Autumn egg

Autumn egg
Super moon sitting on a long bridge

Friday, December 2, 2016

Art is inherent in everything there is.

Today's Tids Issue 3,744
For Imagination:

It was a beautiful, true December sky last evening. That’s what I saw yesterday. It was a special thrill. Back before you went to people’s homes who had TV’s, you went to people’s homes who had movie projectors. We had a neighbor like that. Somehow after all of these years I remember clearly a short film about Jack Frost. It wasn’t a bitter or angry Jack, but a magical artist who made the world glisten. A dour appearing man who’s first presence brought shivers to the people until they saw what streamed out of his brush, the scenes of winter that sparkled like crystals. Pure white snows that enlivened a decaying Autumn; skies that became vibrant with frosty hues. And last evening against the blue, I saw Jack Frost’s work again. And it was as beautiful as a little child’s dream.

Donald Trump sounded real good for all Americans in his first “Thank You” speech last night, that is until he got caught up in the fever pitch of the crowd and was unable to hold himself back.  Remember in vaudeville when they had giant hooks that pulled bad comedians off the stage?

The Question:
As we noted a few Tids ago, this is movie awards season already. Name the five top Movie Awards Ceremonies.

The Headlines:
--Unemployment Hits 2007 Low Of 4.7%; Most Of Reduction Due To More People Leaving Work force As Labor Participation Reaches All Time Low Of 67%; Tech Stocks Showing Signs Of Rebound; Dow, S&P Up And Down During The Day; Oil Booming..
--Europe Law Enforcement And Security Agencies Predicting Increase In IS Activity.
--All Eyes Are On Italy Constitutional Referendum Set for Sunday; Populist Move Against Euro Establishment Similar To Brexit And Trump; Precarious Vote Could Create Negative Ripple Effect Through Europe If Highly Indebted Italy Falters.
--Trump Announces That Marine General James N. Mattis Will Be Secretary Of Defense.
--New Arrests Of Cuban Reporters Made In Wake Of Fidel’s Death; Several Taken By Cuban Police In Santiago Area Which Is Generally Inaccessible For Foreign Journalists.
--Gronk Out; New England Fans Glum.

Every once in a while I just have to have a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich. Maybe some week I’ll hit all of the various fast food vendors of that delicacy and give you a full report. The Tids, Better than consumer reports.

The Dems are still blaming Comey for their loss. The way I see it, if The Hill had never used an alternate server, you would never have heard of the FBI and Comey. How simple is that?

Spell Check never heard of Gronk!

Did you read about the 14 foot python they found in Florida…with two deer in it’s gut! That’s another reason why I like living in the North.

I don’t seem to remember ever having to endure so many post-election harangues as we must now. I just sort of remember somebody won, and then somebdy gave a speech on inauguration day.

I just heard Leroy Anderson’s “Christmas Festival” for the first time. The first time I heard it was in the Fifties, and it is still as good. I seem to be a little overly nostalgic today.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
There is not too much to talk about today.
--Incarnate is about a single mother who witnesses demonic possession in her 11 year old son. A Vatican authorized Wheel Chair bound scientist enters the boys consciousness to battle the demon. It isn’t very good.
--Critics hate Man Down, but audiences like it quite a bit. A pretty good cast brings a complicated film to life. A returning veteran searches for his estranged son. It is a psychological thriller which should keep you interested.
--Believe could be a surprise winner. It has overtones. It’s about a small-town businessman going through tough times. He struggles between choices – financial success or funding the annual Christmas Pageant. But, popularity wanes as he makes tough decisions to save his business. Then he meets Clarence, a happy boy who believes in miracles. Will he give faith a chance?
--If you are a Jackie K fan you’ll like this insight into her struggles during one of her most tragic moments, the days following the assassination of JFK. Natalie Portman is good in a pretty realistic tale, which perhaps even Tired-Of-Jackie people will like.
--Critics love Things to Come about a Paris HS Philosophy Teacher with a very possessive mother who must reinvent her life after her husband runs away with a another woman. So, what ‘s new.

It seems to me there should be more for this Tids, but it just isn’t coming.

The Answer:
Of course everybody knows the Academy Awards. Next in popularity is probably The Golden Globes. Of course, the Screen Actors Guild Awards are very special. Then we have the People’s Choice, and my favorite, the Golden Raspberry Awards. In fact, I would give a Razzie to some Oscar winners. Maybe an even more demeaning award to get is The Stinker, from Rotten Tomatoes! Some up and coming awards are The BET Awards, and The MTV Movie Awards which are entertaining because of outrageous celeb antics. (Aren’t celebs always outrageous? There is also the Independent Spirit Awards and the growing popularity and credibility of the Teen Choice Awards. Bring em’ on. Are here any good football games on?

My lungs are full of fresh clean cold air and I feel great. I hope you all do too!

Happy Weekend, E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

It’s tough to stay on top.

Today's Tids Issue #3,743
For winners:

Ho. Ho. Ho! I like Ho-ho’s. Kind gets the old spirit going, gets December rolling along towards the big day. Yes, we are on the downside of another year, but looking forward to snow angels, skiing and nestling in by the warm glow of a fireplace. I walls pause in December to remember Pearl Harbor. It kind of makes you think what is really important among all of the gift buying. And, around the 23rd or 24th I tend to look up into the clear Winter heavens to see if I can find a single magnificent star a glowing. Just to put our angry world in perspective. The light that illuminates. Happy December everybody!

Well, you can tell Dems are still in a debilitating shock over the Trump victory because they elected Nancy Lala-Pelozzi!

Early data is saying that the new Google Pixel smart phone trounced Apple IPhone 7 over the black Friday and Cyber Monday activities. Fortune Mag reports that mobile app analytics company Localytics (Which draws data from 2.8 Billion smartphones worldwide.) said that where Phone 7 activations were only up 13% and Galaxy S7 slightly higher at 36%, Pixel was up a whopping 112%. Obviously, Pixel probably comes off a smaller base than IPhone and Galaxy, but, the number say for sure that Google is a player. I imagine that Cook’s computer Kids are grinding it out in the basement looking for a new whizzbang product. Apple invented the Smart phone and now they are running to keep up. Nothing is forever except love.

In case you are wondering, The Chip and Johanna Gaines HGTV show “Fixer Upper” recorded a 3.4 rating for its season premiere on Tuesday. That is huge for any cable program putting it in the rarified atmosphere of the Bill Riley, typically the ratings leader among all cable programs. The Gaines have an industry going on down there in Waco Texas. Johanna has a design sense that is comfortable for a broad spectrum of people, and a family sense that probably stimulates the hearts of loving families everywhere.

The Question:
Name five works of Oscar Wilde.

The Headlines:
--Bank Robber Surrenders Releasing 11 Hostages In Jacksonville Florida Bank Heist Gone Wrong..
--Another Police Officer Murdered After Being Lured To Domestic Violence Situation In Tacoma.
--Oil Prices Soaring After deal To Cut Production; US Jobless Claims Up 17K To 2268K; Auto sales Get Big Boost Form Black Friday Promotions; Ford, GM Beat Estimates; Dow up 75, Nasdaq, S&P Down..
--National Debt Goes Over $19 Trillion For First Time; Expected To Hit $20 T Just After Obama Drives Away From White House; Debt Will Have Doubled During 8 Year Obama Reign.
--Officials Say that Tennessee Fires That Killed At Least 7, Destroyed Over 700 Buildings, Were “Human Caused”.
--Trump Begins Midwestern Swing to Thank Voters.

Kraft is introducing a new Mayo which they are saying spreads smoother than Hellman’s. I know there is always that urgency in Advertising to identify the Unique Selling Proposition, but spreading easier? Spreading mayo does not cause rotator cuff disability. But there are many inane toutings from marketers that the various consumers use to justify purchases. For instance, one of the popular ones these days is the lightness of computer tablets. Hey, we’re generally talking about 3/10ths of a pound differences. And to get there, manufactures may have to sacrifice battery life. Like so many buying stimulations, the essence of coolness always comes trough as the overriding consideration.

There are some huge tussles this week in the NFL, which will surely test the minds of the Tids Pickers, now at 113-62-2. Now some of the tussles don’t mean squat but they are either way games because each team is very good at stumbling, like SF and Chi. I will go Chi. Ok, but let’s start at the beginning tonight featuring a game where earlier in the season Dallas versus Minn looked like a showdown, but now Dallas is hard to pick against and Minn is hard to pick for. I have stay with the Cowboys. A real battle will be between KC and Atlanta. I personally don’t have a lot of faith in Atlanta, but KC can lose away. So I will pick Falcons. Rogers woke up and will keep it going for GB against a tough Houston team. I have loved The Lions all year, but NO has found away to win and they will this week at home. My Pats, if they can find enough healthy players, should squeak one out against LA. Jax is always upset minded but Denver needs this one and they are better. Philly seems to have hit a wall, but Cinn looks like the wall has collapsed upon them. The Eagles . Balt is playing well, and Miami is looking invincible lately The home team advantage is for the Ravens. The Bills can be formidable when they come together, but they won’t out in Oakland. Another superclash is the Giants against the Steelers, two bruising original NFL teams. I’m stickoing out my neck and picking Pittsburgh. Arizona is at home against the Skins, and that is the only thing that makes this game interesting. Skins will dig down. Everybody likes the Chargers against TB, but everybody liked Seattle against the Bucs last week. I go TB. Seattle will bounce back against Carolina in another really good game. Lastly we go to the disappointment bowl, Jets vs Colts. The Jets actually have a pretty good “D”, and I think they will surprise Indy at home.

Two days ago I talked about the Dictionary.Com’s number one word of the year…but I forgot to tell you what it was. It is Xenophobic. Sorry folks, I must have been having an immigrant panic attack.

In case you are interested, the five “Most Streamed” music artists are 31 rapper Drake, by a wide margin, followed by Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Twenty One Pilots and Kanye West. I hum their tunes often.

It looks like the East Coast/West Coast social democrats have won again, leaving out the backbone of the old Dem party in the Middle West, you know, the folks that Trump went after.

Obama said yesterday that the reason that Trump beat the Hill is because Fox News is on in all of the bars. Is he implying that Trump voters are generally soused.

It now appears to me that we have two new different parties going forward in the US now – The Socialist/Progressive party and the Democrat/Republican fusion.

That “Bath Fitter“ commercial we see around here often looks like a full Rhode Island. The singer sounds like her real job is providing music for Miss Cuthbert’s Dancing School recitals. Or, maybe it is just me.

The Answer:
Oscar was wild and crazy at times but he wrote some terrific plays: Two of his best known are a play, The Importance of Being Earnest, and a book, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Some of his other plays wee A Woman Of No Importance, Lady Windermere’s Fan, An Ideal Husband and The Duchess of Padua. He wrote stories like The Happy Prince. The Devoted Friend and The Nightingale and the Rose. Oscar was also an essayist, one of is best known being “The Soul of a Man Under Socialism.”

I’ve been eating so much lately, I could be hired to play the Jolly Old Elf in various plays around the community. . But, Orange Cheeto dust on my Red Suit wouldn’t look so hot.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mysteries and mystiques.

Today's Tids Issue 3,741
For Pondering:

Where did you go. You were there and then you were not. Can things that should be, never be. Does time really change what is real? Where did you go. Why can’t I find you? I see you but I can’t find you. It should be simple, but it is not. I wonder, but I should not.

A reader sends in this: “The man who questions opinion is wise; The man who questions fact is a fool.” I would add that the man who questions a woman has totally lost his mind!

There are growing reports from eyewitnesses who say they have seen Bernie Sanders running through the streets of Havana in army fatigues shouting, “Me, Me, let me lead you.” At least he is younger than Raul.

How much longer can the stock market be “overbought”? That is the question pondered by many surprised at the surge. Typically, markets retreat when valuations get too high, but in many reports coming from Wall Street it appears that community is finding now, about a month after that election, that when they cut away from the manufactured hysteria, Trump is not so bad. The financial denizens see his policies as helpful overall to stocks, that perhaps China will do well despite his protestations, and they see different kind of thoughtfulness from the man than they had perceived earlier. So maybe, the people who drive the markets are comfortable for a while. Couple that sense of stability with traditional yearend efforts of institutional managers pushing for the most positive portfolio results, then I’d say Merry Christmas!

The Question:
During the power days of The Soviet Union, there were many communist countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, Today there are five communist countries. Name them. Bonus: England was a mighty Empire. Name five countries other than the US that were once under British rule.

The Headlines:
--Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge Tennessee Ravaged By Fires Pushed By 87 Mph Winds; 3 Dead, 14,000 Flee Fires; Residents Described Race To Safety As “Walking Through Hell”.
--As Iraqi Forces Enter Urban Areas, Battle To Retake Mosul Turning Into Quagmire; Millions Of Citizens In jeopardy.
--Trump Is Crafting Legal Documents To Take Him Totally Out Of Hs Business Activities.
--Carrier Reaches Deal With Trump/Pence To Keep 1,000 Jobs In Indiana.
--Syria Says Israel Rockets Exploded On Highway Near Damascus.
--Romney Praises Trump After “Long And Productive Dinner” With Prez Elect And Priebus.
--Falling Oil Prices Has Saud King Urging Residents To Look Towards A Future Without Benefits Of Boom Wealth.
--Kellogg Pulling Ads From Breitbart.

I hear that LL Bean has been investing heavily into producing cammo pants suits now that the word is out that post-election Hillary loves hiking.

Well, it has started. Yes the four month long parade of movie awards began last night with the National Board of Review naming “Manchester by the Sea” as the top film, and its star Casey Affleck as the best actor. BTW, the film was described as “Critically Adored”! Adored? Amy Admass was named best Actress for a her role in Arrival. She played that basic woman scientist among men seen often in B SiFi movies and I saw nothing exceptional in this one. Jeff Bridges won Best Supporting for Hell and High Water and Naomie Harris won it for Moonlight. The top ten films were: Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, Hail, Caesar! Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, La La Land, Moonlight, Patriots Day, Silence and Sully.

The headlines in the local big state newspaper were all about the Governor and her drive to lure business to the state. Yet in an article the day before, the same Newspaper was touting the success of its own Podcast which had become #1 on ITunes and was number two or three in several countries around the world, like Australia. The name of the podcast – “Crimetown”. Yup, that will get businesses flocking to center city!

Two cannibals are eating clown, One says, “Does he taste funny to you?” Thanks to TB who always comes through just when I think the Tids has reproduced every decent pun known to man.

Since good puns are becoming of hard to find, I’m thinking of a new effort on Jewish humor called The Yids.

That quote above about facts versus opinion is very relevant today in the aftermath of the election. I have seen many on the anti-Trump craze who at any cost are willing to avoid truths that may affect their opinions. There is always truth regardless of the opinions of the right or left.

By the way, Trump is one of those people who should always go to Snopes or other rumor analyzers before tweeting.

Of course several Dems including VP candidate Kane ran without facts after the Ohio State terror attack shouting wildly that guns must be banned. Of course, the only gun was used to stop cold in seconds a terrorist who had mowed down innocent pedestrians with a car and then proceeded to stab them with a knife. There are Facts, Opinions, and Ideologies.

The left loves to attack the super wealthy and Wall Street, but millions of retirees and big labor pension plans rely heavily on the success of the markets growing money. Millions of charities receive donations from the profits generated on that street. Of course, to all of the Tids readers the reaction to this Tidlet will be, “Duh!”. But somehow that simple rational message isn’t told enough to the misinformed. Maybe they should teach it in schools. Maybe they should teach a lot of stuff about America in schools.  

The Answer:
The giant of course is China. Though Communist, it has been  latching onto capitalist models to improve their ability to grow wealth. Next is Cuba followed by Laos, Viet Nam and North Korea. Bonus: First there are the Dominions like New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and Australia. There are numerous territories now independent, Like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, Nigeria, Myanmar, Kenya, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, Bahamas and Hong Kong. There were 64 counties in all. The remaining British colonies are Bermuda, Anguilla, Gibraltar, Falkland Islands and of course, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

I didn’t have much to say to day, and that is a mystery. I’ll have to look into that for tomorrow. Where am I. Why am I not here?