Happy Summer

Happy Summer
Lazy summer days, bees buzzing

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

No downers.

Today's Tids Issue 3,371
Opening Stuff:

Boom! Bang! Crackle! You probably think that this is the intro to my welcome July Tidlet. But, nooo, that’s the lightening outside followed in a nanosecond by a hair-raising, jump out of seat B-a-n-g!! And I’m under my table writing this. Normally it would have been a July opener if it wasn’t for this morning’s reality. The good news so far is that the lights and computer stayed on. So, onto July, where thoughts of patriotism always come first. I think of Paul Revere rides and farmers shooting from behind stone walls. I think of a besieged colony rising up to claim independence from a King…and vowing never to have power in a single person hands again; a nation where citizens come first and government a distant second. I think of hot dogs and hamburgers, and apple pie with no kale, peas puree or lemon straw. So strike up the band, Ta-ta. Send fireworks into the sky and light up all that’s great about what American has been for 239 years since 1776. Yes, July starts off with enthusiasm and ends with a drag, hoping that the heat will soon leave. Yes, July is quite the month.

I was thinking yesterday, why I should get my underwear all tied in knots, bellowing out acidic remarks, foisting my anger on good people who have taken the time to read this mess. There are people everywhere from time to time who are out there going through some level of human agony, and the last thing they need is bile from frustrated soul in a changing (Many would say deteriorating) society. After all, this column is all about love, and it is really off the track when it sounds like hate. Yes the Tids is about blue birds, and rainbows, and green frogs catching bugs on their tongues. It’s about lovers holding hands and looking into dreamy eyes. It’s about being positive and standing up for friends. IT about helping people feel great when things are low.

But that doesn’t make me any happier about, or feeling kinder to people who litter. Creeps.

The Question:
What was Leslie Caron’s first big movie role?

The Headlines:
--ISIS Kills Fifty During Fiery Uproar In Egypt After President Vows Crackdown On Extremists; Many Of Dead Are Police At Security Check Points.
--Euro Finance Minister Weighing New Greek Proposal; Markets Happy; Dow Opens up 170.
--Most Private Sector Jobs In Six Months Added To US Economy.
--New Emails Show That WH Knew Of Hill’s Private System.
--12 In Danamora Prison management Dismissed In Wake of Escape.
--Jebster Releases 33 Years Of Tax Returns; Shows That He Has Paid A Hefty Amount --  And That He Is Not nearly As Rich As Broke Gal Hillary..
--Iran Nuke Discussions Extended.
--USA Woman Score Bug Soccer Win Over Germany, 2-0.
--Mexico Says No Beauty Queens For Trump Contests; Univision Cancels Miss USA Broadcast.

I see where “Activists” across the US of A are planning to burn the American flag on the Fourth. Great, just great. The media won’t care as long as the professional protestors are burning it for a cause the close to the hearts of journalists. It really is just a frustrating environment these days. People ache and nobody hears. I guess that’s how a country runs when a community organizer is in charge.

Mr. Paranoid department:
I watched “Zoo” last night and it is about what I expected – pretty good tension and well orchestrated violence…and probably another subtle pro-Hillary campaign effort from her pals in H-Wood. So far it make the rich look small and business appear evil, and of course animals smarter than humans. There’s going to be a lot of preaching in this one, and I’m sure we will eventually get to Climate Change. But, I am hooked and I thought the first show moved with the speed of lightening. I’ll have to take a few Tums and bear the political overtones to enjoy the mystery. I didn’t see how this story can last for a full, ongoing series. Oh, I forgot, it only has to last until the election if 2016.

Speaking of animals taking over, how about those deer up in Eire Pa who tied to take over a race track from horses. It must be global warming.

I’ve got to get some new pics up on the worldview: etc blog. Stay tuned.  

“Mary Pat” Christie. She sounds Irish.

Yesterday I was watching on BBC there commentator in Greece discuss the problem, and at times it appeared he was trying to reach for a justification of the position of a Government and populace who asked for more than their economy could furnish. But as he tried to blame it on the Greedy world bankers, it became apparent that he couldn’t and reluctantly agreed that they brought it all upon themselves. Some day wells run dry. It’s just that simple.

Just in case you’re out traveling away from your favorite home station, here’s a list of the Top Fifty “Local” talk show hosts which is topped by John & Ken – LA, Curtis & Kuby – NYC, Howie Carr – Boston, Steve Cochran – Chi, Bill Carroll – LA, Brian Wilson and Larry O’Conner – Washington, Brian Susman – San Fran, Jeffery Kuhner – Boston, Row Conn – Chi, and number Ten, Chris Palante – DC. My state RI has two – Dan York (27) and John DePetro (40). Check out the top fifty http://www.newsmax.com/TheWire/influential-talk-radio-hosts-shows/2015/06/30/id/652849/?ns_mail_uid=40272766&ns_mail_job=1626229_07012015&s=al&dkt_nbr=yyg5lkuh

I have never enjoyed Curtis (“Guardian Angels” Sliwa) and Kuby, but Howie Carr has been a favorite since the late Seventies.

Economic Danger Signs, Department:
A well known market viewer, Bill Gross, warns of a potential run on US “Shadow Banks”. Unlike regular banks, these big money “Modern” banking institutions like hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and EFT’s are not required to maintain reserves or even emergency levels of cash. They’re a little like the Greece of Wall Street. When it goes to hell there, it really goes to hell. And the little guy gets creamed…again.

Want to get away from all of the back clouds, go to a summer camp. There are about 800 camps for Adults and they include pot smoking at the MaryJane Group CannaCamp; Camp ThrowBack where you can do all of those kids things again, and drink while you’re doing it; In the Pine Barrens of NJ you can go to Zombie Survival Camp and learn primitive basics to beat disasters; The Woods in Leighton Pa, is the only gay and lesbian camp and offers in addition to the usual camp stuff, Motorcycle  Leather and Cowboys versus Indians weekends; For musicians there’s Rock and Roll fantasy camp; Intellectually curious can enjoy Archeology and Basketry camp; And people who are tired of fashion trends “In the Raw” Camp. In other words, somebody has probably conceived of something for just about everybody.

The Parking Lot. Chapter one continues.
It wasn’t just the pain that had me focused on this parking lot caper. It’s a feeling I had that became apparent to me as I watched the interaction between the two. It will be good I told myself. An older person needs more to do than taking maps, and solving a mystery is better than going to a lecture on Chinese chest enameling.
  I moved and the pain returned as usual. Why do I thin it will just go away if I sit a little longer. I took breath and stood. Below me now were the contents of her handbag. There was a tin of Altoids which could come in handy, the back of a cell phone, tissues, a couple, of credit card receipts, a small flashlight, a couple of hard candies, lip stick and a small compact. There were cosmetic appearing items of which I have no idea what they may have been for. My loot. The key to my case. I should be turning it over to the police, but they didn’t seem interested. So they’re mine and I’ll never tell. My wife will probably tell me to move the mess.
  I picked up the credit card slips and went back to my chair, and enjoyed the sensation of getting off my feet. I looked at them and saw that she was M. J. Bancroft. Well Miss, or is it Mrs., Bancroft, let’s see where you have been. The first slip, showing only a couple of mixed drinks of some type, was for the restaurant near the parking lot. Three of them were for a little coffee shop in Tiverton. Maybe they know her up there. Maybe she lives there, which would be better. Maybe I’m crazy.

The Answer:
Cute as a button French actress Leslie Caron first made big, dancing into your arms in American in Paris (With Gene Kelly), captivating hearts in the beautiful little Lily, and melting hearts in Gigi. She also was the darling of Fred Astaire in Daddy Long Legs. Leslie was one of the special celebs in the 1950’s.

Paint you house Red, White and Blue, and tell flag burners to screw.

Today I’m going to see My Fair Lady, and I have to tell you I always feel a tear or two when Higgins sings “I’ve grow accustomed to her face”. See you all tomorrow, with a song in my heart!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Claustrophobic people are more productive thinking outside the box.

Today's Tids Issue 3,370
Opening Stuff:

Here’s what I don’t get – Why was Wall Street so surprised yesterday at the negative news about Greece? Are they just incompetent or are they in over their heads with risk again? Or are they just using it as an excuse to play games to churn money, putting average investors at risk. The fact is that the Greek GDP isn’t large enough to rattle the markets the way it did, The more logical explanation is that US markets are particularly fragile as softer earnings are pieced together to keep the bull snorting. That, does not make the financial economy strong, and the insiders know it…and are very nervous. Anything that is blasted through a megaphone, like Greece, has frigidity fingers pushing the sell button.

Mea Culpa: Yesterday was not June 27 as indicated in the Tids.

Release of court records is great for sleazy media, but it doesn’t seem to have much to do with justice. Just think about how much better off the country would be if the media spent the same energy going after Politian’s as they do trying to dig up dirt to embarrass celebs?

The Question:
What is the name of Procul Haram’s lead singer famous for a favorite of mine, A Whiter Shade of Pale? What is PH’s other hit song? A Whiter Shade was based on what classical composer’s music. Bonus: Name five of Kathy Bates best movies.

The Headlines:
--Markets Rebound After Yesterday’s Disaster; Still Has Way To Go To Get Back To Even.
--Supreme Court Rules Against Costly Obama EPA Regulations For Coal And Other Industries.
--Chicago PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) Up In June But Below Critical 50 Mark.
--Now 0-Man Wants To Play Games With Private Company Salary Structures.
--FBI Beefing Up Security Against Possible 4th Of July Terror Threats.

If you ask me, The Puerto Rica debt problem may be indicative of bigger problems for the US of A. If you haven’t heard yet, the US territory with a debt to GDP ratio of 66% has said it can’t pay back the $72 Billion it owes. Is this the next domino after Greece? How many other dominos are out there? Will China be asking the US to send a big check? In case you are interested, the US States with the worst debt ratios are NY (21.7%), Rhode Island, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington, Nevada, New Jersey, Illinois and Massachusetts (17.2%).

Speaking of risky investments, Space X looks like it’s cutting too many corners in the construction of their rockets. Let’s hope Musk isn’t using the same manufacturing techniques on his Tesla. This is third exploded ship in 8 months. I think I’m taking my name off the mars passenger list.

I may subscribe to the NY Times as a new source of outrageous humor for the Tids. Talk about a sarcasm mother lode.

A reader writes to say let’s leave the pic on the money alone. It’s not about man versus woman, but this decidedly undesirable trend of changing everything in America to blend with agendas for what looks like a suspect future. There are some who don’t like the past for personal reasons, but the fact remains that what was built then provided for a land of opportunity for all unseen in the history of the world. What's next, take the word "Saint" from Louis and Paul, "San" from Francisco and  Mateo and Angeles from LA. I wouldn't be surprised at all if somebody had this in motion.

Often the best humor comes from the mouths of self-described intellectuals and experts, and they don’t even know it.

Got a problem? Get in touch with “Z the Fixer”.

A question is being raised wondering why if NBC fired Trump from being out of line; why not also fire Al Sharpton who is a continuing embarrassment – the “Father of Misrepresented Facts”.

I doubt if you’ll ever see me wearing a “Fit” bracelet. That is much too much info about me for general consumption.

I have to believe that a lot of capable women would see the Equal Rights Amendment as an insult.

I’m really getting tired of baseball trades. Just keep my team together for more than a year and a half so I will have humans to root for instead of uniforms and spread sheets. I’m just not interested in the General Manager.

I follow young golfer Patrick Rogers as a kid who could be a pleasant surprise in the PGA future.

Barack Obama just doesn’t seem to get the concept of America at all.

The Parking Lot: Chapter One continues.
The voices I had been hearing stopped, and the early gray morning went silent, except for the constant screeching of seagulls, which has become background noise for me. “Hey!’ I shuttered again. This time I heard footsteps walking fast towards me. I turned to look in the direction of the steps, and found my hand reacting to the motion pushing aside some of the stuff from her dumped bag. I winced at the pain I felt in my back.
A young boy and girl emerged out of the light darkness of dawn, stopped and looked down at me, staying a safe ten yards away. “Do you have cell phone,” I asked in a way that didn’t sound threatening. They looked at each other and nodded yes. “Could you call 911? I need help.” I didn’t think that was a hard question. “I don’t generally lay around in parking lots,“ I added smiling through the pain to make them feel more comfortable
So that’s what happened, they sprang into action, well , action for two teens, and I went to the hospital. Police came in to talk to me, but I didn’t tell them much. And hey didn’t say much to me about whether or not the guy was known. So, here I am sitting in my place focused on the spot where I continue to see that sobbing women. The only smart thing I did was to have the kids pick up all of the woman’s stuff, which I now have spread out on a table behind my chair at the window. Something bothered m about that entire scene, and it was more than the fear I saw in the woman’s eyes.

The Answer:
Procul Haram’s lead singer Gary Brooker was memorable on A Whiter Shade of Pale, based on JS Bach’s Orchestral Suite #3 in D Major, a favorite of mine. Procul Haram’s other big hoit was Homburg. Bonus: I remember Bates most for Misery. I still cringe. I thought she was particularly good in Deloris Claiborne. She was also good in Fried Green Tomatoes, Titanic, Primary Colors and About Schmidt.

Happy end of June everybody. May the Fourth be with you.

Monday, June 29, 2015

People are always fooling themselves.

Today's Tids Issue 3,369
Opening Stuff:

There are times when Edward Elgar’s soft symphonic melodies are just what a body needs for unobtrusive comfort. We all know how his Enigma Variation #8 electrifies the heart, but perhaps not all are aware how his 2nd symphony can be like soft fingers, manipulating the stress out of a tense back, shoulders and furrowed brow.  

We’ve become a nation of hysterical overreaction. The latest is this rush to remove from public parks statues of genuine civil war heroes who fought bravely; brave men and women who also happen to represent the myriad fallen, fathers and mother of spouses and children left behind to morn; thousands of good people with good hearts, estimated to be about 150 thousand in the South and 4-500 thousand in the north. I seem to remember a guy named Joseph Stalin being pretty adept at taking down statues. Has America lost its collective mind?

It can be quite confusing in the world out there, but only if you fail to adhere to your own principles.

I was thinking of giving up snacking on Cheeto’s in favor of Bok Choy. That is, until I realized that Bok Choy tastes pretty much like water, even when  doused in rich creamy, spicy sauces.

The Question:
Triple “Q” Day: 1. What do you think are the Ten Greatest all time children’s stories? 2. Why is “Graduate to Edward Elgar’s music” pun-like? 3. Quick now – Name the capitols of Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Headlines:
--Greece Orders Banks Closed As Panic Run Wipes Out Cash.
--Latest NASA Load Delivery Rocket Blows Up; This is Third Disater In 8 Months.
--6th North Carolina Shark Attack Has Swimmers On High Alert.
--Taliban Ambush Kills 11 Afghan Officials, Soldiers.
--Even al-Qaida Disgusted At ISIS Perverse Atrocities.
--Gay Couples Kiss, Hug Rejoice in Parks Across Nation.
--Cruz Introduces Bill That Would Strip Courts Of Jurisdiction Over Marriage; Constitution Provides For Congressional Ability To Strip Jurisdictions.

A lot of people tell me they don’t start buying lottery tickets until then pot gets to $300 Mill. The day $50 mil becomes insignificant, is they day want be up on a cloud with a harp.

Life can be difficult. At a time when veggies enthusiass are pulling out all stops to make Vegetables actually taste good, French fry aficionados are creating uniquely tastier fried taters.

As I said about a week ago, I view the decision on same sex marriage as really one that should have focused States Rights. I believe strongly that for American democracy to continue as it had fr hundreds of years, the future would also require strong state collectives to balance the ugly creepof a central federal government that is growing out of control. I’m not arguing here that the decision may be right or wrong. I’m concerned that there was no apparent consideration for the impact this decision may have on states rights in the future.

Five great non-food prep uses for a microwave oven are Disinfecting and deodorizing sponges, disinfecting plastic cutting boards, decrystallizing honey, heating up health aids, warming beauty aids (i.e. Hot-oil hair conditioning pack), getting more juice form fruits and of course meal tricks like precooking meats before grilling, proofing yeast dough and toasting nuts and coconut.

I think the description, “ISIS is metastasizing” accurately portrays the dangerous, innate ugliness of the organization, and the scariness of its growth..

You know something’s amiss in kids organized out of school sports when you see during the school year, when kids need all the time possible to study and work at learning, more baseball or soft ball games than most free time schedules can achieve easily. Yet, in summer when sports actually fill the dead time out of school, they eliminate leagues from mid June into August. You have figure this league is designed for the parents and coaches and not the kids.

A Rhode Island professor observed over the weekend that if the Government census had never began counting and sorting people by ethnicity and race, we would probably have a lot less conflict in the country. If they had just counted the masses as just being people who are alike Americans, the only people injured would be politicians and people who make money over division.

I hear people saying they only buy lottery tickets when the pot goes over $300 Million., I’m thinking, the day when $50 Million becomes irrelevant, spare change, it’s time for me to be sitting upon a fluffy cloud with a golden harp.

Tyrannical dictators can rise faster than ever in history now with social media and gullible techno-slaves.

The silent majority doesn’t have a chance.

The Parking Lot. Chapter One
I’m a screenwriter, and I had this idea for a TV series where I would write a new story each week about what may have happened to the occupants of the cars left over night in a parking lot below my window. I figured that many were opportunistic hook-ups, but some probably gone far deeper, more dangerous, pleasantly emotional. And, if they weren’t, I could make something up that was far more interesting than just another one night stand. It is one of those ideas that could go on for a long time, offering the prospects  of touching the various minds of many different types of TV watchers.
That was a week ago. That was before I got stupid and became part of my first story. I still can’t move well, my back is killing me, and if I had a mirror, I’m told it is ugly as hell, black blue red, but fortunately not green. In addition to the pain and the injuries, I’ve become a man possessed.
I don’t know how long I had laid in that parking lot, but when I finally woke, the woman and her car was gone, as was the giant and his oversized pick-up. I laid there for several seconds after my eyes fluttered open and the light from the overhead street lamp slammed into the back of brain. That was the first jolt. I screamed when I tried to roll over to stand. Then I remember how hard he had whacked me. “Is anybody out there in this dammed parking lot,” I yelled. I heard voices, but no steps running to see what the commotion was about. Maybe I sounded too threatening. “Hello,” I said in a mellower tone, “I fallen and I can’t get up”. That should get them, I thought as I tried to wiggle my fingers and toes.

The Answer:
1. Two of the books on this list of 100, and 30 almost’s, I remember from my days: The Story of Barbar (Almost- made-it list—mainly because it was the only book at my grandmother’s house; # 45 “The Little Engine that good --- I’ve never stopped trying. But I digress before I begin…the Top Ten Are 1. Where the Wild Things Are 2. The Giving Tree 3. Goodnight Moon 4. Green Eggs and Ham 5. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar 7. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day 8. Guess How Much I Love You 9. Pat the Bunny 10. Love You Forever. And I always thought Winnie the Pooh, not even on the list anywhere, was one of the all time greats. Silly me. Here’s the list: http://childrensbooksguide.com/top-100   2. Of course, Edward Elgar wrote Pomp and Circumstance traditionally played at graduations. 3. Most should know that in-destination Iceland’s capitol is Reykjavik The other three are probably more foreign to you except perhaps Riga which is the capitol of Latvia. For Estonia it’s Tallinn and for Lithuania it’s Vilnius.

I found this Organ rendition of Elgar’s Enigma variation “Nimrod, the 8th. It’s a nice easy way to ooze into the week. https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-006&ei=utf-8&fr=ytff1-yff16&p=most%20beautiful%20of%20elgars%20enigma%20variations&type=
I think I would have played it differently, deeper, with more feeling if I had any Idea about how to play the organ.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Lighten up! OMG, that could be a racist remark.

Today's Tids Issue 3,368
Opening Stuff:

You can talk about the growth of Hillary Clinton’s untrustworthy rating. Or her many questionable activities like the Benghazi charade and White Water deception, but none of it means nothing at all in the realm of irrational politics. Democrats who hate her will hold their nose and vote for the failed former secretary of State not because they want a first woman president, but because she will probably have an opportunity to pick 3 Supreme Court Justices. The Dems want their justices, pure and simple. I shudder at the prospects of a liberal domination of courts.

A reader reminds me never to take a stone wall for granite.

You know why we have Ohio don’t you? It’s because New England farmers got tired of building stone walls.

Seriously though, we have just got to get lighter. In fact I see humor in everything. I just try to look serious at times because I’m trying to be an adult. It’s hard.

The Question:
Take a wild guess at was the first product ever recorded on a grocery store/Supermarket scanner. Bonus: What exactly is TED?

The Headlines:
--SC Says No To Changing ACA; Affirms Low Standard Of Proof For Racial Discrimination Housing Suits.
--27 Dead In Islamic Attack At Sousse Tunisia Tourist Beach; Islamist Group Decapitates Man At Grenoble France; Head Place Atop Post next To ISIS Flag;  IS Bombs Kill 10 In Kuwait Mosque.
--9 Killed In Alaska Sightseeing Plane Crash; Tour Was Onshore Excursion for Holland Line Cruise Passengers.
--Hillary Benghazi Emails Missing From Document Dump.
--More Whisperings Around The Street Abut End Of Bull Markets.
--59% Of Americans Still Think US Economy Not Up to par.
--Today is Probably Single Biggest Day of Stock Trades As Russell Index Pares Stocks And Adds New; Get ready for Hectic Close.

Here’s a little health tip you can stow away for some time in the indeterminate future: Never buy squid from Vietnamese fishing off of bridges.

There’s a rumor floating around (Which I have been unable to verify) that the Boston Globe has marked as racists white people who are fans of the hustling, super versatile, leading RS batter Brock Holt, who is a white player. The reason this could ebb true is because we live in an increasingly maniacal world, and the fact that the Boston Globe is named in the rumor? Lighten up.

And of course the Supreme Court said yesterday that racial bias in housing suits can be brought even if there is no prejudicial intent. That means if a black or tan person who has been thrown out of rental spaces for various nefarious deeds or just plain ruination of properties, he or she can’t be refused rental by a land lord.

The NHL will get some real new star power in the draft if Wayne Gretsky, Sidney Crosby clone Conner McDavid is as good as advertised.

Yesterday when  the SC Ok’d ACA for eternity, a friend wrote to say that her medical Insurance was just cancelled and she was advised to log into the Gov health Monster where she found that her rates were tripled! This is the ultimate wealth re-distribution system in the Government. How will we ever get back down to a manageable Government with so many sucking on the national teets.

With Same Sex Marriage on the SC agenda, I was thinking that young people are ok with the fact that marriage isn’t about only men and women for the procreation of children because so many of the young couples equate dogs with kids.

Can you imagine what America will look like after The Hill and her Hollywood pals get a stranglehold on the Supreme Court?

The Parking Lot: The Prologue Continues…
Her eyes were feverish now. Moving rapidly side to side as the hulk in front of me dismissed my threats with a smirk and turned back toward where she had been. She was grasping at the area around her body, when suddenly she stopped, and was motionless. She raise her hand as the big man approached and sprayed from the can she was now holding tightly in her hand. The brute’s hands went to his eyes and he cried out. He roared crazily. I took a step back. He was really mad now, and he flayed around trying to remember his bearings and the position of his prey. She had moved, now quickly and determined to the side. I saw an opportunity and rushed at him with everything I had, sore shoulder aimed at his mid section. I plowed into him expecting to mash him into the car now just a foot beyond. It felt like I was hitting a cast iron lamp post, and I just bounced off, dropping my 2 by 4 and tumbling to the ground finally landing on my back. I lay still now somewhat bewildered by my inadequacies, looking up at the giant blinking back his sight. I was doomed. He reached down and picked up my weapon, while I noticed the woman struggling to unlock her car door. I moved up to one knee, not knowing what I could do. He seemed a little confused, not knowing whether to pummel me or go after the woman. I used his hesitation as an opportunity to rise quickly. I was hoping to get pack into a position of some advantage, but noticed at once that he had raised my piece of lumber and it was coming down at a rapid pace towards my head. Just before I ducked I saw the woman jump in to her car. Then it struck my now exposed back sending enormous pain rattling throughout my aging bones. It was not that proverbial glancing blow.

If you live in Texas and hear a gunshot coming from a neighbors garage, it most likely somebody shooting a rattlesnake! I’d be outta their faster than Hillary can destroy a Benghazi email.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--Ted 2 (No relation to TED) is out and could be trying for those who like the first one. Walberg and MacFarlane are reunited in this sequel where newlywed couple ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby, but in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove in a court of law that he is a person. Sophomoric and some distasteful humor.
--“Max” Doesn’t quite make it in this Man’s best friend throwback to Rin Tin Tin and Lassie. The only thing similar is the potential for tears. A military dog from Afghanistan is adopted by his handler’s grieving family, and the close bond with the brother leads to a life altering revelation
--Big game looks like a decent thriller, but the movie goers seem to have given it a thumb down. A survivalist in Finland’s wilderness stumbles across an escape pod form Air force One containing the President. A group of kidnappers is on their trail, and the chase is on.

The Answer:
In 1974 at the Marsh Supermarket in Troy Ohio the button was pushed to begin product scanning; the first being a Ten Pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit Gum which rang up 67 Cents! Today you can’t even afford to make gum wrapper chains at about $5 bucks a Ten-Pak. Bonus: TED stands for “Technology Entertainment design” and was started I 1984by the Sapling Foundation as a global set of conferences. It is considered highly entertaining and informative getting plenty of viewership on line. Ted ahs been viewed over one billion times worldwide, but some subjects like art and design videos are below average while Academic talks are more popular. BTW, in this morn’s WSJ, TED’s founder Saul Wurman’s home here in Newport is for sale at $11 Mil.

Has there been many melodies written that are more beautiful than those of Pucini?