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Friday, January 19, 2018

I love technology…but…

Today's Tids Issue 4,042
For the Pats:

As my eyelids fluttered open this morn before the weekend, I only had one thing on my mind -- Will the NE Patriots win on Sunday. Yes, my body is already shaking to the rhythms of hyper-nervous energy, with an irritable Rolaids stomach to match. I guess the positive news is that it is good to have serious reason for a mental breakdown. I used to think bouts with depression was because of my shortcomings, until I realized I was just another irrational sports nut.

I see they still have ratings for movies to protect the kids. These are the same kids who can go on YouTube and get hooked on the current popular national craze that says its Ok to eat detergent pods to become popular.

The friars in an effort to raise money to pay for their belfry, opened a flower shop. The local florist was irate and over the months begged them to stop – it was ruining his business. When they didn’t, the florist hired a thug named Hugh MacTaggart. He beat up the friars and trashed their store. Terrified, the monks closed down proving that: Hugh and only Hugh can prevent Florist Fryers.

The Question:
Who are considered the Most Entertaining celebrity chefs?

The Headlines:
Markets Higher As WS Cools To Shutdown Fears.
--Congress Passes Bill To Keep Government Going; Senate Passage Requiring 60 Votes Seems More Difficult; Trump Calls On Moderate Democrats.
--Parents Of Tortured Turpin Children Could Get Life In Prison.
--New Zealand’s 37-Year-Old PM Jacinda Adern Is Pregnant; She Says, “I’m Not The First Woman To Multi-Task”.
--Wall Street Execs Expecting Meager Bonus Checks.
--Chili Priest Abuse Victims Irate After Pope Says Their Attack On Bishop is Slander.
--Putin Cleanses Soul With Dip In Icy Russian Lake.
--Powerful Storm Ravages Europe.
--Amazon Raising Price Of Prime Monthly Memberships By 20%
--Sherriff Killed On Duty In Pennsylvania Latest Victim In War On Police; He And Officer Simply Serving A Warrant.

Ok, we have two petty good games slated for this weekend. The Eagles are in it minus their super young QB Carson Wentz. Minn is in it despite having to rely on their 3rd string QB Case Keenum. What does that tell me? Their lines are good. In fact the teams that make the final playoffs generally have the best “O” and “D” lines. I have to view this game as even. My heart says Philly, but my brain says Minn at home should win it. Now -- The Pats. I have tuned out sports talk shows, who basically try to hype ratings with controversary. I worry a lot about Jax. As I said above lines do it, and Jax has two good ones. Hey also have the “Coughlin Factor”. As many of you may remember, Tom Coughlin is the former NY Giants coach who beat ten Pats 2 out of 2 Superbowl match-ups. He knows where the Pats can be vulnerable, especially when Brady is under pressure. More important he can discredit the so-called invincibility of this experienced play-off team. But, I don’t think the Jags can score enough. I am still, a mindless homer. I pick Pats.

Aunt Jemima gave the eulogy at the funeral of the Pop N. Fresh Doughboy, she opened saying, “He never knew he was kneaded.”

Word of the Day – Calumny: Misrepresentation intended to harm another’s reputation; The making of false and defamatory statements about someone’s character in order to damage their reputation. The sin of the ages abetted by the swift, piercing sword of technological communications.

In case you missed it, Apple once again is atop of the Forbes “America’s Most Admired Companies” list. The rest of the top company list includes Amazon, Alphabet, Berkshire -Hathaway, And Starbucks. Noticeably absent for the Top 10 was Facebook, and of course the Giant that sculpted America – General Electric, which fell from 7 to 30..

Technology is distorting the restaurant business through extortion and more. Millennials who appear hooked on anything tech regardless of other choices, or even if necessary at all, are behind a relentless push that is changing basic ways of life and in particular causing extreme agita in the lives of restaurant owners. Amazon which has sent shockwaves through brick and mortar retail is now focused on Restaurants and the growing trend towards delivered meals. In order to survive, restaurants reluctantly are taking on these techno-middlemen, and that higher cost of delivered meals to customers. The additional delivery cost is not the only money sucking burden. New tech apps like rating, reservation and finding services essentially extort money from the beleaguered restaurant owners for improved recognition on sites. It all looks smooth and forward thinking, but many restaurants are eating their own to survive.

When you think about it, many apps are basically delivery services that require third party companies enduring the cost developing content or preparing food.

Feather dusters are used to clean parakeets.

Just about anything that happens in RI is based on the legislature doing something for unions. Now the state is running out of ways to pay for all of the largess that does not beget an economy that can build upon the success of itself. Latest stopgap desperate measures to raise money are: gambling and expanded interstate pot sales. Get high and give your salary to legal bookies. Need to ease the tension? Don’t worry, legalized prostitution is next.  

Why, again, aren’t companies coming to RI?

Pound for pound, RI was and has been perhaps the greatest state in America’s history. One of the first states ever, if not the very first, way back in the 1600’s to offer freedoms for all races and religions; the leader and innovator in world trade and commerce; the creative force behind the Industrial revolution that begat the might of the US economy. What happened to the pride? Where’s the embarrassment?

I mistakenly spelled Boeing, B-o-w-i-n-g the other day. i have no idea why.

Jacinda Adern could become the next US Internet icon.

Some tech company thought it a good idea to install audio warning messages in buses. So now here, every time a bus turns the neighborhoods around it hear a loud spoken message, “This Bus Is Turning”. The towns that used to enjoy their peace and quiet are tired of the unnecessary intrusion and are looking to ban it.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--Call Me By Your Name is a tale First Love set in North Italy where a17 year old American-Italian boy, Elio, enjoys the luxury of his estate the doting of his culturally grounded mother, the brains and friendship of his father, flirtations with a friend Esther and listening to and playing classical music. Then Oliver arrives as an intern to the father. He is a pleasant American working on his doctorate who catches the eye of Elio. The boy and the student discover an awakening desire that will change their lives. Highly rated by critics and audiences. Unless somebody gets murdered, I’m not interested.

The Answer:
#1 is Gordon Ramsay. He is followed by Anthony Bourdain, Alton Brown, Giada De Lautrentiis, Emeril Lagasse, Julia Child, Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, Mario Batali and Rachel ray at #10. The next five are Nigella Lawson, Masaharu Morimoto, Robert Irvine, Jamie Oliver and Paula Deen.

You can see it in the faces of Pats fans as they wait for the GOAT.
Check out

(Note: There could be serious side effects from being a Tids reader, the most common of which is enduring the complexities of a Pats fan, who is the Editor.

To get Tom Brady going, here’s a little of the Michigan fight song for ya:

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Today's Tids Issue 4,041
For Sensibility:

The markets are moving forward on solid earnings performances. This is always the best way to go, and it tends to reduce fears about an explosive market based on emotion alone.

Girls jump into expensive makeup way too early their young lives. I don’t get it.

“Reintarnation”: Coming back to life as a hillbilly.

Why do so many people have trouble coming to terms with the very clear explanation for the word illegal. Why do so many insist on not considering unlawful entry to the United States a crime. I only interrupt this Tids because every time I hear an immigration proponent side step the legal issue I cringe. And I have to release my frustration. And you’re it! Sorry. Onward.

In case to you missed it, the five Dow stocks which lead the way in the current red-hot rally are Merck, Bowing, IBM, Caterpillar and Cisco. These five have made up over half of the Dow gains as the index continues to set records.

Oops! Tom Brady hurt his throwing hand yesterday. Where are my Tums, dammit!

The Question:
English explorer James Cook discovered what he called the Sandwich Islands. What are they called today? Bonus: Who was Albert DeSalvio?

The Headlines:
--Congress Reaching Deadline In Budget Showdown.
--US Jobless Claims Fall To 45 Year Low; Morgan Stanley Results Has WS Looking Upward At Opening.
--Amazon Cuts 258 Headquarters Sweepstakes Entries To 20; RI Misses Cut.
--US Home Construction Tumbles In December.
--Kelly Says Trump Not Fully Informed On The Wall As Candidate; Trump Says He Was.
--India Successfully Fires Nuclear Capable ICBM – Agni-V.
--Trump Releases Jaundiced News Awards; NYT’s Paul Krugman Tops List For Saying Markets Will Crash When Trump Is Elected.
--Apple To Pay $2,500 Bonuses To Employees After Tax Reform.
--Trump Admin Bars Low-Skilled Haitians From Visas.

The experimental Nissan B2V car reads the minds of drivers. I think we all are in trouble. Actually, my wife already does that.

As a result of the tax law, Apple will have to pay $38 Billion. But, with that payment they can bring back to the USA about 94% of their available cash trapped in foreign markets. That’s about $250 Billion. They say they will pour back into capital and business investment here. It seems as though the tax plan is working.

Another overused, over-exaggeration phrase that has to go: “Racially Charged”.

Unlike the national news media, the Tids has trouble getting off the block when there is no real news, or any thing truly new and funny to talk about.  

It’s better to walk alone than with a crowd in the wrong direction.

Do you have the sense that Kelly could be tiring of excusing the President?

“Bozone”: The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The Bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the future.

Oops, that sounds like a stupidity charged remark to me. I hope it wasn’t secretly recorded.

Aren’t all nuke powered nations pretty much equal when it comes to threats and retaliation? The basic concept of nukes is to wipe out millions of innocents to rid the word of one to ten evil leaders.

The Answer:
The islands which Cook discovered and named The Sandwich Islands are now called Hawaii.  Bonus: Albert DeSalvio was one of the first ever celebrity mass murderers – “The Boston Strangler”.

Have to run today. Sorry for the thinnish Tids.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The greatest comedy show on earth: American Journalism.

Today's Tids Issue 4,040
For Yucks:

The silence of snow this Winter’s Morn,
Is the peace I send to keep you warm.

Is it just me, or are many of you also seeing a growing enthusiasm for groups of people who would change the Bill of Rights to the Bill of lefts?

I have to tell you that our national journalists looked their lamest yesterday afternoon as they climbed over one another seeking something negative in the Doctor’s report on Trump’s health. If their fumbling, inane, incredibly biased questioning  wasn’t so hilarious, I might have thrown up. You don’t have to love the President to hope for professional journalists. In their eternal quest to discover psychological problems – I suggest they just look at the person next to them.

As we know now from the power failure at the CES in LV, super whiz-bang electronic gizmos cannot run without electricity.  Windmills and solar aren’t efficient enough to run giant server farms or even continually charging smart phones. And many traditional sources for electrical power generation have become taboo. But, the original Tesla, Nicholas, had an idea of transmitting electricity through the air, and perhaps its time has come. He actually made it happen, but it was far from practical. It has been reported that new science has wireless device that actually works quite well, and is approved by the FCC. For instance, it can charge your smart phone if you are in the vicinity of a transmitter. It’s getting publicity raves, but personally, I think it is not just around the corner. It is not a new generation source, but the unique development tells me there are many bright minds out there looking for greater effeminacy in both generation and distribution.

I’m wondering if the transmitter charges me too.

The Question:
What was the original name of the Popeye Comic Strip? Bonus: What was the name of the first child born in the White House?

The Headlines:
--Docs Say Presidential Health Is Very Good.
--Markets Continue Strong.
--Dems Score Upset In Race For Senate Seat In Traditionally Strong GOP District In Wisconsin.
--North Korean Athletes To March Along Side Of South Koreans; NK Sending 230 Of “Most Beautiful Women” As Cheerleaders.
--Power Outages Hit 100K In South As Winter Storm Roars Across.
--Majority Of US National Parks Service Board Advisory Panel Resign.
--State Department Says Relations With African Nations Much Deeper Than One Casual Comment In White House.
--Meteor Landing Rattles Detroit.
--Ann Curry Says Lauer’s “Pervy” Behavior No Secret.

I have heard several pretty sensible bi-partisan solutions to the DACA for security controversy. My guess is that nothing good will happen because the Dems want to win the Congress back in 2108. And they need an Hispanic community disgruntled with Repubs to do it. A move to help the 700,000 dreamers would be much too big a win for Repubs. Dem leadership knows that their biggest voter group going forward is Hispanics, and they want to keep good things happening to that group all to themselves.

I like the idea of NK marching with SK in the Olympics.

A new movement in California would establish New California as the 51st state. It would leave he coastal cities as they are and create a very large inland state without “A tyrannical form of Government” that does not follow the California or US Constitutions. The leaders of the movement, Robert Preston and Tom Reed have evoked Article IV, Section 3 of the US Constitution as the legal bias for their plan to separate Californians.

By the way, one journalists question about DT’s health habits sent me over the edge. A man oozing contempt in his voice asked about why he drinks “Diet Coke”. Because it tastes refreshing any time of day – That’s why. Actually, many of the so-called reporters appeared as if they worked for Vegetarian Gazette or the Health Nut Beacon.

“GE Puts break-apart on the table” That’s GE, as in General Electric. The industrial beast. The icon. Thomas Edison’s company. Nothing is out of the question these days. Get used to it.

Our Providence RI Hispanic mayor yesterday called a17 year old hooligan who shot somebody in the big downtown shopping area a “knucklehead”. Think of the outcry if it was The President calling some gangsta in Chicago a knucklehead?

By the way, speaking of over the top performances in a Congressional committee, how about an Oscar for the out of control formerly highly respected Senator Booker. Even staunch libs thought he went way to far trying to intimidate Kirsten Nielson into knuckling under.

I actually love scrod. But, I can be a crap shoot. Last night I had a top five plate full of perfectly cooked, buttery scrod.

I may have overdone it a bit on Journalism today, but after I vented, I received a speech from a respected editor of the NY Post who started his career, he says, as an idealistic liberal at the NY Times. He has a lot to say, but basically he tells us that the press has always been more liberal, has always demanded more taxes to pay for causes, forgetting where the money comes from. But, they were ethical, and reported the facts evenly without the personal opinions harbored in their bias. Part of the problem today, he said, is that the two formerly outstanding newspapers who always tried to report at least the truth despite their leanings, TYT and Wapo, have now begun a war on who can demonize Trump the most. That has led to smaller organizations seeing this as way to find the spotlight. Lost in this mess of prejudice is fairness and honest journalism…which the public has a right to expect.

The Answer:
The Popeye comic strip was originally known as “Thimble Theater”. Bonus: The first child born in the White House was James Madison Randolph, the son of Thomas Jefferson’s daughter Martha.

In case you aren’t familiar with the word Scrod, it is a popular fish dish in New England and is generally considered to be a young white fish, especially cod, haddock or pollack.  There many suggested etymologies for the word. In the fish biz, fish are separated by weights and designated – Scrod, Market, Large, and whale. (For scrod a designation, pollack is 1.5-4, haddock - 1.5 to 5 and cod - 1.5 to 3). In 1841 it is said to have been derived from the Dutch word Schrood – meaning to cut off. Some say it is short for “Sacred Cod” a prevalent fish food basic to early New England eating habits. It has also said to have been derived from acronyms like “Seamans Catch Received On Deck” or “Select Catch Received On Day. I have always thought of it as fresh fish of the day. But in truth, nobody really wants to know the real meaning of the word. It’s more fun making up stories about it.

I think I’ve had it this morning. What ever happened to the silence of the snow.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Don’t drag me down.

Today's Tids Issue 4,039
For Love and Sportsmanship:

I just came in from a nice jaunt in the freezing cold, and I feel just great.

Yesterday morning the first two emails I received had as the opening line “You will like this”. I never realized I was such an open book.

An “Oyster” is a person who sprinkles his conversation with yiddishisms.

I remember clearly wondering several years ago why any moral, ethical, intelligent person would ever try to rationalize the triumphant return of Roman Polanski to the USA – like outspoken celebs from Merrill Streep to Woody Allen, from Whoopi Goldberg to Peter Fonda, from Debra Winger to Martin Scorsese – and about 31 other known, vocal H-Wood supporters at the time. Listening to Celebs is bad for your health.

There is a funny little phenomenon taking hold in the stock market. It’s called the return of Momentum and at this particular time it may signal a healthy new beginning or a dangerously oversold market. Momentum trading runs on enthusiasm for stocks that have risen dramatically, looking at the past (Mainly those held by Exchange Traded Funds). Momentum players ignore profits, the economy and valuations. The momentum Index has delivered 44% gains since the start of the year, twice that of the S&P. In a wee Tidlet, I can’t get into all of the explanations of picking momentum stocks. Needless to say, it almost sounds whimsical to an old economic conservative. “The last time the Momentum Index beat the market by this much was the 12 months leading up to the summer of 2008 shortly before Lehman collapsed. The alternate explanation is that the Bull market is just beginning! Say what? Yes, while the stocks soared, broad-based optimism for the economy lagged, with many people still on the sidelines. In other words, we are all probably at a choice point.

The Question:
As we begin the countdown to Valentines Day (chocolate treats have been in stores since Christmas), how about you guessing The Top Ten all time classic love songs.

The Headlines:
--Dow Roars Past 26, 000 In Record Time; Oil Prices Near 3 Year High; Bitcoin Slips 18% As Do Crypto Rivals.
--Four Police Officers In York County SC Shot responding To Domestic Violence Call.
--38 Die In Baghdad Bombing.
--CitiGroup Posts $18.6 Billion Q4 Loss As Result Of $22 Bil Charge Relating To New Tax Laws.
--Philippine Volcano Bursts Spewing Lava; 34,000 Residents Scramble To Leave.
--Danika Patrick And Aaron Rogers Hot New Sports Romance.

Dems like to mock Repubs who voted for Trump forgetting that the only other choice was Hillary.

I was going to tell you a joke about fishing, but I forgot the line.

I was looking at the Amendments to the Constitution and thought that we need just one more amendment. We need an amendment that bans all amendments based on pure emotional overreactions, which is certainly a danger today in our new brainless twitter world. I looked at the 18th, for instance, and wondered why banning alcohol should ever have been a part of the constitution. Many other amendments assuring equality could have been legislated or gained as the result of Judicial decisions – like defining the word “equal” to include all sexes and races. So, I say one more amendment, and then close the books and move them all to the Smithsonian.

I read where a woman up the road from here found two turkey vultures frozen in the ice. After using space heater to free them the birds were brought to a shelter where it is reported today, “The vultures are eating ferociously”. It as also reported that two shelter workers are missing. I wonder.

A Yahoo News lead-off headline this morning says, Melania Trump has yet to pick a cause. I think they want her to pick one so they can rip into her for the cause she picks. And, why would such an innocuous piece of info be a headline for a so-called serious news organization in the first place?

A doctor lifted his stethoscope off the chest of his patient, smiled, and looked into her eyes. “You’re heart is singing, ‘You make me feel my love’ to me”. She pulled back, suddenly. It was then that he realized he had plugged in his Apple earbuds. Thus, a momentary exhilaration in another tense day at the hospital, and a near brush with a sexual harassment scandal.

Jaunt: A short excursion or journey for pleasure.

California has endured natural disaster after natural disaster, and they are still sitting atop the San Andreas Fault.

I see where it says that golfers are replacing their lob wedge for a newly developed club. I still haven’t figured out how to use the lob wedge. And, probably never will.

I heard a couple of sports talkers saying that NFL Jag’s Jalen Ramsey’s boasting, in-your-face, expletive laden speech was good for sports. I’m thinking, playing hard and well is good for sports. Who really needs a circus except sports talkers. So, I’m mulling that from last night when this morning I read that several Houston Rocket’s star players following a game in LA against the Clippers snuck through a back door into the Clip’s locker room to pick a fight, and it got so out of hand that police were called. Is that also good for sports. Or just sports talkers. What ever happened to sportsmanship. And that goes for real life too.

BTW, several New England Patriots responded maturely to Ramsey’s Boast. Here’s what Matthew Slater had to say: “That guy is really good, he should be confident…The good Lord said, ‘Let there be a corner’, and it was him.”

Frisbeetarianism: The belief that, after death, the soul floes up to the roof and gets stuck in the gutter.

Why is it that on every MLK day I seem to think of Jimmy the Greek?

Stop trying to make everybody happy – you’re not Tequila.

We in RI have another Governor candidate tossing his hat in the ring here. His basic platform seems to be, “Down with corporations and up with more money funneling to the people left behind. I think that his theory assures us that the state will be left behind, probably bankrupt. He looks like just one more component of a growing national trend which is light years away from the basic concept of the United States of America.

While it was simply the act of a stupid Hawaii employee that caused the false alarm, the real airheads were from Hollywood – Jamie Leigh Curtis, Jim Cary and Stephen Wright –  and they sent sophomoric tweets blasting the President for causing the problem. The worst of it was that cable news people ran with it.

The Answer:
This list of chart’s winners is from Billboard: 10 is I Can’t stop Lovin’ You – Ray Chares and then down to #1 we have Best of My Love – the Emotions, Because I Love You – Stevie B, Let me Love You - Mario, I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston, Silly Love Songs – Wings, How Deep is Your Love – Bee Gees, We Found Love – Rhianna, I’ll Make Love To You – Boyz and Men and at #1 – Endless Love By Diana Ross. Certainly, to be some arguments here. Because loves so special. Another list has Unchained Melody -Righteous Brothers, I Say A Little Prayer - Aretha, Let’s Stay Together – Al Green, Something – Beatles, One and Only – Adele, Your Song – Elton, My Girl – Temptations and At Last – Etta James. I have another list that has most of the above plus as #1, God Only Knows by the Beach Boys. I have run down several lists of best Love Songs and find great oldies like Some Enchanted Evening, Crazy (Patsy Cline), Somewhere (From West Side Story), Moon River, - Henry Mancini, To Sir With Love, Killing Me Softly With His Song – Roberta Flack (She has several like also The First Time Ever I Saw His face), When I fall in Love by Nat King Cole. I know everybody out there has their own special list.

Here is one of my favorites, that just feels like love. It’s Hear Me sung by Shaun Davy and Rita Connolly from Waking Ned Devine:

Monday, January 15, 2018

Is there life after demagoguery.

Today's Tids Issue 4,038
For Equality and Fairness:

I’ll always take striving
For equal arriving.
Over laws contriving
And political conniving.
Yes, continual driving,
Not just for surviving,
But for truly thriving.

One of the things I have always enjoyed about Martin Luthor King Day is the recitation again of the “I Have A Dream” speech. It was a very moving, and meaningful, moment in history, I would say. It still brings a tear to the eyes of most; pride in the hearts of many. But, I doubt if MLK would appreciate the constant accusations of racism we see today.

Always attempt to do anything you think you can no longer do. You’d be surprised at often it works. It just takes longer to recover.

Abdicate: To give up hope of ever having a flat stomach.

Just about every piano concerto I have ever heard has a marvelous melodic moment or two.

When robots take over the world, humans will love seeing sporting games again full of humans playing humans, guided by coaching intuition with referees and umpires making human decisions, and all with not an assist from anything remotely related to technology.

Roberto Clemente remains on my short list as one of my all-time favorite baseball players. He was a thrill to watch in all phases of the game, and in life too.

The Question:
In 1794, George Washington authorized the Addition of two stripes to the American Flag, bringing it from 13 to 15. Why did he do that. Bonus: Why was Clara Bow called the “It” Girl?

The Headlines:
--Americans Remember MLK.
--Stock Markets Closed; Air Bus Takes 2017 Plane Production Crown From Boeing; Both Companies Enjoyed Upbeat Years.
--Winter Snow Warning Issued For Alabama.
--Some Legal Scholars Concerned About Overreach Of San Fran Judge Barring Trump From Eliminating 0-Man Daca Rules; Major Concerns Are Of Local Judge Changing National Laws..
--NFL Conference Championship Games Set: Jacksonville At New England And Minnesota At Philadelphia.
--Repubs Close Cryptocurrency Tax Loophole.
--New Multi-Millionaire Gov Of NJ, Phil Murphy, Says He Will Take The State To The Far Left; Among Goals Is Millionaire’s Tax And Bill Of Rights For Lawbreaking Illegal Immigrants.
--Dozens Injured As Walkway At Jakarta Stock Exchange Collapses.
--Restaurant Association Fear Closures As New Min Wages Go Into Effect In 18 States.
--Legendary Race Car Driver Dan Gurney Dies At 86; Was First Ever to Win Formula 1, Indy Car and Nascar.

People wondered why after The Vikings had won the game in a most exciting, almost inconceivable manner, why with no time left the extra point play had to go on as scheduled. But bookies didn’t wonder, they perspired profusely. With Minn up by five, that extra point made a huge difference in money for a game with a 5.5 spread. Minn took a knee and the final margin was five. Nobody ever thinks about the bookies or the losers.

A very astute reader says that he now has been assured that President Trump is completely sane, saying that he also prefers more immigrants from Norway.

All a fifty-degree day in January does is make my blood flow slower and me more sluggish.

As a so-called writer, I know for sure that it is far easier to write a daily column when the opposition is in office.

Ad headline: “Jeep Wrangler can take you any place you want to go.” That’s a problem. There are lot of places that are much better without cars.

NFL Teams that win consistently still practice basic tackling all of the time.

Justice Gorsuch is making a difference, and the country is better off for it.

The often acclaimed first year NFL TV announcer, Tony Romo, is beginning to remind me of those golf TV viewers who call in about rule violations by Golfers.  His obsession at finding miniscule video nuances that may question a close ref’s call, and ranting on an on, has become very annoying.

Official word around Washington is that President Trump’s comments could have serious consequences if Haiti and the African countries respond by cutting aid to the U.S. Well, maybe it’s just quips around Washington.

The way things are going left on the coasts, it looks like I’ll have to hope the Midwest can bail all of us out.

The younger generations seem to be willing to be overcharged for everything, mainly for some perceived but generally modest health benefit. Or for a trendy brand that is not necessarily significantly better. This is not good for taming inflation, as cheaper brands will always rise also, always staying a margin below higher priced products. It is our new era where today a $20-dollar bill seems more like what a nickel was once in the past.

Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn’t get it.

Duh headline of the day: “Raimondo (RI Gov) and Reed (RI US Sen) criticize Trump.”

Speaking of inflation, how come the government says we have none, but prices are going through the roof?

I don’t believe you have to overpay for a good meal, unless your main objective is impressing other people. The margin of difference separating great from the average has shrunken dramatically over the years.

Against their fellow members of the All-American Basketball Conference, UConn women are winning by 40, 50 and even 60 points. You have to wonder if they will be battle ready when they meet the big girls in the Playoffs. Probably.

The Answer:
GW added two stripes and two stars make it 15 when Vermont and Kentucky were officially accepted as states. Later Congress voted to always keep the stripes at 13, and only increase stars. Frankly, I think we have a very sensible flag. Bonus: A paramount picture called “It” starred a relatively unknown Clara Bow. From that point on she was “it”.

Life seems easy when you have no goals or aspirations. But, if everybody follows you, you’ll hate the society you live in.

Life is better with jazz, say some Tids readers. Ahmad Jamal was always one of my favorites (Yes old jazz musicians turn grey too.):

Friday, January 12, 2018

From Cars to Cheetos.

Today's Tids Issue 4,037
For exasperation and wide eyed wonderment:

As one guy said to me earlier this morning, “President Trump really knows how to water down his equity, doesn’t he?”

The really good news today could be JP Morgan beating profit estimates.

I am definitely not a big fan of yesterday’s renewal of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This as you probably know allows the NSA to basically spy on communications of Americans without a warrant. Obviously, the intent of trying to find evidence of possible terror acts before they occur is a good idea, but the casual vacuuming up of everything which lays in the path to get to a potential foreign scoundrel could have damming effect on an innocent American. This is true even with the slight alteration to the original law passed yesterday. That says the FBI or other agency must have a show cause order to pursue info on any other matter found amongst the collected debris from their chase of a terrorist. The doesn’t make me feel anymore protected. In fact, by acknowledging that data could be found and used is totally not comforting.

The Question:
Many American cultural icons and foods and beverages are more popular in countries outside America than here. What are the American favorites: TV Show in North Korea, Clothing for South Korea, Beer in China, Rock Star in Germany, Fashion in Myanmar, TV rerun in Japan, TV Character named restaurants in Spain, and Cartoon character for a Swedish Christmas. and the Ukraine’s favorite American actor.  

The Headlines:
--Markets Look Heathy Today As Bank Profits Strengthen; Dow On Track To Cross Over 26,000 In Record Time; Sector Rotation Appears To Stabilize Markets Even As Internals Weaken.
--Trump Says Tough Language On DACA Proposal Was Reported Accurately, But Crude Remark Wasn’t.
--Dems Join Together To Call President Racist.
--Facebook Usage Down; Zuckerberg Announces Big Changes Including Many To News Tool. Stock Is Punished.
--Putin Says Kim Jong un Has Outwitted Trump; President Says He Is Open To Talks With Kim.

My heart is palpitating as I anticipate the big game Saturday night. In fact, not only will the Pats/Titans get my blood rushing, but the other three look real good too. Philly plays Atlanta, last year’s NFC champ, a team that is coming on strong. The Eagles were the early favorite until Wentz got banged. So how good are the defenses? That now is the big question  with Foals at QB. I take Philly. At 8:15 the Titans come to Foxboro. Running has killed the Pats “D, and Tennessee does that well. Mariota is one of my non-Pat’s favorites, but not tomorrow against my team. I think the Pats D is growing. and I’ll be a homer. The early Sunday game looks very interesting. How good will Antonio Brown be on his return? How good really is Jacksonville’s “D”? This could easily go either way. But I don’t think Bortles is the QB who can beat the Steelers. It seems that New Orleans is the new favorite among sports writers, and Minn gets little cred. But they have just done everything well all year. I see the Vikes continuing their march to be the first team ever to host a Super Bowl.

I always thought Jack Lord’s simplistic Hawaii 5-0 was pretty good, but I find the new version pretty much unwatchable. Must be an age thing.

Gallop’s latest poll of American voters says that 42% call themselves independents, while 27 % say are Repubs and 29% say are Dems. That is surprisingly close for the “Major” parties. However, when asked which way Indies lean, the Dem margin jumps a bit to 5% from the 2% margin.

To me, the January thaw means not wearing socks for a while.

Political Junkie, Department:
The Arizona Repub primary will be a doozy with Rep. Martha McSally (31%), Joe Arpaio (29) and Kelli Ward (25) pretty much statistically even. This is a must win state for Dems if they want to have a chance to take back the Senate. Lots of eyes will be focused on this GOP shake-out. The winner there will face in all likelihood a popular Dem Congressperson- Krysten Sinema.

By the way, is a Sinema a movie theater that shows X-rated films?

For me, in TV drama shows there is just too much posing and too much inane talking. It almost seems like the agents or studio diversity managers are writing the scripts, and they are not very good at it.

A supposed H-Wood celebrity Bella Thorne, mad that her car was blocked by road closures in the vicinity of the killing mudslides, tweeted “F—k u 101 so Santa Barbra (sic), I’m missing my boy friends first date on his (Band’s Concert) tour.” Rob Lowe replied, “Bella, I’m sorry you were inconvenienced. We will try to move out our dead quicker.”

This is just one more reason why I don’t watch awards ceremonies or any celebrity interviews.

Many of our one-time world dominating manufacturing cities have recreated themselves making coffee, brownies, pet treats and healthy snacks. Where we once made diesel engines, we are now competing for the scone business. Master machinists have spawned families of artisan bread makers. Our biggest exports seem to be movies. We don’t have large steel producers any ore, but we have plenty of landscapers. Oh, there are pockets of industrial might still going strong like In Seattle Tacoma where Boeing pushes out magnificent airplanes like soft serve ice cream. But for the most part we are retracting into cute little food and tourism businesses, and apps that do things we really don’t need that much at all.

Is it sensible defensive sector rotation, or is it the storm before the crash.

If tourism declined significantly, we would probably not need any retail outlets.

The environmental protection agency is seriously looking for better ways to cut down Cheeto dust in the air.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--The newest Paddington Bear is problem the highest rated movie of the year to date. Audiences love it, and so do critics. Paddington works to save money to buy a special present for the Brown family – a Pop-up book he finds an Antique store. But the book is stolen. The Browns and Paddington undertake the task of unmasking the thief. Well done for all.
--The movie The Post gets pretty good scores form the USA critics but not so much from audiences. It’s about Wapo fighting for survival, and undertaking the Pentagon Papers story to find their star. It’s about a reluctant Katherine Graham taking over the newspaper and her relationship with super editor Ben Bradly. Streep and Hanks are the biggies, but the entire cast is very good.
-- The Commuter stars one of my favorites Liam Neeson as a innocent bystander who gets roped into a conspiracy. These type movies are always pretty good but this one misses it a bit. A just fired family man is sucked into scheme to find a person on a train by big money, and it isn’t too long before he is suddenly in over his head. But, he as the will to succeed. I would go, iffy reviews or not.

The Answer:
The favorite TV Show in North Korea is Housewives of LA (Oops, no wonder our image is down). North Face is must have Clothing for South Koreans In China they love Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Alf is the big Rock Star in Germany. They consider “Angry Birds” Fashions “It” in Myanmar. Japanese just can’t get enough of “Little House on the Prairie. The Simpsons is the name for two restaurants in Spain. Donald Duck is all about Christmas in Sweden. David Duchovny is loved in the Ukraine.   This is proving once again that people do think differently.

There’s no truth to the rumor that if Oprah wins, Kim Kardashian will be Secretary of State.

The Tids Financial Advisor Department (FAD) is always looking for ways that may help you improve the results of your portfolio. One of my favorite native Michiganders sends along this one man’s creative solution for a new industry to replace car making in Detroit idea. When cars decline, mother necessity arrives:

Have a great weekend,  E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y!!.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

I remember when.

Today's Tids Issue 4,036
For drifting along:

As Charles Schultz once said, “Let’s hope the good ole’ days improve with age.”

Too many kids may think they are flawed simply because there are so many ways in this new world of mass communications where they can find themselves measured against what the self-appointed cultural elite deem as perfection. Remember when life was simple?

How awful are those mudslides? You read about it and feel bad. But, when you see the Tsunami like assault on neighborhoods, it is impossible to imagine the fear in the hearts of those who barely had seconds to move out of the way of ominous walls of timber, autos, boulders and mud. So far 17 didn’t make it, and there are about 25 still missing. The wrath of nature doesn’t care if you are rich or poor.

They are saying that one of the problems contributing to the deaths and injuries from the mudslides is “evacuation apathy”. There is just so much hype preceding what resembles a potential natural disaster, that over time people become immune to the often unwarranted warnings. Then one day, it is real.

Even Dems have to admit that Donald Trump is contributing to the much-desired term limit’s idea. How many Repub congress people recently have announced retirement rather than run against what is expected to be an out of control public onslaught by the left against everything he does whether right or wrong. Unfortunately, this term limits scheme is getting rid of good people.

I had to laugh at the news of the electrical breakdown yesterday that turned off everything during the gigantic CES show in Las Vegas. It just goes to show you that while technology is incredibly amazing, good old electricity is basic.

The Question:
What was the first enclosed, sedan type automobile? Bonus: How old was Loretta Webb when she married Oliver Lynn?

The Headlines:
--Markets Open Higher; Oil Strong; Companies Like Wal-Mart Improving Employee Benefits.
--Grisly Search Continues Amidst California Mud Buried Neighborhoods.
--Trump Ok’s Measure That Would Allow States To Pursue Medicaid Work Requirements.
--Morgan-Stanley May Be Moving To Favor EU Equities Over US.
--Trump May Be Taking New Look At Scuttling Iran Nuke Deal.
--Wal-Mart Says New Tax Plan Savings Will Allow Them To Raise Minimum Wage to $11.
--Bobby Seal Calls Out Oprah For Hypocrisy.
--Software Related And Health Care Jobs Are The Most Attractive In The US.

I and, and even many of the media from all sides thought that the Trump open, joint televised meeting of congressional/executive debate on the budget and immigration was refreshing, and in fact quite unique. Unfortunately, the President reversed himself on several issues where there appeared to be a chance for agreement, or at least sensible discussion that could move things forward. But then, the rest of us are not politicians. What do we know?

A brand-new Quinnipiac Poll says that 66% of US voters rate the economy as excellent or good. The pollster says that it was the highest favorable number in the history of its polling. 49% attribute the good news to Obama while 40% say it was because of Trump. However, analysts agree that if the economy keeps rolling along during the year 2018, the positive results would be attributed more to this President and could reflect favorably on GOP Congressional candidates.

BTW, who is Chelsea Handler anyhow?

Did you hear about the woman who met her Mime boyfriend at a silent auction? No? Probably not, they weren’t talking.

When automatic driving really kicks in, will auto manufacturers have to buy the collision and liability insurance?

70 % of United Kingdom sports fans think that watching American football is painful, and quiet boring. While Brits jam stadiums for NFL games there, but the excitement of the live event does not translate well to TV where ratings are barely existent.

There was a time when I believed that I would never be able to understand the English game cricket. But now that I have found I can comfortably drive in and around Warren RI, I feel that anything is possible.

The basketball game of the season I would look forward to would be – Villanova versus West Virginia. It isn’t just because they are #’s 1 and 2 in the polls, it’s because they aren’t Duke and North Carolina or the rest of the usual suspects. BTW, this is the highest ranking for WVa since the great Jerry West was the basketball icon of the era. I know West Virginia fans and they never say die, even during the down years. The Hills are alive with the sound of cheering.

A university in RI has announced they are putting on “Diversity Summit”. What do you want to bet that conservatives won’t be allowed in?

You may have seen the story about the town in NJ that is fighting those disembodied voices on your GPS systems. Technology is marvelous, but it doesn’t care about the needs of humans at all. New devices and apps like Waze just find stuff and could care less that they maybe intrude on the comfort of people by directing strangers through quiet neighborhoods in times of congested highway traffic. The NJ town of Livonia closed neighborhood streets except to locals with proper ID’s, and have authorized $200 fines for abusers. And, it is working quite nicely. Humans, yes!

Artificial intelligence could work well when it gets a heart.

I remember clearly finding a barren beach.
But now they seem in everybody’s reach.
Everywhere large crowds seem to intrude.
Where now, will I ever find my solitude

The Answer:
The first sedan style automobile was none-other than the 1913 Hudson. Hudson continued as a popular car until 1954 when it merged with the Nash-Kelvinator Company to form American Motors, which eventually died under the presidency of Mitt Romney’s dad. But, Hudson and some grand days. Hudson engines powered US aircraft in the D-Day invasion. It’s popular Essex model was battling Ford and Chevy nose to nose in the 1920’s. By the way, Hudson was not named after the explorer, but after Joseph Hudson, the big Detroit department store owner. We had one Hudson Hornet on our street, and it wasn’t inspirational to the kids. Bonus: Pop star Loretta Lynn married her husband for life Oliver when she was just 15 years old. That wouldn’t go over so well in today’s entertainment environment.

You know, I kind of disagree with Charles Schultz. There are many things from the good ole’ days that are just irreplaceable. One is simplicity.

Discovering special places on your own is another one.

Maybe I’ll find a simple place in beautiful music.