The evening sea

The evening sea

Monday, July 28, 2014

Differences are the norm.

Today's Tids Issue 3,144
Opening Stuff:
Life goes on, Department:
If you’re watching a cable news station you’re probably seeing Russian artillery shooting into the Ukraine and hearing reports of Russia massing troops at the border. If you’re watching The Golf Channel you are seeing professionals shooting pars the “Russian Open”, which looks like any typical tournament on any course in the world including the US. You see spectators spectating and not ducking from missiles. Interesting dichotomy isn’t it. War that seems so devastating in a narrow focus, is now in our see-all-world but an isolated event on a  gigantic globe where 95% of living goes on as usual.
BTW. Doesn’t it look weird to see the words “Russia” and “Open” in the same sentence?
It seems like big investors are spending more times on the sideline in their summer hide-always waiting for September. “Let the Fed manage the stock market,” they seem to be saying. “What can go wrong in a month?” But a week or so after Labor Day comes the reality, and there is a chance we ain’t going to like it. Early September is another of the Paranoid Points in my investment comfort zone.
I found this app on my phone called “Isis wallet”. I’m afraid to open it thinking it may be a funding souce for al-Qaida in Iraq and Syria.
The key word for a successful free market capitalist economy is “Honesty”.
Most people have an intense fear of being trapped in a room with chamber music.
The Question:
Name the ten cars Americans don’t want to buy.
The Headlines:
--Two American Doctors In Liberia Diagnosed With deadly Ebola; One Dies.
--Mark Cook, Stock Prognosticator With On-target record Says Market To Crash By 20% within 12 Monthes.
--Ukraine Fighting Intensifies; Casualties On Both Sides Increase; Russians Move In To Take Over Top Level Rebel Posts Inside Ukraine.
--Lightening Strikes Venice California Beach Crowd; One Dead.
--Gaza Still In State Of Confusion Even Though Shooting Has Slowed; Tension Between Netanyahu Government And Washington Flares Up.
--NOAA: First Half Of 2014 Coldest Since 1993.
--Mystery in Pine tree State: Family Of Five Found Shot To Death In Saco Maine Apartment.
The USA alcohol consumption poll this year has beer jumping into first place with 41% saying it is their favorite. That compares to 31% for wine and 23% for liquor in this annual poll by Gallup.. However, women prefer wine, the top choice for women (46%); also older adults (55+) 38%. So beer is on the rise again and gets it’s push over wine from men where it is preferred by 57% and all drinkers between 18-34 at 48%. Part of the reason for the beer rebound is the growth of “Craft” beers by 20% in a year! 36% of Americans do not drink at all, either because of strong convictions or from over doing it in years gone by. The US ranks pretty low on the scale of hard drinking countries. In fact, in Russia, beer is considered a food!
One of the great benefits of being sick when I was kid was Aspergum.
If you happen to come across a giant anteater while strolling in the park, don’t make jokes about his or her looks. In Brazil in the last week Giant anteaters have killed two hunters in separate incidents. We live in a You-never-know World.
Subprime is a basic understandable, necessary term in an economy of differing societal levels…except when the word “bundling” is involved.
Many in the camp of misguided media are more concerned about the way a killer dies than they are about the victims of the monsters. Last week one of these saintly scribes tried to make an issue over the fact that the family of the victims were not concerned about the length of time it took for the heartless, inhumane murderer to die from a lethal injections.
There’s no truth to the rumor that if Rhode Island were to be attacked by a foreign nation, the US Army would not be able to respond because of the severe environmental regulations in the state.
The fed jacked up the drumbeat towards the end of Financial welfare last this month after the report of 288,000 net jobs added. The real numbers it turns out were 800,000+ part-times jobs added and 523,000 full time jobs lost. Summer time is probably the worst time to measure jobs improvement as most are tourism related lower paying, no benefits part time jobs. Hey, I don’t think the monthly contributions for the benefit of financial geniuses welfare should have ever started. But to end them, now that the markets are  largely buoyed by them onless than honest labor growth information is unfair to investors who can’t control the marketplace.
If the RI Governor’s race was only judged by the candidates TV commercials, the hands-down winner would be Clay Pell. The big question is how all of this translates to the voting booth. In RI it’s generally, “Duh, who’s da democrat.” Actually, I take that back. Often in this state under siege by themselves, the Dem voter often picks a Republican for the no power job to assuage their guilt over continually electing biased, union owned losers to the Legislature.
Did you ever go onto the net to find something like a birth certificate for a relative. Several sites normally show up and one will entice you into pursuing it further, asking a lot of legitimate questions, and then make you wait while it searches from step to step. Finally in the end it announces we “We have your report ready to go”. Then it asks for your first born, Social Security number and three credit cards. And you know it’s going to happen this way every time. But still you go along.
If Alan Fung (Candidate for Giv in RI) opened with a campaign that established his character and better than average credentials instead of a series of lame attacks on competitor Block, he may be more of a positive factor than he is now – struggling to regain the image of the sensible person he is in defensive campaign that sounds like “Hey, I really am a good guy!”.
The other night  I was awakened by seagulls acting strange. I went to the window to see them performing madly in what looked like a weird mating rituals. Then I realized thyat perhaps they must be under the effect  of smoke wafting from the house next door rented to visitors to the Folk festival. “Hey man, is it 1970 yet?”
The Answer:
Number Ten is Scion IC. The rest are, Dodge Avenger, Lincoln MKS, Chevy Tahoe, Chrysler 200, Jaguar XK, GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade, Mitsubishi Outlander and #1 Volvo S60!
5…4…3…2…1…Tidsters start your Week – have fun and make things happen!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Do kids still live in the world?

Today's Tids Issue 3,143
Opening Stuff: 
I saw a nesting white egret in the dawning Rhode Island sun as I stood absorbing another magnificent early morning. A cooling north wind raised feathers as the graceful mom snuggled down against her family to come. She may have been eying her reflections in nearby glassy waters of the small pond that sat above a small marsh valley with slow moving, meandering creeks. She may have found peace in the tune cranked out by the old colonial, wooden windmill turning slowly in the breeze. Frankly, I got so relaxed watching her in the soothing environment, that I hit my next shot into the pond, scaring the hell out of her. I hope the kids are alright.
Did you see where the US is removing Peace Corps workers from President Obama’s Ancestral lands, Kenya? I always thought of Kenya along with South Africa as two of the few sane parts of the huge African continent. But maybe, the areas around the so-called cradle of humanity are just destined to be an eternal underachiever. I feel for the millions of people who have been oppressed by ruthless dictators often funded by our tax dollars; these same people now are facing a possible future dominated  Islamic extremists and terrorists
Football is here and so are new rules. The most annoying rule is the one that handcuffs defensive backs. This came about because Peyton Manning had a miserable day in the Super Bowl because of great play by the defense.. The last time there was a rule change that handcuffed defensive backs was when the Colts Polien in  behalf of Peyton Manning had the rules changed because Peyton couldn’t complete passes against the Patriots, Did I say Peyton Manning twice, Is he the new entitlement queen. If you can’t  do it, change the rules. Is that the new American spirit?
I really have a problem with people who smugly announce, “I eat healthy”. It all depends on how you define the word healthy.
The Question:
What do you think are the statistical “Sin Cities” of America. In other words, which cities lesad the nation in gmabling illicit sex and drugs and alcohol?
The Headlines:
--Near 150 Point Drop Has Dow Under 17,000; Poor Outl;ook From Visa Is Today’s Culprit.
--French Have Not ruled Out terror Attack In Downing Of Algeria Airliner.
--The Islamic Extremists In Iraq Continue Assault Of Biblical Treasures, Now Blowing Up Jonah’s Tomb.
--Huge China Aircraft Carrier Star Of Naval Exercise Show Involving US, India And China.
--Symbols Of China Christians Under Attack by their Government.
--White House Brings In Clinton Aides To Asisst In Propaganda Strategy.
--5 US Territories Released From Menacing ObamaCare Mandate.
One of the most thoroughly satisfying mindless activities is watering tomato plants.
Of course, finding tomatoes in my sandwich is a pure panic event.
Everybody or every place can be “Number 1” at something as long as your use the right qualifier. For instance, the Tids has been named “#1 Human Interest Blog with severe spelling deficiencies in the USA. I’ll take it.
It seems like the “bubble” in this current thriving stock market is the the inevitable loss of the huge monthly welfare checks from the Fed.
Twitter continues to be the big enigma among investors.
The Tids Executive Management is proud to welcome several new readers. Unfortunately, the Tidster’s mind has been relatively inert this week, resulting in a few lackluster efforts.
Even though I see it every day, I am always amazed by the teens with heads down, faces in phones, fingers typing madly. Many parents think taking away the dreaded phone is the best teen punishment of them all. Personally I’d worry about suicide rate increasing. I wouldn’t be surprised tough to see this generation it nears the end, asking to be buried with their phones, which will probably be embedded in their bodies somewhere. Actually, grandparents might be asking for smart phones in their pockets, but may never use it without grandchildren in heaven.
There’s word floating around that the US Postal Service may introduce banking. Would you put your money in an institution run by government bureaucrats? Would you want your money moved around by computer system designed by Gov. experts, which rarely work and crash key hard drives on a regular basis?
I see where the US Government has just spent millions on robots which will be used to teach kids how to  exercise! God help us
Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--I’m looking forward to “The Most Wanted Man, starting Phillip Seymore Hoffman along with William DeFoe, Robin Wright and Rachel McAdams. It’s one of those classic stakes rising, time declining spy thrillers as German and US security agencies run to learn the most wanted man’s true identity – oppressed victim or terrorist. It’s a good one.
--Lucy is an Ok movie starring Scarlet Johansson as a woman threatened, who unluckily stumbles into a very dark international illegal deal. When trapped, she turns into a woman of incredible resourcefulness becoming a merciless avenger  rising above the logic of human capability. It may appear to be an unrealistic premise, but it is entertaining. .
The Answer:
The Queen of Dysfunctional cities is Las Vegas and gof course leads in gambling.. New Orleans is tops for prescription drugs and Sex. Denver has cornered marijuana, while Buffalo leads in MDMA (Ecstasy), Des Moines Iowa is the cocaine center while Columbus Ohio leads the nation in Heroin. Albuquerque owns the Crystal meth title while alcohol rules in Pittsburgh. Of course a growing majority doesn’t think anything is a sin and probably appreciate the above cities as Frost Class vacation destinations! Eeee-Hah!
In honor of all of the aging sixties revolutionaries in town for the great Newport Folk Festival, I’ll be wearing my hair in a pony tail this weekend. It may be the shortest pony tail in the history of Hipppiedom!
Have a great week end, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!

Flying the friendly Skies.

Today's Tids Issue 4,142
Opening Stuff:
ISIS destroyed an 1800 year old Christian Church last week. The islamist war against Christians seems to be intensifying; it has spread,  become unrelenting and unforgiving, inhuman at times. The point here though is more significant. This is a group that can wait, forever if necessary. They may appear at times to be defeated, but they never go away. How many generations have been looking for opportunities since the departure of the Crusaders, sitting there, looking at that church besmirching their Islam heritage. Wars are never over for those defeated who don’t want peace. There is no peace on anybody’s terms but their’s.
There’s no truth to the rumor that Ben & Jerry’s has new flavor for Obama – Impeach Mint!
Remember when flying was, well, kind of a comfortable escape, where nobody could reach you, where you go let yourself dream to the soothing wooosh of cabin air. A pleasant respite where it was impossible for the ills of reality to reach you, at least for an hour or so. But today, today you are flying over a world where on any given street corner there could be a group of angry people with a high tech ground-to-air missile.
Uh-oh, I think I’m in trouble. I just received notice from Linked-In that a guy I know wants to connect with me. Oooooo-Weeeee-oooooo. He died 10 months ago! Does Linked-In have added reach, new powers? Or, has it just become another arm of the Democrat party?
The new claims report for unemployment bennies showed today a drop way down to 284,000. Wall Street will panic as that will tend to convince Yellen to drop the welfare payments to banks faster. Just what we need, good unemployment reports
The Question:
How many people died during the construction of the Empire State Building.
The Headlines:
--Pentagon Says Russia Firing Artillery Into Ukraine
--Plane Carrying 110 On Flight to Algiers Disappears From Radar.
--Pennsylvania Hpospital On Lockdown After reports Of Shooting (Or was that Shooting reports).
--Solid Earnings Reports Has Gold Dipping; Ford beats estimates, Recalls Have GM Down 80%.
--Poll: Voters Say Obama Has exceeded Authroity; Poll Also Says People Do Not Want Impeachment, WH Is Incompetent, Putin Has Upper hand In Ukraine..
--Urban Tactics And Suicide Resolve Has Hamas Inflicting record Casualties On Israeli Troops; Hamas Not Interested In Kerry Peace Plan Until Blockade Is Lifted; Blockade Lifting Would Open Border for Misssile Deliveries.
--IRS IT Expert says there Are Backup tapes For Learner email Activity.
--Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Calls For End Of Murderous Israeli Regime.
--Two Ukraiien jets Shot Down Over rebel Held Territory.
--Social Security Admin Spent $300 Mil On New Computer System that doesn’t Work; Serious Outages For US Global Passport/Visa Operations Has Thousands Waiting And Fuming..
The more the US and other Western Media decry Israel defensive tactics, the more they feed the vitriol of those who want to destroy that country of the Jews, an island in a sea of hatred.
Oops, I forgot the fantastic, amazing Roberto Clemente from my favorite baseball player musings..
It’s about time I started reporting on America’s Got Talent. It must have gotten to that point where the talent on stage will override the antics of the so-called celebrity judges and host.
In the quest for something on TV to watch now that “24” has gone along with other faves of Spring, I’m looking at Extant and getting into it. It is pleasantly eerie with several nice touches of Intrigue.
It’s amazing how inaccurate weather forecasters have been around here this summer.
There are many who say that the only way to negotiate with Middle East extremists is with bombs. But, then, to too many of them, dying is a privilege. And that somebody will take their place.
Uh-oh, I have to run. But I’ll be back to finish this morning mess later today. I was looking at the time on my computer and saw it said 7/24. Then I realized that was the date and that the time was 8:23!
I saw a poster depicting a Muslim appearing extremist with the caption: “Thanks  to ObamaCare, we no longer have to blow ourselves up to destroy America.
Latest way to drive yourself nuts, or as one reader says, “break your FreeCell addiction and go completely over the edge!”
The Answer:
14 workers  died while working on the construction of the Empire State building. Only three died during the construction of the huge Dubai Skyscraper.
How come the media doesn’t seem that interested in the growing number of attacks on Christians and Christian things? Where is the outrage they express when some of the more hip, chic religions are attacked. Where’s the President? Congress?

180 Degrees can be stifling or enriching, and always confusing.

Today's Tids Issue 3,141
Opening Stuff:
The Stock Market just got a shot of adrenalin as it passed through a day of big earning reports falling mainly on the positive side. That should keep the Dow moving upward, and perhaps stifle short sellers for a while. But. My belief is that many of the bigger investors, will be slowly paring back their more aggressive holdings as there is a general feeling that it can’t go up forever. It is also possible that companies in an effort to continue with positive profit reports will begin to pare down employees throughout the third Q.  Housing starts may improve again in August, but should ease heading into September. Regardless of how giddy many on the successful side of the economic ledger are feeling, there is still a lot of caution in the former giant middle class America. I just want to stay realistic. But then, what do I know…I’m just your basic Tidster…
A marine biologist has developed a race of genetically engineered dolphins that could live forever on a steady diet of seagulls. On a day when  the his bird stock ran out, he went to town to purchase more. On the way back he had to step over two sleeping lions on the side of the road. He was immediately arrested and charged with transporting gulls across sedate lions for immortal porpoises.
Food for Thought, Department:
Aaron David Miller from the Woodrow Wilson Institute, historian and advisor to Democrat and Republican Secretary’s of State on Arab-Israel negotiations, just wrote a book, “Why  America can’t have and doesn’t want another great President”. The book essentially argues that American’s have a Presidency addiction. They look for more in one person than any one person can deliver. The President is just part of the system, and generally only rises to perceived “greatness” when associated with some level of national crisis. Miller also surmises that the rise of 24/7 news chattering places far more emphasis on the “personalized” presidency that the founders could ever had imagined. His premise seems  to advocate voting solid, thoughtful people to ascend, people who can drive the engine and especially bring together, as best as possible, warring opposites. He doesn’t expect that many will like his book.
The Question:
Donna Dixon and Dan Ackroyd have been married for 30 years! In what TV show did Donna first achieve fame and who were her co-stars. Bonus: On what movie set did Donna meet Dan?
The Headlines:
--New Comments From Putin Contradict Common Beliefs In Moscow About Threat Of Western Agression; Russian President Seems To Signal Flexibility, Predisposition To Negotiate.
--Two Federal Appeals Courts Contradict each Other On Constitutionality of ACA Subsidies.
--Stock Experts Putting A Lot Of Pressure On the Much Anticipated Apple “Fab Fall” Show; It Had Better Be Good Say Many On Street.
--Working Class Whites No Longer The Voting Majority In Ohio.
--Race Horse Owned By Queen Elizabeth Fails Drug Test.
--Government Agents Testing ACA System Find That False Applicants Easily Receive Subsidized Insurance.
--IRS Tech Expert Now Says Lois Learner Hard Drive Recoverable.
While World Burns, Obama Kicks Off Western Fundraising Tour.
The Brooklyn Bridge is hailed by New Yorkers as a Big Apple Treasure, but to old time native Brooklynites it was the symbol of independence lost. We live in a world where different people often look at the same thing with opposing views. 
I’d like to write a nice little Tid’s Happy Birthday message for an excellent grandson, but his mother is a luddite and the Tids would never be opened.
Disliking is more common now because there are so many more ways to express it. In fact Social Media, where dislike is expressed most, is among the least liked entities in the country. And among the SM’s, FaceBook his lowest on the favorability poll, The other least liked digital complaint mediums are LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Wikipedia and Pinterest in that order. Of course the irony in all of this is that more and more people are spending more and more of their time playing and communicating, giving up their private lives on these sites they abhor!
Continuing on in our nothing-is-as-it-seems theme, some of the most vitriolic anti-Hillary letters to newspapers, the kind that ignite spontaneous reactions from Dems -- “there go those outrageous conservatives again, are often from the liberal left supporters of Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth Warren – the first woman, “Native American” President. Are you reading this Washington Redskin fans?
Let’s see, Hamas and Hezbolah have about 125,000 deadly missiles between them, and they continue to fire them wantonly into Israel communities…and the smug media want to know why Israel is being so mean in their retaliation. Wars were better before the media dragged in the cameras and their programs had to meet ratings demands.
It may have been that I liked a lot of the Cleveland Indian players in the forties because of the “Injun Joe” Logo. (Hey, I was kid. I was easily influenced by funny cartoon characters – wait a minute, I never smoked camels) If course in my days of playing Cowboys and Indians, being an Injun, Redskin, Brave was a favored designation among we kids with guns, silver bullets, knives and bows and arrows, because the Indians were considered by us as resourceful, superior, intelligent fighters.
The Answer:
Bosom Buddies was the show where Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari dressed as women and tripped over themselves in the chase for Donna’s affection. The rest if the main cast were Holland Taylor, Thelma Hopkins and Wendy Jo Sperber. On BB, Peter Scolari was as funny and enjoyable as Tom Hanks, but Tom up after that while Peter went sideways. Why does that happen? Is It luck? An Agent? Or, just better choices? Hanks and Scolari are still pals. Bonus: Dan Ackroyd says the favorite of all the movies he has made is Doctor Detroit, the film where he met and married co-star Donna Dixon.
“Well, here’s your problem,” the doctor said to the father, “It seems that this child needs a diaper change.” The new father then replies, “but I swear, that package said it was good for 8-10 pounds!” Phew!
It’s going to be a groaner Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When I grow up I want to be Carl Furillo.

Today's Tids Issue 3,140
Opening Stuff:

The President of the USA is probably focusing on the Malaysia Plane shoot-down on the Eastern Ukraine border because it diverts the eyes of Americans away from the chaos at our own southwestern border. The influx of illegals is a travesty at many levels. It certainly doesn’t take Immigration reform to stop them. Turning a blind eye to the plight of the youthful invaders is supporting the murderous Drug Cartels. And Ironically, we heard in the last round of unlawful immigration debate that we can’t break up families. Now we have families in Latin America breaking up themselves and ostensibly putting their children at risk. Or are they? The entire justification of allowing children to stay is total BS propaganda. Being another classic “Save the Children” hoax, I wouldn’t be surprised if followers of Marian Wright Edelman and her protégé Hillary C aren’t behind it all. It’s a crock and the man in the WH whoshould be doing something about it, knows a lot more than he’s sayin’..
Whether Maverick or Rockford, James Garner had that everyman special something that drew people to him and his work. He was a genuine guy on whatever screen he was quietly dominating at the moment. He was guy you always thought you could meet on the street and enjoy as a friend. He always made me smile. Yup, I was a fan.
Happy Birthday, Prince George. Cute kid!
What baseball farewell tour would you hitch a ride on, Department:
As I abide the Jeter farewell tour I was trying to think of some former favorite player of mine whose tour would be can’t miss for me. I come up with Carl Yastrzemski who may be my favorite among all that I loved and followed.  There was just something about his battling, hustle and clutch. As I really harken back to my youth though, the name Lou Boudreau keeps flashing before my eyes. Maybe it’s because I liked Multitaskers.
The Question:
What was the name of the composer who wrote the theme for the Rockford Files? Name five other TV shows where the theme music was also written by this Rockford composer. Bonus: What was the name of the Actor who played Garner’s brother on Maverick? What were the first names of the Maverick Brothers?
The Headlines:
--Putin Tells West To Butt Out; Says he’ll Handel Rebels In Ukraine; Can You say Siberia!.
--Detroit OPension-Holders Ok City debt cutting Plan.
--Turkey’s PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan Says he Has Stopped Talking To Obama; Says US Betrayed rebels Against Assad.
--Dutch Anger Over MH17 Disaster Could Uify EU On More Sanctions Against Russia.
--Israeli Mood Turns Sour As Casualties Mount In Gaza; Kerry Working With Egypt To Build Cease Fire Support.
--Washington State Firefighters Get Break From Weather.
--McDonalds, Coke Miss As Investors Await News Of Other Big Hitters.
--Hedge Fund renaissance technologies Avoids $6 B-B-Billion In Taxes Using Structured Financial Products from Barclays and Deutsche Bank.
--As Elections Near, Dem Backed Law Officers May Send More Wall Streeters To Jail In Lieu Of Finacial Settlements.
Noel Coward always left me cold. I wound also say the same about Gilbert & Sullivan. I guess I’m not very sophisticated.
As I wrote the baseball thing above, I mused about what might be the all-time team of my personal favorites. You know, the players set on a pedestal by a kid with an old oil saddened mitt and taped up hard ball, and with stars in his eyes. So some of my favorites (Who I can still remember) were -- Pitchers Don Newcomb and Carl Erskine; Catchers Roy Campanella, Del Rice and Sammy White; Third baseman, I loved Third baseman, Brooks Robinson, George Kell, George Brett, Billy Cox; Shortstops Marty Marian, Vern Stevens, Pee Wee Reese; Second basemen Eddie Stanky, Billy Goodman; Outfielders Dom DiMaggio, Al Kaline, Stan Musial, Andy Pafko, Enos Slaughter. I can’t really remember any first baseman who grabbed a piece of my mind…well maybe Micky Vernon. Oh yeah, and there were two more, both right fielders both with amazing arms and pretty damn good hitters too. Carl Furillo (Two time NL Batting Championships) and Dewey Evans (Third on Sox all-time HR list). These were two reliable guys who showed up every day, cut down runners on regular basis and could hit with the best of them. They were quiet guys. Maybe that’s why they didn’t make the hall. Maybe that’s why I liked them.
That’s what’s great about the mind of a kid, at least when I was growing up – it’s what you yourself put into it and not what somebody else says should be there.
In case you missed it, the favorite stocks of Mutual Funds are Visa, Priceline Group, Gilead Sciences, CVS Caremark, Monsanto, Qualcomm, MasterCard, Biogen Idec, MetLife and JP Morgan Chase. Goldman Sachs glommed this data from over 435 Funds with over one trillion in assets – no small sample. These stocks indicate a move forward from the so-called safer big stocks with dividends onto a little more risk as the economy appears to have librated itself form it’s slower growth dilemma. Personally, I’m not so sure.
By the way, on the net somewhere this morning I saw the number 20,000 for a stock market target. Must be the medical marijuana.
Today is a huge earnings report day. The results and futures of some of the key economic motivators like, Microsoft, Apple, McDonalds and Coca Cola may give us an insight to our fall investing. It started out negatively with poor reports from Coke and Mac. Will today be a rollercoaster or a rocket to the moon? Will the after hour calls by MSoft and Apple be the salvation.
How about a couple of Hip, Hip Hoo-Rays for Governor Perry of Texas.
The LGBT rights order from Obama actually makes it more difficult to be honest with inferior employees, as always lurking in the background is a threat of a lawsuit. Whether straight, gay, black, white, tan, male, female communities there are equal amounts of winners and losers in any cultural designation. All of these so called protection laws make it more difficult to sort out the best employees for companies, and truly help those how would benefit from constructive criticism. The new US Government is not unlike one giant Teamsters union that would force a company to keep on thieves and miscreants under threat of a baseball bat alongside of the ear.
I’d give you a link to the Rockford Files musical thems, but in all honesty I never liked it that much.
The Answer:
Mike Post is another of those great talents in America about whom nobody knows nothing’. In addition to Rockford he also wrote the music for Law & Order, NYPD Blue, LA Law, Quantum Leap, Magnum PI and Hill Street Blues. He also wrote the music for The A-Team, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Blossom, Chips, The Commish, Doogie Howser MD, Hardcastle & McCormick, Hooperman, Hunter, Riptide, Silk Stockings, Tenspeed and Brownshoe, The White Shadow and Wiseguy.  His frist acclaim to fame was for Mason Williams “Classical Gas” for which he won is first Grammy at 23. At 24 he was the Music producer for The Andy Williams Show. It’s not surprising that the theme to the Rockford Files was hummable. Bonus: Jack Kelly played Bart against Garner’s Bret. After Garner left the series, the producers tried to keep it going with Beau Maverick played by 007 Roger Moore and Brant played by Robert Colbert. Oh yeah, Kelley didn’t do much in entertainment after Maverick, but went on to become successful in Real Estate and as Mayor of Huntington Beach.
I always enjoyed Tenspeed and Brownshoe.
Today is one of those days where I may drive over to the rocks at Brenton Point and lose myself in the swirls and vigor of the restless sea. I’ll edge close enough to feel the spray as waves crash. And through the roar a seagull will screech that all is right with the world you can’t see. I’ll lick my lips and taste the salt dripping down my face.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Finding things right before your eyes, you never knew existed.

Today's Tids Issue 3,139
Opening Stuff:

The spotlight is on human hatred; on wars and destruction in places far away. Yet, most disconcerting is the daily news of wanton shootings in neighborhoods in USA cities large and small.
I probably said this last year around now, but having the British Open to wake up to over the weekend is a real treat.
So, did you hear about the old geezer who walked into the funeral home, and when asked why he was there, he said “It’s about time to start thinking of putting all my aches in one casket”!*
I see that at about the time Rory, now looking again like the boy wonder, was picking up the “Claret Jug”, his almost bride Carol Wozniacki was picking p her first WTA win of the year at Istanbul. So much for the power of love!
The Question:
Double “Q” Day. 1. 45 years ago two men from the USA were the first to step upon the moon. Who were they. 2. One of the must see shows that spanned the 1960’s starred Patrick Macnee and a younger woman of note. Who was the woman, and what was the name of the show?
The Headlines:
--Yesterday Was Bloodiest day As Gaza Fighting Death Toll Tops 500; Two Americans Among New Casualties; Obama Calls for truce.
--Russian Separatists Pile 200 Bodies from Malaysian Plane Disaster into Freight Cars; Putin Agrees To Cooperate As Noise Against Him Rises.
--US Stock Futures Fall On Gaza, Malaysian Plane News; Investors Begin Slow Trot Away From Junk Bonds..
--The Winter Of Arab Spring Continues As 47 Die In Fight For Control Of Libyan Airport.
--Boco haum Kills 100 In Nigeria.
--Rory Hangs On To Capture His Third Leg of The Grand Slam’ Sergio And Rickie Keep Up Pressure Til Last Hole.
--US Border Control Target Of Rio Grande Gunfire; Repubs Continue To Press “O” On Mess.
--Slinger, Wisconsin Canadian National Derailment Forces over 100 From Homes.
Brahms wrote a beautiful piece of music called the Alto Rhapsody. Listening to it quells anxiety, tension and other fritterings of human discontent. But knowing of it, you wonder how. It was the most personal piece ever written by the great composer. He wrote it after the love of his life Julie Schuman, daughter of his composer friends Robert and Clara, married another man. He never published it, until discovered ironically by Clara who never knew the sad meaning behind the beautiful sound. It was published for him twenty years after he wrote it. I found it as one of those add-ons to a CD.
Speaking of the heart, I was sitting at this band concert, in the midst of a most pleasant slice of scenery, surrounded by gardens and rolling green land to a glistening evening bay. But the real beauty was a couple of feet in front of me, where a very old couple sat listening. They may have been in their 90’s, and the man was unable to stand for the Star Spangled Banner. Later, the woman stood, and a young woman came to help her walk to the bathroom. I watched the old man’s eyes as he followed his wife to the point where she disappeared around some bushes. He stared at the emptiness. Upon the glimpse of her return, he started waving, “I’m here. I’m over her”, he seemed to be saying. She began looking throughout the crowd; where was he she must have been thinking. He waved, and her head kept turning, looking everywhere, as she aided by the women hobbled slowly back. They turned down the aisle, and she was looking to the rows ahead of him. He was waving, now a little more frantically…”I’m over here, turn your head.” Finally, as she neared, now frowning, wondering, she turned slightly and saw his waving hand. She erupted into a beautiful almost laughing smile. She reached out. And the man did also, touching her hand. And you saw the eyes connect with the love of years.
I remember years ago when I knew just about every boxer, and was as a youth a pretty big fan of boxing. Today, the champions of this sport are among the wealthiest of all athletes, and I don’t know any of them. But, somebody must be supporting them.
While on the subject of wealth, the three richest sports teams are European soccer organizations, just to put another perspective on the USA place in the world.
As you get older you discover new aspects of things that were always there but which you weren’t ready to accept. Does that mean I’ll be humming along with “Hip-Hop” when I’m ninety?
If I was manufacturing cars and stuff, I’d be focusing on Indonesia, India and China for sure.
Claims Adjusters have Curious Ears, Department:
Here are 9 words experts say you should never utter when talking to a a claims adjuster; they tend raise the antennas of any good investigator: Sorry, Intentional, Whiplash, Customized, Breakdown, (I’m) Fine, Ride-Share, Off-Premises and Coincidence.
I’m know I’ve completely missed the latest fashion trends. I see myself standing on main street, shirt firmly tucked into shorts in a sea of men and boys with shirts loosely flowing. The trend backwards to leopard skin loin cloths continues. Actually, short stubby guys like me always look even shorter with shirts hanging out down to the knees. So, I’ll probably skip this fashion statement.
I’m thinking that the Jeep Wrangler, especially the 4-dpor model, is the new favorite among younger drivers. And from what I can determine anecdotally on the local scene, more so with 18-29 yo women --which makes sense for this most impatient driver class. Now when fuming about being stopped at lights or stop signs, they can just climb up over the curbs and pass everybody by driving on the sidewalk. Mow em’ down and never let their eyes see yours.
*Thanks to Brookins and Cassett
The Answer:
1. Back in these days when the world still watched to see what wonderment the USA would accomplish next, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong stepped on the Moon. Neil, a little trepidatious about the venture away from the space craft, was first, saying as everybody remembers “One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind”. 2. Of course, when the British show started in 1961, everybody was talking about Diana Rigg in the Avengers. They tried to remake it, but you can’t recreate Diana rig.
You can make a case for understanding just about everything. But acceptance takes a lot more if you have any moral conscience at all.
Good week coming.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Will melodies ever come back.

Today's Tids Issue 3,138
Opening Stuff:
“Beside the garden wall when stars are bright  /  You are in my arms  /  The nightingale tells its fairy tale  /  Of Paradise where roses grew…though I dream in vain  /  In my heart it will remain  /  My Stardust melody  /  The memory of love’s refrain.”  --I just thought the lyrics of Hoagy Carmichael’s great hit“Stardust” would be a nice tonic, a simple refrain of an old fashion love song which really never goes out of style; it’s a memory of simpler times, dancing cheek to cheek as the world today succumbs to madness.
What more can I say, there are just too many people in this world with missiles and rockets. And, too many of them ain’t listenin’ to nobody! The shooting down of the Malaysian Plane with 298 people aboard was a horrific tragedy. There is a bigger one just around the corner.
Life is easy when you follow the directions.
Everybody will tell you they’re into “Big Data” whether they are or not. In fact I expect that many companies will be pouring big bucks into Big data whether or not they need the gigantic data sets too large to process. But then, consider that Apple and IBM just pooled their talents and expertise to be right in the middle of it all. So, I figure it’s going somewhere and it may afford some good opportunities for those with a keen eye, and a big enough brain  to comprehend it  all.
The Question:
Hoagy Carmichael was on i=fo tehrue, engaging entertainers of the 20th century. Name five of his big hit songs.
The Headlines:
--Putin Calls for Cease Fire In Ukrain After Malaysian Plane Tragedy; US Says Only Russia Can End The Ukraine War.
--People in Washington State fleeing Homes As Massive Fire Expands.
--Israeli Troops Push Into Gaza.
--Jihadists Seize Syria Oil Fields In Battle Where 100 die; Turkey PM Calls Egypt President Sisi Illegitimate Tyrant.
--US Stocks Up; Europe, Russia, Nekkei Down.
--Justice Department Official Says It Is Taking A closer look at How Lois Lerner’s Files Disappeared.
--FedEx Facing Charges As JD Probes Delivery Of Drugs From Illegal Drug Companies.
It’s interesting. Today is one of those days where there’s a lot of news, but not much of it. That’s opposed to the days when there is little news and news reporting all day long.
Is Portsmouth RI in jeopardy of becoming “CondoLand” now that the venerable Land Conservancy advisory group has walked out in disgust? Is the Town council destined to become the lapdogs of developers?
Millions of people watch The Kardashians and similar shallow displays because I am learning, surprisingly, that seemingly intelligent people just love extravagant glitz regardless of how shallow it may be. I don’t get it, and never will.
Another thing I will never get is the music of John Williams.
Teens these days still dance cheek to cheek. It’s just not the same cheek.
You could say that the Middle East is all about dancing Sheik to Sheik.
Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews;
--Well, Sex Tape has finally arrived, and it should have stuck where it was, on the editing room floor. It’s a bad, predicable; clichéd film that tries to make it through an hour and a half or so on the back of a two word title. If you have seen a raunchy movie comedy, then you ain’t seeing anything new. As you may have read, it’s about a cute little couple trying to get that spark back into their bedroom, and think making their own porn tape will do it. Within nanoseconds It shows up on IPads and Iphones and anything else that can mass distribute embarrassing moments. Get it?
The Answer;
I always got a kick out of Hoagy Carmicahel when he sat down to the piano to sing. In addition to Stardust he also wrote Georgia on My Mind, The Nearness of You, Heart and Soul, Rockin’ Chair (Hs First big one), In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening, Two Sleepy People, Lazy Bones (With Johnny Mercer), Little old Lady, Up a Lazy River, Old Buttermilk Sky and I Get Along Without You Very Well – Except Sometimes. Hoagy had a great sense of humor, and this Indiana boy was not named after a Philadelphia sandwich.
Well, here’s the way I see it. The weekend is near, I’m tired, so it’s time to shut up.
Have a smiley face weekend  --   E-v-e-r-b-o-d-y!