there with Dan Marino, Troy Aikman Sid Luckman, Sammy Baugh, Otto Graham, Peyton Manning, Bart Starr or Steve Young. Let the arguments begin.

A reader tells me that seniors could have the upper hand in a potential takeover of society: “We can use cursive as a secret messaging code, which nary a millipedal will understand.”

Some of the most beautiful, comforting music can actually be found in many classic requiem masses, like those of Brahms, Faure and Durufle. Forget the circumstances, just feel the soothing melodies, probably defining a better place.

The Emmy’s: Steven Colbert needs a new writer. –Do Celebs have a self-esteem problem? You might think tat after hearing Alec Baldwin ranting about how entertainers and the arts are more important than anything  else in the world. “Hey, I am important, look at me”. --I’m tired of celebrity and celebrities in general.  –They just can’t get away from focusing on politics can they. Maybe they don’t think just entertaining makes them important enough. –Some of the categories were loaded with multiple episodes of one or two shows. That’s kind of boring.—Glad John Lithgow won for Winston Churchill. –Alec Baldwin, a supporting actor in a comedy series? They need to reorganize the comedy categories -- SNL and All other supposedly funny shows as Sitcoms. – Veep can’t be that good. --I though “Big Little Lies” was Tedious and Amateurish. –I gave up early and watched a football game.

And the trend continues: Macy’s is hiring far less for Christmas retail operations, but is expanding significantly fof Internet sales fulfillment.

Monarch Butterflies are well known for their fall and spring migrations from and to Canada and Mexico. But, did you know that it takes four generations of Monarchs to make the trip! Yes, they fly 4 to 6 weeks to points where they can have baby butterflies, and then die. The kids take over, grow up and continue the progression three more times until they finally arrive. Interestingly, the first three batches of new Monarchs have a life span of about 4-6 weeks while the fourth group has 8-9 month life span. I guess continued flapping does you in. Ok, I’ll stop.  

I look and I look and I scratch my head and wrinkle my brow, but I still can’t understand why people think they look better with tattoos.

I had my first SUV in about 1986, and loved being up higher than the rest so I could see. Now everybody seems to have a SUV, and I have lost my advantage. Some things just don’t get better.

*Franck’s tone poem mentioned above has a very upbeat and pleasant opening, at least to me. You can tune it out after that. This effort by Franck is about an unholy Count who likes to forsake Sunday Mass for the thrill of the Hunt. The opening reflects the call of the hunt and the beauty of religious music. But it degrades, getting nasty after that as he while riding on his mighty steed is pursued by screaming devils who are chasing him into the gaping mouth of hell.

The Answer:
The original title of the song “Jingle Bells” was, “One Horse Open Sleigh.” It was written originally as a Thanksgiving Song. Bonus. The Founder of GM was William Durant.

Here is one of my favorite tunes to end this laborious Tids morning. It’s “The Rose”, from a movie of the same name supposedly based on the life of Janis Joplin. It’s a sad tale, but I feel the beauty in it though this tune. (Sorry for the ads).