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Friday, November 17, 2017

Triumphant majesty.

Today's Tids Issue 3,999!
For Puffy Clouds:

Around 4:10 yesterday afternoon I was driving along the island in an area where sunlight dances on the waters and giant clouds loom like snowy mountains on the horizon. And what I saw was God having a particularly incredible day sculpting clouds. I smiled at a fluffy, smiling lama, and just beyond saw a penguin wobbling along. And finally, as the brilliant sky began to fade, up popped a gigantic American eagle, sitting there majestically against the rich blue. There was a noticeable twinkle in its eye.  

I didn’t see any pigs flying, but, I should have. This morning I read where a nearby town’s school department returned $1,360,000 million to the towns budget because they didn’t have anywhere or need to spend it! Have I been smoking something?

The smartest person the room is the person who knows that he or she doesn’t know everything.

The Question:
Name Five Danny DeVito Movies and his two television programs. Bonus: What six things should every home have at the ready to help prevent or cope with emergencies.

The Headlines:
--Downturn In Healthcare, Tech Stocks Push Wall Street Lower; New Home Construction Moving Along At Positive Rate; Health Economy And Steady Employment Numbers May Trigger Fed rate Increase..
--Senate Tax Plan Rolls Out If committee; Orin Hatch Blows Up Over Dems “Tax Plan For The Rich” Mantra; Hatch From “Dirt Poor Background” Says He Knows What the Middle Class Needs To Better Themselves; He Would Never Bypass The Need Of The Struggling – As Bitter Word Duel With Ohio Senator Brown (D) Erupts.
---Boston Celtics Beat Golden State For 14th Straight win.
--Dallas Owner Jerry Jones Increases Rhetoric Against NFL and Goodell.
--Tesla Introduces Electric Big-Rig Truck Lines; Considered Huge Transportation Breakthrough; JB Hunt signs Up; Tesla 3 Factory Still Chaotic.
--Mugbe’s Wife Presidential Ambitions Cut Off At The Pass.
--5,000 Barrels Leak From Keystone Pipeline Just As Nebraska Is To Take Up Vote On Pipeline Passing Through Husker State; Leak Said To be Quickly Discovered And Contained..

RCP delivered the numbers on the Moore candidacy, and they are collapsing faster than his sullied image. From a moderately lofty lead just two weeks ago, the blackened Senate candidate has fallen twelve points behind…in a safe Repub state. Just to the north in NC, Repub US Senator Tillis has a mere 28% favorability rating (Lower than trump’s NC 37% number). The Dems may look confused and seem in serious depression mode since Hillary let them down, but they are making gains where it counts now, in Congress. Wake up Repubs. Nothing is the same in our new world of disappearing boundaries.

Say it ain’t so, Pricilla Alden. Amazon says that today marks the beginning of Black Friday. Where have you gone, Thanksgiving.

The Big College football game of the week is Michigan versus Wisconsin. A serious Badger win could put them in contention for the Bowl playoffs. And, the Wolverines need it for respectability.

Jeff Besos is thankful that he has six extra days this Thanksgiving season to make more money.

Thinking of moving? Here are what are now considered the 12 worst places to live – rated by Crime reports, climate, medium incomes, air quality and poverty/unemployment rates. Number 12 is Saint Louis. The rest in descending order are Reno NV, Modesto Ca, Oakland Ca, New Orleans, Birmingham Al, Stockton Ca, Memphis (Highest crime rate in Country), New Haven Ct (Medium income is half of what one year at Yale costs), Cleveland, Detroit and Camden NJ (Home of Campbells soup). A lot of these cites, especially New Haven, Cleveland and Detroit have seen incomes go way down due to the collapse of well-paying manufacturing industries.

New York State’s Senator Jillian Gillibrand replaced Hillary as Senator. Yesterday she implied that the general acceptance President’s Clintons sexual misbehavior (and their battering the image of victims) may have been the link leading to today’s “increasingly low tolerance for mistreatment of women.” Clintonites blasted Gillibrand as hypocrite. So, what’s new!

Over the centuries, giant US companies arose because they found new or better ways to fulfill people’s human needs. Now the new giants arise to fulfill human wants, like how to buy more stuff faster, or to secure endless entertainment!

I scratched my head over a lot of Danny Ainge’s NBA draft picks, but now I’m realizing he is a lot smarter than I.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--Wonder will move you. A good cast helps tell the story of a boy born with unacceptable facial features who enters a public school for the first time as a fifth grader. The boy, Auggie, sets out on an extraordinary journey that will unite classmates parents and the larger community. Nice one.
--The animated The Star looked early to me like it could be a beautiful little Christmas classic. It is a telling of the Birth of Christ through the eyes of a small but courageous donkey who along with cute, and funny animal friends follow the star to “become unlikely heroes in the greatest story ever told”. It still sounds like a nice little, warm Christmas tale, despite the critics.
--The critics don’ like Justice League but the adventures of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Batman, and Cyborg – inspired by a selfless act of Superman – rally to save the world…again. It will probably be the Box office smash of the week.
--Mudland is getting great reviews. It is a tale of two families in the south around WWII. One from the former luxury of a big city struggles to adapt to farming. He sees it a s his grand experiment. The other from generations of poor sharecropper’s, toils to reach dreams of decades. Farming brings the disparate families together een as a a ruthless social hierarchy drives them apart, and the disruptions brought about by the demands of a country at war pile on the burdens.

The Answer:
I still laugh aloud every time I think of Louie DePalma in Taxi! His other big TV series was “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. He was in many films, serious an funny and directed many more. Among his best are Tin Men, Throw Momma From the Train, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Ruthless People, Terms of Endearment, Romancing the Stone, Twins, Other People’s Money, Get Shorty and Batman Returns. Bonus: People should: 1. Have Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors. 2. A fire extinguisher. 3. First-aid kit and flashlight with plenty of batteries. Battery radio. 4. A 3-day supply of non-perishable foods and water. 5. Establish fire escape routes and meeting spots. 6. A readily available list of emergency and relative contacts.

Well, what will Mondays historic edition bring! Nothing, unless I can kick this mind up a notch!

Happy Weekend – E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Too much out of too little.

Today's Tids Issue 3,998
For smaller bumps along the way:

For most all teens,
Life seemed simple’
Until they discovered
Their very first pimple.

Let’s hope those pampered UCLA basketball player’s first collision with the real world will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Unless the happy result just reinforces their belief that they are above the rest, and can get off any time they want no matter what they do. We’ll see.

On a local, state and federal level, little incidents which can be handled quietly and simply among interested parties, erupt into angry global discussions because of social media and endless 24/7 news networks. America wastes too much time, energy and angst on nothing at all.

The growth of Asian Tech companies has been so fast that Wall Street analysts admit their historic programs can’t understand it, can’t keep up with it, much less accurately predict where it may go next. So, when you have heard financial geniuses saying that Tencent, Alibaba and others can’t possibly sustain what they are doing, you are beginning to learn that perhaps these companies play a new game in a an entirely new world. Don’t be surprised by anything.

Circling vultures are a dead give-away.

The Question:
As you probably know, Blake Shelton has been named by People Mag as Sexiest Man Alive for 2017. Name People’s five previous “SMA’s”. Bonus: Which three Car makers were the big winners in Kelley Bluebook’s Just announced, new “Best Buy Awards”?

The Headlines:
---M and Cisco Results Have Wall Street Happy Again; Jobless Claims Rise Unexpectantly;  Time Inc Shares Higher After Koch Brothers Help Fund Meredith Takeover Of Publishing Giant.
--Repub Senate Tax Bill In Trouble.
--Wal-Mart Entry Into Online Sales A Winning Move; Cyber-Sales Up 50% In Last Quarter.
-- And Increasingly Bitter Hill Unloads On Sessions And His Suggestion For Clinton Foundation, Uranium One Probe.
--Missing Explorer-Documentarian Benedict Allen Found Safe And Quite Healthy In Papua “Headhunter” Country.
--More Women Come Out With Accusations Against Moore While Teens.
--20 Countries Join In Alliance To Wipe Out Coal By 2030.
--Senator Al Franken Accused By TV Host As Groper.

Despite big media looking for negatives, all-in-all, Trump’s Asia trip looked pretty good. He was measured and rarely contradicted himself with tweeting. Maybe, just maybe, he is understanding that the US Presidency is bigger than the demands of his ego. Maybe.

Interesting: Moore Women; More Women.

One of the unknown potential new taxes in the current tax protest reformation will change the status of all those big college athletic supporters who get to write off payouts for premium seats in stadiums, just as they would if they had built a new science lab. It’s the old Quid Pro Quo thing, and the IRS is aiming to bring it to a stop. (College sports is a $13 Billion industry, bigger than some super for-profit companies. One of the bigger gimmicks among many which protect donors is the payment of large sums to a program, which in turn places the big hitter on a preferential list for the best seats in the house. The cost of those donations would be taxable.) The IRS and Congress are also looking at other aspects of money flow in big college sports, like equipment payments to coaches and teams. It certainly looks taxable, they say. In addition states are seeing their highest paid officials as most always coaches and university employees. There is a lot of activity in state legislatures looking at special taxes for salaries over $1 Million. Lot’s going on.

You have to wonder what relatives of Leonardo DiVinci are thinking today after the sale of his Salvator Mudi painting for $450 Million! The picture was that of a gentle Jesus Christ – “The Savior of the World” – Salvator Mundi. Maybe it was bought by a football coach who prays to God every day for his unbelievable job.

Miley Cyrus had some tough choices last night on the Voice. All of her singers were way above good, and that includes some not taken, like Comeback Performer Karli Webster beautifully singing Dolly’s “Coat of many Colors”. Janice Freeman has one of those powerful voices which will keep her rolling for a while. Brook, also kept is a powerhouse too, an entirely confident performer too. And then there is Ashland, one of those true and strong Country Singers who could win it all when the “Live’s” begin next week. Adam Pierce singing “Love Hurts” and Moriah Formica with “World without You” could have made any of the other teams. So far, based on general audience voting and ITunes sales, it appears that viewer favorites are Damon, Addison, Jon Miro and Noah Mack. I still like Red, but would be happy with an Addison win. The fun about this program is that somebody will emerge when the people star voting. Chloe could become a favorite.

Ray Moore will kill the Repubs and the rest of Trump’s tenure. He seemed weird before we had all of these accusations of weirdness.

We have too many Zombies walking, and it is not pretty. Zombie of course is the definition of a business allowed to continue walking through subsidies, bailouts and favorite deals, despite being chronically ill for decades. They are a pox on a free enterprise system where they often undercut pricing and siphon away too much capital that could be going to companies with a real future. Beware of the walking dead, only appearing to be alive because they have been forgiven just one too many times.

One thing that people n the world have to determine is which people on Cable networks are news people versus opinion people.

Another strong week has the Pigskin Pickers up to 102-44(69.9%) I think this will be a tough week. The LA Rams Vikings game has the potential to be one of the greatest of the year, at least on paper. For starters, we have an exciting youthful offense against a stingy, experienced defense. But Minn under Keener aren’t so bad on “O” either. I’ll pick Vikes. Tonight’s game shapes up as a pretty good tussle too. Mariota will keep Titans in the game, but Pitt at home will be tough. Pitt. I like Detroit over Chi, in another classic battle of old NFL rivals. I’m picking the Jags over the Browns, Chiefs over the Giants and Philly over an Eliot-less Dallas. GB woke up a bit last week, and Balt can surprise. But I like the GB weather to be a factor giving the Pack and edge. Two really mystery teams from Florida make the TB -Miami game a poser Let’s pick the home team Miami. I like New Orleans to keep it going over a good Skins eleven. Actually I feel sorry for Skins who have been playing hard. Buffalo is inserting rookie QB, and the Chargers are better than their record. LAC. I see the NE Pats continuing over Oakland in a good game in Mexico City and Denver coming back against the fading Bengals. Now I have two mystery games remaining – Seattle ( Do they  know who they are yet) versus Atlanta, and Arizona against Houston. I have to pick the Seahawks, but I am no longer sure of that team’s ability to win. Houston is at home, but something tells me Arizona has the better team. Fingers crossed…hard, this week.

The Answer:
Last year the SMA was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Before him we had Adam Levine, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey, Jude Law, (Depp again), and Ben Affleck. Before that you had Pierce Brosnan, Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford and Denzel Washington. The first SMA was Mel Gibson.  who preceded Mark Harman and Harry Hamlin. Well, I guess that’s enough sex for one issue of The Tids. Bonus: Honda was the really, really big winner with awards for seven models – Accord, Civic, CRV, Pilot, Odyssey and 2 more. Two companies received 2 awards apiece – Ford and Audi. Ford won for the 150 and for a complete redo of the Expedition. Audi won the Luxury arena with its A5 and Q5. Its Porsche 718 Boxter also took top honors in performance cars category.

Well, I hope there are no mountains looming before you. That each day feels good, even when rain drops patter upon your head. There are at times clouds along the way, some black and frightening. Yet when we look above we always find the promise of brighter days. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Thanksgiving is not being a Communist nation.

Today's Tids Issue 3,997
For Surviving the Daily Tussle:

Being an old provincial Northeasterner I have a genetic problem visualizing Thanksgiving in places far afield from the original Pilgrim’s community. Like neath a Volcano in Hawaii, or a palm tree in Florida, a cactus in the southwest; amidst tumblin’ tumbleweeds on a great western plain. Of course, I’m entirely wrong. Thanksgiving is everywhere where there are loving hearts gathering to give thanks to each other, their friends and community, and God. I should step out of my animated film.

There was a time when children relied on Grandparents for info-nuggets instead of Google.

Yesterday’s opening paragraph could have been very good if I didn’t confuse myself so much.

A poll says that young people hate Fascism, but have no idea about the destruction wrought by Communism upon countries, and the mass murders by Communist leaders like Stalin and many more. I guess they aren’t being taught the whole picture in schools. I wonder why?

We have a crime wave here in Newport Rhode Island. Last week the courts were flooded with cases in involving fisherman found possessing undersized Tautaugs (Rhodislandeze for Blackfish). Some of the more dangerous felons were found to also have undersized striped bass and back sea bass. It was appalling; a community shocked at lawlessness. Well, Chicago has their murders and we have our undersized fish. Crime is crime. Stunned is stunned.

“Tackiness” is an integral part of the spirit of Christmas. Be Gauche. Inflate an Elf.

A reader writes to tell me he’s down in the punster. He tells me that yesterday when his mailman told him he was off to vacay in Spain, he asked if he was going to Parcelona! The mailman just ignored, what my friend thought was one of his best jokes in a while. Then he wondered if he said it right, knowing that the key to a good mailman joke is in the delivery!

The Question:
Ok, what was the name of the City that surrendered to end “Sherman’s march to the Sea”?  Bonus: What was the name of Petula Clark’s biggest song hit? Extra points: What other songs was she known for?

The Headlines:
--Oil Price Slide Has Wall Street Lower; New Retail Forecast Dimming Glow Of Christmas; Buffett Slashes IBM, Adds Apple.
--Lone Gunman randomly shoots and Kills Four, Wounds Additional 14; Feuding With neighbors He Thought Were Cooking Meth, Says Mom.
NK Issues Death Sentence Against t\Trump.
--Sessions DoJ Running 27 Separate Probes Of “Deep State” Leaks.
--Senate Tax Bill Eliminates Obama Mandate; Ryan And House Looking At It.
Zimbabwe Military Takes Control; Prez Robert Mugabe And Wife In Custody.
--Juanita Broderick Re-open’s Past Saying She Was Raped By Bill Clinton.
--New Quinnipiac Poll: 58% Of Americans Disapprove Of Trump Media Coverage; General Reporting Focused On Finding Negatives Of Trump Asia Rip.
--Malls Could Be Comes Specialty Store Centers As Big Outfits Reorganize Smaller.

“When you are in an historic, uncharted, chaotic situation, you often see these strange bedfellows.” Those are words of a Retail strategist Joel Bines commenting on the race to foster relationships to combat paradigm changes in the once stable old retail businesses. I’ve talked about this often. But, what I am seeing in this statement is a description of more than just changes in retail going on all around us. In politics, parties do not necessarily define differences, as many Dems and Repubs actually agree on the same things. People join groups violently opposed, yet there are incredible similarities among people of both sides. I think we have to break away to individualism. Remove labels from all aspects of society – in business, politics and just living in a community with a couple of good neighbors. The “Strange Bedfellow” comes from the labeling, not from what is in the heart.

Maybe I should just get back to writing Tidlets instead of thinking.

Actually, tis the season to write Tidlets about giblets.

Of course, Grandparents always have the computer open to Wikipedia when Grandchildren call for information.

I am always amazed at this time of year how food columns always have features on how to prepare traditional Thanksgiving favorites differently. Like, are they inferring that a dinner served once a year gets old and tired for today’s inspired palettes. It’s just the other way around -- A T-Day meal is special and different from the daioly fare of a year’s meals. I’ll continue to look forward to what was always good. No need to change my green beans, cheesy cauliflower or rich brown creamy gravy! What could be better than the same old great turkey dinner at least once a year.

Last night on The Voice, Adam had to make the big decision. I think he got it pretty much right, although I believe that his singer pick also named Adam might get a little tiresome. To keep Adam he had to axe RI favorite Emily Luthor who I say still is one of the best “Voices” on the show by that name. Post show ratings I saw had it Jon Mero, Addison Agen and Emily. I do like Miro, however, and in the “Knockouts”, I thought Addison had the best performance of them all. Last night she showed she could sing, but, I personally got tired of her song. Onward. Tonight, Miley quivers before the decision.

(Note: Some of you may wonder why I spend so much time on The Voice, when the world is in shambles. Simple: I’m the editor, and I like to write about The Voice. Keeps me sane.)

I always love a good meat-lover’s salad.

Drinks in Mason Jars may look cute in restaurant d├ęcor, but I don’t enjoy drinking from them.

You probably saw where Lord & Taylor joined Wal-Mart to help that venerable upscale retailer reach into the broader Wal-Mart arena, hoping to snatch WM’s upscale shoppers. (It also helps WM’s on-line battle with Amazon) This could be a disaster, as we have seen many an instance of Image smudging from brand blending, often forcing former strong brands into oblivion. One I think of is when GM accountants played games basically intermingling Cadillac with Chevy, for a marketing and production efficiency advantage. Caddy lost its unique luster in the eyes of many, and after 35 years is still trying to re-establish its elite-ness.

I have to tell you that I was little disturbed yesterday watching RI Congressman Ciciline, a well-documented sleazy mayor of Providence, question Sessions about sleaziness.

The Answer:
The beautiful city of Savannah Georgia surrendered to old Tecumseh, and he retired to a tasty toddy by the sea. Bonus: Of course, “Downtown was the song that launched Petula here. Actually, Clark was a pretty well-known star before Downtown made her big in the USA – “The First Lady of the British Invasion”. Extra Points: Her other big songs were “I know a Place”, “My Love”, A Sign of the Times”, “I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love”, “Colour My World”, “This Is My Song” and “Don’t Sleep in the Subway.”

Find a strange bedfellow. Eliminate the tension.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

We are we, aren’t we.

Today's Tids Issue 3,996
For you, the whole you, and nothing but you:

Sometimes I look at my idiosyncrasies and think, yes, I am odd, but I am me. And what’s so pleasant about this is that some people actually accept me as being me. That’s good. I am comfortable in my me skin, and I certainly appreciate all of the differences in my friends who may not be like me, who are quite happy as they, as they should be being themselves. Sometimes it takes a while for some like they and me, to find out that who they and me are, is just plain Ok. Of course there are some who say “If you are not like me, how can you be?” And others think, “I don’t like being my me, so I will transform my me into thee. And feel happy being somebody else’s me. But, in the long run, the less we worry about who we aren’t, then we will be that much happier being us; who will love all of the other me’s who are exactly who they are.

“Maintenance Free” is often used a sales point for selling real estate and homes. To me it immediately says plastic houses with concrete back yards, and that is not very appealing at all.

The Moore thing is a tragedy for humankind, and at the same time a dilemma for Repubs. The GOP needs all the senators they have if they are to accomplish anything, and an Alabama Senator has always been a sure thing. They need all the Senators they thought they would have to at least buoy hope for passage of big transformations like taxes and healthcare, and to assure good judges going forward. That’s just for starters. So Moore is definitely looking like a slug who should step down. Which would make Charles Schumer very happy indeed. I don’t like making CS happy at all. So, that maybe that’s why some Repub senators are saying they will pass a resolution that would kick Moore out of the Senate immediately after he is elected, and then of course be in a position to appoint a GOP replacement. Politics is not at all like reality of laws and human respect.

So, you think you have heard it all…how about this one. A developer is building in Washington DC -- a “Liberal Activist Hotel.” Yikes! Holy disharmony, Batman!

The Question:
Quick now, match the three big Hurricanes of this past fall with the three major areas they devastated. Bonus: Phineas Fogg made it around the world in 80 Days. Who took that fictional feat as a challenge and made it around the world for real in 72 Days? Super Bonus: What are considered the “10 Best Movies of the 1950’s”?

The Headlines:
--Stocks Lower; Oil Prices Falling As US Ups Productions. GE Failings Weighing On Dow.
--AG Sessions On Hill Explaining Possibility of Special Council For DoJ Probe Of Clinton Foundation And Uranium One; In Light Of Moore Storm, Some Are Suggesting Sessions Return to Senate.
--Trump Intervention Helps Free Wayward, Pampered UCLA B-Ball Players From China.
--Despite Brains And Aptitude, Millennials May be Worse Off Than Parents.
--Tampa Serial Killer May have Struck For Fourth Time.

For Women’s College Basketball fans: UConn looks loaded. So, what’s new.

On The Voice last night, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton had to cut their squads from 6 to 3. Good singers always seem to get lost along the way, but I have a hunch the coaches know who they want on their team before they hit or miss during the singing playoff. First, I was particularly happy to see Blake surprise us with a pick of Chloe, who has a voice I will look forward to (Although, I found last night’s “Time After Time” tedious.) I loved Red Marlow and his perfectly pure country singing. I also woke up when Natalie (Blake’s comeback kid) took over the house with her fiddling and singing. I would really like to see her for the rest of the show, but she didn’t make it. Brian Adams’ “Heaven” is a pretty good song so good lookin’ Mitchell Lee’s performance should have been a walk n the park. He walked into a stone wall. Kiesha Renee has got “It”! On Jennifer’s side. I woke up when Lucas started his jaunty efforts, but, while I thought he was refreshing, people who know music say he sucked. What do I know. Davon Fleming looks like the leader in the club house. And, Noah Mac has the young girl vote (I think he will get tiresome in a show or two.) I was surprised that JH took ShiAnn Jones over Chris Weaver. But it may be for variety as Weaver is a bit of a Fleming clone. So far, I’ll be voting for Red. I’m just a country boy.

US Bedrock company GE is fighting for a new life, and Wall Street is worried that $13 Billion isn’t high enough to buy a chicken wings restaurant chain!

But that’s change, isn’t it. One day your blood pressure is perfect, and the next day they change the rules and put you on stroke alert. I wonder what blood pressure medicine manufacturer paid for that survey?

Lately, through the use of cool computer graphics, environmental futurists are showing us maps of coastal cities underwater. Like this is something new. The Dutch have been dealing with it for centuries.

States and towns across then USA are becoming more and more bullish on the idea of citizens getting high on pot – because, simply   the tax revenue will be enormous. Headline: “Potheads fuel socialistic society.” What will be the next sin imposed upon the people for extra tax dough when the big tax at the gas pump is turned off?

A cartoon on the editorial page shows an image of Judge Moore standing before a young girl with a tablet of the 10 commandments in his hands: “Would you like to come up and see my etchings”. I think that says a lot.

For a serious Communist country, China is certainly looking most capitalistic leading the world in IPO’s. But then, whoever said that Communist leaders liked living in poverty to be one with their people.

I always wondered why Jules Verne didn’t spell Phineas Fogg – Phineas Phogg?

Up here in New England we’re saying good-bye to Red Sox Hall of Famer, super second baseman Bobby Doerr. He was Ted Williams Pal, and is remembered at Fenway as one of four in a statue called – “The Teammates” -- Ted, Dom DiMaggio, Johnny Pesky and Bobby. He was great one for a great bunch of 1940’s Sox teams. Sorry folks, sometimes you just gotta exalt your own.

I was thinking yesterday after I wrote that Tidlet on the decline of female singer music sales, that I must sound like an old guy who can’t take or doesn’t get the current music scene. But the more I reflected, the more I believe I was right regardless of age limitations. We are in a time when everything is short lived and that includes songs and singing careers. Pumping out songs just has to rely on some successful formula. So, differences must be manufactured through the look of a singer’s makeup and costuming and arrangements.  Then maybe I’m all wrong. Maybe all new tunes don’t sound exactly the same with a few variations, and my preconceived notions block it out.

Sometimes I find myself writing way too much about nothing important.

Considering all of the money hospitals and health centers pay for everything, have you ever noticed that they have the cheapest, roughest tissues available. If you didn’t have a red nose when you went into the doctor’s office, you will when you leave. Ouch! Where’s the Eucerin?

The Answer:
Th similarities of three hurricanes destroying vast areas so thoroughly that there may be confusion about which was which. Harvey found its enormous strength just before charging into The Texas gulf region and then Houston. Irma destroyed Barbuda and other Leeward Islands, Virgin Islands and St. Martin, Turks and Kakos. It overran the Keys before marauding on a broad path all over Florida, finally upsetting life in McDonough Ga. Maria came ashore in the southeastern part of Puerto Rico (After reopening wounds in other Caribbean Islands) and ripped open the heart of that country. Bonus: In 1889, using her well-known penname “Nellie Bly”, intrepid NY Times reporter Elizabeth Cochrane took the Jules Book as a personal challenge and made it round the world in 72 days. Bly was one of the all-time greatest investigative reporters. Super Bonus: The Top Ten 1950’s Movies are Seven Samari, On The Waterfront, Vertigo, Bridge on the River Kwai (though it was tedious), The Seventh Seal, Sunset Boulevard, Rear Window, Rashomon, All About Eve and Singin’ in the Rain. Some others are Some Lie it Hot (11), North by Northwest (12), Rebel Without a Cause (17) (Intro of James Dean, Sal Mineo, Natalie Wood), African Queen (18), High Noon (24), Shane (26) (My favorite), From Here to Eternity (32), American in Paris (47), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (48). Showboat was 90, Gigi 96 and Around the world in 80 days -- 93. My all-time Fifties favorite, “Calamity Jane”, didn’t make the top 120.

Just goes to show you that me being me, or you being you is special. We like what we like but are willing to understand that a lot of people like a lot of other stuff, too. Like movies and songs.

Well, enough about me. It’s really always all about you.