The evening sea

The evening sea

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Why do so many people miss the obvious?

Today's Tids Issue 3,163
Opening Stuff:
I’m wondering why, if the US doctor was cured by the magic Ebola experimental serum, they aren’t using it in Western Africa. It seems to me that with germs on a march of destruction like General Sherman, any solution that would have a chance to stop the wanton killing, even in early experimental stages yet surprisingly proven in the cases of Kent Brantly and now Nancy Writebol, would be at least attempted.  But then I’m not a Government official, just a simple realist with open eyes.
Some days are Crunchy Cheeto days; Other days are Puffy Cheeto days. That’s just the way life works.
I received call from a tele-seller yesterday. She asked me a question and I answered. She said my answer was wrong and I explained, but she kept on going while I talked. Receiving no reaction, I started repeating in ever increasing volume, “Are you a robot? Are you robot? Are you…” After a 30 seconds or so, finally I heard, “No, I’m a real person but I have to read really fast to keep up with the computer dialog screen” Yikes.
The Question:
Knowing where teens will go next is almost as difficult as tracking Jihadist activists. So every once in a while we ask, What sites are Teens using today…and one isn’t FaceBook.
The Headlines:
--Miracles Needed In Ebola Ravaged South Africa; Concerns Deepen As Deadly Disease Seems To be Rampaging; South Africa Closing Door To Ebola Area Workers.
--Hamas Executes 18 Israeli “Informants”.
--Nancy Writebol Follows Brantly Out Emery U Hospital Door; Experimental Drug Seems to be Working.
--Russia Convoy Moves Across Border; Ukraine Declares It An Aggressive Move; Ukraine Receives Heavy Casualties After Counter-attack By Separatists; EuroStocks Suffer From New Action.
--Government Watchdog Says Trade Of Bergdahl For Gitmo Taliban Was Illegal; Foley Siblings Say Government Should Do More Trading For Hostages.
--Raunchy Singer Miley Cyrus Banned From Performing In Dominican Republic.
--While Hedge Funders And Gold Sellers Were Hawking Doom, Dow Creeps Back Over 17K.
--Newly Emerging Reports Say There Are ISIS Sleeper Cells In America.
--Vangard Nearing $3 Trillion In Assets.
In the continuing grand experiment evaluating how innate bias affects the intelligence of newspeople, you may have read or heard about Huffington Post hysteric Ryan Reilly who went berserk after finding what he thought were rubber bullets at the scene of the Ferguson protest chaos. Truly smart people like law officers told him what he found were just ear plugs, something all reasonable people should have handy when listening to the nightly news.
I think one of the cooking essentials is having chicken broth handy at all times, homemade or packaged. It is great as a base for soups, pasta dishes, easy sauces and especially for actually adding taste in veggie preparation. I like to use it for sautéing spinach with a little butter, garlic and topped with parm. The Tidster Tips department has found this rating for store made chicken stocks if you don’t have time to make your own. Based on characteristics of clean flavor, low salt and rich body the best according to the reviewer are Kitchen Basics Natural Chicken Stock and Glace du Poulet Gold. Also good is Swanson’s Chicken Cooking Stock -- Not to be confused with widely available Swanson’s Chicken Broth which was rated so-so along with Emeril’s Chicken Stock and an overly salty College Inn.
In response to the Tid yesterday about the HS girl chastised by teachers for saying “Bless you” after a sneeze, a reader r=writes to inform about the professor in California who reprimanded for correcting a paper from a black student for misuse of words, bad grammar and punctuation. Say it ain’t ok, MLK.
Dining with “Off”, department:
Running out ways to besmirch traditional sensible tasty meals with excess use of fruits and vegetables, it is reported that the so-called international chic, creative chefs are reaching out onto the insect world to add crunch and mystery to your diet. This potential trend will be easily copied and should do well in those kitchens where cockroaches abound.
Speaking of cultural trends, the new Buzz word among publicists and political and entertainment celeb observers is “Optics”. It has quickly become dominant in conversations about “O’s” golfing within hours after talking briefly about reporter Foley’s beheading. It’s about how you look to the public regardless of whether or not you are doing anything wrong. It’s about judgein g fro perceptions in addition to word selection and, of course, truly objectionable actions which are always covered up by optics and word selection. The truth be dammed.
The headline today, “US Considers Wider Action On Jihad Militants,” should have been written 12 months ago.
Labor Day Could be the worst travel Day In 6 years. I’m not moving one inch.
Secretary of defense Hegel says ISIS Is threat beyond anything “we have ever seen.” Expert observers say ISIS thirst for Oil could lead to global financial disaster. Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney warn of growing threat from well organized, well funded, highly motivated ISIS. President  musing.
Reading between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--If I Stay is a film that is quite deep but doesn’t achieve the level of seriousness it needs. It’s about a teen couple, both musicians who’s life changes after a car accident where the girl Mia is put  into a coma. In an out of body experience she must decide in whether to wake up and live a live far different than she had imagined, or slip away and die. She sees her family gathering around her and in flashbacks we learn about her family and love of cello. We see she feels an outsider to her family of a rock oriented, rebellious past, but a family who she loves.
--In Sin City, A dame to Kill For we see the town’s most hard boiled citiens cross paths with some of its more repulsive inhabitants.  (Can you say “Repulsive Inhabitants in today’s society?). It ius pretty standard fare and could have been much better.
The Answer:
As soon as adults figure out how to catch up to teens on one site, like FaceBook, the kids are off to another a with a flick of a couple of fingers. The top five now where parents will want ot get the new “For Dummies” books are: Snapchat where files self destruct (100Mil users); Pheed for video, photo, voice track sharing and live broadcasts; PicsArt for photo editing and drawing; Tumblr for teen Bloggers with little concern about 3rd party access; Vine another video sharing app is an offshoot of twitter. So when you see kids, heads down, typing feverishly while walking into fire hydrants, they’re not talking  to friends, just trying to find ways to avoid adults.
Why did my computer indent above? And why can’t I make it go away? I’d better find a kid. I’ll reach out in Pheed!
Have a great weekendE-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!!

Tids, tidslets and tidslings.

Today's Tids Issue 3,162
Opening Stuff:
Savor this amazingly cool and clear August, because the Farmer’s Almanac has come out today saying we will have a super cold Winter, and – a very hot summer. The FA has been over the recent years on target with some pretty accurate climate projections. Let’s hope Al Gore doesn’t buy the magazine with his al-Jeezera profits.
Just when you thought it was safe to stay with stocks, Michael Franzese, Former head of Colombo Crime Family comes out to say on CNBC: “Even the mob has better ethics than Wall Street.” And, stiffer penalties for breaking the rules.
In case you missed it, A High School Student in Dyer County Tenn, Kendra Turner, was rebuked by a teacher and thrown out of class for saying “Bless you” after a classmate’s sneeze. And people wonder why Hamas and Israel can’t get a long.
The Question:
What are the most often stolen new cars?
The Headlines:
--Ebola Diseased Doc Kent Brantley recovers And Is Released from Hospital.
--Fed Governors Still Unsure About Rebound Of Labor Markets: Prospects Are That Interest Rates Will remain Low.
--Jobless Bennie Apps Fall; below 300,000.
--Critics say Obama Should Not have released Info About failed Attempt to Rescue Foley.
--Hamas Says Three Top Generals Killed By Israel Bombs.
--Judeg Rules That Justice department Must turn Over “Fast And Furious” Documents.
--BoA Reaches $17 Billion Settlement Over Housing Mortgage Bonds Scam.
Have you ever read through the quotes of the famous like Churchill or Twain or Sinatra or any number of achievers worth listening to? They almost always have one or two on drinking and alcohol. Even Winslow Homer, America’s great new England artist, moved away from the easel often enough to find a thing or two say about his buddy booze: “I thought for a change I would give up drinking, and it was a great mistake; although I reduced the size of my nose and improved my beauty,  my stomach suffered.”
For all of those artists who condemn the great illustrators like Rockwell, Wyeth and Parish because they drew for cash, the acknowledged one of the few greatest painters of the 19th century Homer had this to say: ”I’d paint for money anytime”
Did you hear about the guy who went for an eye exam because his wife said he was having trouble seeing things her way?
I don’t care what the experts say, there are just too many “All time Highs” for me to feel comfortable about the market.
As elections roll around remember that 9 of the ten states with fastest economic growth have Republican governors.  The only fast growing state with a Dem Governor is beautiful and resourceful West Virginia! FYI, the top five are North Dakota, Texas, South Dak, Nebraska and Utah.
If it’s Black, it’s Federal, Department:
The President seems to jump into local frays a little too quickly. The facts still remain to be isolated in the Ferguson thing. Somehow, a local shooting has become a Federal case, justifying the Prez sending in his AG. The action is unprecedented as well as extremely premature. According to Federal States Attorneys, the feds never jump in at least until all of the facts are out, and the Grand Jury there has just convened. They seem to be jumping in based more on news media reports which are based on pretty much nothing more than hysteria. But of course it’s because the so-called victim was black as it was in Cambridge Mass and Sanford FL. It is in reality just another example of Obama’s misunderstanding of the role of states in the Government of the USA. It’s like he grew up on some far-away island.
You have to wonder how many people will be reluctant to shake Kent Brantly’s hand.
On the Obama revelation (For political purposes?) of the failed Foley rescue attempt, a world observer said, “The so called failure had been a success because the team got in and got out safely, and nobody ever knew it was a failure.” Until yesterday.
I’m not saying that news media people aren’t intelligent. They just act like they aren’t intelligent.
The Answer:
Actually older cars are stolen much more often that new cars. For some reason old Hondas have led the way in the minds of thieves for years. But te current “New Car Most Stolen List” is: # 1. Nissan Altima! The rest in order are Ford Fusion, Ford F-150, Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Impala, Hyundai Elantra, Dodge Charger, Chevy Malibu, Chevy Cruze and Ford Focus. The Top ten fro all model years taken in 2013 are Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, Toyota Camray, Dodge ram, Dodge Caravan, Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cher, Toyota Corolla and Nissan Altima. Of course the most Stolen also correlates most on the road.
Did you ever wake up and find your mind locked in a little square room without windows? That tends make for a narrow Tids. The thinning of the Tids is not a good thing.
So did you hear about the second rate music director of a second rate symphony orchestra who was sentenced to death for shooting  percussionist who never got it? When they pulled the switch for the electric chair nothing happened and he lived. He told the press that he never was a good conductor.

For too many people and entities, it’s much too much all about them.

Today's Tids Issue 3,161
Opening Stuff:

The kids are getting ready for school, some going back to the educational grind in less than a week. What’s with this late August return to the books? Everything used to start after Labor Day. Maybe it’s to get a head start on snow days. Or maybe it’s because there aren’t enough private sector union members left to properly celebrate labor. Whatever it is, it certainly cuts into the businesses based on family tourism. The way I read it is that what used to be a 10 week high business season is now nine. Because of Boards of Education, businesses have lost 10% of their money making opportunity.
A tip-o-the-Tids-Cap to the mighty USS Saratoga Aircraft carrier, which as I type is being towed out of port, under the bridge, down the passage and out to sea. It’s final destination, the scrap heap. It’s sad to think that a such a proud warship must submit such an inglorious end. Sara, as it was known, spent a lot of time in the Mediterranean, pushing the envelope, tempting various “Lines of death” as established by various and sundry Middle East Tyrants. The great lady fought in the Viet Nam war and also Dessert Storm. From the grandeur of its birth in the early 1950’s to today where it is classified as a piece of junk metal, it was ageat life withan ignominious end. But, we know there’s a heart in there somewhere. which I expect  accompany it in its next life.
As Long Term Disability Insurance & Care premiums soar beyond comprehension, I’m hearing that the management of Smith & Wesson have decided to offer a new kind of plan. It’s called the Silver bullet Solution.
The Question:
10 Stocks valued at a total of $89 Billion Dominate Warren Buffet’s Portfolio. What are they? Bonus: In which city are people the most honest? The least honest?
The Headlines:
--Stocks Hovering Awaiting Fed Meeting Minutes.
--Israel Steps Up Air Strikes As Gaza Buries Dead.
--Islamic Militants Post Video Showing Alleged Beheading Of US Journalist James Foley; Speaker Says US Journalist Steven Sotloff Would Be Next depending How US Reacts in Iraq.
--Apple Reaches All Tin-me Split Adjust Intraday High Of 100.53.
--Johnny Football Gets Finger From Cleveland Browns Coach As Hoyer Is Named Starting QB.
--New Lawsuit Says White House Conspired With Government Agencies To Stonewall Delivery Of Requested Documents.
--Heroshima Landslides Kill Nearly 45.
--North Korea Lashes Out With Insults Against John Kerry’s Looks; Says He Is Wolf With Face Of  A Sheep.
One thing I have always liked is walking by small, backwater inlets from the sea, rock lined coves or quiet marshes, with simple wooden skiffs tied to old wooden posts, meandering to the changing tides
The latest about the Ferguson mess is that the shooter Cop Darren Wilson first suffered an “Orbital Blowout fracture the eye socket” allegedly (NY Post) from a bone crunching punch delivered by the marauding, the very large, often intimidating teenager subsequently shot, Michael Brown. So it is not as clear cut as reported by our disingenuous media. A good cop, and by all accounts Wilson was a very good cop, does not just shoot a person for sport. There has always been more to this, but a biased media doesn’t take time to learn facts before accusing.
Calling  the DC football team “Washington”, is far more offensive than calling it Redskins.
The NFL in its attempt to create more offense maybe giving up one of the more beautiful aspects of the game, a solid rough and tumble “D”. Are they giving up the total beauty of the game to succumb to American glitz and frivolity; and concepts of welfare? The league has taken away the weapons of courageous defenders, thus creating entitlements for pass catchers and their heroic quarterbacks. That wonderful tension that only comes when the offense is faced with the impossibility of overcoming an immovable defense, may be coming to an end. For what? Let’s hope it wasn’t because super star Peyton Manning was whining again.
The Pundits are saying that if the cameras are turned off and the reporters close their note pads in Furguson, the agitators and the imported looters will leave, and there will be peace and rational discussion. So I have decided to stop watch anything about it as a start to the peace process.
Apple is at its all time high! That’s either good news or bad. It either means that room for growth has diminished and the future is murky, or that the lower price after splitting has stimulated buying by more people who always wanted a piece of the action in the past but couldn’t afford it.
The Answer:
Warren’s biggest holding is Wells Fargo - $25.4Bil. Next is Coca Cola ($16,9), American Express ($14.4), IBM ($12.7), Wal-Mart ($4.4), P&G ($4.1), Exxon-Mobil ($4.1), US Bancorp ($3.5), Moodys ($2.2) and Goldman Sachs ($2.1). Bonus: To get a handle on Honesty in America, a Group called “Honesty in America” set up Kiosks in 60 cities from Hawaii to the East Coast. Each kiosk offered Iced Tea on the honor system. A place for money was clearly visible.  Honolulu was the highest at near 100%. Other super honest places were Lake Geoirg Ny and Manchester Ct at 99%. Tennessee and Alabama hit 98% while Nevada, Nebraska and Arkansas hit 97%. The average for the nation was a very good 95%. Last year Washington Dc was worst. But this year at a dismal 80%, the worst was Providence RI. Rhode Island, The “I can get it for nuttin’ State”. Ouch
As I was driving along the west shore of East Passage I good only wonder if I was dreaming. The morning sun was low, but partially blocked by a low cloud, casting eerie shadows, emitting reds and yellows reflecting upon the still, dawning waters. I knew I was dreaming as I arose upon a hill that gave me a view of West Passage and Zeke’s creek marsh; the waters seemed awash in  a field of marshmallows. Or perhaps, was it really heaven, a place where angels might play. It was a very low fog, but it looked like God’s playground. Maybe it was a sign that I should start going to church.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chuckles among the tears.

Today's Tids Issue 3,160
Opening Stuff:

Some mornings like today, when the sun is glistening and the air is cool, I like to sit on the front steps in the still of near dawn hour. How peaceful are the soon to be chaotic streets where I live. I think, as I shiver from a small breeze, hear the rustle of leaves in the trees nearby, what’s gone wrong? A tear could from in my eye as I look at the street a mere10 feet beyond where once George Washington would walk with ally General Jean-Baptiste Rochambeau while French troops residing in neighborhood colonial homes scurried about, to and from the artillery armory next door founded 34 years before the war of Independence. Two men from different worlds fighting together for what all people wanted, the freedoms from dictatorial limitations that would eventually lead to one of the most amazing documents in history. As I look at this now empty street on a beautiful morning, the perfect beauty is marred by thoughts those who would thwart the greatness of the USA, who would equate change with altering the constitution.

It appears that Google will be announcing a new relief map for travelers. It shows where the restrooms are.

The Texas indictment of Perry is a good example of how out of control the USA has become in this new era of divisive politics – where nobody listens and nobody gives. Alan Dershowitz says the indictment of Perry (He says he would never vote for him) is similar to Totalitarian societies like the old USSR and others where the courts are misused to delete political opponents. Dershowitz’s opinions, who is also “outraged” over the similar legal actions against Tom Delay, has been joined in his opinion by many handfuls of legal scholars and political operatives , including Clinton spokesperson Lanny Davis who urges Democrats to denounce the Texas decision. The USA was the New World of Freedom, and somehow I see more and more people wanting to bring back the old worlds of oppression.

The Question:
Name ten well known celebrities who are 5’ 7”  or less.

The Headlines:
--Terror Group Hezbollah taking Fight To Syria/Iraq Jihadists Who Have Aims On Lebanon.
--Ferguson A Battleground Once Again Last Night.; Missouri Top Cop Slams Criminals Who Are Agitating Situation To Take Advantage Of Confusion And Pursue Criminal Activities.
--Rockets From Gaza Break Truce; Israel Retaliates.
--In The Stock Market: Housing regaining Fire; Apple, Rackspace, Google Stand Out As Techs Regain Energy; Dow Up Again.
--Philadelphia Teens Beat Park Ranger Senseless.

Being politically correct doesn’t help anybody.

He toiled so hard that he worked his fingers to the bonus.

I am really happy to read that the wrap style sandwich trend is dying quickly. I found them particularly difficult when trying to remove lettuce and tomatoes. Lets bring back real bread.

To put all of the media reported misconceptions during events surrounding Ferguson in perspective, only less than 2% of all of the 40 million who have had contact with the police reported the use of force at any level. Of the 2668 deaths from police action over the past 7 years, 1705 (64%) were white.

I guess I get down when I see so much misreporting by the media.

John Deere stands behind all of their equipment except the manure spreader.

Maybe the USA and other so-called Western nations should just stand back and let rival Middle East terror groups kill each other off. Works for me.

Did you see the sad story about an experience mountain climber who fell to his death yesterday In Yosemite just after he proposed to his girlfriend. Rory McElroy’s golf game went South just after he become engaged, too. Sorry about that. I’m just trying to get beyond political correctness, even as my heart swells at the sadness of the tragedy.

The Voice you’ve heard a thousand times left a higher paying factory job in a Rhode Island to take $30 a week stint at WJAR Providence. This son of Polish immigrants was Don Pardo and he died last night at the age of 96. You’ve heard his distinctive voice for 40 years on Saturday Night Live. He was the announcer for the original Price is Right, Jeopardy, Three on a Match and even NBC Nightly news. To me, the announcers of the old quiz shows were as much a part of the aura as the hosts and contestants. While on duty in 1963, he was the first to announce the death of JFK on NBC. I wonder who had the honor of first announcing his death last night.

I used to have a pet leech. It was quite attached to me.

Johnny Manziel looks like any other rookie QB struggling to make the team.

The Answer:
Bruno Mars is 5-5 and mighty Sylvester Stallone is only 5-7. Some others are Jon Stewart t 5-6, Tom Cruise 5-7 (?), Daniel Radcliff 5-5, Dustin Hoffman 5-6, Prince 5-2, and the shortest Danny Divito 5-0. Some just above at 5-8 are Simon Cowell, Usher, Mark Wahlberg and Rob Lowe.

Today as I run out the door I realize that I wrote more than I thought I wrote.

Actually, I wrote a novel about a guy who had a small garden. It didn’t have much of a plot!

The Fountains of Rome.

Today's Tids Issue 3,159
Opening Stuff:

Sunday was a great day for Otterino Respighi. His music just seems to walk hand in hand with sunshine and cool breezes.
“Without basketball I’d either be dead or in jail” is a phrase uttered recently by a local kid, but has been repeated often by kids across the country who come from  inconceivable,  tough, almost even inhumane neighborhoods. I understand completely. But I’d like to hear – “If it wasn’t for math, English, science, my clarinet, art…” Nobody loves sports more than I but, but we place too much emphasis on sports as the salvation for many. When you think about it, sports is like a funnel with opportunities to play top levels declining during a life cycle. In other activities from education there is a reverse funnel with more opportunities widening from knowledge acquisition. Just a thought. Sports is great for a some kids, but learning is better for more.
There’s no truth to the rumor that the US Government through their IRS department will be issuing all citizens Salary Authentication Cards (SAC). It is all part of the new “Fee Fairness” program which was necessitated by the new trend  of cities, states and feds hiding tax increases in fees. For instance, the proposed global warming fee which would be added to to all airline tickets (Not private jets of celebrities) could  be prohibitive for poorer travelers. The SAC. Would allow low income people justification to avoid fees. Criminals’ will like it too, as knowledge of real income makes them more efficient when hacking into bank accounts. The computer is a marvelous thing.
With several new readers entering the morning Tids fray, I always like to give them a shot at the On-Line
The Question:
What does the name “J.C. Higgins” mean to you? Bonus: Name five of the earlier bicycle builders. Bonus-Bonus: What popular line of bicycles and wagons was named after inventor Marconi and aviator Lindberg?
The Headlines
--National Guard Goes Into Battle Torn Ferguson.
--0-Man Comes Back To Washington.
--Yellen Expected To Emphasize Interest rate Patience In Jackson Hole Talk.
--Gaza Cease Fire End Looms; Sides Seem Far Apart.
--Kurds With US Assistance Seem To have Taken Back Dam.
--Large British Hotel Chain Removes Bibles From Rooms: Muhammad (Combined Four Spellings) Becomes Most Popular Boys Name In Britain.
--Ebola Clinic Looted Raising Fears Of Disease Spreading.
I’ve been thinking and I believe I now know what the Affordable Health Care bill is all about. It’s about collecting more data on people. The new mandated computer programs for Doctors and their offices collect more personal data that is available instantaneously  by more people than ever before in the history of mankind. As my Doctor says of my former now retired Doc, I love his hand written notes about your medical ups and downs. It has everything I need to know to treat you, and not all of the extraneous necessary for the government. In other words it’s for you, the patient and not make work for a bureaucrat counting numbers.
Minnie Minoso is one of my all time favorite baseball players. Sometimes the greats of the not so distant past get lost in the cacophony of the 24/7 sports media. Lest we forget, Saturnino Orestes Armas Arrieta Minosa (Now you know why he was called “Minnie”)  was a 9 time All Star.. The kid could run and hit (.298 Life time), and man-o-man Minoso, could the Golden Glove winner field!. But, God dammit, Minnie is not in the Hall of Fame.
I would vote for Rick Perry for President. When the media works so hard to discredit a candidate you know the Dems must be really afraid of he or she. His indictment is so transparently political that the news media, if they were truly objective, would reject it out of hand. But their focus on it just shows how irrelevant they have become compared to what was originally protected by the 1st Amendment.
Using email makes me feel so old fashioned and archaic.
One of the more unfortunate trends in today’s US culture is more and more of the people feeling comfortable rationalizing the truth to their wants.
Every kid in the 40’s and early 50’s (And secretly adults too) wanted a Dick Tracy radio Wrist watch. Well now they are here with more coming and they aren’t doing too well – except Pebble. The early electronic “wearables” were based on fitness, and it appears that market is thin mainly because half the population isn’t even among the fit. A survey shows that most stopped using them after 6 months (Again, except for Pebble). So, how does this bode for the success of the powerhouse entrants – Apple, Google and Samsung? Maybe not so good if you consider that most of the competition in the smart phone race is for larger screens! They’ll be cool, but will they only be a niche player. How about a micro chip under the skin that expresses the information across contact lenses and operates with eyewinks? Actually, that’s probably already here, somewhere? Tess Trueheart, where have you gone?
You know have a pretty good grandson when he feels comfortable going right to the refrigerator when he walks the door.
A lot of people dislike having Social Security being lumped into the entitlement category of Government over spending. SS was a mandated, coercive, non-voluntary contribution by working people and companies into a what was mistakenly called a “Trust” fund, which had built up a $2.5 Trillion surplus, subsequently robbed by congress. What collection agency do the people use to collect back their $2.5T from the Government of the People?
I always thought that former RI Governor Sundland was a megalomaniacal bore, but his WWII activities reads like a heroic, superspy novel. You never know.
The Answer:
The name JC Higgins was used by Sears & Roebuck as brand name for much of their sporting equipment. Their shotguns and Bicycles were well known. In my neighborhood, kids with JC Higgins baseball gloves were typically not very interested I baseball and always picked last for teams. Bonus: My memory conjures up primarily Schwinn and Columbia as being enviable, and jC Higgins for kids who couldn’t ride well. I remember Raleigh as being the first cool “English” bike with gears. Huffy, another very old brand, was also a choice of the day. Today the ten top selling brands are Trek, Schwinn (Still hangin’), Giant, Cannondale, Mongoose, Raleigh, Specialized road, Diamondback, Fuji and Haro. Bonus-Bonus: Radio Flyer!
Kids in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s had stronger legs because their bikes were heavier.
Have a Great week!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Participation in golf could be waning because fewer people understand the concept of integrity

Today's Tids Issue 3,158
Opening Stuff:

Let’s hope the GOP operatives aren’t lulled into a false sense of security from all of the polls that seem to say the Dems are losing the Senate; these polls that are reported by media that prefer Dems over Repubs.
I’m constantly amazed at the power of music. How it can grab your heart and stimulate your senses; How it can soothe frayed nerves; Enliven a sad spirit. Music glistens like the eyes of one you love; magnifies the warmth when enveloped in loving arms. Music is magic. An elixir to be savored.
Starting today, the eyes of RI’ers will be looking towards Williamsport Pa and their Little League WS representative, Cumberland. Or at least mine will.
The Question:
It’s been 45 years since Woodstock. It, as you know, was one of those events that will have aging hippies telling their kids and grandchildren what they did in the mud that weekend…even if they were never there. Maybe it’s because they have listened to the music and in their haze thought they were there. Name ten of the performers who made the monster event a national classic.
The Headlines:
--Teen Slain By Ferguson Police May Have Been Robbery Suspect.
--Hungry PM Viktor Orban Says Europe May Have Shot Itself In The Foot With Sanctions On Russia.
--Escalation Of Ukraine Hostilities Has US and Euro Stocks Falling,
--Russia Aid And Military Vehicles Massing On Ukraine Border.
--Iraq PM al-Maliki Steps Down.
--Health Experts Saying Dangers Of Ebola Outbreak Underestimated.
“What you do when nobody is looking defines you. What you do in public refines you. If your life doesn’t have honor it confines you.”  Larry Schroeder.
You knew it had to happen. The signs were so clear, and it was only a matter of time until somebody stepped over the line. Ukraine just hours ago obliterated a large part of the Russian convoy (Which they say was Humanitarian Aids). My guess is that Putin may have wanted the Ukraine action to allow his armies to react in “self defense’. The markets are incredibly nervous, which could mean there is an element of truth in the above scenario which could very easily turn into a major conflict..affecting the world.
“The larger the mob, the harder the test. In small areas, before small electorates, a first-rate man occasionally fights his way through, carrying even the mob with him by force of his personality. But when the field is nationwide, and the fight must be waged chiefly at second and third hand, and the force of personality cannot so readily make itself felt, then all the odds are on the man who is, intrinsically, the most devious and mediocre — the man who can most easily adeptly disperse the notion that his mind is a virtual vacuum. ”  –HL Menken, The Baltimore Sun July 26 1920
Leftover Kentucky Fried Chicken makes a great sandwich. I would suspect that it’s great for a tasty chicken salad too.
The difference between golf and the Government is that in golf you can’t improve your lie”
Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--The Giver is a SiFi movie depicting a world of the future where the government has captured the  minds of the people…totally. “The Giver” alone, played by Jeff Bridges, possesses all of the community’s memories.  Jonas a young man sees beyonf the world of conformity and setsout to discover the truths, putting himself and loved ones in extreme danger that would mean death if caught. Can you say “Logan’s Run”? I think it will be tense and interesting, and perhaps a warning about an encroaching, smothering government. Body and mind control all starts with nationalized government run health care. Just kidding. Or, am I?
--The cast of Expendables 3 is led by Sylvester Stallone but includes lots of aging heroic avengers like Arnold, Harrison Ford,  Wesley Snipes, Jackie Chan and Mel Gibson. Stallone’s Barney thinks it’s time to recruit younger tech savvy people to match the strength of the evil  ruthless arms trader Conrad Stonebanks, who wants to eliminate his creation,  the Expendables. Part of the plot is the conflict within the geezer force reluctant to accept the transition to youth.  Eh.
I think the Red Sox are going to surprise everyone and win it all in an amazing comeback. The flame of hope burns bright in the hearts of true fans, cloudy days and all.
The Answer:
There were 32 acts during those rainy, smoke filled days starting with Richie Havens. Some of the others on Day1 were Sweetwater, Bert Sommer, Tim Hardin, Ravi Shakar, Melanie Safka, Arlo Guthrie and Joan Baez, On Day2, Saturday, it started with Quill, and went on to Country Joe McDonald, Santana, John Sabastian, Keef Hartley Band, The Incredible String band Canned Heat, Mountain, Grateful Dead, Creedance Clearwater Revival, The great Janis Joplin, Sly and the Family Stone, The Who and Jefferson Airplane. Day 3, Sunday int Monday was kicked off by Joe Crocker and followed by Country Joe and the Fish (After thunderstorm caused a several hour delay). The now soaked crowd got back into it with ten Years Afy=ter, the Band, Johnny Winter, Blood Sweat and Tears, Crosby,Stills Nash and Young and Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Paul Butterfield, Sha-Na-Na and Jimmy Hendrix closed with the longest set of the three days.
One of my favorite movies was The Rose with Bette Midler playing role of a Rock Star that some say was based on Janis Joplin’s enigmatic life. I enjoyed The Rose, and the song by the same name. Maybe it’s pleasant way to get into the weekend.

Wouldn’t be great if Steven Wright was writing the Tids.

Today's Tids Issue 3,157
Opening Stuff:
Fresh off of getting lighter sentences for drug users, the US Sentencing Commission (The Federal Panel that sets sentencing guidelines) wants to now reduce sentences for crimes involving money. Now, I can agree that while drug users who break laws are typically not hurting anybody else (Except being the sole market for vicious, inhumane drug dealers), money crime is very harmful to often thousands of innocents. Embezzlers, swindlers and Wall Street crooks and investment manipulators can literally steal the lives of millions with a single nefarious stroke. Au Contraire, I think the sentences of these scoundrels should be lengthened. In fact, I would do away with these so-called giant fines and make stiff jail time the primary penalty for all financial fund finaglers, and thus a threat to those who at the top of this fraudulent food chain can stop the nonsense. Trust, after all, is the essence of an orderly, fair society.
Dennis Miller is amazing with words. Last night he described his friend, the frenetic Robin Williams, as being “Just ahead of the synaptic posse”.
Now that marijuana is being legalized on a regular basis, what will drug sniffing dogs do? Maybe they’ll be sold as pets for professional party crashers.
The Question:
Name five Steve Martin Movies.
The Headlines:
--Mobs Clash Again With Police After New Shooting In Ferguson Mo.
--New Hope Rises For Egypt Bartered Israel-Gaza Peace
--White House, State Department In The dark Over Pentagon’s Shipments Of Ammo To Israel; Netanyahu Has “Pushed The Administration Aside”;US No Longer Peace mediator As In Pass.
--Death Toll In Ukraine Border War Up To 2,000; Separatists Weakening.
--UN Declares Humanitarian Emergency In Iraq; Obama Still Weighing Options For Rescue Plan.
--Wal-Mart Warns, Kohls Smiles In Latest Financial reports; Nervous Investors Still Have Bull Tendencies.
--New Jobless Claims Hovering Around Pre-Recession Levels; Expected To Show Increase In This Morn’s Report; Cisco Cutting 6,000 Jobs..
We are building a caste system in America  -- The self proclaimed, fit, healthy eaters…organic poets,  and everybody else.
Why can’t we have more Senators like Joe Manchen, a guy who seems to look at problems and opportunities with a quite sensible, often apolitical view?  Maybe it’s because he’s experienced a world outside of bureaucrats. I have reliable sources who say he is learning that logic and rational thinking does not do well in Washington. Why are so many good and rational  people frustrated by the way the government runs?
This is La-La time in the stock market as the pros soak up the last remaining rays of summer lolling on a private beach. The market is stumbling along testing new technical lows and producing momentary excitement with unsustainable market surges. Companies are showing signs of cutting back to beef up Q3 financial reports. There is less cash available as the effects of the diminished Fed feeding take effect. But then, it’s La La time, and who can really tell what is actually happening.
Mid Long Island NY had the most rain in one day in their history, 13.5 inches. That would be 135 inches (11.25 feet) of snow at its fluffiest! Just an average winter’s day in the Rockies.
I have finally figured out why states have Poet’s Laureate – they write the ditties on those electric highway signs. “Read our signs or you’ll get fines.” “Click it or ticket”. “Get away from the bunch or you’ll hear crunch”. “Text while you drive, and you won’t be alive”. I wonder if Maya Angelou started as a state Poet Laureate.
Now that the key is sticky, I’m realiing how much I actually use the letter “”. It’s amaing. What letter is it?
The Answer:
Martin is another of those truly inventive funny guys who didn’t necessarily need the “F” word to get a laugh, (Although it’s a tried and true way to stimulate a laugh from a drunk sleeping in a comedy club). He wrote many of his films. Some of his best known are The Jerk, Planes, Trains & Automobiles (Those aren’t pillows!), Parenthood, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, Pennies From Heaven, Roxanne, My Blue heaven, Father of the Bride and Little Shop Of Horrors. I tend to smile thinking back as I typed.
“I love a good comedian, Jonathon Winters, Steven Wright, Robin Williams…Barack Obama asking for a second term.”
I learning restraint. Yesterday after 6 or so days of perfect, mild sunny weather, it rained pretty steadily. At a restaurant last night, a waitress came up, looked out side and said, “Oh, sun, I’m so tired of rain.” I held my breath and didn’t say anything sarcastic. She turned out to be a better waitress than optimist.
Some think reading the Tids is a good drug for catching the Zzzzzzzzzz’s, unless the keys are sticky.