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Friday, September 30, 2016


Today's Tids Issue 3,606
For Reasonableness:

We certainly have way too many PHD’s
Who write papers on what they please!
Even if it stretches common rationality.
The media will find it as new sensuality,
That the elite will assume as their reality.
Yet millions find solace in simple morality.
Live honest lives within aspects of legality,
And home economics based on frugality.
So many say, stop all the grants on trees,
On zebra frogs, whales and sexual fleas.
And all that nonsense of utter banality.
Get us back to truth, harmony, cordiality

Advocates say that Marijuana has no effect on a person’s behavior or the brain. But then, I’m looking at the Presidential candidate of the libertarian party which is 100% behind the legalization of Pot, and wondering, what then, exactly, is he on.

You have to figure that the Hillary spinmeisters have been working day and night since the beginning of the campaign on a retaliation strategy in the event that Trump gets started on the Reprobate President, and his wife’s subsequent demonization of the victims. The strategist’s manufactured reactions will not be rational to the intelligent branch of society, but it will be accompanied by Huzzahs from the press to give comfort to the Hillary elite, to make it seem sensible to the gullible everywhere. That’s why many an advisor is suggesting Donald lay off.

The Question:
Who are these people: Sylvia Peterson, Victoria Tennant, John Finn, Marilyn McCoo, Calvin Levels, Len Cariu and Barry Willaims

The Headlines:
--Stocks Higher Even As Consumer Spending Report Shows Decline; Dow Near 200; Deutschebank Woes Keep Global Stocks Sliding.
--“O” Signs Meager Bill That Will Fund US Government Just Beyond Election.
--World Leaders In Israel To Pay respects To Perez.
--USA Today Doesn’t Endorse Clinton Or Trump.
--Organized Crime Investigators In Naples Italy Uncover Two Stolen Van Gogh Paintings; Priceless Art Was “Seascape At Scheveningen” and “Congregation Leaving Reformed Church In Nuenen”.
--19 Dead People Found Registered As Democrat Voters In Virginia
--Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf Rightfully Hammered By Congress.
--Harmonious America Department: Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez Says It Is Good That Antony Scalia Died.

Society is improving(?), Department:
Yesterday I saw this sign on the wall in a golf course men’s room. “Do not flush a whole roll of paper towels down the toilet. It causes problems!” Yikes!. So, I say in this “advanced” age that gives Mark Weiner and Harry Reed, is it any wonder that people are rallying for an America that needs to be made great again.

By the way Alicia Machado, you were representing a “Beauty” Pageant.

None of these Tit for Tat accusations hyped by the media bother me in the least. What bothers me a lot, though, is abortion.

The Voice had some pretty good performances this week. The new judges, Keys and Cyrus are gobbling up some of the good talent, mainly at the expense of Adam. My favorites of this past week going into week three are Darby Walker, Nolan Neal, Josh Gallagher, Josh Halverson, Halle Thomlinson, Khalia Kimberlie and Karlie Metzgher. I might squeeze into that group Austin Allsup, Gabriel Violet and Elia Esparza. I liked Darby Walker, Josh Halverson and Karlie Metzgher a lot.

One of the great things about the availability of places like The Dollar Store is that you don’t get too upset when the lens falls out of your glasses.

I see absolutely nothing wrong about voter ID.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, Department:
All of those Hillaryites who received immunity from Obama’s justice department must be knowing something bad that the rest of shouldn’t hear. I can take it, try me.

So, the Consumer Spending report comes in is morning lower than anticipated, and the market opens higher. Tell me the stock market is easy to figure. I have to feel that the Wall Street wizards like their version of Big government welfare and the reduced consumer spending signals that perhaps the Fed may hold off on a rate increase a little longer.

I think the bill to support suing Saudi Arabia is fraught with unintended consequences. Just for one example, take US drone strikes where foreign citizens are killed. The US is now open wide for retaliatory big money strikes, led even by US lawyers for overseas plaintiffs. America should be reducing opportunities for lawyers, far too widespread already across the USA.

The Answer:
 Welcome to the Tids popular “Who are these people” quiz segment -- The Tids service to help you understand what’s in People Magazine. –Sylvia Peterson was a singer in the popular group The Chiffons. Remember: He’s so Fine”? --Victoria Tennant’s Mother Irina Baranova, the daughter of a Russian naval officer, was a ballerina. Victoria is best known for her role in The Winds of War and Remembrance. She starred with her future husband Steve Martin in All of Me and L.A. Story. She was once a Penthouse Pet of the Month, under an alias. –You know John Finn, you just don’t know it. He is one of those character actors who could pop up anywhere and he has, in TV Blacklist, Good Wife, Madam Secretary, Blue Bloods and Homeland among many others. He was in movies Like Glory, Catch Me if you Can and Cold Case. –I’m sure you all knew Marilyn McCoo, who was so great with the 5th Dimension. –Calvin Levels won a Tony for his performance in Open Admissions. Has appeared in many films. –Len Cariu was Sweeny Todd in the original Broadway cast. He is now known best as retired NYPD Police Chief sitting with all the relatives around the table in Blue Bloods. – And then, there is Barry Williams who many of you will remember as Greg Brady the eldest son in Brady Bunch. Barry has been in many other sows since, earning the Child Star Life Tie achievement award. Hs most recent bag performance was singing  the national Anthem at a NASCAR race.

I owe you all a good chicken dinner recipe!

And, the resumption of The Parking Lot.

Have a great weekend… E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Celebrating defeat.

Today's Tids Issue 3,695
For Programmed Hysteria:

You have to feel sorry for all of those who have banished rich, creamy yellow chicken gravy from their lives.

We live in a buzz-word society, and the latest one is transparency. You know it’s overdone when local governments latch on. Only to them it means: Let them know what you want them to know.

If they could keep out politicians and race industrialists, inner cities would have a better chance. I have listened to and seen many young black or Hispanic men and women with their mission to help the new generation of inner-city children make better choices. These are thoughtful, creative people who have seen it all, the ugly and the real ugly. They were given the opportunity to make positive choices and they made them. And now, they are guiding young people to see what they saw. These aren’t activists, anarchists or any-ists. Just people who have been rewarded for good choices and their passion is to pass it along. As one saavy former South Bronx guy said, “I try to help them see that there is a “G” other than gangster – Gentleman.”

The scariest Headline Of All Is that one that says, “Billionaires Bet Big On Market Crash.”

The Question:
0-Man has vetoed eleven bills during his two-year term. How many bills do you think have been vetoed since 1789 -- Around 500, 1500, 2500, 3500, 5000?

The Headlines:
--Markets look to open higher; Opec Cuts Oil Production; Energy Stocks Could Have Strong Day; German Bonds Fall For First Time As Consumer Price Inflation Potential Rears.
--Wells Fargo CEO Stripped Of Compensation, But Government Officials Want More.
--Across the Border Shooting Continues In India And Pakistan.
--Bombs Rain Down On Aleppo.
--Samsung Expected To resume Sale Of Galaxy & On October 1.
--Amnesty Group Reports That Sudan Government Used Chemical Weapons In Darfur; Russia Warns That Aleppo Terrorists May Use Chemical Weapons To Frame Assad.
--Gary Johnson Has New “Aleppo Moment” When He Can’t name Favorite Foreign Leader; Dems Want To Bring Down Third Party Candidate.

Something called Hyperelastic bone may be the key to many a person’s quality of life. It is a new strong and elastic material that can easily be 3D-Printed into bones for reconstructive surgery and more. Interesting the way that good ole’ mother of necessity works isn’t it. Somebody invents 3D printing, and then many bright minds go into action to create products that can make it work even better.

Middle class jobs in manufacturing began to disappear because machines got better, and union demanded high wages for people making many commodity type products became way out of proportion to the value added by American human labor. Presidents can’t fix that. Although they can keep government bureaucratic operations from going overseas due to irrational wages in conflict with services rendered. “Hello, I am Juni form Thailand. Now what is the problem with your driver’s license?”

Talk abut mediocrity, how about that Tids Sports department. Have the NFL picks been dreadful or what? But, I think that parity is more widespread than ever, rookie QB’s who are so far beating the odds and there is that mysterious failure of teams that made good strides last year opening weakly. Here I go again. The NFL takes this one away from may TV’s by placing it on their own NFL network. It could be a good one as Miami has shown some signs of quality and Cinncy is a little under expectations. I have to pick the Bengals at home. I see the tougher picks of the rest as Indy-Jax (London), Carolina-Atlanta, Tenn-Houston (Yes Tenn Houston), Det-Chi, Oakland-Balt, LA-Arz, KC-Pitt and Giants-Minn. I’m picking Jax They have to win one), Carolina w finally waking up, Tenn to surprise Wattless Houston and Det in this Midwestern traditional battle. The Oakland Balt match sets up to be a winner. Balt has been playing a little bit better and Oakland not so much. Balt in a squeaker. Ariz should have been a big favorite though reality isn’t saying that. But, they will win. Pitt to rebound in tough clash and Minn to take the improving Giants. Of the rest I pick New England and QB? at home over Buffalo and practical joker Rex, Jets over Seattle, Washington over Cleve in a  squeaker, San Diego over NO, SF over a Bryantless Dallas. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Maybe I’ll get a participation trophy.

I eat a lot of chicken, and I’m proud of it.

After a masterful pitching performance by the often maligned Clay Buckholtz, the Red Sox took a 3-0 lead into the bottom of the ninth inning against the dreaded Ya, Ya, Ya…well, you know who I mean. Just three outs away from clinching an AL East Pennant, and in strode super reliever Craig Kimbrel…who preceded to give up a single (Only the second hit of the game for the foes) and then 3 straight walks. Yikes!, this is a championship team? Joe Kelly relieved him and preceded to give up a walk-off Grand Slam enabling the hapless Bronx Bombers to win. But then within nano seconds of disappointment without a second thought, the Sox brought out the Champaign. They had indeed clinched since Toronto had lost. I felt something missing as bubbles from the traditional grape nectar sprayed the room. Not even a moment’s hesitation to dwell on an implosion just minutes before. It’s like the players were given a participation trophy.

The line from this current march to the presidency that seems to have staying power for the History books: “The two most unpopular presidential candidates ever.”

I’m leery of restaurants of celebrity chefs, and even more so of wannabee celebrity chefs. And also all of the food writers who become orgasmic over them.

Remember when Mario Lanza was a true matinee idol? If you do, you’re old as me and that’s not something you don’t want to admit to. Bonus Q2: Name two of Mario’s big movies.

The Answer:
There has been 2,573 vetoes since the first Presidency. Bonus. Mario first hit the big screen against Kathrine Greyson in That Magnificent Kiss. Hs second film The Toast of New Orleans featured his super hit song “Be My Love”. He was excellent in the Great Caruso, the biopic about his idol. His next film “Because You’re Mine” produced another super hit of the same name. The film that first popped into my head was “The Student Prince”.

Sometimes it’s good to remember those teen years in darkened theaters.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Off to Burma for a shave!

Today's Tids Issue 3,694
For Tenderness:

There are times like this,
When chaos seems to rule the land,
Your road to sublime bliss
Is grasping tenderly your lover’s hand!

I watched that battle on stage between the multibillionaire developer and the “Smartest woman in the world” and thought that all of my friends and family are smarter than they are.

The biggest stock market crashes have followed the eight year terms of Reagan (Asset bubble leading to first Global crash), Clinton (DotCom) and Bush (Housing) . So what is going to happen in the next few months as Obama steps aside; what’s vulnerable – the health care bonanza, over valued social network companies? Be careful

So, I see according to a majority of post-debate polls that Trumperino won the battle of Hofstra. I’m not surprised. Trump has that Brexit effect going for him. The elite side of the USA equation don’t seem to quite understand that average person undercurrent is incredibly humongous and very dissatisfied with the current status of their beloved country. The academics, liberal elite and their followers just can’t understand how a person with a vocabulary of four words can be doing so well. Believe the in the unexpected. The learned can mock, but in the end the voters will go with schlock.

The Question:
What was the first official antibiotic and who discovered it? Bonus: Quick, name four songs with “Tender” or “Tenderly” in the title.

The Headlines:
--Deal Reached To Help Flint, Keep Government Open.
--JPMorgan Raises Target Price Of Amazon To $1,000!; Markets Up At Mid Morning.
--India Blames Attack On India’s New Delhi Army Base On Pakistan.
--Two Mexican Nationals Arrested On Charges Of Sexual relations “With Children Significantly Younger Than 13”.
--Trump Campiagh Raises $18 Mil In 24 Hours After Debate.
--Results of Dutch Probe Into Missile Downing Of Malaysia Plane Over Ukraine: Missile From Russia Shot From Pro-Moscow Territory; Russai Says Radar Shows No Missile Attack On MH17.
--San Diego Police Shoot Black Man Pointing “Something” At Police; Protests Ensue.
--Former Israeli Prez Shimon Perez Dies At 93.

The USA has been walking the proverbial tight rope as we try to balance our relationship with the 2nd and 6th most populated countries in the world – our often enigmatic ally Pakistan and it its powerful economic giant neighbor India. Of these two A-Bomb countries, India is certainly the most like America industrially and economically. Hell, most of our day to day personal computer anxieties are in the hands in the Techs around the Ganges. And Pakistan while strategically positioned near the Middle east, is in fact one of those places with a growing Islamic terrorist menace. So now we see the historic bitterness between Hindu India and its Islamic cast-off Pakistan coming to a head again. I have been worried about Pakistan for a long time. It seems to be coming more unhinged, and it still has the bomb. Buy a Range Rover.

Have you been reading about the mother and son who set out from Point Judith RI in a pretty sturdy looking 32  foot center console boat for a bonding fishing trip. The son was found healthy and hale sitting comfortably in a well provisioned four-person life raft 100 miles off Montauk. His mom, said he, just disappeared. A few years ago this now 22 year old with Asperger’s Grandfather was found with a bullet in his head. I’m not accusing, just wondering. And so are authorities. Oh yeah, the Grandfather’s estate was worth $42 Million!

Mark Potemkin muses that the timing of Musk’s announcement about opening the door for travel to Mars must have had something to do with the just completed debate.

Amazon is doing all of the right things and has plenty of growth opportunities remaining in its playground. Currently they are undergoing a massive hiring program to beef up their own delivery system, and compete with UPS and FedEx. These two have grown significantly simply due in large part to the success of guess who – Amazon. If Amazon is poised to for such a stock price rise as targeted by JPM, can China’s well positioned Alibaba be that far behind? Maybe that’s another good bet.

What kind of a world leader blames a poor debate performance on a microphone?

In a new Survey, 80% of Americans say that they should always have the option of controlling their own cars. The other 20% are millennials who have always liked being coddled.

BTW, a survey of knowledgeable people in the auto and related industries, say that the reality of self-driving is simple just not around the corner.

A particularly brilliant world observer thinks the power of the Cape Cod Canal tidal effect could be an excellent source for alternative, reusable energy.

The Answer:
Scottish Scientist Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928. It is still widely used in Las Vegas, if you get my drift. Bonus: Okay, how about Tenderly, Love me Tender, Tender (English band Blur), Tender Trap.

It’s been swell to visit your home,
But now it’s time for me to roam.
And I will certainly seek to borrow
Significant time for you tomorrow!