Bright sun; cold winter harbor

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Give me manure in the air; a haystack at my back.

Today's Tids Issue 3,528
Opening Stuff:

There’s nothing that makes me as feel good about reading something than those paragraphs that start out humanly with worlds like “Holy cow!” Simple emotions from the heart always get me. And, I smile all the way through.

One of my favorite lines coming out of the NH primary: “Apparently New Hampshire women chose Hell over Hillary.”

The freefall of oil prices is good for drivers, alternative energy and as a defense against ISIS growing stronger off of captured oil fields. But, when Russia and Saudi Arabia go bankrupt, the world economy will tank with it.

The Question:
Who was Bernadette Soubirous? Bonus: I’d never be able to answer this Question so just consider moderately interesting information. What are the five worst investment calls of this century?

The Headlines:
--Dow Futures Expected To Open On A Downer; FTSE And EuroStocks Hit Lowest Levels Since 2013.
--Russia Says US Planes Bombed City Of Aleppo On Feb 10; Turkey Protests US Involvement with Kurds.
--Hackers Fool IRS Into deliver 100,000 Payer Pin Codes; Agency Says It Found Problem And Stopped It Before Anything Happened.
--North Korea Army Chief Of Staff Executed; Rumors Say Kim Feared His Grip On NK Powerful Military.
--Kasich has To Hold Head Above Water Until He Gets To Midwest Primaries; Tids Faves Christie And Fiorina Drop Out Of Repub Race.
--Goldman Tells Investors That Five Of Its Biggest Trades This Year Are Not Going To Work.

Do you get the feeling that most of the year end financial reports are held together with duct tape? That with every highlighted number there are two negative numbers or opinions hidden inside somewhere.

In one speech during the past two days, Hillary managed to demean the cops to get the black vote and praise the bravery of police to get the public servant vote.

A lot of my favorites did well on American Idol last night. McKensie Bourg may have been the best of the night. Other among my likes who looked good and sang well are Jeneve Rose Mitchell and Avalon Young. Stephany Negtrete did better than expected. I particularly liked Jenne Renae, and Sonika Vaid was good but not my favorite. Emily Brooke really disappointed and could be gone along with Jordan Sasser, Thomas Stringfellow (Most thought he should never have been in the 24) and James VIII.

In case you are driving though Providence, a stop at Los Andes restaurant on Chalkstone Ave would be a treat, if you can get in. This family run Peruvian place was named #57 on the Yelp list of Americans top 100 Restaurants. Only one other New England restaurant mad the list.

I hope I don’t sound too irritable this morning, but the newspaper repeated yesterday’s comics. I need comics in the morning, and today I don’t have them. Stick with me. I’ll try to fight through it.

It doesn’t’ surprise me to see Bernie sitting with slick Al Sharpton, the person who takes the air out of Hope for blacks. Yup, Bernie, who wants to give away all for nothing in return, and the guy who continually takes it all whenever he can. Quite the pair.

If I were the Repub presidential nominee, I’d pick Carly for Veep and put her in charge of Cyber security. Considering all of the other crapola that candidates snipe about, I believe the cyber problems are among the biggest we face in the future. Carly knows Cyber.

The Answer:
If you remember the movie Song of Bernadette, about the young girl who saw visions of Mary in white robes 18 times at Lourdes, then you  know who Benadette Soubirous is. The vision occurred in 1858, and people still flock to the holy site. Bonus: Consider this answer as evidence of why you should not go manic over every piece of financial news you see. #5. Goldman Sachs Predicts $200 Oil. #4. Mark Faber And Peter Shiff (Doctors Gloom and Doom) see hyperinflation and $5,000 gold. #3. Meredith Whitney predicts default of 50 to 100 municipal bonds and city, town and county bankruptcies. #2. Bernanke says “Subprime” crisis is contained. And #1 of all… the bad call from our super smart expert: Alan Greenspan says there is no housing bubble. Sometimes your own gut tells you more than the geniuses.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ashes, ashes, all fall down.

Today's Tids Issue 3,527
Opening Stuff:

I expect that you’re all worn down by the various opinions of what experts said happened last night. But, I never get clues, so I’ll wear you down a little more. While the depth of Sanders win and the strong showing by Kasich may be considered surprising, most surprising of all may have been the solid third place finish by Cruz. He did the bare minimum in a state that is pretty much religious right free. –Krauthammer said last night, “Cam Newton was closer to winning than Hillary.” --I watched all of the cable stations post opine, and every one of them pointed out that among voters who said Honesty and trustworthiness was most important, Hillary lost 92% to 5%. What’s her new campaign slogan going to be – “I’m honest now!” –Marco Rubio took a bath too. What’s his new campaign slogan going to be – “I’m human. Touch me!”

Happy Ash Wednesday Everybody. Just 40 days to the most magnificent event of all. Being pretty simplistic, I just used the “Ashes, Ashes” intro because it felt good for the morning. I actually did a little research on the “Ring around the Rosie song and game. I found that in many cultures it has several meanings, most unrelated. None of them fit my agenda for the day so I’m making up my own. Take your ashes and fall on your knees, feel humbled by the magnitude of the message and the journey upon which you are embarking.

A headline in this morning’s paper stopped me cold: “Fall in love with dark chocolate!” Zowie!

The Question:
Last night was Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Name five of the most famous musicians who came out of new Orleans. Bonus: Who is Kathleen Beller?

The Headlines:
--Stocks Open Strong.
--Trump Establishes Himself As Powerhouse Going Into SC; Sanders Overwhelms Hillary In all Key Demographics, Young People, Women, Middle Aged People, All groups Under $200K Salary, Independents, Democrats, Men.
--Supreme Court Halts Obama Carbon Emission Regulations; West Virginia AG Morrisey Who Led Fight For States Says, “We are Thrilled...”
--Russia Signs Deal To Sell Sukhol-30 Fighters To Iran; Russia Warns US About Establishing Missile System In SK.
--Bloomberg Looking Very Closely At New Hampshire Results.

The final nine episodes of The Good Wife begin on Sunday, and I expect it will be full of surprises.

Sanders campaign slogan could be, “In Bernie We Trust.”

The latest from censorship loonies come from San Diego where the Mayor is being urged to bar city employees from using the “gender biased” phrase “Founding Fathers” when honoring on President’s Day those who developed a nation of freedoms never before seen the world. Somewhere in there it must say freedom for Loonies too. Now we know who really lives in the San Diego Zoo.

ISIS is making inroads into Libya just as they did in Iraq when nobody seemed to be looking. I think our spy chiefs are on to it this time, but it is already a quagmire there mainly because of the historic tribal feuds. Libya worked somewhat under a dictator because unifying the nation by a vote is nearly impossible between warring tribes. That’s the problem today, and why ISIS can ease into the voids, closer and closer to controlling oil. The world is a little like the last years blizzard season when a new storm arose before the finish of the previous cleanup. ISIS is in Libya today, and could be anywhere tomorrow. It’s easy to spot standing armies like those of China or Russia, but today’s new military forces are scattered among the crowds.

Yahoo News had the headline this Morning: Grand Old Panic as Trump Blows Away the establishment.” It could have said the same about the Dem Establishment, which is the Clinton machine. The Clintons seemed to have pulled out all stops to stop the Sander’s express, and each blatant effort only seemed to make it worse. I hear that Hill will drag along the mother of Travon Martin to SC. How do you think that will play down there? Yes, the Clinton machine will eventually have to resort to their time tested play that worked well for Bill – Steal the competitors ideas.

Big sports networks like ESPN and CBS are looking for ways to diminish the financial effects of big sports organization contracts that have then  sending out way more money than what is being returned from smaller audiences.. How long before the leagues and then the teams and then the high salaried players feel the weight of business really. Stay tuned on this one. Will Bernie go after millionaire athletes from poor families?

Speaking of financial awareness, did you  read about the baseball player who was about to fire his agent until he learned that the reason he only got $600,000 out of his million dollar contract was because he had to pay taxes.

I thought Trump’s best line in his acceptance speech was, “I’ll make deals for the people.” I hope he remembers it.

Advice to thieves: Don’t rob houses while there is snow on the ground.

While I didn’t like it, I could understand how a young superstar QB just defeated could be a little surly after a bad loss. But what I didn’t like was Can Newton’s attempt at an apology which unfortunately included the phrase, “Who says your way is right.” It is indicative of this growing me first culture that tends to dismiss the needs of a society at large. The fact is that there are some things that are right period, mainly because rules of conduct keeps a strong society civil, free from general chaos. Do you want to give kids following this skilled athlete another excuse to diminish authority?

If you take away politics, party and beliefs and put all of the candidates on a stage, Bernie Sanders may be the best pure candidate of them all.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 4 continues…
   Nancy eased the tension by dropping her hand to the side. The boys eyes followed that gun until it seemed to them benign. Their shoulders relaxed, but Nancy stayed alert. “Found any goodies yet.” She knew they hadn’t because there is nothing here to be found.
   “As Tommy sad, we were just lookin’ around,”
   “Cut the crap”. The eyes went back to the gun. “Your dad is up to something. I know that. In fact he may have had something to do with this mess your two are standing on. How’d you learn about the fire in the first place.
    “Joey,” began Buddy.
    “Yeah, Joey, our pal in the fire department.”
    “Really,” laughed Nancy. “You guys are really bad liars. Te fire department never showed up”
    The two just stood there looking at each other waiting for the other to come up with another story.  
   “How’s is your father’s business going along.” Nancy changed the subject.
   “It’s not…” Buddy elbowed is brother.
   “Fine, just fine,” Buddy said.
   Nancy moved the gun just enough to let the know she wasn’t too happy. “It’s too bad we kids have to grow up not liking each other. We used to have fun, didn’t we boys. They nodded and smiled a little. This is a pretty small town and we should all get along. Don’t you guys think that?” They agreed vigorously. “So, here’s the deal. I want you to go home and tell your father that he doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning whatever he’s trying to win.” She raised the gun and used it to motion them towards the driveway. They git the idea and moved quickly “By the way, did you know any of those thugs that were wandering around here lately?” They ran
The Answer:
Louis Armstrong may have the most widespread recognition. But there are plenty more like Sidney Bechet, Antoine Fats Domino, Pete Fountain, Mahalia Jackson, Jelly Roll Morton, The Marsalis Family, Billy and Dede Pierce, Ernie K-Doe, Bo Dollis and Joseph Pierre “Monk” Boudreaux. Bonus: Kathleen Beller was the intriguing young actress with straight black eyebrows in the not-as-bad-as-the-critics-said-it-was movie, The Betsey. She stood out in this auto industry movie with lots of stars like Tommy Lee Jones, Katherine Ross, Laurence Olivier, Robert Duvall and Jane Alexander, but never went much further in Hollywood. She was big in the TV Soap Dynasty and some other TV movies.

Just think, if Michael Bloomberg jumps in, we’ll have running against each other, a Nanny State Socialist, a democratic Socialist and an I’m-any-kind-of-progressive-you-want-me-to-be Socialist. What great choice for America the beautiful.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sure we have choices; some are just downright horrible.

Today's Tids Issue 3.526
Opening Stuff:

One of the funnier commentaries I have heard lately is that with the advent of Hillary and Bernie, New Hampshire is changing its wonderful slogan from “Live free or die” to “Live for free or die.”!

What I Need every once in a while is a good trip to the Golden Corral.

Unfortunately, I have heard from a rather brilliant political observer that the vicious tactics of the Clinton cabal are at work in NH and it is not unlikely that it could lead to that win over Bernie and the nauseating prospects of The Hill being anointed the “Upset Kid”, a  crown once worn by her Husband after the vote in the same state 24 years ago.

The Question:
Double “Q” day: 1. What are the big movie flops for 2015? 2. Which teams are the odds makers picking to meet in the 2016-17 Super Bowl?

The Headlines:
--Wall Street Says It is Not In A Panic.
--4 Dead And 150 injured In Massive Head-on Train Crash In Germany.
--Politico Reports That Clintons Are Unhappy With The Hill Campaign Staff; Campaign Staff Unhappy With Hillary And Her Refusal To follow Advice And Much More; Shakeup On Horizon After NH; Second National Poll Says Bernie Has Closed Gap.
--Kremlin Surprises With Rare Rebuke Of Merkle Over Syria Criticism.
--Bomb Scares In This Town And In Schools Across The USA And Countries Like Australia Said To Be Part Of Massive Robo-Calling Effort Originating In Russia.
--Bloomberg Says He Is Considering For President Because Current Candidate Conversations Too Banal. Voters deserve More; Observers Say Bloomberg NY Values Part of American Problem.

Did you see where a pro abortion group has their tights in a tizzy over the Super Bowl Doritos’s commercial that they say unfairly humanizes a fetus. Fetuses always looked like humans to me. A human by any other name is still a human.

What a Difference a Year Makes, Department:
Here’s how New Hampshire People looked at the candidates a year ago today. Democrats: Hillary 69%, Bernie 13%, Bien 8% and Webb 2%. Repubs: Jeb 18%, Scott Walker 15, Rand Paul 14, Christie 13, Huck 7, Carson 7, Cruz 6 and Rubio 6. Depending on which of today’s polls you pick Sanders is up from 7 to 26 points. Trump is clearly ahead of the Repubs playing for second place.

There is too much taxpayer money going to too many college professors with too much time on their hands to create too many theories which gather way too much press reporting about basically nothing that is important in lives of just about everybody.

Now, if you want to talk about accomplishment and excellence on the college scene, you have to talk about the UConn women’s basketball team. All year I have been watching the rise and consistency of the U. South Carolina team. Is this the year the rest of the women’s basket ball world begins to catch up? Right? Well, last night UConn traveled down south into the 18,000+ packed den of the wannabe, screaming South Carolinians and dominated the game from beginning to end, winning by 12 points. Nutmeggers are breathing easier. Next on the horizon -- Notre Dame, an old nemesis.

Women’s basketball is invariably more watchable than men’s which has declined into NBA sameness.

The main differences between communism and socialism is that people are driven into communism by force, while people establish socialist governments and economies through a vote. In essence it is a choice between murder and suicide.

When Madeline Albright says that women who don’t support women deserve a lifetime in hell, she seems to be assuming that women aren’t smart enough to choose between good and bad candidates. She implies that women aren’t courageous enough to have their own points of view. I never ever thought that much of Albright.

Just in case you keep score on Tids predictions – Tids said last year that quarterly reports where companies essentially rob Peter to pay Paul will come home to roost with the year end reports when Peter’s pockets are empty. They have. – The Tids predicted the Broncos win, saying that Miller and Ware will harass Newton with a flurry he has yet to see. They did. Hey, every once in a while I have to toot my horn to assure you this Tids thing is worth all of the money you are paying for it. Hey, wait a minute, that’s zero! Uh-oh.

But, I am having a lot of trouble with my crystal ball when it comes to New Hampshire.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 45 continues…
   The two younger men stood gaping at Nancy. Mouths slack jawed and eyes wide “What the hell are you doing in my house?” she yelled.
  Nancy reached behind her as she noticed the crowbar in one of man’s hand. She watched the fingers tighten a grip, while she slowing removed the pistol and brought it up.
  “So…” She smiled now as the eyes went too her right hand and she heard the metallic sound of the bar hitting the concrete foundation. She knew these two and one pretty well. It was Buddy Howland, a guy who was part of her town crowd growing up with her and her brother.
  “Hi Nancy,” now the other, Tommy, tried to answer bravely. “We heard about this fire and were just nosing around.”
   “Nosing around for what, boys, my panties.” Their faces turned red. She likecd putting people in awkward positions when she wanted information. She hammered on. “Or did your dad send you down to see what you could find that would be helpful to whatever he is up to?” Now they were really speechless, caught between the wrath of dad and the threat of a gun. What is your dad up to these days?
  “Hey listen, Nance, we’ve been friends for a long time.” Now Buddy started to negotiate. She stared. “So you caught us. We weren’t doing anything more than we already said.”
   “You know I don’t believe you at all.” She clicked back the hammer for effect. The boys held up their hands in protest.   

The Answer:
1. Brand of Crisis was Sandra Bullock’s worst nationwide opening ever. Others in not so good attendance list are Burnt, Truth, Steve Jobs, Jem and the Holograms, Rock the Kasbah, The last Witch Hunter, Pan, Crimson Peak, Minions, The Walk, Machine 2. We are Your Friends, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Entourage, Aloha, Jupiter Ascending, Mortdecai, Couples Retreat, Strange Magic, Blackhat, Seventh Son and Chappie. Many of these were new lows for super stars like Bill Murray, Vin Diesel and Tom Cruise. 2. Te odds makr stoday have new England Patriots or Pittsburgh at 8-1 meeting Seattle (8-1. The rest in order are Packers and Cardinals at 10-1, Bengals and Panthers (12-1), Cowboys 14-1), and at 20-1 – Broncos, Vikings Colts, and Chiefs. All of the rest are 30-1 or higher. The highest at 200-1 are the Cleveland Browns, unless of course Johnny Mansiel can turn a corner.