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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Today's Tids Issue 3,910
For friends you can't see:

One of life’s little treasures is realizing that somewhere out there someone is thinking of you.

That is certainly a great feeling of comfort, as long it isn’t somebody thinking of stealing your identity.

Applying technology just because we can, is potentially a growing problem in this world of ours. I truly abhor that idea of implanting identification microchips in employees, as a Wisconsin company announced a day or so ago. While voluntary, many people opted in. Maybe I’m weird.

The Question:
Retired older people are pretty smart when it comes to getting the most out of money while continuing to live pleasant lives. Name the three states that all of a sudden have that retirees are flocking to them. Bonus: What are today the three main considerations when picking a place for retirement.

The Headlines:
--Wall Street Opens Strong As Good Earnings Combine With Positive Projections To Show Future Growth; New Home Sales Rise Again; Wal-Mart Announces Manufacturing Operation that Could Create 1.5 Million New Jobs; Amazon To Add 50,000 Workers Nationwide; Ford And Boeing Optimistic For Remaining 2017.
--Trump Announces Ban On Transgenders In Military.
--Russians Sends Out Warning After House Votes For Tough Sanctions Against Russia, Iran And North Korea.
--Iran Prepping For New Space launch.
--Munchen IN Session With Congress On Budget.
--Senate Rescinds Subpoena For Manafort After He Delivers Documents.
--Sessions To Announce Probe Into Constant Leaking Problem.
--Early Voting In Senate Indicates Hard Road Ahead For Passage Of new Healthcare Act.

Why would anybody want to work for Trump after the disloyalty and public embarrassment shown in the Sessions’ affair? Disturbing. Very disturbing.

A headline read that 90% of football players are shown to have had died from CTE. Scary, indeed. But on further reading it turns out that the information based on a small very specific sample of those whose relatives had offered brains for research, because the person died from after exhibiting brain injury symptoms. The further reporting of this study after the misleading headline says that it is quite possible that other factors of life style like drinking or drugs could have contributed to the CTE appearing results. Isn’t it a shame they have to announce what actually could be solid preliminary research with such a sensationalized headline? What it really should have said was that football player who died of CTE appearing symptoms, did.

I have to say that I didn’t have any super favorites in last night’s America’s Got Talent episode, so I wasn’t disappointed with any of the results. The songwriter singer Chase Goehring was remarkable, even though it was not my kind of music. Definitely a real talent who could go a long way. There were way too many singers. I was pleased that the emotional effort of Evie Clair made it. Loud singer Yoli Mayor was also good, but not as good to me as the judges implied. I thought the judges may have picked Sammulous for his (Her?) energy and flair. I like Puddles the Sad Clown – a good voice and interesting presentation. While some of the card trick magicians were quite good, there is now after several years a similarity among them all. Colin Cloud, the mentalist magician was a good choice, but I was more fascinated by the performance of Xavier Mortimer. Bro and Sis Junior and Emily are certainly talented dancers, but what they did last night was just short of nowhere. I guess the biggest surprise to me was the selection of the Mirror Image, the energetic twins who are but so-so singers and dancers, but put on a good show. I have not invested my heart in anybody so far.

The new Netflix series Ozark starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney is pretty good, though a little choppy at times. It should hold your interest. The opening will grab you. It’s about a man who appears to be a regular ole’ financial planner who is in fact a money launderer for the Mexican cartel. The tale is about his trying to protect his family from death from the cartel, small town gang extortionist and petty thieves.  

In case he wasn’t told, The Attorney General is not the White House lawyer.

This morning I awoke telling myself that this would surely be a leisurely day after two previous hectic mornings. Judging by what I see above, my brain defiantly took a nap.

Did you ever sit quietly on a stone wall at the edge of a broad green field, and hear nothing but the soothing coo’s of a graceful mourning dove, and think – this world is just about perfect.

The Answer:
No, it isn’t Florida and Arizona any longer. The new retirees have other objectives giving us a surprising Top 3: They are New Hampshire, Colorado and Maine! Bonus: The reason for the change -- It used to be sunshine and beaches, but today oldsters are looking for low cost of living, good accessible health care and low crime.

Say hi to a camel today. They would appreciate it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

But, what do you see on a cloudy day?

Today's Tids Issue 3,909
For Optimism:
Yesterday was the coldest of all.
It was more like a rainy day in fall!
You know, when leaves turn bright
And sleep is sound on a crisp night.
Bur alas, it’s beyond logical reason,
We’re just entering our corn season!

“Yellow Journalism” was a term coined in the mid-1890’s. It was defined as “Eye catching headlines exaggerating the news, sensationalized scandal mongering, fake interviews, pseudo-science, false learning from so-called experts, elevation of minor news and dramatic sympathy for selective underdogs against the system.” So, that is Yellow journalism of the 1890’s. What color would you paint today’s efforts? I’m thinking slime green.

Meghan McCain is lively, bright and a gregarious personality on TV. But, the pic of her and her dad sitting quietly together on a bench overlooking a scenic landscape told me that first, she is a daughter who loves her dad.

Is there a brain magnet in your future? In the ongoing battle to prevent or forestall the effects of Alzheimer’s, researchers are finding success with lightly electrified magnets for brain cell stimulation and/or suppression. It seems to be working out better than some of the cognitive improvement medications. So, that is good. Just be careful when loading your BB gun.

The Question:
Who was the first US “General of the Army”?

The Headlines:
--Markets Mixed – Dow And S&P Up, Nasdaq Down; US Consumer Confidence Reaches 16 Year High; UnderArmor Downgraded As Rough Year Continues
--McCain Returns To The Senate For Key Health Vote.
--FBI Investigating Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman-Schultz IT worker’s Home.
--Lyft Partners With Taco-Bell Offering Late Night Taco Runs.
--BMW Says, What Brexit?; Will Build New Electric Car In UK.

I was thinking earlier of the song title, “On a clear day you can see forever.” I always thought that had a nice upbeat tone to it. On second thought though, isn’t what you see when the clouds block the sun and a mist rises up from the sea to fog the day that is really the measure of enjoying life?

There is no truth to the rumor that Barron is in line to take AG job.

If “AI” is so terrific, how come “autocorrect is always wrong”. And this will be driving our cars?

“The first step towards change is awareness. Step two is acceptance.” – so says American psychiatrist Nathanial Brand. Actually, I think before anybody can become aware they must first see or listen.

I had cataract surgery yesterday. I can tell it is working already because I can now see clearly the dirt on my glasses! Ugh.

If I never, ever have another Mexican meal, I won’t miss it at all. So, this is basically good as I am in no danger of mistakenly vesting a Chipotle restaurant which is increasingly looking like Russian Roulette. (Note: The Noro virus has visited another store, this time last week in Virginia. After a year spent cleaning up the old messes, it is amazing to me that this is happening again.)

I found that Nathanial  Brand also said, “A woman in love will do almost anything for a man, except give up the desire to improve him.”

White House Stuff:
I think that Paul Manafort has always looked guilty of something. Trump has to get off of his retribution rhetoric, which just makes him look guilty of something. –The war against Sessions is a losing war.

Remember playing the “Alphabet game” as part of fun car trips with the family. I always enjoyed it as I being in the front seat always had the advantage of seeing signs first. Frankly I unmercifully trounced them, and never looked back. But, now they get back through their children who take advantage of me not being able to see the signs clearly. Life is a vicious circle.

They are saying that Windows 10 is not kinder and gentler because new updates for the system routinely inform people that their computers are incapable of accepting the latest versions. In other words, toss em’ or die. The hard cruel world of high tech.

The Answer:
Ulysses Grant was the first General of the Army. After USG, came William T. Sherman and Phillip Sheridan. There were only two Generals of the Armies, which is higher than General of the Army – George Washington and George Pershing, both given posthumously. Equivalent of he GoA designation is the 5-Star General --  George Marshall, Douglas MacArthur, Dwight Eisenhower, Omar Bradley and Henry H. Arnold.

Live above the clouds!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Where have you gone Clem Kadiddlehopper?

Today's Tids Issue 3,908
For Kinder and Gentler:

Too often these days I wake up thinking I’m living in a country called Yikesville!

I read about something every day which could have a profound effect on our lives. And, I just shrug off what is exciting to the youth and the trendy– like driverless cars, internet rental schemes, meal deliveries. You know the drill, pushing the envelope concepts that intrigue culture and style columnists, but may be years before practical affordable acceptances by the masses. Personally, I’m just going to tuck myself into a little ball and roll along with the flow. When some futuristic prediction actually happens, we should just all figure out how to adapt, or ignore it as an annoying interruption to a happy life. Worrying about it before it happens would be a serious illness.

Red Skelton’s kinder and gentler, highly rated show was axed in the early 70’s because “a new wave of comedy relied on boundary pushing subjects…with a generous serving of swearing to entertain audiences”. Where has that gotten us today. I think we need to return to kinder and gentler. Maybe a little heartfelt comedy as opposed to the caustic angry kind, would bring people back to understanding each other, or at least trying to see the differences.

And then, there’s grave reality. What could be more contradictory than paradise and the A-Bomb? But that, as you may have heard, is exactly what we are seeing in Hawaii as Government officials are instituting emergency procedures and a warning system in the event of a launch by Kim. Sadly, attacking neighbors still is seen as a sign of manliness by a few who must need to reinforce their emptiness.

Short sellers are said to be pulling back from pessimism. Feeling a little more optimistic?

The Question:
Red Skelton certainly gave us one of the best hours of TV during late 50’s & the 60’s, It always brought a smile to your face and often a tingle that nipped your heart. Red was many characters. Name 5 of them, other than Clem.

The Headlines:
--Futures Down Awaiting Key Earnings Reports.
--10 Dead, 17 Seriously Critical After Being Found In Illegal Immigrant Smuggling Operation Trailer Truck; Texas Lt. Gov Blames It On Sanctuary Cities.
--Kushner releases Statement Ahead Of Closed Door Testimony –”(Russia) Meeting A Waste Of Time.”
--Apple Warns Of Cyberthreat That Could Wipe Out iPhones; Issues Fix
--Senators Expected To Vote This Week On Whether Or Not To Begin Healthcare debate.
--Tropical Storm Hillary To Become Hurricane; Tropical Storm Don Forms In Atlantic.
--White Shark Beats Phelps in Simulated Matchup; Shark Hit 25mph, Phelps 5-7.
--New Jersey fishermen In 90 Minute Battel Reel In 936 Pound Mako Shark; Could Be A record.

This will be a good week regardless of what sensationalized stories the press issues about the White House. NFL rookies report on Monday, and the vets on Friday. Finally, the focus is on something achievable, another glorious football season. Within what will feel like nanoseconds, we will be through the meaningless exhibitions games and suddenly it will be beautiful September. And through all of that process, the arduous, angry reporting will have uncovered next to nothing, and congress will have done less. And, the good news, we won’t probably notice.

I am not temped in the slightest to buy a meal kit. Sorry, Blue Apron.

Words cannot describe the 20 plus minutes that Jordan Spieth took to pull-off one of the amazing plays in Open Golf history. It was a great championship for a very likeable champion over fan favorite Matt Kuchar, Kuchar actually did everything that a winner should do, but Spieth was even more magnificent. Perhaps the biggest winner in this super match was Spieth’s confidence. In the back of his mind you know he was seeing the Masters collapse all over again, and then one amazing play wiped the slate clean.

After that last shovelful of dirt, then what, Department:
Babe Pirelli died a few days ago. Babe was pretty good quarterback who lead the Boston and New England Patriots through their early, often tumultuous years. And he was very good. Yet he died, and it seemed as nobody cared. “Babe who,” was probably the only eulogy for this local hero, who made the team work during those growth years. But, that’s life I guess. You get born, you do something well. You die. And you hope that you’ve created a few relationships with people who loved you along the way. Because after your three free obits in the local newspaper, you’re gone. I think I’m going to start being nicer to people; gentler and kinder.

I still remember you, Babe.

Mahler scares people. But, there are few melodies more beautiful than the 4th movement of his five movement Fifth Symphony.

Why are so many animals named after cars?

As far as I’m concerned, Stouffers still makes the best meal kits.

My guess is that the new Communications Director and his press secretary will push achievements of the admin only, and minimize answers to questions with no answers, or about the president’s contradictory tweets. But, it won’t stop. For the most part the media totally dislikes the president, and they still can’t get over the fact that their champion who they blindly supported, lost.

Social media does two things: It makes people do something stupid (Even Dangerous); It turns non-events into national happenings.

David Axelrod, Obama’s resident political genius, excoriated the NY Times yesterday for its smug, nasty editorial about Sean Spencer. He wasn’t necessarily supporting Spencer, but perhaps looking for that kinder and gentler America again.

The Answer:
Freddie the Freeloader in today’s society would have been appropriated by homeless advocates. Gertrude and Heathcliff were two seagulls who were every definitely almost human, and smarter. They would be protected by PETA. Sherriff Deadeye was a not too honest lawman, and today would e the target of BLM. Cauliflower McPugg was an ex-boxer who heard bells and made friends with invisible birds, and he would have joined a concussion lawsuit. George Appleby was a seriously henpecked husband who now would have his wife arrested for spousal abuse. NOW would complain. San Fernando Red was a crooked Politician, the subject of a WAPO investigation. Willie Lump Lump was the constant drunk who would have a successful TV Reality show. Junior, the mean Little kid who always said “I Dood it”, would sue Red for revealing the name of an underaged criminal. Bolivar Shagnasty was a loudmouthed braggart, and we all know where he is today. Yet, in those days they all were part of a storyline that revealed something positive. How refreshing.

I think we are creating a lot of more stuff for the benefit of an easier life became we know how to create more stuff for the benefit of an easier life, regardless of whether or not it actually does benefit an easier life.

I’m just rollin’.