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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Remember the Maine!

Today's Tids Issue 3,246
Opening Stuff:

The expansive seas around this island are cast in that ominous black of the raging winter waters. The intense unrelenting power of cold oceans that few people ever see. The persistent energy of the rising swells producing crashing waves that pound the coast; shifting sands, displacing boulders, carving new coves and inlets. The unseen wonder of the icy waters working natures wonders, depleting then renourishing wetlands and soft sandy beaches. I love to stroll the January tidelands and feel the power, smell the salt, listening to the bird’s excitement in the discovery of newly revealed pantries. The cleanliness of unfettered air inflates my lungs with life. The roaring sea is a gift. I would like to send it you all.

This fascination with Cuba is beyond me. Here we have a Nanny Nation here driven to get sweets out of citizens diets, and we are making goo-goo-eyes at a country which produces mainly sugar cane.

The Question:
The Interview is the subject of a lot of discussions these days, one centering around how much money it will lose – estimates going as high as $200 Mil. I believe it will make a ton with Global distribution, and when a curious USA flocks to it after it is released for home use. What are the biggest all time money losing movies?

The Headlines:
--Dow Down Slightly From High Od 300+; Emotions Seems To Be Carrying The Day.
--Obama Surprises Everybody With Cuba Deal That Doesn’t Seem To Do Much Of Anything
--Survey Shows That 80% Of Russians Support Putin; Most see Him As Solution To Problems; Putin Puts Blame For Russia Problems On US..
--Vermont Governor Drops Plan For single Payer Health care.
--Turkey’s Erdogan Arrests Opposition Media; Slams EuroZone For Complaining.
--Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Trial Begins As Pro-Thug Protestors Meet Victims In Front Of Courthouse.

Remember when Fidel Castro was a mesmerizing protest leader against an oppressive government? How did that work out for the people?

Well sports fans, only two weeks of regular season NFL left, and there are some good match-ups this week, not including tonight’s 4 and 24 teams, Tenn and Jax fighting for 3rd place in the AFC South. I’m picking Jax. On Saturday I see  Philly fighting back to stay in the race beating the skins.  San Diego still has a chance, but I’m picking SF at home to surprise. New Orleans-Atlanta, Dallas-Indy, Denver-Cinncy and Seattle-Arizona are good matchups with something in play. New Orleans showed a little last week, and Atlanta has been better but Julius Jones was part of their minor resurgence. I’m Picking NO. Indy is in and Dallas needs it to get in – so I’m picking the Cowboys. Denver should beat the Bennies, but I think we will see an upset here (I’m really trying too hard to be contrary this year). And then there is Seattle and Arizona, a team that always finds a way even when they look broken. What is the health of Larry Fitzgerald? The Cardinals will win the war. For the rest I have to go Detroit over da Bears,  Miami over Minn, Carolina over Johnny Football, Green over Tampa in the battle of the Bays. Pitt in a nail biter over KC, The Pats over the Jets, St. Louis over the Jints and Buffalo over Oakland. But, you have to watch this one as Oakland is putting something together lately. This could be a very good game.

I would have a tough time voting for Jeb Bush because of his pro-Federal school curriculums posture. I really hate the idea of Big Gov getting into local schools.

I have to throw out a few kudos to the marketers of Chia who continually find new ways to refresh that old one-time gimmick gift. In fact, it is now useful for some of the newer applications.

I don’t get this left wing fascination with Cuba, unless they see it as a nice tropical retirement community where they can practice academic theories of income re-distribution to a select few.

Mayor DiBlasio of NYC has no clue about the United States and what it stands for. In fact, a convertible American, he is rumored to be the prime replacement for the Castro brothers.

There’s a bad pun in there somewhere.

Who says terror isn’t working in the USA. Now, after five of the largest theater chains dropped plans to show The Interview, Sony put it on the shelf. Making people fear the unknown, having them always looking over their shoulder – that is pure terror. Even if as it may be in this case, the lawyers warning that any incident at a theater warned could bring on suits. Actually I’m always looking over my shoulder at the Admin and IRS.

Instead of the Quahog, the RI State animal should be the lemming.

From this humble perch, all I can see for the next two years is President Obama disrupting what remains of harmony in the USA. It could be a sad time.

The Ultimate conspiracy theory: Eric Holder organized the anti-Police protests across the nation to set the scene for promoting Oprah Winfrey’s new “Selma” movie.

The Answer:
47 Ronin leads the pack with a loss of $150 Mil. Next in line are Mars needs Moms, The 13th Warrior, The Lone Ranger, R.I.P.D., John Carter, Final Fantasy: The Sprits Within, Jack the Giant Slayer, Sahara and #10  Stealth. If you adjust for inflation, Cutthroat Island, he Adventures of Pluto Nash, The Fall of the Roman Empire and Heaven’s Gate enter the Top Ten. Stealth, Jack the…, John Carter and RIPD drop out. RIPD – Rhode Island Pension Disaster.

There I was, sitting comfortably, content and minding my own business, wanting for nothing – when out of nowhere came this commercial with people singing “If you’re happy and you know it, have a snack”. When I finally realized what was happeing, it was too late to get my habnd out of the cCheetos bag.

Are you in the refrigerator, potato chip drawer yet?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MIN: Most Informed Nation.

Today's Tids Issue 3,245
Opening Stuff:

Don’t you get the feeling during this time of year that all the wonderful memories you have stowed away; every great thing you ever experienced; every beautiful person you have ever known -- all starts rumbling in your heart. Like a little earthquake, the tremors start with one menial thought that grows into a stimulating feeling, and then each other beautiful memory feeds upon other rising to the surface until you have a volcanic explosion. And you look out from that loving heart and the world looks good. There’s just so much good stuff in the world trampled upon by negativity that it takes the purity and wonderment of what Christmas really means to reactivate all of the awe you have stowed away, that fills your body and soul with love. Better than a sack full of presents any day. Ventricular. Ventriculay!

You have think that young couples who insist on their first home having a fireplace have a deep seated belief in Santa Claus.

USA Cultural Question of the Day: Why did Bruno Mars wear gold leaf hair curlers to his performance of Uptown during the The Voice finale last night. Forget, the ruble, the Pakistan massacre, the Australia attack, the bomb threats against The !interview, the Budget, Jeb Bush, Alex Rodriguez and Dick Cheney -- that’s what America really wants to know.

The Question:
One way to get a handle on the really serious interests of the USA denizens is to check Google search data. What were the most searched topics on Google for 2014?

The Headlines:
--Market up Early; Awaiting YellenSpeak; Interest rate Increase Timeline Could Hurt Riskier Stocks; EuroStocks In Red; Ruble Rebounding As Russia Sells Foreign Holdings.
--Congress Votes To Extend 50 Tax Breaks.
--PA US District Court Judge Arthur Schwab Finds Parts Of Obama Immigration “Legislation” Unconstitutional; Says O Usurped Congress And Are Invalid.
--Hacker Bomb Threat Cancels Premiere Of Movie Satire The Interview.
--Weak Ruble Holding Global Economy Hostage.
--Putin Holds Late Night Talks With EuroCommunity On Ukraine.
--Boston Joins LA, DC and SF To View As American Olympic City Candidate To Vie With Berlin, Rome And Possibly Paris For 2028 games.
--Court Says No To Taxpayer Funded Sex Change For Imprisoned Wife Killer.

Fractured Republican’s Department:
I personally have always felt that Rush Limbaugh was one of the big reasons why GHW Bush lost to Clinton, and now the conservative powerhouse has already started in on Jeb because of his moderation…which could give us another Clinton. They should have a statue of Limbaugh in the Clinton library. It’s only a stones throw from Missouri. He can visit often.

You have to wonder if the Saudi’s are a part of a US plan to bring Russia and Putin to their knees. Well, the Saudi stance on oil is certainly working against Russia, and I have to believe it isn’t just a coincidence. Last night Putin rushed to set up  a meeting with the EU powers. Maybe he should have also invited a Desert Prince.

Gingerbread and creamy Lemon Sauce sounds like a good old fashion idea for traditional Christmas dinner of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. In a mixing bowl add slowly to ½ cp shortening ½ cp sugar until light an fluffy. Add beaten together one egg and ½ cp molasses. Separately, mix together 1 ½ cps flour, ¾ tsp salt, ¾ tsp soda, ½ tsp cinnamon, ¾ tsp ginger. Add dry mixture alternately with ½ cp boiling water t molasses mixture, beating well after each addition. Bake 34 mins in greased pan at 350 degrees.
For the sauce, mix together ½ cp d=sug,2 tsps cornstarch and ½ tsp salt. Slowly stir in 1 cp cold water and cook over low heat, stirring, till thick and clear. Stir small amount of hot mixture into 2 egg yolks. Add yolks to back hot mixture and cook one min, stirring. Remove from heat add, 2 tbs butter, I tsp grated lemon peel and 3 tbs lemon juice. Heat for one minute until butter is melted and all is well combined. Pour warm over ginger bread with whipped cream. Taste the tang!

I think The Voice voters got it right because I have been a Craig Wayne supporter! Frankly I thought he was great as he eased in to become a natural part of Leonard Skinner and “Sweet Home Alabama”. In truth though, the pop singer’s two, Matt and Chairs, probably had a split vote among the youth markets while country strong never wavered for their man. Last night Chris was terrific with Jessie J singing Masterpiece, and I liked the five women in red singing Bang-Bang. You have to figure that Sugar and Danika were pretty popular among the singers as they were each invited to 3 of the four “Call-Backs”. Adam looked heartbroken at the winner announcement. Hey, the four finalists were all good and I think Chris will latch onto a star, though his personality needs a little stimulating. Craig Wayne though is a natural (As is matt McAndrew) and could do well in Nashville. I think “That Old Rugged Cross” and “I Walk the Line” won it for him.

When Obama’s guy Axelrod says Jeb Bush would be formidable against Hillary, I really begin to worry.

Here’s a list of 9 oil related stocks that could be prime for pumping: Synergy Resources, HollyFrontier Corp, Dorchester Minerals LP, Chevron, Occidental Petroleum, Exxon-Mobil, Reserve Petroleum, Trecora Resources and Adams Resources and Energy. Check your broker first.

Doug Flutie wasn’t that much shorter than Johnny Manziel, and to me the Natick Mass flash was far better, even though he was always an afterthought in the NFL. He, a frequent MVP in the Canadian Football league, always performed well when  down in the NFL, but could never get beyond the “small” thing. I think it is wait and see with Johnny football. Maybe he could borrow Doug’s heart.

Is it an eerie premonition or what that Walking Dead is the first TV show to beat Monday Night football in 27 years? Is too much football on TV wearing out the bleary eyed public? Is this the first crack?

In case you are interested, Bruno Mars wore gold leaf hair curlers because he thought the Song “Uptown” was so 1970”s. How deep is the ocean?

The Answer:
The most searched item on Google in 2014 wasn’t #5 – the “Ice Bucket Challenge” or #4 – the disappearance of Malaysia Airline 370 or #3 – Ebola Outbreak or #2 – The World Cup. It wasn’t ISIS, the November elections, Ukraine and Putin, the stock market or the China economy. It was the suicide death of Robin Williams! How blue is the sky?

I think I’ll just go out for a walk and enjoy my happy heart! Yup, that sounds just about perfect.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How the Grinch stole tradition.

Today's Tids Issue 3,243
Opening Stuff: 

I still believe in Santa Claus. Everybody knows that Santa is much more than a white beard, a red suit and a sack full of gifts.
“Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the Present.” – Stolen from Rabbi Leslie Gutterman.
Do you know what I really hate? I hate reaching down into my bag of popcorn only to find that the last kernel is long gone.
I don’t care what anybody else says, rubber bands are essential to an orderly life.
The Question:
What 10 Countries would Women not want to live in? Bonus: What three NFL teams have had the most quarterbacks since 1999?
The Headlines:
--Band Of Men Under Islamic Fall Take Over Lindt Chocolate Shop In Sidney Australia; Five Hostages Escaped; Unknown Number of Hostages Remain As 100’s Of Police Move In.
--Oil shows Signs Of rebound; Stocks Point Higher; Energy stocks May be New Bargain.
--As Obama’s New Government College rating System Is ready To Roll, College Administrators Tell Feds To Butt Out; What feds Think is Important Is Not What Colleges Think Is Significant; This Effort Is Another Of Example Of How Taking Money From US Treasury Makes You Beholden To the Whims Of Bureaucrats..
--17 Year Old High School Kids Makes %72 Million Playing Stocks.
--Cheney Blasts EIT Naysayers.
--Sony Warns Media To Stop Publicizing Content Of Hacked Emails; Juan Williams Says Emails Show White Liberal Hypocrisy.
--Smart Phone App Has California Drivers Clogging Formerly Quiet Neighborhoods To Avoid Rush Hour Freeways; Neighbors Are Mad As Hell And Fighting Back.
--BC Partners But=ys Pet Smart Foir $8.2 Billion.
One of the more annoying new terms now being promoted in modern society which I heard recently, is “Free Range Kids”. It just happens to define exactly what kids always were before the advent of Nanny Nation and companies trying  to sell child safety stuff by scaring parents s---less. I love the idea that a lot of parents who grew up learning and making decisions on their own are having their kids doing the same, but why does it have to be some kind of defined movement when it is so natural. Falling out of tree is good for your soul.
Here’s just one example of how protected children have become: A mother still cuts the meat for her 10 year old son because she doesn’t want him playing with knives, nor does she trust him to cut pieces to the right size for digestion. Talk about new business for psychologists! God help us.
While we’re on giving up the natural goodness of the past, how about the dilution of the word Martini”. I was at an affair last week where the sign on the bar said  “Martini’s $10.00”. The guy next to me ordered a martini. Thn bartender said “What kind.” “What kind?”, said my friend. “It’s a Martini, with gin and vermouth.” “Vermouth?”, asked the bartender. “We don’t have any vermouth!” Yikes.
But, things are changing much too much these days. For instance, in the NFL it’s tough to know whether they’re signaling a touchdown or don’t shoot. I’m confused.
Police go to places where crimes are being committed.
A Harvard business school professor asked a graduating Marxist Economist from China what about America stood out to him. He replied without hesitation “how critical religion was to the functioning of democracy. As opposed to those countries that oversee the actions of citizens, in a democracy citizens choose to voluntarily obey the law. He noted that churches have always nourished people’s ability understand right from wrong. He noticed that the decline in church going diminishes that basic moral fabric.
The biggest new films are opening on Christmas day. Stores are opening on Thanksgiving day. Does somebody out there have something against families and groups of people relaxing, loving and laughing quietly together?
Do you get the feeling that the government would like to slowly turn us all into mindless robots so we won’t notice when we are replaced in the year 2050.
Since they aren’t teaching cursive in schools any more, how are the pharmacists of the future going to recognize doctor prescriptions?
Regardless of the sanctimonious editorializing, the wringing oif hands, the gasps of horror and indignation, the fury of the UN, the arrogance of the cultural elite and all the rest of the hypocritical gnashing of teeth, I think we should keep stuff that the CIA or what any other US group does to defend us now and in the further to ourselves. What is tis new fascination about telling enemies how we operate at any level? That’s what is criminal bordering on treason.
You know, Santa is a feeling that takes over your body on that first Christmas of your life that you understand, and never goes away. It’s about magic and believing and giving, and being nice instead of naughty. Santa is like Jiminy Cricket, or a guardian angel who makes you think before you act.
The “Don’t You Know Who I Am” Award for the power mad public official of the year goes to ex-High ranking NYC Police Official, ex-Providence RI Police Chief and Current New Haven CT Police Chief Dean Esserman. Esserman went to the Yale-Army Football game and when asked for tickets by an usher he said,” I don’t need tickets, I’m Chief of Police”. He asked to have the usher fired and then said he was going to shut down the Yale Bowl and stop the game from being played.
I see where “Frosty” is fallen on hard times and is selling body parts at a snow cone stand on 42nd street.
One of the big problems these days in the USA is that the Senate calls the CIA liars, and you don’t know who to believe.
And lawyers who think we should believe them instead of insurance companies.
The Answer:
#10 on the list iof bad countries for Women is Morocco. Next is Jordan followed by Lebanon, Cote d’Ivoire,  Iran, Mali, Syria, Chad, Pakistan and Number 1 – Yemen. Beware of Travel Zoo offers to exotic lands.  Bonus: Johnny Football was be the 21st QB to start for The Cleveland Browns since 1999 (And now, they may be looking fro 22!). Miami Dolphins are tied with the Oakland raiders for Second with 18 each. Good drafting, guys. The Pats got lucky with the Brady draft
Let’s hear it for Mac Steeves, MVP in The NCAA College Cup won by Virginia (Soccer).
I spend a lot of time during NFL games yelling at the TV over these new touchy feely penalties. Let them play.

Legal limits.

Huffing and Puffing

Today's Tids Issue 3,242
Opening Stuff:
I’ve got to find a way to exercise more, without committing myself to anything definitive or strenuous. My finely tuned machine is showing some rust, missing the summer routines and natural stresses that aid in conditioning of a body. Winter is tough, where the activity options tend to cost money and take on a form of a controlled regimen, not unlike being controlled by a smothering central government. That’s why I like snow regularly – so I can shovel it.
So, did you hear about the guy who had to pay a scalper for tickets to the sold-out Broadway show, “Custers Last Stand”?
Nobody is more excited than me about being able to forego home equity loans to buy gas. But, what goes down on one side and will go up on the other. The decline of oil stokes the distinct possibility of widespread deflation, which would spawn the decline of the markets and savings. So smiling at the pump may bring frowns as the nest egg cracks. As the US consumer index powers up, the world economies are weakening, signaling the possibilities of recessions or even depressions. But, I’m getting ahead of reality. Serious pressure is building against OPEC, and that may produce relief from the free-fall—maybe at the cost of US oil production. Of course, Gold people are happy as the rise of the shiny metal generally signals falling socks. It’s a good time to buy energy stocks, but not so much for alternative energy related companies who need high priced oil to make their products competitive. So, as confident consumers lick their chops, they may need large napkins when lower oil starts sucking away jobs. What are you getting out of this exercise in confusion – exactly that confusion, hesitation, bewilderment.   When the globe produces a combination of positive and negative forces, it is always anybody’s guess. My guess is that somebody will smarten up. But be prepared to pay more at the pump.
The Question:
Dionne Warwick had beautiful string of great hits in the 70’s. Name five.
The Headlines:
--General Markets Falling More Than 200 Mainly On Oil Fears; Techs Holding Up.
--House Narrowly Passes Pending Bill; Obama Looks Like Winner.
--Brennen Defends CIA; Thug Regimes Pile On USA After Feinstein Releases Report.
--Acid Throwing Palestinian Injures Five Israelis; Individual Attacks Escalate;  ISIS Beheads 4 Kids Who Won’t Denounce Jesus.
--Paul Revere, Sam Adams Time Capsule Unearthed At Boston State Capital Building.
--43 Yo. Fox News Reporter Dominic De-Natale Kills Self; Fearless Globetrotting Newsman Suffered From Serious Health Issues.
The Government in its wisdom thinks that since gambling casinos didn’t do much for Indian reservation economies, that the tribes should be able to grow and sell marijuana. So, in the eyes of USA economists, Las-America is Sin Country. What goes on in America stays in America, except CIA interrogation reports. What a mess. Why not use Indian lands for “Native American Universities” and develop high tech industrial regions. (I was going to say “Redskin Universties” but I’m still Mr. PC.)
We have this RI plan for economic growth designed upon an academic platform which omits a simple solution to the one reason the state economy remains clogged in the toilet – the ownership of the state legislature by large local and national Union forces. People who decry the plan because of concerns about the trampling of property ownership rights, and who urge citizens to beware of any giant white paper Funded by predator agencies like HUD, are called racists. The Government only gives you back your money with strings to own you; money from this shady admin is not to be trusted. Racists, for crissake. How small minded are these people who support this plan with the imprimatur of former farrier Lincoln C.
And you could hear in the night as Santa left the Golf Club, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all, good ball flight!”
I guess the insanity of our Twitter/FaceBook, tell everybody all mentality has taken another step up the lunacy scale with the release of the CIA EIT data.
With all of the hoopla surrounding the 50th anniversary of Rudolf’s popular TV show, Dasher and Prancer are developing a new reality show on Animal Planet.
The way I’ve been limping around lately, I’m going to have to cut my handicap enormously if expect to finish 18 holes.
Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
There is only one for today, and it is heralded as career defining for Chris Rock who stars in the film he wrote and directed. So if Chirs is your rock, you can’t miss with Top Five which is about the five things it takes to get to get to the top, presumably if you are black. It is funny and romantic with well known cast including Mr. Kardashian, and Jay-Z, covering what’s beneath the surface of show business, politics, rap, and the “exigencies of being black and famous today”. ?
The Answer:
Dionne Warwick comes from good musical stock as her Mother’s sister was the mother of Whitney Houston, and all of her aunts and uncles were part of a singing group. Dionne was tops in her era (Between 1962 and 1998 69 of her singles made the Billboard Hot 100), as she shot to the top with hits  like “Walk on By” and “Do you know the way to San Jose”. Her relationship with Bacharach/David continued to produce winners – Alfie, The Beginning of loneliness, I say a Little Prayer, This Girl’s In Love with You, I’ll never Fall In Love Again, Then Came You, I’ll never Love this way Again, That’s What Friends are For. Unfortunately, in 2013 the IRS called to collect $7,000,000. She declared bankruptcy. Rats. What’s with these management companies anyhow? Are you humming yet?
Of course, one of my favorites for Dionne is “The First time ever I saw your face”, but then that was by Roberta Flack. But, what do I know.
Maybe exercise will help me get up earlier so I can get this mess out while readers are still stimulated by morning coffee.
Thanks to “Shoe” today.
Happy Weekend, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lot’s of Joy in today’s finale.

Today's Tids Issue 3,241
Opening Stuff:

Everybody thinks football has passed baseball as the national pastime. I think in reality it is shopping. Intrepid bargain hunters enter arenas of intense competition to score lowest prices for products they may or may not need. Sales flyers are scoured more intensely than the sports pages, as these professionals seek to outscore their shopping adversaries in cents-off totals. The internet is all about shopping, with smart phones simply basic equipment. Increasing rates of penalties often rising to felony status, are committed in the drive to be first to the fire sale table- a trip, and subtle elbow, a fierce below the knees block or tackle. 14 days remain in this Super Bowl for shoppers. Can fantasy shopping be far behind as retailers cut, cut, cut so people buy, buy, buy – or is it already here with HSN or QVC. Don again your gay helmets…it’s time for battle.
So did you hear about Robin Hood’s alcoholic brother who robbed from the rich to give to the pour? With thanks to Chris Brown.
In an exit interview with the New York Times , the least honest man in the history of American politics said, “I’d be happy to work with them (The Republicans)”. What more can I say.
A Nevadan commenting on the NYT reclamation platform for this insolent lawmaker said, “Mr. Reid will go down in history as the man who did more to diminish liberty, destroy the constitution and rape the people of Nevada than any other person.” See, President Obama is just an amateur next To Harry.
The Question:
David letterman is retiring after how many shows? Most people can name the predecessors to Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, but who came before Letterman on CBS?
The Headlines:
--Millions Of Americans Voluntarily Extend Helping Hand Out To Those In Need.
--Jump In Retail Sales Far Greater Than Expected By Razor Sharp Economists; Stocks Up Over 200 Points.
--Pelosi and House Conservatives Arguing Against New Spending Bill; Conservatives reoubs Don’t Like Funding Of Obama Immigration Give-Away; Pelosi Wants Removal Of Campaign Finance And Financial Regulatory Provisions.
--Lowlife In Mississippi Robs Salvation Army Kettle.
--Powerful Storms Slam California; Power Outages Affect Tens Of Thousands.
--Detroit Exits Bankruptcy; Huge Challenges Remain.
--New Poll: 81% Of Americans Expect ISIS Attack In USA; 56% (Up from 52%) want to Keep Gitmo Open; In general, people say President Priorities should be Economy (38%), ISIS (21%), Health care (12%), Immigration (10%), Race Relations (9%); 35% Say Prez doing Good Job On Isis, 37% Good Job On foreign Policy. .
--CIA Supporters Slam Feinstein Report As Deeply Flawed, Ill Conceived; Some Brainless Opiners Blame Growth Of Torture On TV Program “24”.
--34 Yo. Alcohol Or Drug Impaired Woman Drives Into NYC Christmas Shoppers On Sidewalk Near Macy’s, Injuring 7.
For all of you Oscar watchers, going Indie maybe the name of the game this year. As one Sony mogul said recently, “Bad scripts turn out bad movies”. Could it be that Hollywood is considering bringing intelligence back to America? Well today SAG announces the five best films, none of which are from the back lot factories. Birdman heads the Best Film “Musical or Comedy” list with 7 nominations, but the others in the category are profound too --  Grand Budapest Hotel, Into the Woods, Pride, St. Vincent. (Birdman was a Comedy?) In the Best film Drama we have Boyhood, The Imitation Game, Foxcatcher, Salma and the Theory of Everything. For TV, the best Drama series contenders are – House of Cards, The Good Wife, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones and The Affair; for Musical or Comedy they are Silicon Valley, Jane the Virgin, Transparent, Orange is the New Black, and Girls. The best TV movie or Mini-Series list has True Detective, Fargo, The Normal Heart, Olive Kittridge and The Missing. See it all at:
When asked how they were able to stay together married for 65 years the woman replied: “We were born in a time where if something was broke, you fixed it…not throw it away.
This week looks like a potential pick-um disaster. The only relatively easy picks I see are Balt (Playing well lately) over Jax and maybe Det over Minn. The rest are hea scratchers especially when considering all of this years upsets. I love what St. Louis has been doing, but Ariz showed gust last week. SL for me. Oak surprised and KC disappointed. I have to believe that KC is still better. Atlanta is still in the hunt as is Pitt. I really have no clue here so I’ll take the Steelers. The NFC east loser bowl should be won by the inept Giants over the Inept Skins.I have to pick NE to get back at the Dolphins. I think Houston can beat Indy, but Indy is home. I live what Buff I is doing, but GB looks awfully good. Carolina looked like a lock over TB until Cam rolled over a truck. TB in an upset. Game of the week #1 is Cleve/Cinn. Cinn has been anemic at times, Johnny football is starting. I love Cleve, so this is an emotional pick. SD is at home and needs his game over Denver who has been sluggish. SD in another surprise. The Jets played Minn tough and Tenn bombed last week. I’m picking the Jets. Seattle should control the sliding Niners. Dallas and Philly is big game #2. Philly looks great and the mediocre. Dallas is on the verge, but loses its grip Philly. Two sucking teams are NO at Chi. Maybe John Lester can play QB for da Bears? I’ll go with the home team. The record now stands at 130-75 (63.4%) I’m much too adventurous in my picks this year.
I have always found it pretty easy to be optimistic. Maybe it’s because I believed so much in Santa Claus and happy endings in fairy tales. That somehow good will prevail even if evil gets all of the notoriety.
There seems to be an undercurrent from people getting tired of the direction of the USA, who are promoting that states pay Senators and Congress people, including expenses. Making the senator beholden to the people, which is exactly the theory of the USA representative government, may take this added step of reigning them in back to local problems. The UL of A – United Lobbyists of America just isn’t working.
Interestingly, before the 17th amendment, Senators were elected by the State legislature according to Articles 1, 3, clauses 1 & 2 of the Constitution as a means “to prevent the Federal Government from indirectly absconding with powers and funds of the states.”
A court has just ruled that in many cases “Insider Trading is perfectly legal. It appears that original intent of insider trading law illegalities was based on the legality of the provider of the information. This seems to mean that if the informant got the information legally without some remuneration or quid pro quo, even if because of a position of power, then it the user of the info for profit can’t be punished. The Hedge Funders are smiling this morning, and the federal prosecutors are mad as hell. And on Main Street we just sit back and wonder if there is any real hope.
Why exactly is Hillary running for President? Does she have a plan for the good of the country? Or is she clutching those coattails so loved by pop culture America – first in anything is better than quality, character and competence. So far it appears that becoming rapturous about electing the first Black president, even though not qualified, has been a total disaster. The country seems to be moving away from the Constitution, from its intrinsic greatness. The racial divide has even deepened, or at least in the view of the Black industry operatives. (Most American whites today who work, play or live with people of other races, who are friends with people of other races, have found little difference in them as human beings.) So what would we expect from this potential first woman President who may be entirely qualified but who already polarizes the country; who is distrusted by a near majority of people? What do we gain by voting for the “First” of anything if it tears apart the fabric of the country? Forget about what the press likes to ooze.
The Answer:
Letterman is complete ding a reign of over 6,000 shows. He, as you may remember was Johnny Carson’s, and his own, choice to carry on the Tonight Show. But Jay Leno was chosen. So Letterman became the first Late Show guy for CBS> There were no true predex=cessor like there had been at NBC. CBS experimented with a mish-mash of shows that included dating shows, and several failed attempts at personality which included, a Joy Bahar/Bill Maher Tandem, Dan Rather, Pat Sajak and Merv Griffin among other laser known’s. Now it is Stephen Colbert. What will he be like when he has to wear his own liberal skin?
Happy last days of shopping, everybody: