Mid Summer Days

Mid Summer Days
gentle breezes, waving blossoms

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Division is for math, not “United” countries.

Today's Tids Issue 3,412
Opening Stuff:

Happy September morning everybody, where the sunrise is a little later, and the heat feels cooler. In olden days we’d be cutting mums to adorn beautiful dates at first football games. September arrives with a burst of energy that seems to lifts us all out of the doldrums of August. Kids traipse fields in pads and soccer shorts. or with pointy shaped inflated balls and curved field hockey sticks; black and white balls and a touch of yellow for penalty cards. Road side stands have more tomatoes but diminishing stacks of corn. It’s a enigmatic month where kids hate school but love going back to see friends, When a sense of quiet begins to reappear and towns in tourist areas become once again what they always were – beautiful, sensible places to live. It’s easy to be rapturous about September. I’d better stop now before my heart beats out of my chest.

For all of those who like the evening setting sun but never feel the beauty of the dawn: I’m standing with a friend at the top of a broad green lawn, watching the skitterish play of a mom and her fawn. It’s 10 minutes before the sun, you know when there is a special glow before the flickering bright. Two beautiful deer getting in some play, just before the light. And those rascally humans who may be a fright. The orange sun rises across the blue sea The ruminants disappear, we hear a chirp from a tree. And frantic burst of sound, calling us to turn around; to see their but 12 feet across the ground, regally unmoving stands a hawk, proud. Mighty and exposed, but not afraid of we two, my pal and I. Then we see it beneath that talon, his prey, his food to start the day. He doesn’t move or flutter a wing, but resolved, the beast stays. And the frantic chirps we had heard, grow aloud, and it is alarming. Suddenly we see a small bird fluttering, swarming, angry at the demon giant neath her nest, She attacks the predator, which doesn’t sway. Again  and again she pecks away. Begone the fiend seems to say. But to no avwil we see. And neath that talon, a dying peep, it’s momma bird’s child in eternal sleep. Her anger mounts and she, this sadden mom attacks again, But the monster never moves, just looks away. And as we watch, our hearts are heavy with grief, for this saddened mom who lost a child this beautiful day. And it hurts, we agree, as we walk to begin our play.

Today’s Question:
Name five songs with the word “September in the Title”. Or about the month.

Today’s Headlines:
--Weak China Economic Date Has World Markets Lower, US Could Have Seriously Down Day; Exchange Invoked Rule 48 For Smoother Opening. Dow Down Over 370 By 10:00.
--Refugee Problems Growing Out Of Control; Merkle Says Huddled Masses Should Be Distributed Fairly Across Europe.
--Washington State Federal Judge Sides With Anti-Abortion Group Challenging Key Key Birth Control Provision Of O-Admin’s Healthcare Overhaul.
--O-Man Changes Tune, Now Vowing To Push For Police Safety; Law Enforcement Lives Matter.
--New Release of Hillary Emails Creates New Mysteries; State Department IT Department Says They Had No Knowledge Of her Email System.
--Deadly Protest Clashes Disrupt Kiev.
--Newt Gingrich Says Trump Is Electable.

From now on I’m making up my own news, Department:
I could conger up news in my head that would be more accurate than some of the reporting I see. Like last night when Scott Pelley reporting on the change of the name of Mount McKinley only said that a mountain only named by a propesctor from Ohio where McKinley had won the republican nomination. He never mentioned that McKinley was a very well respected President of the USA who easily, overwhlmingly own his second term. He was a progressive politician who changed politicos, and the power of the Presidency. He oversaw a robust economy and led America through the war with Spain. And then this President McKinley was assassinated by an anarchist’s bullet. And America wept, and hundreds of thousands of his citizens from all walks of life passed his casket and mourned his death. No, the word from the left on high must have been that he official story was that it was just a mountain that happened to be named by a prospected. Certainly not a memorial to a very good American President brought down by a mad man. –And then there as the woman who I generally look to for reasoned analysis of news events, Dana Perino. Last night she went on against Tom Brady, after opening her harangue saying she knew nothing about Brady or what he does, and little about deflated footballs; and then-after she said , “Well I guess I’m  Denver Broncos fan,” she said “Nobody likes Brady, so he must be wrong.” God save us from people with opinions on TV.

The real sadness of the day is the closing of the Original The Palm restaurant on NYC’s 2nd Avenue. It had the best of great simple meals in the town maybe the country. Great steaks and spectacular hash browns were always plenty for me.  The institution with the surly waiters in black vests and long white aprons was the inspiration of all of the current copy cat steak houses. It was the club of admen, writers, journalists and political scoundrels. It was of lunches that lasted til dinner, and checks that required visits to Fort Knox. It was just plain perfect and always a special treat for me, even if I could only afford it once every three years. 89 years, and it is gone. Just like that. Just like Mount McKinley

The top three Repubs in the Iowa Caucus Polls are non-politicians – Trump, Carson and Fiorina.

I see where President Obama is going to appear on the NBC show – “Running Wild”. That is certainly an apt name for the what appears to be the agenda for his remaining months. How much further can he divide a nation in a year? That is the question.

A couple of days ago we were awaiting friends to join us for breakfast at a dockside restaurant. We saw them and waved, They both came over smiling, and the husband looked towards me appearing generally happy to see me. I raised my hand to shake, but he moved past and behind me, to a dog. He was all abeam about a dog sitting in the chair behind me. Whatever happened to humans?

RI First woman Governor Gina Raimondo is looking exactly like another union hack. She is proving once again that there is absolutely no correlation between voting for first in gender, race or ethnicity getting good government for all.

Have you noticed over the years that the news media only reports on melting glaciers in the Summer?

Chris Christie could be the center of attraction during the next Repub debate as he is thinking of going nuclear against trump; What does he have to lose?

If somebody said to me, “Quick, give me two words to describe President Obama?” I would answer, “Useless” and “Divisive”.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 11 continues.
   Nancy bent low now has she moved swiftly up the small levee like embankment that was hiding her small cabin. She had several perches along the ridge which allowed her to observe almost 360 degrees without being seen.
    Her heart skipped the proverbial beat when she saw with the heavyweight duo her “date” from that dreadful night in the Parking lot. The good news was that were looking at the island with disinterested glances. Why were they out here in the first place she wondered? Did I not cover my tracks at the shoreline behind my home? Or was it just a guess by people who are good at finding prey. The motor rumbled on, while her eyes measured every movement. Finally, their heads tuned towards a larger island down the way, about a quarter mile from her. The boat sped up, and thankfully left her in its broad wake.
   She wasn’t going back down to the cabin until she was sure they were off the broad lake. She moved to get a better view and put the sun more to her rear. She brought up binoculars, which she had not deemed safe earlier because of glints off the glass. She was searing the images of the three into her mind, when she felt the vibration of her phone. It was Beth again. “Be fast,” Nancy answered.
   “Jared Old Guy walked in after we hung up. He says he has something you might like. Wants to meet.” Has something? Nancy felt a small smile, thought a minute, wondering when it would be safe to leave her secure place. In the predawn light, she could probably be make it to shore. But, going to her home would be a bad idea. What have I gotten into?

The Answer:
Of course there is the September Song. Then you have Earth, Wind and Fire’s September. There is September in the Rain, September Morn, See you in September, My September Love and It might as walk rain until September. And the thre is the lyrics – “It’s a long, long way from May to December, and the days grow short when you reach September.”

I am asked frequently how I can come up with such a jumble of meaningless information every morning and make it at times even worth reading. Well, folks it is just you, my inspiration: https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-006&ei=utf-8&fr=ytff1-yff16&p=youtube%20chicago%20inspiration&type=

Monday, August 31, 2015

Thoughtful issues; Powerful music.

Today's Tids Issue 3,411
Opening Stuff:

A couple of Tids ago I mentioned the great 23,500 pipe organ at the West Point Cadet chapel. A friend of mine, a good laughing person, sent me a pic and a link to the Flight of the Bumble Bee YouTube performance on that amazing organ by Carol Williams. I looked beyond and found this wonderful Flag waving start to the Tids: https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-006&ei=utf-8&fr=ytff1-yff16&p=you%20tube%20west%20point%20organ%20concerts&type=

This is in fact sort of a Holiday around here as it is the beginning of that week when the tourists start to go home. Hey, even without a real holiday, it’s never a bad time to get the patriotic juices flowing.

A tip of my ole’ Red Sox cap for the boys of Lewisburg Pensylvania for winning the USA Little League Championship (Even though they lost to Japan for the World’s). How great must it be for the folks around Williamsport and that PA/NY border line to see the local heroes win it all.

I’ve condemned Wall Street as just another member of the growing USA gimmie crowd, liking the free money from the No-Interest-Rate Fed. Every time we hear “Might not raise the rates”, the market soars. But, of course the real problem, the really, really bad situation, is the $18 Trillion in US Debt and the fact that because taxes are inadequate, the Government must borrow money to pay interest. On the other side of the same coin, retirees would like a safer, higher interest rate paying instruments. So let’s put a smile on the faces of seniors and raise the interest rate to 5%. With that, the US Gov interest payments against the debt would soar to $900 Bil/year adding up to an additional $67 Trillion in debt in 20 years, to $85 Tril. Double Yikes, We’re sunk. We’re dead. We’re owned by China and Saudi Arabia. So you see, not raising interest rates is much bigger than corporate profits and WS bonuses. It is about salvation, saving us from an inconceivably destructive dollar crisis, which could sink everything. Sleep tight.

The Question:
Triple Header Day!! Yikes 1. In what town was Michael Jackson born? 2. What well known, beautiful foreign born actress was born and died on the same day 67 years apart? 3. Who is Mary Ann Nicchols?

The Headlines:
--Dow Opens Down 130; Oil Lower Again; Dollar Value Falls.
--New Bloomberg Iowa Caucus Poll Has Trump 1st at 23% And Carson 2nd at 18%; If You Only Count The Number One And Two Place Votes, Then It Is A Tie; Bernie Catching Up To The Hill In Iowa.
--Dems End Thir Meting With No Agreement On Iran Deal.
--Fierce Fighting  Erupts In Ukraine.
--“Nightmare”, “Scream”, “Elm Street” Director Wes Craven Dead At 76.
--U Of Texas Succumbs To PC Overreaction Removing Jeff Davis Statue from Campuus.

0-Man is going to change the name of mount McKinley to Denali. Is nothing in the USA sacred under this man with nothing to o for a year? Maybe The Northface jacket company paid him for a product mention.

I really have trouble with the word “Reform” as it is currently used in conjunction with immigration. We have a well defined immigration program which allows for people to come to the country legally in a regulated basis. The idea behind having real numbers is simple, it permits the debt laden country to control costs of new immigrants and to integrate them sensibly. Currently each year, we have 140,000 spots for high level contributors – Professionals, Skilled workers, Entrepreneurs or exceptional talents in the arts, athletics and science. There are 70,000 openings for refugees. There are no limits for relatives of citizens (Of course this includes the conspiratal fraud inherent in the Anchor Baby scam). The family based immigrants may not be lower than 226,000/year, and seems to be averaging about 480,000 per year. So basically, “Reform” seems to be making excuses for unlawful entrants.

Did you hear about the Mexican train killer? He had locomotives.

Why was six afraid of seven, Department:
Because seven was a well known six offender. Which, brings me to my next subject – “Sex Offenders for life”. I’m thinking of that 19 yo kid at St. Pauls prep school who has been branded for life for something he may not be at all. I’m not making light of the pain exhibited by the young girl he seemed to have molested. I felt it when I watched her interview. What I’m concerned with is a penalty for life for a one time peer driven deed that may not be inherent at all in this boys character. The CDC says that 43 % of 15 -19 year olds have sex with each other. Are they all sex offenders for life?

Is patriotic flag waving a racist act?

Coming off a longish trip, I must say I spent a lot of time looking at car grills trying to come up with a list of most recognizable. I think the two that define the car fastest are the Jeep and BMW (Although I notice that the retired Pontiac and the current Lincoln have tried morph their grill into a BMW Look.) After those I have to go with Audi as being pretty distinctive. Mercedes used be an easy pick, but not so any more as several wannabees like the Hundai have moderated their grills to look like Benz. Volvo still stands out, mainly because of the diagonal bar. The Subaru has a Volvo look minus the bar. And then there is new Ford large grimacing grill, which looks pretty distinctive. So, that’s about it, the end of mindless activity for the day.

“Fighting Sioux” seems like a fine nickname for the Notrth Dakota U. teams.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 11 continues…
   While talking to Beth, Nancy heard the rumble of a slow moving outboard motor. This is ot unusual on a large lake like hers, but everything was making her nervous lately. Or at least putting her on high alert.
   She stood up from her soft cushioned winged back chair, still listening to Beth trying to sell her on getting closer to Jared, while her eyes started scanning the waters beyond the shoreline growth She knew that her island looked deserted and unapproachable. But the odd couple looked tenacious, and were probably good at their trade. She had thought about what they might be, do for a living, and she didn’t like the results of her musing.
   “Beth, I have to go. If you see that old guy again…”
   “It’s Jared. His name is Jared,” said her friend.
   “If you see Jared, tell him I’d like to arrange a meeting.” The hung up without waiting for a response. She moved quickly and quietly to a large antique chest, opened a small drawer at the top, and pulled out a small 22 revolver. She tucked into the back waistband of her jeans. And slipped out of the back door with so much as disturbing a blade of grass. Nancy was good too.

The Answer:
 I. Michael Jackson was born in Gary Indiana. 2. The most intriguing actress of our times may have been Ingrid Bergman, who was born and died on August29 3. This is national victims week – M.A. Nichols was Jack the Ripper’s first victim.

I think the foot work of these organists is quite amazing. Here’s another great West Point organ performance. It’s long, but Bach is always great on a great organ .

I shouldn’t be using the word organ so much as the NSA listeners may have me recommended as a sex offender.

Friday, August 28, 2015

New corduroy pillows are making headlines everywhere.

Today's Tids Issue 3,410
Opening Stuff:

Allowing grocery stores or vegetable farm stands to shuck corn is just flat out un-America. Period. We are in danger of producing a generation who have never held an ear of luscious sweet corn and felt the thrill of ripping back a husk. Often, in the clean cool air of a summer evening, when the sun begins sinking and the shadows stretch to six, seven times the image. If you let the art of shucking corn to slip away, what’s next. The shuckless generation.

Much too much of this new computerized stuff replaces simple procedures that worked just fine. We live in an ever growing technology for technology sake world, where the only thing that is assured is that a computer in some simple appliance like a refrigerator will err and it will be more expensive to fix. We have figured out how to do amazing things that are really simply not necessary.

It’s hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally.

The Question:
What are the ten Most expensive USA Cities in which to raise a family?

The Headlines;
--US Stocks Climbing Back After Opening Lower; China Stocks Soar; Record $29.5 Billion Yanked From Stock Funds In One Week.
--Tropical Storm Erika Intensifies As It Bears Down On South Florida; Governor Issues Warnings.
--Activists Urging USA To Do More For Christians Fleeing ISIS.
--Federal Judge In North Dakota Halts New Obama Admin Water Control Rule; Says EPA Overstepping.
--0-Man Visits Katrina Land.

I’ve been a little tough on what I had considered an underwhelming performance by the new Apple watch. But, first I was castigated by my favorite technocrat reader who peeled back the “All Other” category on the quarterly earnings report to prove me wrong. Now a new report says my tea leaves were a little too wet for accuracy. I was going by the company earning report which was less than optimistic on the surface. But IDC did the same as my friend and showed that in the second quarter, Apple shipped 3.6 million watches, just 800,000 fewer than “Wearables” industry leader Fitbit. In fact Apple’s share of the Wearables market rose to 20% while Fitbit shrank form 30% to 24%. My expectation now is that Apple will be targeting Fitbit with some kind of promotion that might say, “Fitness, and much more”.

I was reminded the other day by a woman who once made great money working on an assembly line at a giant car factory that the middle class will never be what it was the when the USA made value added products sold around the world. Politicians can promise, but they will never recreate the same panacea.

So, did you hear about the blind man who walked into a bar? And, a table. And a chair…

I prefer places that have never been “discovered”.

Spelling is everything; There is a significant difference between “China Stocks Soar” and China Stocks Sore.”

Cockamamie Political Correctness Of the Week:
The University of Tennessee is declaring the words His and her offensive and has created an entire gender neutral lexicon that includes words like ze, zir, xe, hir and xyr which they say are pronounced zhee, zhere, zhee, here and zhere. Are they on mars? Have they been kidnapped by space aliens?

And then there is Miley Cyrus who is an avowed “Pansexual” which she seems to define as being open to anything sexual that is legal and consenting, which seems to include husbands or wives of friends. – which necessarily excludes animal and underage relationships. She is a moral paragon!

A farmer in the field with his cows counted 196 of them, but when he rounded them up he had 200.

The Tids Book Exchange is alive and well with seconding nominations for “Boys in the Boat” and “The Nightingale”. The Tids librarian will be accumulating and saving all recommendations. So any time you need a list, email and we will send what Tids readers like. Of course you can still go to the NY Times if you feel it makes the books better.

Why don’t you ever see hippopotamus hiding in trees? Because they’re really good at it.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 11 continues…
   Nancy listened to her friend, and became even more concerned that she would not be able tell anybody anything. She completely understood Beth’s anxiousness, but that also meant that no secret would be safe with her. “Tell me more about the old guy?”.
   “Well, first he made feel better after the two monsters left. He has a nice way. But, he is much more concerned about you than me, or anybody.” Why would he be concerned about me, Nancy thought. I’m just a total stranger who bumped into him under strange circumstances. Is he art of them she wondered. Is he their good cop. If he is, then he took quite a whack to get close to me.
   Nancy heard Beth talking again, “Well, I told him where you lived too. I thought you might need help.” Nancy was now sure it was smart to leave her home. “But, I don’t think he went there.”
   “Well Beth, if you see him again, tell him that I’ve left town. I can’t see anybody right now…unless I choose to see them.” Nancy paused a second. “Have you heard anything new about the development, or what Josh Howland on the town council is doing?”
   “Nope, just what the people talk about when they sit here in the morning. Most of the stuff is about the same as we’ve heard for a while. I have to say, that a lot of people seem a bit intimidated by these folks from the developer, you know Mable Luke and Josh mainly.” Nancy could understand that. It made her feel uncomfortable.
   “I gotta go, Beth. Call me if that old guy comes back in?”
   “Hi name isn’t old guy, Nancy, it’s Jared.” Nancy smiled to herself. She knew that.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--“Z” Is Fir Zachariah looks like the best flick pick of the week. It’s about a young woman surviving on her own in the wake of a nuclear war, yet fearing that she may be the last personon earth. Alas a scientist with a healthy dose of radiation arrives on the scene and the two develop a strong trust. All is well until a stranger arrives. Uh-oh.
--War Room with plenty of promotion doesn’t make it. It’s about a dissolving marriage, and how a woman with a War Room treis to mend it all.

The Answer:
The most expensive place to raise a family is the land where all of our taxes go – Washington DC. The rest in order are Nassau/Suffolk Counties NY, Westchester County NY, New York City, Stamford/Norwalk Ct, Honolulu, Middletown/ Newburgh/Poughkeepsie NY, Ithaca NY, San Fran and #10 Danbury Ct. Sounds odd to me. Ithaca?

There was a prison break and I saw a midget climb up the fence. As he jumped down he sneered at me and I thought, well that’s a little condescending.

Have a great weekend...E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!