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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Don’t ruin my protest with agreement.

Today's Tids Issue 4,158
For a cool summer:

I seriously hate you.
No matter what you do,
I only like what’s mine
Regardless if you align.

Coming together in this new world of animosity has become pretty much impossible. It’s sad to see that what many see as important boils down to gaining political power and nothing more.

Except of course for all of the millions of people who have lives far beyond cultural trendiness. Those who think for themselves. Who see sunshine instead of darkness. Who see varied solutions to disjointed problems rather than one and only one. Who know that others need assistance and see it as love and not political opportunism. Yup, parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles, and good friends go to sports awards dinners, or academic award congregations to salute achievement and see the promise of the world yet to be. Or sit thoughtfully in a quiet church to ponder inside; who they are why they are here, and what they can do with all of the love in their hearts.

Happy First Day of Summer, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!

Did see the report that said that after years of research it has been determined that dogs are actually smarter than cats. Now I don’t have horse in this race, or a cat or a dog, but I can see people’s hair raising or lips widening into a grin depending on where they side. Personally, I like both animals for what they are. It just shows you that those who have the ability to look smart, may not be as wise as simple man or woman observing the sunrise ans unset of another day.

Overcome with the beauty of Earth seen from space, the astronaut removed his helmet. The view was breathtaking.”

The Question:
I was surprised the other night when all three of the Jeopardy contestants did not know what Elias Howe had invented. Do you? What are the inventions of these other famous Americas tinkerers:  Ben Franklyn, Alexander Graham Bell, Samuel FB Morse, Chares Goodyear, George Westinghouse, George Eastman, Robert Fulton, Cyrus McCormick and Willis Carrier

The Headline:
--Trade Concerns Continue To Keep Stocks Down.
--Bibi Netanyahu’s Wife Indicted For Fraud, Misuse Of Taxpayer Funds.
--The New 1040 Tax Form Will be the size of A Postcard.
--Hungary Passes “Stop Soros” Law; Makes Giving Aid To Undocumented Immigrants A Crime.
--Mike Pence Meets With Joe Biden Once A Month For Advice.
--Gunmaker Smith & Wesson Sees Lower Sales InComing Year.
--US White Population Shrinks For First Time; Death Rate Faster Than Birth Rate.

Dunkin’ Detours, Department:
One cause of rush hour traffic jams could easily be those people holding up traffic to make a left hand turn off a single lane road into a Donut, coffee shop or convenience store for morning refreshment. Think about how empty the roads would be if everybody made their own coffee or tea at home? Think about all of the jobs that would be lost.

What will be the “Blockbuster” of this generation? You know, a company that made it big fast and then died an equally abrupt death.

I believe that this immigration situation has hardened the support for Trump among his people. But, it may have weakened support for Repub congresspeople who Trump probably needs more than his own people to make it through the four years.

How you can tell when Hollywood stars are drinking, Department:
Last night Peter Fonda tweeted that “He wants to rip Barron Trump from his mother and put him in a cage with pedophiles.” He apologized for being stupid this morning. From what I read from the lips of celebs, drinking must be really heavy out here.

The NBA Draft is at center court tonight. The first five teams to pick are Phoenix, Memphis, Dallas, Atlanta and Orlando. The top five players are Deandre Ayton, Marvin Bagley III, Jaen Jackson Jr., Mohamed Bamba and Evendall Carter Jr. Note, Luka Doncic of Real Madrid is also considered a major prospect by several experts

I like just about everybody. Well, maybe I don’t like social scientists.

Just like everything, overzealousness in law making in response to movements like equal pay for all, could eventually give the government much too much power over business decisions. Which BTW, is exactly what socialists want.

I have to be honest with you, I don’t watch rallies or listen to protest groups. Can you spell r-e-d-u-n-d-a-n-c-y?

The Answer:
Elias Howe of course invented the sewing machine. Ben Gave us bifocals, the stove and flexible urinary catheter. AG Bell the telephone, Sam Morse the telegraph, Chares Goodyear usable Vulcanized) rubber, George Westinghouse the train airbrake, George Eastman the camera, Robert Fulton the steam boat, Cyrus McCormick the Reaper and Willis Carrier Aid conditioning. Say thank you, except perhaps for the catheter.

Here’s the gist of today’s Tids: What you see screaming in headlines is generally irrelevant in the daily lives to the vast majority of all citizens.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It’s only a ploy, right?

Today's Tids Issue 4,157
For Patience:

Well folks, you know what today is don't you. It is the longest day of the year, which means starting tomorrow we will be back on the road towards winter, where nights are long and cold and the sun isn't up long enough warm the rolling seas. Happy yet?

Let’s hope the President’s ego will be the force that brings to an end the potential global tragedy of run-away tariff escalation. The last thing he would want to be remembered for is a deep, ruthless, destructive recession.

If you don’t think that the world we knew is achangin’, consider that yesterday the Dow dropped General Electric from it 30 industrials list in favor of Walgreens. Yes, that General Eclectic, once considered the must have stock for all portfolios. GE, America’s national symbol of innovative industrial might. Walgreens. Yikes.

Ban pre-shredded cheese. Make America grate again.

The focus is on the border, but historical analysis tells us that these are the kind of situations fueled by political hyperbole generally get worked out. And then, just disappear.

You will really see wide spread crying and hear screams of anguish when senior citizens watch their retirement plans succumb to tariff madness.

The Question:
In 1948 the long running Ed Sullivan Show first popped up on this strange new thing called television. But, The Ed Sullivan Show wasn’t its real name. What was the real name of Ed Sullivan’s how.

The Headlines:
--US Stocks Get Bounce As Tariff Concerns Ebb; 20th Century Fox Accepts Higher Bid Form Disney.
--China Stocks Bounce Back After New Beijing Stimulus Policy That Could Blunt US Tariff Measures.
--Trump And Congress Meeting To Find Reasonable Solution To Border Situation; Chuck Schumer Unwilling To Discuss Any Republican Solutions To Immigration Problems; Illegal Immigration Incongruities Will Linger Until After November Elections
--Buffet, Bezos And Dimon Name Harvard Professor To Head Health Care Venture.
--NK To Send Back To US Remains Of 200 American Service Members.
--Admin Unveils New Health Plan Dems Call Junk.
--Comey Hits Back At Hillary Refusing To Apologize For Mail Probe.
--China Government Uses Data Form Alibaba and Wechat To Monitor Citizen Habits And Regulate Their Opportunities.

Wall Street analysts are hoping this tariff tyranny is just some negotiating ploy.

Ok, all of those who think that hysterical political rhetoric four and a half months before a potential game changing election is honest, realistic and rational, raise your hands.

Rhode Island, which sold its soul for the tourism dollar, has just been named by an app called WalletHub as “The worst state for a road trip”. Or, no Rhode trips for me. The survey says it is because of high costs and having no state parks or amusement parks. RI is a best bet because it has no amusement parks.

For your information, the five best states are Wyoming, North Carolina, Minnesota, Texas and Florida. I’m not intrigued. BTW, WalletHub is a credit mentoring, free credit report site. I guess they never go to beautiful beaches, eat in great restaurants or have ever been rhapsodized by the magnificent significance of historic preservation.

I want to grow my own food but I can’t find bacon seeds.

Here’s an innocuous little headline I have seen a couple of times the past 12 hours: “List of celebrities upset with US border policy grows.” So? Celebrities sitting in mansions with nothing to do between gigs but hate Repubs have to be concerned about something other than next pair of diamond earrings.

BTW, did you see where Jennifer Lawrence came out to say that celebrities should not be involved in politics at all. It shows what a little maturity, plus a few rational comments from her Kentucky father, can do to improve the sensibilities of a young mind.

And then there are the average Joe’s calling into (Not conservative) radio stations saying things like, “Sure we should reunite families as fast as possible, and immediately send them all back to where they came from.” Or, “Every day in America legal citizen children are separated from their legal citizen parents by child services and judges. Where’s the angst for them?” “Or, how come all of these people who seem to support unlawful entry into the USA are calling me a racist.”

Doctor Frankenstein’s lab was a recreation room.

Or, Doctor Frankenstein’s lab was a mongrel.

Automation could bring on the next great civil war – that’s neighbor fighting neighbor for the few remaining jobs. Either that or an all-consuming benevolent government that redistributes robot created wealth to needy idle humans.

When automation takes hold we may see a reverse illegal immigration into third world countries where human hands are still necessary for work.

The Answer:
The Ed Sullivan show was really Toast of the town. You knew that.

Actually, I’m a lot madder than I sound, but somehow you got to control venting to friends and adversaries. It really isn’t good for anybody’s health and happiness. Except for litterers. I will always vent against litterers, literally and figuratively.

They’re not going to make yardsticks any longer.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Illiterate litterers

Today's Tids Issue 4,156
For picking up messes:

The flotsam and jetsam floating upon our glistening seas. The coffee cups, burger wraps clogging our tree lined lanes. There is a mentality out there of humans not caring about the humans around them, and it breathes forward with the modern day inconsiderate strewers marring the last remnant of human peaceful existence – the solitary mind. Are those spewing words of discontent, misconceptions and division via Facebook, Twitter Instagram and the rest of the tech talkers made of the same DNA as those who would toss a mustard coated hot dog wrapper from a car window? There must be some kind of a chemical imbalance in those so inconsiderate to contaminate the once contented minds of brethren through verbal littering. All of those who don’t understand the responsibility of keeping their own trash in their own garbage bins.

And here am I, the spewer. Gadzooks!

Have you noticed that the more you hear singers from all generations, you begin to realizes that somehow the tones of Johnny Cash endure, rising above them all.

One thing I really dislike about the TV show 48 Hours, is that I always fall asleep just before they reveal the surprise ending.

Keep Google AI Away from me. It has been announced that it can now predict when we die. I prefer languishing in naïve squishiness.

The Question:
What does the word Quesadilla mean? Bonus: Who is behind the technology that has g\created a new avocado that doesn’t go bad before using?

The Headlines:
--Stocks Diving As Trump Continues To Escalate “Tit For Tat” Tariffs; $200 Billion Is Latest Threat Against China; Spat Has Oil Falling.
--IG Confirms That Comey Is Under Investigation For Leaking trump Memos.
--Supreme Court Circumvents Partisan Gerrymandering Cases.
--Americans Taking Sides On Handling Of Illegal Immigrants.
--Russia May be Storing Nukes Less Than 50 Miles Form Polish Border.
--Mick Mulvaney Expected To Stay I Place Quite A Bit Longer As Head Of CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) After Trump Nominates Kathy Kraninger as new Chief; Dems Expected To Vehemently Oppose Long Time Government Executive.
--550 Guns Seized From California Home Of Convicted Felon.

From what I have seen and have heard from others, social media has transformed Freedom of Speech into license to complain.

There’s no truth to the rumor that the Jolly Green giant was seen in Colorado wearing a cannabis smock on the lam from Federal authorities.

Where are the fashion police when you need them, like in tourist towns? Or should I have said, “Wear are the fashion…”

If I was president, I might consider moving National Guard troops form the southern borders into central Mexico to eliminate the cause of fear and despair in that country -- cartels which not only have killed any political candidates vowing to bring an end to the scourge of vicious drug activities and their businesses, but also have a population looking over their shoulders in darkened streets. That could be step one towards reducing the mad dash to US borders.

Have you noticed that politicians rarely go for solutions, preferring band-ades over corrective surgery?

The freest nation in the world, us, has by far the most guns in the hands of civilians. The world Governments with the most firearms are China, North Korea and Russia.  Draw your own conclusions.

News media sank to an all-time commercial low Saturday evening, when NBC ran as news a blatant promotional package from Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Personally, I don’t understand why people watch TV in the morning instead of reading the newspaper. For as long as I can remember, the paper has never talked back to me or argued. I like to enter the day with a mellow mind.

Spell-Check thinks spewer should be spelled sewer. Hmmm.

If there is one thing I have learned as generally being true, it is that most all of “scientific” reports are developed by entities trying to promote something they have or defame something they want to replace. This knowledge helps me endure the frenetic world of  hyped menaces without the anxious feeling of hysteria.

Things I don’t understand, Department:
More complex than Health Care system manipulations, more mind boggling than telecommunications/internet mergers, is the current raft of gambling enterprises stepping up to the new stage of national legal sports gambling. Being a person who immensely enjoys keeping his money in his wallet, a I never realized there were so many gambling enterprises out there gaining experience neath the blanket of domestic and off-shore anonymity.

Businesses have gotten rid of slackers by permitting the wearing of jeans to work.

Van Christo is a perfect example of what unbridled publicity and promotion can do for mediocrity.

I see where Subway has hired a business consultant and is expected to close 1,500 stores this year in North America and overseas. They say their sales have been slumping for years. Some say it’s because their former face of the company, the weight loess spokesperson was convicted child pornography. I gave up Subway years ago after realizing that there sandwiches were more about piles of lettuce than meat.

I read a headline, “Sports betting firm partners with Las Vegas soccer team”, and I’m thinking – who are they going to hire as CEO, Pete Rose?

The Answer:
Quesadilla means, “Little Cheese”. Bonus: A Bill Gates backed food technology start-up, Apeel Sciences, has developed an edible coating which when sprayed on avocados doubles the shelf life. The first of these fruits are being sold by Costco and Harps Food Stores.

Receptacles for illiterate litter may be the answer to the current blight affecting the minds of America. How about the well-known social messager services having a “Think again before sending” button block, which allows the mad marauders a chance for second guessing their potential stupidity – Send/Post or move to mental refuse receptacle. Works for me.

Of course, the real issue here is the ability to recognize and accept the possibility of stupidity. 

Time to hit the send button!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Seeing beyond.

Today's Tids Issue 4,154
For Moving Forward:

In the world of technology, survival is based on never sitting back enjoying the fruits of your accomplishments. In fact, the same could be said about life in general. Never thinking you’re too old to exercise. Never stopping exploration, settling for the past. Never taking love for granted.

Fortunately, I’m still in that stage of life when I am able to be the youngest person in a crowd. But, those opportunities are dwindling too.

One of the concerns that heightens the awareness off of National College Campus security forces is that about 50% of matriculating freshmen on average have had some psychological counseling in the past. In other words, the people there for student’s safety and security are aware of potential problem areas, and also mindful of a need for consideration in unique situations. There’s a whole new wave of learning going on, and it isn’t all in the class rooms and lecture halls.

Con game money is the grift of the grab.

Many of the dogs I see stretching their heads outside of car windows seem to be trying to get away from the rap music inside.

Yes, I have explored rap “music”, and I am willing to let it pass me by.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but signs at the entrance to Applebees say, “Welcome back?” I’m assuming that’s because they lost so many customers when they attempted a salad laden Health Food menu campaign. Now it’s, we got meat, come in for a treat. Welcome back to reality.

The Question:
What are the best jobs that don’t require a college degree?

The Headlines:
--Trade War Woes Has Wall Street Stepping Lightly Into Cooler Waters; Trump Advisors say New Tariff Are Aimed At Industrial Goods, Not Consumer Products Like Phones; Real Estate Data Will Affect Later In Week Stock Activity.
--Millennials (18-37) Deemed Cheapest Tippers.
--House Will Initiate Max Constitutional Powers If DoJ Refuses To Deliver Per Subpoena.
--HAS’s Nielson Says That Reporting Of Separated Migrant Families Has Been Irresponsible.
--Large Earthquake Hots Osaka Japan; 32 Dead so Far, Many Hurt.
--Audi CEO Arrested Over Diesel Manipulations; Munich Prosecutors Concerned He May Suppress Evidence if Allowed To Remain Free.
--Baseball Honchos Finally Concerned As Attendance Has Dropped 6.6%.
--Theranus Founder Elizabeth Holmes Indicted On Fraud Charges.
--13% Of Obama Approved Daca Teens Had Arrest Records.

Sometimes when I write, I even take myself out of context. It’s a universal journalistic disease.

When you make campaign issues out of news stories, the biggest casualty is facts. It appears that when the dust settles, the hyperbole surrounding the separation of illegal entry children will be one of them.

I think AI is still in the guessing stage; albeit, the educated guessing stage.

One big element of hidden inflation in these modern times is the significant cost of keeping up with technological improvement.

Maybe one defense against in-school shooters is a pepper spray sprinkler system that is instantly activated by the bang of a first shot.

I still don’t understand all of that furor about Elian Gonzales. But then, creating confusion about immigration polices has always been a ploy for centuries.

In case you’ve been wondering about the real human and economic effects of Uber/Lyft, the value of a NYC Taxi medallion, 0nce one of the safest investments in the country and source of many cab driver’s retirement funds, has dropped from One Million dollars to $150-250,000. In just six months, six single medallion entrepreneurs have committed suicide, leaving notes that blamed it in on unregulated Hi-tech cabs. Uber says they care, but in essence they have become opportunists buying up these deflated medallions to take cabs off the streets to increase monopolistic ambitions. Often in our praise for advancement, we forget about the lives of all the people left behind.

Yes, I know I opened up today talking about always being prepared for a rapidly changing future. But, in this case, the ballfield has been usurped by wild west interlopers, who have intimidated those trying to make it level again. Tech companies are learning like most adolescents, that the big grown up world has rules and regulations. The free ride may be dwindling away.

(Note: The medallion system was created in 1937 to cap the number of regulated cabs in the city. Today there are 13,500 medallion cabs. Now, with the unregulated Lyft and Uber, there are 130,000 “cabs” with Uber alone accounting for 70,000 “gypsy” drivers.

All of that said, we used to have long distant calling, too. But it is still sad for those floating above rugs pulled away.

Some music critics seem to love to pan Aaron Copeland. I like him.

One of the problems with Hollywood slice of life movies is that the story is generally based on the life observations of one writer, whose slice is more likely to be particular to less than the majority of people in the universe.

I have never ever seen so many reports of people crashing cars into buildings, most not even close to streets. You just have to immediately think –- smart phone debilitation. Or are drivers just thinking cars already drive by themselves.

One of the keys to an orderly society is consideration of other people.

Except for litterers. I have trouble exonerating litterers.

If it floats on water, I’m interested. Except, of course, jelly fish.

When actors hail other actors for plying their craft well, it doesn’t mean that those lauded actors are necessarily reaching the average movie goer.

Speaking of not reaching the new audiences, perhaps it’s curtains for the era of Mafia movies. Travolta’s new Gotti movie barely pulled in a Million over the weekend.

“Righty Tighty; Lefty Loosy”. That old helpful hint sounds like modern day politics.

I have to believe that more people are killed by distracted or mindless drivers crossing center lines than by mass shootings. At least, that’s what I always worry about.

The Answer:
#1 is Criminal Investigator and Special Agent. Next is Firefighter followed by actor, Web Developer, Writer, Artist, Bartender, Chef, Pet Groomer and Real Estate Broker. After those ten, we have Farmer, Commercial Pilot, Mystery Shopper, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Fashion Designer, Sales Persons and Electrician.

There’s a mood for every possible type of music. Open your ears to an accommodating mind. See how it fits before you reject it out of hand.

Every generation has its nostalgia. From now on, it just will never be your nostalgia.

Friday, June 15, 2018

This Too Shall pass.

Today's Tids Issue 4,152
For Happy Coincidences:

I read this morning that teens are slowing down on drugs, drinking and sexual dilly dallying. So, maybe this is the generation that will be waking up to a new understanding of maturity and ease the tensions between warring political ideologies. Pendulums swing.

Senior “Mooning”: Dropping drawers to show surgery scars.

There is so much hysteria feeding basically irrelevant news stories, that when something truly newsworthy occurs it slips beneath the noise machines; it generally appears as lackluster.

Is Trump moving to new tariffs on China and other country’s goods while his “Free Market” Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow Is in the hospital with a heart attack.

Things I really like to read, Department:
“U.S. Department of Justice has nabbed scores of scammers involved in internet Fraud totaling million”. I think a lot of people sit and wonder what’s going on beneath the keyboard and screen that may be affecting their security in the new world of mass communications. I like to think what is going on is that law forces are doing a better job than dark manipulators. 74 email hijackers were arrested, 42 in the USA, 29 in Nigeria and 3 others in Canada, Mauritius and Poland. Add to Tids capital punishment list?

The Question:
I’ve got a Top ten list of true crime Netflix shows that people like. What do you think are they are?

The Headlines:
--Trump Broadens Trade War With Addition of 25% on $50 Billion Of Chania Products’.
--Markets Of After More Aggressive Tariffs For WH; Oil Prices Fall.
--US Drone Strike Kills Pakistani Taliban Leader.
--IG Report reveals Little Not Known About Popularized Issues; Comey Actions Considered Extraordinary And Quite Unusual, But Not Politically Biased; Says Stzok Message (“We Will Stop Trump”) Casts Cloud Over FBI.
--IG Report Shows Obama Using Alias To Email Hillary On Private Server; Foreign Hackers Accessed Hilary Emails.
--RI Enacts Law That Would Provide For Life Sentences For Those Dealers In Fatal Overdose Cases.
--Congressional Repubs Separating Themselves From Trump Actions Associated With Illegal Children Immigrants
--Shinnecock Hills Big Winner After First Day Of US Open; McIlroy, Michelson, Woods, Spieth, Day Finish A Combined 40 Over Par.
--6 Injured As Florida Roller Coaster Plunges 34 Feet.

One of more astute fellow readers is mounting campaign to boost Christina El Moussa for president. Dems are going with Kathy Griffin.

We have to wonder what people who replace “you” with “u’ in texts do with all of that extra spare time.

I read several stories today about the opening of legal sports betting in New Jersey and the glee of addicted gamblers coming out of the dark world. I found the stroies disheartening.

I’ve been told that a good TV show for those of you who like home restorations is “Stone House Revival” on DIY Network starring Jeff Devlin. It is about restoring authentic old Stone Houses of Bucks County Pa. It is refreshingly devoid of trying to incorporate every modern day decorating trend into the finished product, ala another famous network.

Even though you are far away, you never know how close you may be. You think that you are disconnected but realize that perhaps you have stood in the same footprints. Coincidences in life are not random but the result of similar like people doing the same things.

“If anyone tries to tell you that biscuits and gravy isn’t a meal, stop talking to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.” – Anonymous.

Here’s another class of candidates for the Tids capital Punishment lists: All of those drivers who rush up the left or right lane after seeing a merge sign instead of immediately easing into traffic with plenty of time to spare. The real jams come from late merging. I always applaud trucks that block these lanes of apparent opportunity but are more those of selfishness.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--The Incredibles will be enjoyed by all. While somewhat home
bound, the superheroes rise to the occasion when a new villain emerges with a dangerous plot. The family also must adjust to the evolving, but not fully understood powers of Baby Jack.
--Tag is a fairly uninspiring movie about a bunch of adults trying to complete a childhood game of “tag” by getting to an “untagged” friend on his wedding day. You’ve seen it before, but I expect those who liked the Hangover series will like this poor man’s version too.
--Superfly is not on my list. This mediocre film is a redo about a drug dealer trying to get out of the business, and not nearly as decent as the original.

The Answer:
Mindhunter is considered #1. Next is The Staircase followed by Manhunt Unabomber, Ozark, Amanda Knox, American Crime Story: The People Versus O.J. Simpson, The Iceman, Wild Wild Country, Christine and #10 -- Dark.

In case you’re interested, “Autocorrect” sucks.

Have a great weekend, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Distanced observations.

Today's Tids Issue 4,150
For reviving the spirit of the flag:

Here’s to the beautiful Red, White and Blue!
Why can we get more info that’s entirely true?

I Read a little piece this morning that suggests young girls in HS begin wearing T-Shirts: “I am proud to be a Prude”. The youthful internet society can be incredibly pressuring. The intense desire to be wanted often breaks down inbred standards. Many kids only feel the moment. But feel for years the angst from bad choices living in cyber towns well beyond their own. They have trouble imagining that what they will grow into tomorrow bears little resemblance to what their quest for popularity forces them to do today.  It’s ok not to be cool. You know leaders and activists come and go, but I worry about the kids who think they know. I hate the anger in the society in which they grow.

The opinions of inveterate Trump haters and hardened Trump supporters are basically useless.

There is always one good golfer who is classified when Majors begin as “their time has come”. This year it is probably Rickie Fowler.

Notice: Thin Mints are not part of a new diet regimen.

The Question:
What are the full names of the two starts on each of these H&G Programs: The Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, Love It or List It, Fixer Upper and Home Town.

The Headlines:
--Fed Promise Of Fast Pace For Future Rate Hikes Has Wall Street Uneasy; Markets Expected To Be Sluggish Today; China Economy Seen Slowing After New Reports.
--ECB (European Central Bank) Debating Future Of Quantitative Easing (Buying Back $3 Trillion Of Bonds); Tariffs Troubles Have ECB Looking To Stay With Program That Should End.
--After AT&T/Times-Warner Deal, Expect Bidding War For 20th Century Fox Between Disney And Comcast.
--Justice Department’s Inspector General Expected To Release Report On Hillary Email Investigation; Michael Horowitz Report Has DoJ and FI Officials Pacing In Their Offices.
--US Open Up And Running at Shennecossett In Southampton LI NY.
--Pentagon Expected To Cancel Next Series Of South Korea War Games.
--UCal Berkley Promoting Population Control To Offset Climate Change.
--Kroger To Close 14 Stores, Lay Off 1,500 Employees; Boeing Dreamliner Engine Supplier Rolls-Royce To Drop 4,500 Workers.

While it’s trendy to follow Amazon, Google And Apple, old Microsoft still remains a huge factor in the tech business. Old Microsoft?

People have become prisoners of their phones. That’s why they are called cell phones.

Hollywood liberals can’t understand why everybody in their profession doesn’t continually berate Trump. It’s simple. There some in Hollywood who are actually humans who understand that the majority humans are tired of 24/7 negativity.

Gun owners are expected to look beyond Dick’s for athletic equipment. When you add politics to your business plan, you suffer the consequences.

The crush on Old Age Economics is expected to accelerate as millennials look at lower retirement ages. These people wo want it all expect to have it all by the time they are 55 or 56. Yikes. Invest in leisureville and its associated activities.

I got tasered at the airport. I walked in waved to my friend and yelled, Hi Jack!

Did you see where a petition signed by 600,000 Californians that would allow a vote in November that would dividing the mammoth ungovernable 5th largest economy in the word into 3 separate states? Great idea for flag makers, but probably not feasible. Based on the map I saw, it look as though it would just produce 3 more liberal states with six instead of two liberal senators.

The Answer:
While I can never tell them apart, the Property Brothers are Drew and Jonathan Scott. Flip or Flop now star the divorcees trying to put it back together on te sets for income – Tarek and Christina El Moussa. Love it or List It is one of my favorites starring quipping real estate Agent David Visentin and designer Hilary Farr as friendly adversaries. I imagine anybody who knows anything about H&GTV knows that Johanna And Chip Gaines are the happy married couple cavorting through Fixer Upper. Home Town is features the homey couple who are quite creative – Ben and Erin Napier. This show grows on you. But I wonder if Ben and Erin will soon run out of possible projects in their small town.

When the cows returned to the marijuana fields, it was the Pot calling the cattle back!

See you all tomorrow. Meanwhile I’m going on a hunger strike until I receive an independent opinion.  I could lose a lot of weight.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Not quiet on the Eastern front.

Today's Tids Issue 4,149
For New Beginnings:

While there has been a fair amount of restrained jubilation from military and geopolitical experts about the results of the Summit, there are greater concerns among Pentagon leaders and their advisers about the pursuit of a geographic advantage by China and to a lesser respect Russia. If you look at the undernews, you will notice that both of those huge countries are establishing beachheads around the world and building bigger navies and greater forces to defend them. And, that neutralizing NK’s Nukes has been a nice gift to China, in addition to securing the hope for peace for SK and the world at large. In other words, there’s always something.

Define Sawbones: What happens when a doctor looked at an XRay.

The decision that let the AT&T /Times Warner deal go through is momentous. Expect mega mergers to boom for the remainder of the year. This will be especially true of vertical mergers, that is merging two or more noncompetitive companies that only add to the overall strength of the company but not detracting from direct. Competition. Interestingly, this vertical concept acceptance could be a problem for Sprint and T-Mobile who want to merge horizontally but have been stymied because of the competitive thing. But the fact is that for real competition in an industry dominated by AT&T ad Verizon, that merger should be allowed.  

The Question:
Which US presidents have lived the longest?

The Headlines:
--FIFA Approves Combined Canada/Mexico/USA Bid To Hold 2026 World Cup In North America; Trump Lauds Cooperative Effort.
--Markets Expected To be Strong Despite Prospects Of Rate Increase; Gas Prices To drop As Oil Production Increases; Tesla To Lay Off 9% Of Workforce; Citi Could Replace 10,000 Humans With Robots.
--US Stocks Back In Favor With Global Investors.
--Credit Service Intuit Shuts Down Payments On All Gun Purchases.
--KIA Sorento, Volkswagen Atlas and GMC Acadia Named Best In Newest Crash Tests.
--“Never Trump” Critic Mark Sanford Loses Congressional Bid In South Carolina; Dems Make Gains In Virginia.

What I heard loud and clear after the summit: North Korea would be a lovely place for condos!” There has to be a greater hope for the world than more stinking condos.

Engraving on a Tombstone: “Here lies John Yeast. Pardon me for not rising”.

Speaking of staying alive, I can take or not take BBQ sauced stuff. Frankly I worry about the amount of sugar. So, everything in life boils down to options. If BBQ and cake with butter cream icing are on the menu, I pick the cake.

Regardless of what you think about Trump, I’m now thinking that Pompeo looks like the perfect choice for pursuing peace on the Korean peninsula.

Nicki Haley for President.

Years ago, companies used to integrate vertically to control their own destiny. For instance, Ford at one time wanted to build their own steel mills, rubber plantations, textile mills and specialty parts company factories, and not rely on suppliers. That will never happen again unless we can get beyond the “Knowledge Economy” which pretty much reviles cumbersome in-house manufacturing.

I don’t know how the new economies will work, but it seems like humans will be borrowing money from robots to buy products to keep robots busy in factories. Or, perhaps the companies will forced to send Big Government all of the lost wages represented by robot replacement to provide income for humans who will be buying condominiums in North Korea.

The volatile first quarter for stocks could be in the rear-view mirror.

Lemme see, the Repubs tend to preach family values and yet a pimp, brothel owner, HBO adult reality star wins the Nevada primary for government. Silly me, and I thought the pendulum was swinging back towards human decency.

Wow! It looks like Giuliani is needing a new divorce attorney, as separated wife says the was playing around with a New Hampshire Hospital administrator before they split. Maybe DT will vouch for him.

Expect to see Mark Sanford hiking the Appalachian Trial looking for Argentina. If, you get my drift.

You just have to think, that somewhere in the hearts of some CNN newspeople they are getting tired of having to be so one sided in their commentary. You just have to believe that it is impossible for humans not be so hostile to daily happenings and accomplishments that clearly have two sides.

Inscription on another Tombstone: “I told you I was sick.”

Mama let Your kids grow up to kick balls, Department:
NBA Stars make a lot of money. MLB and NFL players can be up there too. But, world soccer players seem to be the big winners in the sports income sweepstakes. At the top is Argentina’s Lionel Messi making $111 Million/year. Next is Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal at $108M. The rest are Brazil’s Neymar at $90M, France’s Paul Pogba at $29.5 M and Oscar of Brazil at $27M. Now we’re down in NFL QB, MLB Pitcher or NBA scorer land.

The Answer:
George HW Bush turned 94 yesterday making him the first president who ever lived that long. He is followed yy still living Jimmy Carter who is currently 93 and close to turning 94. Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford birth died at 93. John Adams lived 90 years as did Herbert Hoover. Next at 88 is Harry Truman followed at 85 by James Madison, 83 by Thomas Jefferson, 81 by Richard Nixon and 80 by John Q . Adams. Martin Van Buren stopped breathing at 79 while Ike and Andrew Jackson made it to 78. The youngest was JFK at a mere 46. Garfield was murdered when he was 49.

Regardless of how it appears, it is a beautiful day in June this morning, and I know it can only get brighter.