God's dawn

God's dawn
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Monday, April 27, 2015

Join C.U.D. or the environment will go Thud.

Today's Tids Issue 3,321
Opening Stuff:

They just don’t create road intersections named Succotash at Gooseberry any more.

Give me a field of Black-eyed Susan’s waving in the breeze on a sunny day, and I’ll give you a poem.

To battle the encroachment upon vast and beautiful farm and grazing lands fostered by the power of HUD using schemes like PUD, I have formed an opposition group called CUD – Cows Udder Disillusionment. Chew on that for a while.

“Not a shred of evidence” is traditionally the defensive position of people, usually politicians and white collar criminals, who are caught with their hands in the cookie jar. “Not a shred of evidence” has no bearing on the truth but only indicates of how well the accused has or thinks he or she has buried or eliminated documents, or witnesses to their misdeeds. Hillary and her gang uttered that phrase last week. To a “Where-there’s-smoke-there’s-fire” guy like me, that usually means they are guilty as sin.

The Question:
Croatia’s Tesla and America’s Edison were invention giants, each spawning huge, competitive electric product manufacturing companies, one base on AC and the other based on DC. Name the companies and which inventor used AC or DC.

The Headlines:
--Nepal Still In Shock After Massive Quake; Death Toll Up to 3,700; Google Exec Among Dead Everest Climbers.
--Greece Concerns, Deutsche Bank Earnings Hit Have EuroStocks Falling; Wall Street begins Apple Earnings Watch.
--US Military In Europe Asking for More Powerful Weapons As Russia/Ukraine Tensions Increase.
--Warren Hits Obama On secret Trade deal.
--Israel Air Strikes Foil Terror Operation At Israel/Syria Border.
--Iran Ayatollah Berates Recklessness Of young People With Too Much Money After Deadly Car Crashes.
--Hillary Ops Admit They Made Mistakes; They Weren’t Supposed To be Caught.
--17 Million Americans Watch Bruce Jenner I am Woman Show.

16,283 pounds of trash were picked up on RI beaches at the end of last year’s summer. So now as we look forward, the beaches are pretty pristine, yet unfortunately awaiting users with little regard for maintaining the purity; they are devoid of responsibility to others, ready to cast ciggy butts, beer bottles, DD Coffee cups and Mac wrappers into the natural land and seascapes. And, that 16+ K pile of discarded crap was only that found on beaches and doesn’t include what is routinely seen on city streets,  in suburban neighborhoods and along the highways. I have several pet peeves, but this is surely one that aggravates my tender stomach the most. And unfortunately it says much to much about the insensitivity of the human race. But of course, if this blight is wrought entirely by teenagers, than the inconsideration is more easily understood.

The youth are pretty excited about the possibility of the disappearance of Cable company dominance. They and many other technohipsters like the idea of computer, tablet or smart phone distribution of entertainment in the household,. As I read though, I see articles like the most recent showing Hulu tying up the rights to much of Turner Broadcasting programming on TNT and TBS. Hulu already has rights to distribute 2oth Century Fox originals like Fargo.  And Hulu is only one of many tying up rights to the entertainment you want in your home. So cable will hang in for network and related programming while we all pay $8-10 a month to the many different companies who own what we really like. It may be cool to cast to the TV, but it will never be any cheaper, because as opposed to hopeful thinking, the entertainment communications industry isn’t a new welfare movement. Entertainment companies are only in business to make money. Enjoy the ride, because we will all be seeing lots of change, plenty of enticing options nipping away at our family budgets. Join “TUD” – Television Under Duress.

I  can always find a soothing moment in the symphonic notes from the pen of Juan Sibelius. There is something special about his Fifth Symphony.

As national economies interlock globally a significant emerging new characteristic is a discernible surplus of labor! Surplus of labor forces wages down. (That’s based an old economic truism called supply and demand) So now as economic boundaries are grayed, the impact reaches deep within the former world power nations. But here, it seems the “Supply and Demand” maxim has been usurped by an outré economics maxim -- wages by demand regardless of economic value added. The world economy is forcing down US wages and will continue to do so until the tides rise in third world countries. But the argument to pay what society can’t afford will continue.

They say there is a revolution in men’s fashion. Which, judging by some of the specimens I see grazing our streetscapes, it is a good thing. But for me, while I appreciate the hardworking boutique owner, LL Bean still has the best oxford cloth, button down shirts in the land.

As far a I can determine, having the first gender, race, ethnic or sexual persuasion elected official can only assure the electorate that they will see more of their government on Entertainment Tonight.

The Boston Red Sox spent the winter building up a “power house” line-up. Yesterday, of the nine hitters, 2 were in the 290’s, one was at 264, then 239 and another at 203. The rest were under 200! The team average was.224. No wonder the paucity of key hits with men on base. I know most all of you don’t care, but sometimes I have get rid of my toxins.

Sadly, one of the negative signs of Spring is the rise in news reports of serious motorcycle accidents.

I really like the Richard Strauss (No relation to Waltz King Strauses) waltz -- Der Rosenkavalier. In fact I may be induced to write that it is the best waltz ever written. But. who am I to say that what I like personally is better than favorites of other people who may really, really like for instance a Berlioz, “Unrelated” Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Chopin or von Weber waltz.   The point of this Tidlet is this. Don’t let a critic guide your tastes. If you want to see Mall Cop 2, go and see it. Look at a painting for your self, not because eitis the “in” art. Critics only do one ting really well --- they make you feel uncomfortable enjoyong something they don’t like.

Jobs I would never like: Changing light bulbs atop Hong Kong skyscraper casinos.

The Answer:
Tesla sold the rights to his inventions to George Westinghouse, another powerhouse inventor of the times. Edison’s fledgling company went on to become GE. Westinghouse and General Electric battled for the hearts of the electric industry for tens of decades, with obviously GE winning out fairly recently. Oddly though, in the beginning it was Westinghouse trumpeting Tesla’s “AC” theories while GE went to war with Edison’s less practical DC. Interesting note department: George Westinghouse made his fortune developing the Air Brakes for the railroad industry which was the major economy driving business of the times. George always liked his Air Brake Company better. It like Steve Jobs saying, “But, I really, really like the “White Out” business I bought form George Hamilton.”

Well, the Tids today was a little better than a Dud. And surely, several steps above Crud. Yet,  some days it’s like wallowing in mud after a flood, giving you pints of my blood. But then, what would you expect from a Stud!

Join CUD.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Lily Pulitzer days.

Today's Tids Issue 3,320
Opening Stuff: 

Driving over atop the highest point I saw across the hills and valley’s, farmlands too, nestled safely within deep blue waters, the springtime vistas dressed in a lively new smock of rich, bright young green grasses framed by the pink glow of a forest coming alive. The handsome new togs of spring were accessorized by the bright yellows of the season’s first flowers, daffodils sprouting in tight colorful bunches with orange centers; forsythia defining the hemlines of green. All glowing neath the master haute couture’s sky of blue. I nearly drove off the road killing four people.

The least appetizing foods, to me, come out of food pulverizers and juicers.

(How many times do you type two successive paragraphs using words with “P” and “Z” ?)

If General Petraeus was a junior officer convicted of the same crimes against the nation, he’d be serving time, not walking around the community on probation. You don’t give passes to high ranking officials, you hold them to a higher standard. Am I supposed t feel good because a war hero got off?

The Question:
Double “Q” Day: Q1. What was unique about Sue Grafton’s series of mystery novels? Q2. As the slug in Boston awaits his fate at sentencing, I’m thinking of another guy who got off the death sentence by Anti-Death lawyer Clark – The Unibomber. What was his name?

The Headlines:
--NASDAQ Still Holding Strong In Record Territory.
--China Banks Moving Yuan Higher; German Mood Highest Since June.
--NE Pats Bill Belichick Gives Prez Obama Thumbs Down For Deflategate Joke.
--Apartame To Be Dropped As Ingredient In Diet Pepsi.
--New Questions Arise About Hillary’s Association With Clinton Foundation While Secretary Of State.
--Italy Grabs Suspects In Vatican Terror Bombing Threat.
--President Obama Stands Up, Takes Blame For Deaths Of Americans In Pakistan By Drones.
--12 Students Injures As Indiana High School Stage Collapses.
--Armenia Remembers On 100th Anniversary Of Massacre Of 1.5 Million; US Declines.
--Ohio Gov Kasich Only Potential Repub Candidate With Guts Enough To Attend Notorious “White House Correspondents Dinner”.

I remember the last time NASDAQ set the record broken yesterday. I worked for a “DotCom” and had options aplenty, until the bubble burst. It was not a pretty sight. So, maybe that’s why I feel so insecure about roaring markets.

I find in the summer that sitting is more uncomfortable. It’s the thicker wallet. No, not money – golf schedules.

The US is the major world power absent from all the others including the Vatican which have declared the Armenia 1915 slaughter of 1.5 million ( 300,000 according to Turkey) of innocents a “Genocide”. Why do political alliances rely so often on neglecting the truth? This is the 100th anniversary of the killing of The Armenia, but Obama still appears reluctant to bend towards what appears to be the truth, as have had all other US Presidents. Don’t US Presidents like the Kardashian family? Actually reading the history of Armenia, first on the Globe to declare itself a Christian Country and then fight for its survival within the Muslim dominated Ottoman Empire --until the time when the Turks came in and obliterated first the Armeina leaders and intellectuals, followed by the slaughter average persons on the street.

My latest retirement plan revolves around saving diet Pepsi bottles that contain apartame, which will soon be defunct. These bottles should become rare shortly and bring big bucks at Sotheby. If not, I’ll still have lots of good old fashioned Diet Pepsi around to drink.

I see where the US Secretary of Labor was here yesterday praising the legislature for its Nation leading ideas for workers. So, is Social Change advocate, SoL Tom Perez looking to make the Country as unfriendly to business as Rhode Island.

Reading Between the Lines Movie Reviews:
--Ex Machina is a very nice sifi film that gives us a feeling of the coming robot world of the future. This  thriller that makes you think follows a programmer at a Search Engine giant who wins a contest to spend time at the company’s secret off premises lab. He is to interact with Eva , an artificial intelligence experiment. He finds that Eva is more than he expected. Good one.
--Mall Cop 2 Featuring Kevin James as the lovable Rent-a-Cop Paul Blart is pretty predictable but also really funny, and even poignant at times. Move critics will give a thumbs down, but for cleansing your brain from day to day global angst, this is a winner. Besides, I have always liked James.

The Answer:
These may be the easiest Q tandem in the history of the Tids. Q1: Sue Grafton wrote mysteries from A to Z, all featuring detective Kinsey Millhone. Her last three are V is for vengeance, W is for Wasted and just plain ole’ “X”> Sue is getting up there in age and still has Y and Z to go. Maybe her daughter Kinsey will write them.  Q2: The unibomber was Ted Kaminski. Att. Judy Cark got him life.

Have a gloriously sunny, brightly colored weekend…E-v-e-r-y-b-d-y!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Who’s on first?

Today's Tids Issue 3,319
Opening Stuff:

If you aren’t relearning, you’re dyin’. This advancing tech world brings so many daily changes, not only to the way you manipulate devices, but also then ramifications from the devices that are foisted upon us. If we have ever had to remain cool and under control in our daily lives, it is in this era of app wizardry. It would be nice to grow old comfortably oblivious to he hecticness of society, but somehow being an outcast in a new dynamic society is becoming more unsettling. But if retirees think it is tough to garner the changes, think of the younger generations who see great jobs disappearing right before their eyes. And, kids looking at a world ahead which may never be close to that that so fondly described by parents. So, I’m guessing I will morph into this changing technical world, but I will have real trouble adjusting if people keep on messing with sound morals and values. If we can hold those virtues which are the essence of a civilized, understanding and considerate society, than every generation can grow positively no matter what new eras bring.

Yes, we are in a new world. Nothing defines current adaptations better than the current Hoopla in Providence RI for the May 15 New England Cannabis Convention! The email and radio commercials tout the latest in smoking, vaping and growing accessories. There will be over fifty booths, supposedly all about Medical marijuana. But you have to imagine that many a local free minder will be there for  the wiffs. A cannabis Convention! Who wouldda thunk it.

Some in the older generations are having some problems with this new normal. In fact, my rechargeable batteries are revolting.

The Question:
William Shakespeare was just 52 years old when he died on the same day he was born which just happens to be today’s date. What are considered Bill’s most popular plays?

The Headines:
--Stocks Open Lower; Good Earnings Continue To Be Mixed Bag; Caterpillar, Dunkin’ Up; 3M, GM, P&G Soft.
--Deutsche Bank To Pay Record Fine For Misleading On Libor; Petrobas (Giant State Run Brazil Oil Company) Set to Write Off $17 Billion Due To Corruption.
--Giant Volcano Erupts In Chile.
--McCain Says Rand Paul Is Worst Possible National Security President.
--Clinton Charities Expected To Refile Income Tax Returns Due To Foreign Donation Reporting EWrrors.
--Hillary Team Moving To Beat Down Author Of “Clinton Cash”, Peter Schweizer.
--Michael Brown Parents To Sue Ferguson.

I never get tired of that Shriner’s commercial. Maybe you’ve seen it – it’s where kids who should seem sad, bring laughter and tears to our eyes with bright smiles and wonderful achievements. I particularly like the section where the kids describe what is love – “Love is being independent”;  and a boy without arms plays the piano with his toes. Or the girl in a binding body contraption tells us us, “Love is Dancing” and she proceeds to tear out my heart as she happily tries to perform. And it is beautiful. I’d better get off this, before I melt down. I’d send money to Shriners. The great announcer kid in the wheelchair would be real happy.

There is something vacuous about American Idol. Maybe it’s Harry Connick Jr. who just can’t stop being too clever for words, and increasingly inappropriate. But, it’s the singing that seems so lackluster to this tin ear. I continually hear missed notes and pitchiness. Where is Randy Jackson when you really need him? It appears that Jax is emerging through the smoke with Nick right on her heels. Clark Beckham could challenge, but Tianna and Quentin will be lagging. But then, I still miss Joey. Sorry music experts, I just can’t get excited.

A political observer describes Hillary as “hard wired and inescapable” and for the Democrats she’s like “your cable company” – she’s all you got and you can’t get rid of her! That is, unless Dems consider Lincoln Chafee, which the observer describes as a viable candidat who beneath that meek surface is a most steely and stubborn politician. This observer, Matt Bai, says that Linc will file papers and run. He adds that Chafee sat with old friend Michael Bloomberg, another Repub turned Dem, before making a decision that he felt he should make. Now, some Dems will want to have more than the Hill on their plate, and Licoln Chaffee thinks he has something more than O’Malley and Webb to give them. So, Rhode Islanders laugh, but Chaffee is serious, and Hillary may not be cackling as reality take form. As Bai reminds his readers, Hillary was wired and inescapable in 2008.

If you were feeling snug and happy with your wireless provider, wait til Google gets rolling. Yes the gods at Google want Verizon and AT&T to begin looking over their shoulders as the search giant rolls out its new service, probably using Sprint or T-Mobile networks. The pricing may have users thinking twice about tier current carrier. The basic charge for texting and WiFi tethering will be $20/month. Data will cost $10 per Gig. But here’s the big idea – Users will get a full refund for data not used! The Google product is only available on the Jointly developed (With Motorola) Nexus 6. So, it is going to be quite a while before you feel the pressure to change. But then, these days you can never get too comfortable.

Will this computer last five years’ Obsoletely!

China told the world yesterday that North Korea has a lot more nuke warhead and fuel generation capability than imagined by the US and allies. Just what the workd needed – nuts with nukes. Ugh.

The New England governors are meeting to discuss the regions highest-in-the-land Energy costs for businesses and consumers. Part of their discussion, it is said, will center around alternative energy sources, which just happens to be the most expensive energy source of them all. I believe we should be looking for new ways to create energy, but that is not the economic problem at hand in NE. But then that’s what PC does, it undermines intelligent conversations.

Have you noticed how young singers on these talent shows are always amazed when they discover songs that have never hear, like those form the 60’s and 70’s! Yikes. But, here’s the cool thing. Once taught, they find they love the melodies and thoughts of these songs, old standards they never new existed. Just as I may have when as a kid reflecting back on 20’s and 30’s music -- On the Sunny Side of the Street or Let Sunshine be Your umbrella. We can always find something nice in the kinder side of our parent’s pasts.

The Answer:
Ok lets start with one of my favorites (Yes I am capable of reading Shakespeare) where I always felt sad for Othello. 9 is Taming of the Shrew. Next is Twelfth Night followed by Julius Caesar, Richard III, MacBeth, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Henry the V, Romeo and Juliet and number 1, – Can you guess? Quick now. --  Of Course, Hamlet. I have checked other top ten lists and one has the top four as Hamlet, Macbeth, Julius Caesar and The Tempest, and adds King Lear and Much ado about Nothing, while. another gives us a Top four of Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Julius Caeser, and adds another newbie to the top ten – the Merchant of Venice. 

What is Love? Ask the Kids at Shriner’s hospital.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hello, My name is Mary, and I am just like you.

Today's Tids Issue 3,318
Opening Stuff:

I have been reading stories about how your financial advisor of the future could easily be a robot. In fact you may think you’re talking to a person, but it will be wires and metal and microchips. It will not be unlike those nasty woman who give you directions in your car, and then sound irritated when they sense you actually know where you are going without them. Yet Robo Advisors are very real and growing as a strong alternative to humans for sound, low cost portfolio management. Some better known services are Betterment, Wealthfront, FutureAdvisor and some new startups like SmartPlanner or Schwab’s new robo advisor. Of course when the market goes south, the handholding won’t feel quite as warm.

Spouting without knowledge, Department:
One of my pet peeves, which I have often denounced vociferously, is the unrelenting argument by a person with circumstantial information against a person with significant real knowledge of the entire situation. People with microphones routinely beat up on people, ruin reputations and find guilty before observing evidenced, if in fact there is evidenced at all. The excuse by the rabid accuser is, “They’re in the public domain, so they’re raw meat. Get used to it.” This past fall the sports experts and call-in yahoos were trying to run new England Patriot O-Tackle Nate Solder out of town because he looked like he had lost it. In the process they would opine,  “I never liked him in the first place”. But yesterday we learned that Nate just before the season began had just finished treatments for testicular cancer, losing a testicle along the way. He never talked back to the unknowledgeable, nor resorted to a pretty good excuse. He just fought through the early weeks of the season, getting his strength back, getting better at his job, helping protect Tom Bradey the way to the Super Bowl victory – in the final game where he was outstanding.

Yesterday, a drone with radioactive materials landed on the roof of the Japanese Prime Minister’s Office. Are you nervous yet?

If a Robot analyzes a bird, it Scandinavian.

The Question:
Name Glen Campbell’s Greatest hits. Bonus: What do you think are the annual sales per store for the three big traditional Burger Chains?

The Headlines:
--House Report Says IRS Put Bonuses, Unions, ObamaCare Ahead Of Taxpayer needs.
--Wall Street Has Eyes On Earnings reports Fr Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, FaceBook and Google.
--Obama Facing Dem Revolt On Trade Push; Harry Reid Leads Opposition.
--DEA Chief Leaving Post After Report Condemns Drug Cartel Financed Agent Prostitution Parties
--Afghan Taliban Announces Spring Offensive To Start Friday.
--Kiev Riling Moscow.
--RI No Longer Highest On New England Unemployment List; Connecticut Takes Over Low Employment Honors.
--French Police Foil Massive Attack By Muslim On Churches After Would Be Attacker Shoots Self In Leg;

Hillary, or an advsor in her camp, has been reported to say, “The economy requires a ‘Toppling’ of the wealthiest 1%”. “Toppling!” Can you say Bolshevik revolution”. Can  you say Romanov family murdered in the back room of their fancy digs?
Above: There might be a pic of the Romanov family here – Mom, Dad, and Five Kids all murdered. Class warfare never goes to a good place.

The Voice results went pretty much as expected, mainly because it was expected that the cute boy crazy teens, or perhaps the overwhelming country audience would vote for the least talented of them all Corey Kent. Unfortunately, that knocked out a very talented singer Rob. Hey Adam – you gotta say something more about Deanna’s singing than repeating over and over how well she got by her nerves. I found it insulting.

The Koch brothers said they misspoke on Monday when it was inferred by the press they were backing Scott Walker. They are now clarifying their support saying they will back the candidate who offers the most positive message for Americans. They promised they will not fund campaigns that are negative against an opponent. The Koch Bro’s must read the Tids. They also said they are looking at as their favorites, Walker, Jeb, Ted, Rand and Marco.

Sports talk shows are becoming more like Entertainment Tonight gossip shows. One reason is that sports stars are behaving more like celebrity entertainers. The second reason is that the talk show hosts seem to love getting dirt on their athletic heroes. It must bea jealousy thing. Get me back to balls and strikes, and I’m not talking speedballs and striking female mates.

The NFL Champion NE Pats could easily go 10-6 this year.

This probably has or could happen in your town too, Department:
I’m calling it Paolino’s (State Legislature’s) Revenge. Here in RI in November the Newport citizens voted against a Richard Paolino (Big RI Developer who owns half of Providence) led small expansion of gambling which would have also glamorized an existing ugly building. Yesterday the ownership of another Casino group, after buying the rights for the Casino from Paolino, announced that it was planning on moving the Casino to Tiverton, and with it about a $1,000,000 annually contributed to the Newport city coffers. And, leaving behind the big ugly hulk of a building, but now empty and decaying. The leader of the anti-Gambling vote said she is happy, and they will now “probably” find a nice new owner who will transform the ugly hulk of a building into a vibrant entertainment center. Yeah, right. Like that always happens.

So, is the Taliban today announcing the start of their “Spring Offensive” beginning on Friday to assure that their TV sponsors will have time to pre-promote battles and prepare interview scripts?

So, I’m thinking, if financial planners can go Robo, how about dating sites. How about the perfectly matched opposite sex listening partner? How about never having to take a date to dinner? How about a partner that always says the right thing, anticipates your every need, never puts you on the spot? Sounds a bit sterile.

But robot servers at fast food places would be an improvement. And, minimum wage controversies would go away.  And maybe the schools would teach about reaching up for a higher calling.  

Last week I applied for a sever position the local eatery. I’m  still waiting.

The Answer:
Glen Campbell to me was a very enjoyable performers. Starting at # Ten we have True Grit followed by Im Not Gonna Miss You, Galveston, Try A Little Kindness and Wichita Lineman. The top five are fifth Southern Nights, The Hand that Rocks The Cradle, Gentle on My Mind and By the Time I Get to Phoenix. Number One is Rhinestone Cowboy.  Bonus. MacDonald’s is first with annual per store sales of $2,500,000. Next is Wendi-y’s at and the Burger ing

I had a Fraternity brother named Bob Campbell who told me that name became common because as his family moved West in Conestoga wagons, his great grandmother was always the Belle of the Camp. I never forgot that. I was pretty naïve.

Happy Birthday Peter Frampton who hits 65 today. The Frampton comes Alive album was one of my all time favorites, but, I couldn’t find it. Here’s another version of Do You fell Like We Do.:

He doesn't look 65!