Transition of Power

Transition of Power
Peaceful transition of power --Fought for by many for all

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?

Today's Tids Issue 3,830
For Love:

You won’t find me commenting on all of the innuendo surrounding the alleged Russia connection until I see some facts.

Self-driving cars will never work until they are reprogramed for irrational thinking to match the habits of human drivers.

The recent Health Care bill fiasco proves once again that passing bills primarily to meet campaign promise objectives is a bad idea. ACA was the same, although Obama’s failed about 7 times before passage. And, it was still too fast.
Chuck Schumer has always appeared to be a little irrational to this old Repub, but last night he truly went over the edge. For no reason at all he stood up in a posh East Side NY restaurant yelling to a diner minding her own business enjoying a comfortable meal with her husband, “She voted for Trump”. The crowd was aghast. The diner happened to be the wife of big time Dem Joe Califano and daughter of CBS Founder William Paley. The couple got up and left only to be followed by the irrational lawmaker who continued shouting on the street “Trump is a liar, Trump…”. Mrs. Paley shocked by the surprise and rudeness of the Senator said she couldn’t think fast enough for some rejoinders about his pal Hillary. Remember a couple of Tids ago when we reported on a supposed new Dem strategy gaining life beneath the surface calling for a no holds barred Hate Trump Voters, even among friends. Is Schumer the leader of hate now?

The Question:
What is a “Waymo”?

The Headlines:
--Dow Starts Day On Path to 9th Consecutive Down Day; Flips To Positive Territory Mid Morning After Positive CC Report; Oil Prices Up; Housing Prices Up.
--Consumer Confidence Hits 16 Year High; Highest Since December 2000.
--Cyclone Debbie’s 163mph Winds Rip Through Australia.
--Trump To Sign Order Eliminating Obama Climate Orders.
--Nunes Says He Has No Intention Of Stepping Aside To Appease Dem Grandstanding; Today’s Scheduled Committee Meeting Cancelled Due To Continuing Dem Outrage.
--Women’s NCAA Final Fur: UConn Versus Miss State; South Carolina Versus Stanford; Auriemma Passes Pat Summit As All Time Tournament Victory Leader..
--Ford Investing $1.2 Billion To Modernize Three Detroit Manufacturing Facilities.
--China Company Takes 5% Stake In Tesla.
--Uber Pulling Out Of Denmark After Country Passes New “Taxi “ Law.

I think what bothers me most in this new world of techno-living is the casual use of the word H-a-t-e.

Alaska’s coastline is longer than all of the other 49 states combined.

Flaps were up at United Airlines, and it is all because of the over sensationalism caused by social networking. You may have heard about the dress code flap by now. It was about essentially nothing. A family was flying a for free on a Company employee pass which carries with it a dress code, simply because company pass flyers are representing the company. Period. Everything was cool and progressing. Unfortunately, their was a snoopy social networker hanging around the gate eavesdropping as the attendant explained the process. She immediately tweeted or texted or Snap-chatted her un-factual outrage which caught fire among all others who also had no idea of the fasts. Something has just got to give on tis inane mass delivery of information. It seems mainly about the opinions of the uniformed or misinformed. Stop the Tids, I want to get off!

I have never eaten Tilapia and probably never will. It just doesn’t fit my provincial definition of fish.

Did you know that there is a good chance that Tilapia was the fish served in that famous sermon on the mount event near the Sea of Galilee. There is even a better chance that it was a tilapia that was the fish Saint Peter caught with a coin in its mouth – Gospel of Matthew. Biblical or not it is the 3rd-4th most consumed fish in America, and China is making big bucks now raising it in freshwater farms. And all this time I thought it was a newly invented fish created in a laboratory somewhere. I’ve got to get out and become more familiar with the world.

In more than half the USA States the highest paid Public employee is the football coach, or as it is in RI, the Basketball coach.

Uber has made a lot of money by not playing on the same field as the taxis. Is the new Danish “Taxi” law the first of many that could change the dynamics of the App-Ride company. Taxi companies could easily add an App hailing surface. All they need to compete on the same field is for new rules that would change Uber’s cost structure to theirs.

There is a line of new healthy Chips out there including a “Spinach & Kale” Chip, A tangy “Radish” Chip, A “Beet” Chip and a “Jalapeno” Chip. I’ll take Maine Potato chips as my favorite natural vegetable chips.

There’s a pretty successful company out there called “Gramercy Protocol”. It teaches manners to employees of corporations. Maybe they need a High school Branch…and a Chuck Schumer division. The company is classified an Etiquette Consulting Company and the founder Lena Koropey’s background covers everything from Swiss Finishing school to Fashion Design at Parsons to Rutgers Undergrad to MBA Cum Laudo from the business school Lausanne, just in case you are plotting an educational path for grandchildren.

Johnny Rotten likes the idea that Trump terrifies politicians.

Major League Baseball has made a deal with Nathan’s Hot dogs. That is a travesty. MOB is assuming that Nathans of greater NYC will meet the taste demands of fans from Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas and LA. What will happen up here with Fenway Franks? This is a classic example  of culture deteriorates when you allow big government one size first all policies. Another reason to move to states rights. This is near criminal forcing one croups tastes onto another. Let’s tweet out a controversy on this one!

And I thought Chuck Schumer was going to be better than Harry Reed.

Happiness comes from what you don’t know. Yesterday a comfortable senior learned that lesson. Our Do Anything for Publicity Senator Sheldon Whitehouse delivered “Meals on Wheels” accompanied by a barrage of aides and media with cameras. At one house, he informed the recipient that Meals and Wheels may be disbanded. Her astonished reaction, “They’re eliminating Meals on Wheels, What am I going to do?” It was the first she had heard of it, and now the poor women is going to sit and worry because of a Politicians publicity stump. And the chances are it will never happen! “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you,” the words, according to RR, that no citizen should  ever want to hear.

One way for humans to combat the rise of robots is to join them. And Elon Musk may have an answer, which by the way would have me running for the exits. He is investing in a new company called Neuralink, which is developing technology to implant AI interfaces in Human brains. Yikes!. Humans could talk to machines. Wives could program husbands. And you can just imagine other devious uses of the system. Get me outta here. Calling Doctor Kevorkian.

BTW, Ford investing $1.2 Billion in Detroit plants only means they are automating so they can compete with cars made in Mexico.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 84 continues…
   Martha ran out to the front yard where she saw Noah up by the big bar.
   “Noah, Noah!”
   He had turned at the first Noah and by ten second he was running towards her. He knew his wife so well. He could tell something was wrong, and not just a little wrong.
   By the time he reached her, she was already turning to reenter the house. “We’ve” been robbed, Noah.”
    Martha was bending over picking up papers when he entered. “What did they get,” he yelled.
    “I don’t know yet, but they didn’t get the family seal. That is safe.”
    “That is very good. But, the papers! There is some stuff in the papers that could affect our relations with the Howlands and our son John’s wife.”
    “That’s why I’m looking so panicked. Dad wrote down my mother’s confession and for some reason I decided to keep it.” She plopped herself on to the floor in the middle of the strewn papers. “I knew I should have burned it.” She shook her head, “but somehow, Noah, it was an emotional tie to my mother. Her courage.”

The Answer:
The Waymo is the name of the experimental Alphabet (Google) self-driving car. It’s waymo better than people driving cars.

On these days when I read of incomprehensible activities within the modern culture, among people and public officials, I retreat to my former self as a Druid. There may have been no running water, but I was in control.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Forcing Forsythia, and other stuff.

Today's Tids Issue 3,829
For a good lazy day:

God, it’s lonely in here. Why did I say God? I don’t know anything about God. Must be I heard Chuck and Deloris talking about it. I call her delightful, but I don’t tell Chuck. They know a lot about whatever God is. Jeez, it’s quiet in here. Maybe I should get up and make some noise. If my noise is the only noise I hear then it’s better than no noise at all. I like that clicking sound. God, there I go again. What an itch. It‘s in what of those so hard to reach areas. People laugh at me when I scratch it not knowing how painful it is. O well, here goes, arrgh errg…aha I got it. There it goes. Feels great now. Now for the big stretch, and back to the perfect nap. I wonder how many hours I’ve been here. Is it lunch time yet? It feels like it. There must be something around this joint. There always is. Uh oh, I’m feeling that funny sensation in my butt again. It must be time; in case you’re interested, I can feel time. There it goes like clockwork, first the sensation then my tail starts to move a bit. That’s always a good sign. O my God, it’s wagging like hell now. Time to run to the window and look like I’m interested in Chuck or Delightful coming home for their lunch, and of course for me. It always gets them when I jump to the window, tongue dangling and eyes wide. It always gets me a nice rub behind the ears and a great lunch. And then scampering and laughing, and little walk outside just before they leave. I love that first big tail wagging time of day. Seeya Chuck and Delightful and thanks for those extra pats on the bee-hind. Will make my afternoon nap that much better. I’m glad I’m young enough to still have a good bladder.

Saturday started off badly. The tourists began arriving before the morning newspapers.

I remember as a kid critics saying that I shouldn’t listen to Tchaikovsky because his music was too loud. But then and now, I always thought he wrote some beautiful melodies and continually pick up nice little innovations. inventive. That’s when I gave up listening to critics.

Theo Epstein is the World’s Greatest Leader?

Some world watchers are seeing the rise of ISIS 2.0. It has become obvious that the Caliphate has not worked out too well for them. But their egos are still intact and we should expect more of the lone wolf soft target operations like the recent attack on Parliament. The leadership and extreme Islamic ideologues want to be sure the world knows that they aren’t going away.

The good news is that the London terror did not affect the world stock markets. This means there is more substance in the numbers, than mere emotion driving this market.

The Question:
Who was the First ever recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor? Bonus: Who was Desiree Washington? Special Bonus: Where was Robert Frost Born? 1. Middlebury, Vermont  2. Amherst, Massachusetts  3. San Francisco  4. Chicago  5. Camden, NJ

The Headlines:
--Markets Down; Expected To Remain Sluggish In Wake Of; Oil Prices Moving Down After Last Week’s Rise; Trump Signs Bill Easing Energy Regs.
--Schumer Says He Is Open To working With Repubs On Many issues.
--Trump Son-In-Law Kushner Put In Charge Of Making USABureaucracy Efficient
--Is Trump Asking For Ryan To Step Down Through Jenine Pirro?
--Pakistan Starts Building Border Fence.
--Million Dollar Gold Coin Stolen From German Museum.
--Congo militia Group Decapitates F 30 Policemen Captured In Ambush.

It is an intriguing Final Four indeed. Caroline blue is the only power team remaining, with three hard working teams trying to keep their upset streaks going. One of the first books I ever read in the 1940’s was one about bow to play basketball written by Howard Hobson, the coach of that 1939 Oregon team that won the NCAA’s. That was the last time they were in the finals. South Carolina has never been in the finals. Gonzaga which was #1 in te nation has been in the finals twice recently but has never won. They are the heroes for all mid-major, and would be idolized if they knocked off Carolina. An Oregon win would be good because our local RI team almost eat them a few games ago. But The Ducks are really tough, having the ability to knock off anybody trough shear heart alone. I know nothing about the South version of Carolina. But, they do look good in basic black…uniforms. Carolina blue has some weaknesses, mainly sleepwalking at times. That’s what the other three have to take advantage of.

One of the great taste combinations in life is bacon and coffee.

The best news about the NCAA tournament is that Baylor got knocked out and we don’t have to look at those dayglow uniforms anymore.

There is a lot of info around saying that the ObamaCare is in the near-death mode. Dems as well as Repubs say it needs help.  Yet, during the recent debate I never saw or heard a so-called outside nonpartisan source present a rational comparative analysis of both Health care Plans that includes the current status and future for Obamacare. So, why do newspapers and other media proclaim themselves as necessary watchdogs of the democracy when It doesn’t appear they are able to do their job when a confused public really needs reasonable insight. It was all over again -- take sides, create false impressions and throw things at each other, and forget entirely the reality of the situation.

Is it rude for a deaf person to talk (sign) with a mouth full of food?

I just read of the enormous decline in the Northeast cod fishery. Yet I remember as a kid in the nineteen forties walking the docks of Chatham Cape Cod hearing fisherman saying that mighty Cod is about gone, and now it’s all about haddock and pollack. Just in case you are interested.

Have you ever been watching TV when word appears on the screen that sends chills down your spine? Mine is Fixodent.

Young people’s biggest reaction to all of the fuss over the new tokens for Monopoly is, “What’s a board game?”

Will legal marijuana increase the number of inane protest marches or put them to sleep?

A bad place to be is on the left side of a Wheel of Fortune contestant who is on a hot streak. A worse place to be is next to Trump with the job of rewriting his Tweets before they create a world war.

The biggest shortcoming that young writers have today is that they don’t know what old people know.

I’m Laughing on the Outside, Department:
One of our two Congressmen, is David Ciciline, a guy who left the city of Providence in shambles when he stepped down from the mayor’s office to run for Congress. He happens to be my Representative in Washington, but has absolutely no inclination to work for his entire constituency. Friday he actually said: “It shouldn’t be this hard work to make a democracy function.” Are you still laughing as hard as I am from that one! Or is it crying. He and the rest of this small state’s contingent are all “Just-say-no-to-anything-opposition” and part of the mass of angry people who want to breed hate, and most of all prevent a smooth transition of the American democracy.

You don’t have to love Trump to be tried of the hatred and intolerance.

The Parking Lot: Chapter 84.
Martha looked over her shoulder and around hidden corners a lot  in the days and months following the big ruckus. There seemed little need for fear as the Howland boys appeared to have grown up overnight, spending all of their time working hard to build up the port facilities. They realized quickly how important the inland farmers were to their village and shipping businesses.
   Martha and Noah Prescott’s children grew up strong and responsible like their parents and grandparents. Three girls Emily, Mathilda and Ella were among the best looking around and the boys Isaac and John were strong smart and very likable.
   John was so likable that one of the Howland woman Jane, married him. So, at the wedding Martha was very happy to see harmony between the two families that were now slightly related. Howlands would now be forever linked  Hicks and Prescotts. Martha smiled every time she thought of it.
   One day In the weeks after the wedding, Martha returned to their now substantial home down near the old Wampanoag summer camp to find it broken into. Mostly the damage was in the back room where she and Noah kept all of the community farm agreements and contracts dealing with the town operations. And, some Hicks family historical records.
   She quickly went into the small room off that back room to a portion of the wall, which appeared to look intact. She looked out the window and behind her. Then she pushed a wall panel upward until it came free to display small cranny that contains a small box. In the box she saw the seal that authenticated all of the agreements and that preserved ownership of Sakonnet land for the Hicks families. That was all that really counted. Yet, she became concerned that’s some of the history, known only to Richard, Musatta, Jeremiah, Noah and herself, might have been taken from the other room. Most important were the historical implications of some Hicks involvement in the death of Big.

The Answer:
I’m sure you all guessed that the great George Washington was the first ever recipient of the congressional Medal of Honor. Bonus: Desiree Washington was the RI Miss Black America who was raped by Mike Tyson. There is not much about what happened to her after her national trauma. One rumor has her as Desiree Fontaine, a Connecticut TV personality who was accused of shoplifting from Sears (She said it was part of her job as an investigative reporter) Special Bonus: Robert Frost, the guy who wrote about rural stone-walled New England, was born in San Francisco.  It was Carl Sandburg who wrote about Chicago, and Walt Whitman died in Camden. Frost taught at Middlebury College, U Michigan and Amherst. He was city boy who bought a farm in Derry NH, obviously for inspiration.

Shoplifting from Sears! No wonder it’s in a death spiral.

Nothing makes Spring feel more like Spring than the wonderful fields of yellow as the forsythia blooms all over. Unfortunately It ain’t working too good this bitter cold March.

Is it time for dinner yet? I’m not feeling anything in my butt.